February 16, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Trump offers unique Food Stamp proposal --Sharyl Attkisson and the real story of "fake news" -- Rob Porter security clearance update -- Residents fleeing blue states -- Adam Schiff admits the truth -- Attorneys General come together -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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Trump Derangement Syndrome has become such a pervasive malady that it may be time to add it to the DSN (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). There is seemingly nothing that President Trump says or does that doesn’t send TDS sufferers into spasms of foul-mouthed fury, from cutting taxes to lowering unemployment to praising the troops. Latest case in point: what seems to be a fairly brilliant innovation for the food stamp program.

The White House just unveiled a proposal based on popular “cook-at-home” services such as Blue Apron. People on supplemental food aid could enroll in the program and instead of getting all their benefits in the form of a debit-like card that lets them buy food, they would receive regular shipments of food direct to their doors. The boxes would include staples such as pasta, juice, canned goods, cereal and peanut butter.


Mike Huckabee

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Sharyl Attkisson and the real story of "fake news"

By Mike Huckabee

Unless you’re new to reading my commentary, you know that much of it has had to do with what we call the Death Of Journalism. Increasingly over recent decades, so-called “journalists” (quotation marks intentional) have shown themselves to be wedded more closely to their chosen narrative than to the real facts of a story. Why, who wants to bother chasing down facts when discovering them might create some obligation to mention them (and not on page B36), watering down or even negating the narrative? And who wouldn’t choose to run with a blockbuster story, no matter how feebly sourced, if it might create a hysteria that advanced one’s own deeply-held political agenda?

A real journalist, that’s who. And one real journalist –- someone who doesn’t require quotation marks around that title –- is Sharyl Attkisson; in fact, I’ve mentioned that not long ago. In a recent TEDx Talk at the University of Nevada, she demonstrated why she needs to be cloned hundreds of times and sent to all the journalism schools around the country to teach J-101, along with a remedial course for all the professional reporters who apparently slept through it the first time.



Rob Porter security clearance update

By Mike Huckabee

Reporters refuse to believe that the data the FBI passed along about Rob Porter got stuck in the White House personnel security office, and they didn’t complete their investigation and inform the White House Staff for a year.

Maybe it would be easier for them to understand if they knew just how mucked up the vetting process is. The previous Administration greatly expanded the number of positions that require background checks and security clearances, while also expanding the size of government. Result: Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats just told the Senate that the backlog of uncompleted background checks now stands at about 700,000. Getting a “top secret” clearance takes an average of 10 months and can easily stretch to a year or more. Jared Kushner, one of President Trump’s top advisers and his own son-in-law, has been waiting for a security clearance for 16 months and counting.

So instead of demanding that Gen. Kelly resign because he isn’t the Amazing Kreskin and didn’t psychically sense a background problem with a staffer that was never reported to him, how about aiming the outrage at a more appropriate target: the inefficient, bogged-down federal security vetting process that is so hopelessly backlogged as to be virtually useless.


Residents fleeing blue states

By Mike Huckabee

If Liberalism is a disease, maybe it’s time for a quarantine. At the link, a look at how leftist policies make heavily Democratic states so unlivable that residents are fleeing for better lives in Republican states. Four of the top five states losing residents are deep blue, while four of the top five states gaining newcomers are deep red. The escapee trend is even more concentrated in heavily liberal cities, such as Detroit, Chicago and the new king of expatriation, San Francisco. Red states are even gaining new residents who are fleeing Canada, as our neighbor to the north lurches ever further to the loony left.

Unfortunately, instead of simply thanking God and Greyhound that they’ve escaped the insanity, many former blue-staters are moving into successful red states, voting for the same liberal policies that ruined the places they just fled, and giving rise to the same crime, divisions, high taxes and depressed business climates that drove them out of the blue states.

Before we have to build a wall around Texas, Florida or North Carolina, maybe these states need to create some sort of decontamination program for newcomers, so that they understand the unbreakable connection between voting for failed leftist policies and miserable failure.



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Adam Schiff admits the truth

By Mike Huckabee

Remember last weekend, when Nancy Pelosi called it a “stunningly brazen attempt to cover up the truth” for President Trump to refuse to release the Democratic response to FBI FISA Court abuse allegations because it contained classified and sensitive information that might disclose secret intelligence sources and methods?

Well, surprise: turns out it does. And you’ll never guess who actually admitted it: Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff.


Nicholson challenges Baldwin

By Mike Huckabee

Another example of why you have to read beyond the headline (and not get your news from late night comedians) if you really want to know the full truth. Republican Kevin Nicholson is challenging liberal incumbent Tammy Baldwin for her Wisconsin Senate seat. The story that’s provided lots of easy fodder for liberal jokes is that Nicholson’s own parents have donated the maximum allowed to Baldwin’s campaign.

But there is much more to that story than you’ve likely been told. Turns out Nicholson never expected to have his parents’ support, since he’s from a long line of staunch Democrats. He’s the first in his family to depart from the liberal mindset. But he has a solid, interesting and very admirable reason for holding views opposite to those of his parents.

If you’d like to know what caused his conversion and what Paul Harvey used to call “the rest of the story,” click the link.


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