May 1, 2018

Just a few hours after we taped last week’s show and a few miles from our studio, a man entered a Waffle House in Nashville and randomly shot and murdered 4 people and wounded several others. I won’t give the name of the deranged young man who did the killing because it’s my policy to never help mass murderers become famous or see their names or faces in the papers or on TV. But there is someone I hope becomes famous from that tragic situation—James Shaw Jr, a young father who grabbed the gun and threw it over the counter causing the killer to flee. The gunman evaded capture for more than a day before being arrested and charged with the murders. He has a long history of mental illness and firearms had been taken from him, but his father appeared to have given them back.

Enough about the killer. Let’s focus on James Shaw Jr., an honest to God hero. He acted instinctively and instantly. He first risked his own life for had the gunman been able to reload, the next victim would have been James Shaw. Secondly, he saved the lives of other people at that Waffle House. They owe their very existence to the actions of someone who exemplified what Jesus said was the greatest form of love: “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”

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But it was a big week for other news—French President Emmanuel Macron came to Washington and was the toast of the town and honoree at President Trump’s first State Dinner. The 2 Presidents enjoy a deep bond of friendship, even without having James Taylor crooning “You’ve God a Friend.” First Lady Melania Trump was universally praised for her fashion savvy, the elegant touch of the dinner, and the menu, which included Jambalaya. I love Jambalaya and was really disappointed I wasn’t invited to the dinner. I was wondering if they had any leftovers. I know Nancy Pelosi thought $2500 bonuses and pay raises were mere “crumbs,” but leftover Jambalaya is certainly not crumbs! I think the reason I wasn’t invited is because Melania was afraid I’d go around to all the tables and ask, “Hey, are you going to eat that?”

In the UK, 23 month old Alfie Evans was deemed by the bureaucrats running Britain’s health system to be of no great value and despite offers to fly him to Italy for treatment, the gov’t “hell-care” system said no and turned off life support. In defiance, the little bugger breathed on his own, but the Brits still refused to let him leave their control and allow his parents pursue treatment. So, America, still want the government to run the entire health care system?

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And also in the news was Dr. Ronny Jackson, the White House doctor beloved by 3 Presidents and their families and who had been nominated to become the VA Secretary. After the typical hateful rumor and gossip gush from the usual and predictable anonymous sources impugned his previously pristine reputation, he withdrew his nomination. Some of his swampland critics said he didn’t have any real executive experience to lead a big organization. Some Democrats have suggested we need someone with real experience in executive management of something big---we should get someone who has been a community organizer. And in Washington, they still don’t realize how stupid they seem to be and how NOT stupid the rest of the country really is who sees right through these games of shame….



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  • Julia A. Wickens

    05/04/2018 05:23 AM

    Those who obstinately, unreasonably hold up Trumps nominees; should be relieved of duty to fulfill their job description: [appointing ppl to govern] STOP tolerating stalling tactic

  • Geoff Lumley

    05/02/2018 04:04 PM

    The NHS is not perfect, and I don’t think the Alfie Evans case showed anyone in a great light, but most of us Britons are very thankful we have it. No matter how poor you are, you will get first class health care - especially in emergency and life threatening cases. The administration side of things can be frustrating, but thank God for the NHS. Who wouldn’t want free at point of use access to medical support for all?

  • Betty Blanks

    05/02/2018 10:49 AM

    God bless you and your wonderful daughter! Love your newsletter.