On Tuesday, June 25, the leftwing British newspaper/website The Guardian ran a story with this widely-quoted headline:

“Trump threatens ‘obliteration’ after Iran suggests he has a ‘mental disorder’”

The story was that on Tuesday, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani responded to President Trump’s warnings not to attack the US by describing Trump as “afflicted by a mental disorder” and his new sanctions as “outrageous and idiotic.”  And that afterward, Trump issued a series of tweets (or to use the Guardian's incendiary verbiage, the insult “triggered an emotional response” in a “flurry” of tweets), detailing Iran’s previous attacks and warning that if the US has to respond with overwhelming force, “in some areas, overwhelming will mean obliteration.”

To me, Trump’s tweets didn’t sound like an unhinged “flurry” or rant.  They sounded like a US President detailing the reasons why Iran is not to be trusted and warning of the consequences if they launch violent attacks on the US and its interests.  The Guardian obviously wants to spin that as evidence of Trump being mentally unstable and lashing out with a threat of “obliteration” in response to a personal insult, bolstering the propaganda rhetoric of Iran’s leader.  That would be reprehensible and disingenuous enough by itself. 

But look again at that headline from Tuesday, July 25th:

“Trump threatens ‘obliteration’ after Iran suggests he has a ‘mental disorder’”

“After?”  Note that the story doesn’t mention that Trump made the exact same warning to Iran, even using the same word (“obliteration”) in an interview with NBC last Friday, four days before Rouhani insulted his mental acuity:


That NBC story made international news.  Did the Guardian editors miss it?  Or forget it (if so, do they have mental problems?)  Or was it just not convenient to their “Trump is an unstable baby who lashes out after every insult” narrative, so they didn’t bother to mention it?  Was that headline an attempt to support the rhetoric of Iran’s radical oppressive regime while undermining support for the US President who is trying to prevent Iran from launching violent attacks?  Still wonder why Trump calls some media outlets “enemies of the people”? 

There are a number of people I could point to in this story who are behaving like irrational creatures of emotion, but Trump isn’t one of them.  Some are the leaders of Iran.  And the others are working for the Guardian newspaper. 

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  • Georgia Petrides

    06/27/2019 02:29 PM

    I am so tired of the liberal media putting out fake news.
    I dont watch or listen to any of their garbage. Give me the days when the news gave facts and No personal opinions. It is a shame that journalists do not try to find out the TRUTH anymore.

  • john C hashagen

    06/27/2019 12:26 PM

    You are correct and I don't thing John Kerry and former President Obama are helping. I think serious consideration should be given to pulling their passports as the don't represent America in any official capacity but apparently still think they are relevant.

  • Michael Wears

    06/27/2019 12:13 PM

    I do not really listen to any news reporters. I don't trust them!! This trust goes back over 60 years when I read a story about a man I knew very well. To now I can watch a news channel and switch to another channel and listen to the same story but changed in content to make me think that the first story was not really to what I listened to. Reporters should report facts not embellish the facts with their views or opinions, Just the facts Jack!!

  • Jennene Reagor

    06/27/2019 12:05 PM

    yes I absolutely agree that the corrupt swamp bias media will distort and use emotional ploys for their emotional theatrical viewers to create the stigma of instability and irrational behavior...SICK