Voters are still assessing Biden

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August 29, 2019 |

Joe Biden is still in the Presidential race, but his frontrunner status is looking increasingly shaky, as is Joe. The “gaffes” he’s famous for have been coming faster and more frequently, and some have been less of the understandable “slip of the tongue” variety and more of the worrisome “Is he up to this job?” variety. For instance, just in the past day or so, he’s seemingly had trouble remembering Barack Obama’s name…

…and bragging about his foreign policy expertise immediately after mistakenly calling the G7 the “G8.” At least he didn’t add, “I could’ve had a G8!”

The Democratic establishment is trying hard to dismiss and soft-pedal these lapses because they see Biden as the only experienced, reasonably moderate, not irritatingly unlikable choice in the entire crowded field who has a chance of beating Trump. But the Internet makes it impossible to control the media anymore, and voters are taking notice. A shocking new Monmouth University poll showed Biden had fallen 13 points into a virtual three-way tie with far-leftist Elizabeth Warren and outright socialist Bernie Sanders.

And so, when faced with shocking evidence that the Democrats’ plans weren’t working, Monmouth researchers did what the Democrat leaders do: they denied the evidence and disavowed their own poll:

To be fair, maybe it was a fluke, an “outlier,” a poll that for some inexplicable reason is completely at odds with reality (although dissing your own poll is a strange stance for a pollster to take; I wonder if they’d do that if their poll showed a 9-point drop for Trump? Don’t even bother answering that one.)

A check of the Real Clear Politics site shows that Biden is still at 28.9%, an 11.8% lead over 2nd place Sanders. But that can't be too reassuring for Democratic establishment leaders, considering that in May, Biden was at 41.4%. The biggest difference between May and now is that voters have had three months to listen to him talk.

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  • Linda Olds

    08/30/2019 05:04 AM

    Biden doesn't just have 'gaffes'. He says things that show he's unable to understand what's going on in the world (like China isn't a threat!). And what was he trying to say about if Obama had been assassinated???
    In addition, information should become public about the scandals he and/or his son were involved in.

  • Gary Modi

    08/29/2019 07:59 PM

    During Obama's eight years of presidency, Joe Biden stayed in the background and whenever he opened his mouth, Obama was embarrassed.

    Why people place him on top of Democratic candidates? Do you think the money he raised made difference?

  • Maureen Innis

    08/29/2019 12:32 PM

    Don't feel so bad, Joe. There are a lot of people who would like to forget Barak Obama's name. Seriously, though, the president of the United States of America should have all his faculties. It's a day-to-day stressful job. Would you want Joe Biden making decisions for America? He keeps doing stuff like this, and it makes you wonder if he's even up to the campaign trail.