July 31, 2020


The New York Times “fact-checked” Attorney General Bill Barr’s statement that about 90% of blacks are killed by other blacks, mostly by gunfire. The comment was called “misleading” and the Times accused Barr of “echoing many of the President’s inaccuracies” and “falsehoods.”

So what was false, inaccurate or misleading about Barr’s statement? Nothing, really. The Times admitted that “he is correct that about 88.9 percent of Black murder victims were killed by Black perpetrators in 2018. But left unsaid was the fact that murder victims and their perpetrators are overwhelmingly of the same race or ethnicity: 80.7 percent of white murder victims were killed by white perpetrators, and 68.4 percent of Latino murder victims by other Latinos.”

And the proper response to that is: “So…?” Barr said something correct, but it’s a misleading, inaccurate falsehood because he didn’t include some other facts that are irrelevant to the point? As one commenter noted, all this does is lead readers to conclude that violent crime is more deadly to people of every ethnic group than the police are.

It’s “fact-checks” like this that have forced us to add quotation marks every time we use the phrase “fact-check.”


I’m very sad to report the death of Bill Montgomery, co-founder of the student conservative organization Turning Point USA, at age 80, reportedly of coronavirus-related complications. In a statement, TPUSA wrote, “Bill’s steadfast devotion to his family, his country, and the organization he helped create have left a permanent mark on the entire Turning Point USA community, and by extension an entire generation of students.” TPUSA president and fellow co-founder Charlie Kirk said, “An American hero died today.”

In a time when merely voicing a non-leftist opinion on campus can get you targeted, silenced, assaulted, expelled or even hounded to suicide, TPUSA is providing an ever-more-important service in defending not only conservative principles but the very concept of free speech. Their most recent initiative involves encouraging donors who believe their alma maters no longer represent their values to recommit their donations to other causes instead of “leftwing indoctrination.” What a great idea: I bet socialist professors would stop denouncing capitalism so loudly if they realized it was going to cause a big pay cut for them.

Our deepest condolences to Bill’s wife Edie and his family. And to learn more about Turning Point USA (and maybe support them instead of your former school’s descent into leftwing madness), visit .


In Case You Missed The Entire Embarrassing Debacle: Here are four high(low)lights from the House Judiciary Committee’s attempt to publicly stone Attorney General Bill Barr:

Matt Margolis sees your four and goes you six better.


It’s good to see that not every Democratic politician is willing to overlook the rising tide of anti-Semitism from the far left. Colorado’s Democratic Gov. Jared Polis, who is Jewish, gave a $1,000 donation to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s primary challenger, Antone Melton-Mieux.

Melton-Mieux raised $3.2 million last quarter, compared to Omar’s $471,000. Omar supporters claim that he’s funded by "corporate and Republican dollars,” but those donations include $273,000 from constituents in the heavily-Democratic district, compared to $8,000 for Omar. Good for them. I have no problem with arguing policy with people who hold legitimate differing views, and if those voters want a Democrat representing them, it’s their choice. But they can certainly find a better choice than someone who was recently named by as the “Anti-Semite of the Year.”


Here's a hopeful sign for the health of America, and hopefully, for the November elections. Trader Joe’s, after initially caving in to the “cancel culture” and announcing that they would change the “racist packaging” of international foods sold under such names as Trader Jose’s, Trader Giotto’s and Trader Ming’s, has changed their mind. They now say they are only pulling items that don’t sell well and not changing any packaging.

The company said, “Recently we have heard from many customers reaffirming that these name variations are largely viewed in exactly the way they were intended­—as an attempt to have fun with our product marketing.” In other words, speaking up against this madness works. That’s why the left wants you to scare you into silence.

Hardly anyone, including minority customers, had complained about the products. The chain claimed they don’t make decisions based on petitions, but the fact is that this was never even an issue until an online petition started by a 17-year-old girl in (yes) San Francisco garnered a whopping 4800 signatures and the media turned it into a phony “public OUTRAGED!!!” story.

Let us hope that between Ford, the Wall Street Journal and now Trader Joe’s snapping out of their hypnotic trance, and all standing up to say “NO!” to the cancel culture, the spell will at last be broken. People may once again start replying to their angry demands with “Children should be seen and not heard!”


Today’s Must-Read: Far too many Americans today have known nothing but the freedoms, comfort, security and prosperity provided to them by their national heritage and, consequently, have zero appreciation for any of it. Many immigrants, however, fled here from other places that have none of those blessings. To them, America was a dream that sustained them through the darkest of times, and now, being here is a dream come true. But they’re fearful of what might happen because the people who are trying to “transform” America have the same beliefs, tactics and rhetoric as those who used to oppress them. That’s why many immigrants see the dangers America is facing more clearly than native-born Americans.

In this article, Albanian-born Nikola Kedhi describes what his nation went through under the “benevolent” rule of the communists: “Our ‘universal health care’ was light-years behind similar systems found in the West. Our ‘free schools’ taught only what the regime allowed. You could go to prison or die for saying the wrong thing or wearing the wrong outfit.” Yet through it all, despite torture, brainwashing and decades of anti-American propaganda, the Albanian people never lost their desire for freedom or their image of America as the “shining city on a hill” they all aspired to.

But in America today, Kedhi writes, “Leftist fascists who hate what America stands for want to transform it into a censorious, barren land of misery, without identity or soul. They cannot — or refuse — to understand what America has brought to the world through blood and sweat. They do not comprehend or understand the greatness of the American model, so they loathe it. Because the modern radical left is unable to appreciate hard work, love for country, meritocracy, protecting history, or valuing tradition, they do what they do best: destroy.”

Read the entire article. I think it’s something you’ll want to bookmark and share far and wide.


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  • Ruby Howell

    08/03/2020 09:26 PM

    So glad to see some companies standing up against the stupidness of every label is racist. I was so excited when it was announced that Trader Joe would change the name.

  • Ralph Anderson

    08/02/2020 11:51 AM

    Keep up the good work

  • Mark Gleason

    08/01/2020 06:07 PM

    The Attorney General's comment is still valid, when 88.9% of the murder victims are killed by other blacks, that is in spite of the fact that they make up only about 13% of the entire population. So that means that only 11.1% of the murders are caused by all of the other ethnicities or 'races' in the U.S. despite the population % of the other ethnicities being 87% of the population.

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    08/01/2020 04:44 PM

    Excellent description of our Lefties in Media

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/01/2020 12:48 PM

    Thank you

  • Lupe Beltran

    08/01/2020 11:59 AM

    It would be cost effective if the rioters & anarchists are sent by one-way ticket to the communist country of their choice. That way, they can live in the society that fits them. Leave America and we can enjoy the freedoms and opportunities this great Nation was created under. God bless America!

  • Joseph Stonelake

    08/01/2020 10:41 AM

    Thank you, also the racial divide in America is intentional and designed to destroy America. BLM, no all lives matter and now they have put up mostly Black actors for advertising, Black on CBS and sitting on our National Anthem yet all other Races, creeds ETC. Are being ignored. Wrong thing to do unless you have an agenda.

  • Shirley Frederick

    08/01/2020 09:36 AM

    On Fox News a reporter Ms Faulkner stated when she was interviewing Marie Harf that with all the rioting in Chicago, Portland, Seattle etc. show one Republican city or state where this is happening. There are none. What does that tell you? Thanks Mike please check this out. I voted for you a few years ago when you ran for President and donated to your campaign. Love your emails each day.


    08/01/2020 09:06 AM

    Thanks for your newsletter. Can you comment on a second and worse pandemic coming? Is this just more scare tactics or a sure thing?

  • Renee Kendrick

    08/01/2020 06:06 AM

    Glad companies are standing up to the radical left. Actions speak louder than words. I don't have to say a word, even when purchasing items at a store. If it is something I would like to purchase, I check the label. If I see the words "Made in China", I put it back on the shelf. I would like to know when the major retailers are going to stop stocking items made in that country.

    In recent weeks, I actually found hand sanitizer on the shelves at a nearby store of America's major retailer. The sanitizer made in China was in the hba section of the store while the sanitizer made in the USA was in the birthday/crafts section. When I found the USA hand sanitizer in the less-visited section of the store, it went in my shopping cart. The China hand sanitizer stayed on the shelf. It cost more but it was worth the USA purchase!

    Beware, many of the product labels now have "Distributed...USA" on them. Be sure to read further and look for the words "made in..."

    Our voice needs to start on our knees then in our spending habits. Buy USA products first!

    The president should sign an executive order stating that all online items sold by American-based companies should have to contain a photo of the product tag that shows the country of origin or the country has to be included in the product description. It would be a great way to help consumers from buying products blindly online.

  • Phillip Ridenour

    07/31/2020 11:12 PM

    I was one of those people who wrote to Trader Joe's encouraging them not to cave into pressure from the Left. I noted how everything was racist now, and I pointed out how Goya got a big boost by standing firm. When one considers how a company can be inundated with negative feedback, especially by bots flooding their inboxes, I'm glad I wrote to them. Maybe, just maybe, we helped them do the right thing.

  • James Patrick

    07/31/2020 11:01 PM

    Read psalm 144 verses 7 and 11 in the KJV. It seems King David had a problem with some of the attitudes we are dealing with today.

  • Gerald Rappe

    07/31/2020 11:01 PM

    As a Messianic Jew whose father and paternal grandparents fled a Russian Pogrom in1909/10 truly appreciate a country with Judeo-Christian values. I am a strong supporter of President Donald J Trump!

  • Ann E Isom

    07/31/2020 09:19 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, thank you so much for your honest, insightful, and thought-provoking articles and commentary! You are one of the few sources I rely on for truthful information!
    Thank you!
    Ann Isom

  • Mary K Spieker

    07/31/2020 09:11 PM

    We really do have so much to be thankful for especially as native Americans. Maybe with all this mess surrounding covid, & so called racism, we can relearn appreciation for all that the creator has given us.

  • J Harold Mohler

    07/31/2020 08:44 PM

    All these blubbering liberals should be forced to live in China or N Korea for a year and then see how they would behave

  • Cheryl L Henderson

    07/31/2020 08:40 PM

    Hello Mike, kind of going off your newsletter today, but would you be able to talk about Hydroxycholorquine and why Big Tech can get away with taking the information off of social media. Do they not want America to get back to some kind of normal? Just listened to Lee Greenwood's song Proud To Be An American on Jay Sekulow's Band. God Bless America. We need to take America back again from the evil Dems

  • Patricia E Willems

    07/31/2020 08:22 PM

    Does the New York Times fact check the Dimms? Just in the House hearings there were hundreds of lies told by the Dimms; haven't heard of those fact checks!

  • Paul Kern

    07/31/2020 07:44 PM

    I saw the kangaroo court hearing. Was glad to see at least one Republican gave him time to speak the real truth.
    It looked they were reading off a script. Written by one of George Soros lawyers? It is time for real Christians to pull their head out of the sand and vote Biblically. Vote out all haters including fence straddling Republicans who are doing nothing but collecting a lifetime annuity from George Soros and his like

  • Joyce Birch

    07/31/2020 07:39 PM

    Another great newsletter on all things that matter. God Bless Bill Barr & may he stay stead-fast. Cudo's to Gov. Polis. I pray there would be more democrats who can see through the lies & look into their hearts to see the truth what's happening to our country.
    What Obama said at John Lewis' funeral was absolutely disgusting. Need I say more.
    I too was saddened to hear the loss of Herman Cain. I really enjoyed hearing him. He was humorous & a class-act. He was a good man. Prayers to his family.
    Since the cancel culture is hanging around, I hoping we're able to CANCEL Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, the Squad, Nadler (the myth guy), & the rest, permanently in Nov.!

  • Firewagon

    07/31/2020 07:32 PM

    You gotta love the 'deep thinkers' believing everything they see in writing or hear from some 'wordsmithing' Smith. "Fact Checkers" should always be fact-checked themselves! I thought it was the WaPo and not the NYT, but both are as guilty of their own claim of "not giving full context!" Almost any true facts are available on-line for research to better inform anyone about any subject, without being lazy in accepting garbage from 'mouth breathers!'

    Letting the 'fact-checker' slide and allow the statement that the same percentage of whites kill other whites is a fact, you still need to put that in "context."

    2018 Murder Statistics: White on White: 2677 Black on Black 2600 #of Blacks killing Whites: 514 #of Whites killing Blacks: 234 "CONTEXT:" Blacks are killing other blacks @ a rate 6X that of Whites killing other whites by the percentage of their individual American population - this only considers the 'murder rate' but since blacks commit 52% of ALL crimes, the other numbers would align or be far worse. By population, blacks kill other blacks at a .00006 rate and whites kill other whites at a .00001 rate! Further, blacks kill whites at 3X the rate that whites kill blacks. 2018: 514 murders of whites by blacks; 234 murders of blacks by whites - again, only considering murders! Those actual stats simply put the "LIE" to the lame attempt by that WaPo or NYT 'fact-checker.'

  • Rev Ed Stephenson

    07/31/2020 07:31 PM

    Who fact checks the fact checkers?

  • James Drury Jr

    07/31/2020 07:31 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.

  • Robert Ernst

    07/31/2020 07:31 PM

    Governor, please stop showing pictures of Omar, Tlaib, AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, etc. We know what they look like and are sickened each time we have to gaze upon their countenances. No pictures is better than those faces!

  • William Fuhrer

    07/31/2020 07:20 PM

    BLACK LIVES MATTER vs BLACK LIVES MATTER some seem to indicate there is a good BLACK LIVE MATTER and an evil BLACK LIVES MATTER. One apparently is MARXIST or is there only one MARXIST one everyone is giving extreme support