December 31, 2020

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Lott Vote Fraud Study
  • Gavin Newsom Recall
  • Coronavirus News
  • Iowa Race Settled
  • Election Irregularity Updates
  • More Nashville Bombing Updates


Mike Huckabee

Lott Vote Fraud Story

By Mike Huckabee

Researcher John Lott, who was hired by the DOJ in October as Senior Adviser for Research and Statistics, has completed a study of the November election that concludes that Biden’s win was tipped by as many as 368,000 “excess votes” in six key swing states.

This article has a good summary of his methodology and conclusions. He notes that voter fraud takes many forms. He finds it “suspicious” that Trump’s absentee ballot count was depressed only in counties where vote fraud is suspected (for instance, there was a drop of 7.81% in Trump’s absentee vote share in Fulton County, Georgia), even though the in-person vote ratios were similar to adjoining precincts.

The study notes that Lott is “considered a controversial figure by the left-wing media.” He defends the Second Amendment with studies showing that crime is lower in places where law-abiding citizens are allowed to have guns. His studies have been disputed and disparaged, but I’m not aware of anyone ever disproving them. He sued one economist for defamation and won what the Chronicle of Higher Education called “a doozy of a concession.” But he’s also been accused of poor methodology in a study of the 2000 race that estimated the media’s early call of Florida for Gore cost Bush about 10,000 votes because voters in the conservative panhandle quit the lines and left. His critics claim it was no more than 56.

So no more than 56 people could think of something better to do in Florida than stand in line to cast a pointless vote? I find that “suspicious.”

Gavin Newsom Recall

By Mike Huckabee

The “Recall Gov. Gavin Newsom” effort is more than halfway to gathering enough signatures to get on the ballot, and it just picked up a big cash infusion from a couple of donors. Can’t think of a better way to spend your money if you’re stuck under his rule in California, short of renting a U-Haul. Read all about it here (also references my previously announced support.)

Coronavirus News

By Mike Huckabee

Surprising Coronavirus News: While California is one of the leading states for enforcing draconian lockdowns and strict virus prevention measures, it turns out that the current spike in cases in the US would actually be a decline if it weren’t for the huge surge in one state. Can you guess which one?

Iowa race settled

By Mike Huckabee

Election Update: Another looooong count is finally over, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has agreed to seat newly-elected Republican Iowa Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who won by six votes after two recounts. Democrat Rita Hart had petitioned Pelosi to invoke a rare procedure to have the House intervene and give the seat to her, but Republicans warned that it would be a direct attack on democracy and Iowa’s election system, set a dangerous precedent and be an “unprecedented power grab.” But as tempting as all that was, the Speaker will seat the Republican anyway.

Election Irregularity Updates

By Mike Huckabee

The Pennsylvania Department of State responded to a claim by Republican legislators that there were over 200,000 more votes cast than there were voters, according to state records. The officials say that’s not true, and that some of the large counties had not yet finished uploading their data. Here are more details.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office released the results of an audit of over 15,000 absentee ballot envelope signatures pulled randomly from boxes in Cobb County. They say they found no evidence of absentee ballot fraud. There were 10 ballots with mismatched signatures, but they contacted those voters and found that they had been filed legitimately. In one case, a wife had signed her husband’s ballot for him. Here’s more on that story.

More Nashville Bombing Updates

By Mike Huckabee

More Nashville Bombing Updates: The New York Times reports that Nashville RV bomber Anthony Warner gave an ex-girlfriend two homes and a car just before Thanksgiving, having told her he was dying of cancer. That hasn’t been confirmed yet, so it’s not clear if he really was dying and thought he had nothing to lose, or it was just a cover story for his suicide bombing plan.

There’s a rumor circulating on the Internet that AT&T had a contract to audit Dominion Voting Machines, the machines/data were moved to AT&T’s Nashville building, and that was why it was attacked with a bomb. But according to both companies and fact-checkers from across the political spectrum, it’s not true and there is no contract between AT&T and Dominion.

The speculation on the motive of Nashville bomber Anthony Warner is centering on him being a “5G network conspiracy theorist,” even though so far, the reported evidence for that is conflicting. One outlet claims that he expected to be hailed as a hero for taking out the AT&T network, but the man who employed him as an IT worker said he’d never expressed any paranoia about 5G.

Politically-biased media outlets are trying to paint him as a dangerous, paranoid redneck as a way to tar all Middle American Trump supporters, so they’re already depicting any suspicions of 5G as paranoid conspiracy theories. This is misleading, because there are several unrelated concerns about 5G that are getting confused. There’s the claim that it is unhealthy and harmful to people near 5G cell towers (I’m not an expert on that, but I wouldn’t discount it out of hand, considering the warnings doctors give us not to hold cell phones close to our bodies.) There was also a conspiracy theory that China was using it to spread the coronavirus, which is obviously not true since viruses don’t travel on radio waves (although they have been known to spread over the Internet and come in through your Windows.)

Here’s some more background on various theories about 5G.

Another 5G concern is that it will be used to spy on Americans (more than we’re already spied on?) I find it interesting that liberal media outlets are mocking that as a paranoid conspiracy theory when there’s actually solid evidence that at least one form of it is a clear spying danger, and that’s the 5G tech developed and marketed by China.

Here’s an article about a little-noticed action by the Trump Administration to create a “Clean Network” initiative to reject Chinese 5G companies such as Huawei and ZTI because of what the US State Department describes as “the long-term threat to data privacy, security, human rights and principled collaboration posed to the free world from authoritarian malign actors.”

Operating a 5G network allows a company incredible access to users’ data. Meanwhile, Chinese citizens and companies are legally required to turn over any information to the communist government on request. I don’t think you have to be mentally unstable to have a problem with that.

The Trump push to encourage and support nations that stand up to China’s bullying and shun their 5G tech may have been ignored by the media, but it’s been a rousing success with dozens of nations joining the Clean Network initiative. They include Japan, Israel, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, New Zealand, and India, as well as 26 of the 27 EU nations.

I guess they’ve heard the old saying that just because you’re “paranoid,” that doesn’t mean they aren’t really out to get you.



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  • Rev Gerritt W Kenyon

    01/01/2021 11:53 AM

    Appreciate your news letter as some of the more accurate reporting or commenting. Took my first jounalism classes 76 years ago. Wishing you a Happy New Year and
    God's best. gwkenyon, pastor emeritus

  • Phillip Kite

    01/01/2021 05:39 AM

    With regard to Nashville Bombing Updates: Don’t you mean, “What’s-His-Name”? I suppose you could go with “That guy who blew himself up in downtown Nashville, but that seems cumbersome. If What’s-His-Name did it to become famous, why let it work?

  • Jerry

    12/31/2020 03:18 PM

    The year of the China Virus the viral invasion by China is not going away at the drop of a shinny ball at mid nite. With the devastation left behind by the Virus what does China have in store for us in 2021? People around the world are giving a pass on China infecting its people killing its people, without countries getting China's products are the people going to roll over and surrender? wrong answer people need to start new business and make products in their countries and stop donating to the China Republic. As this beasts continues to grow you might as well kiss your sweet assets goodbye. China runs its business with a slave type work force how are normal people going to compete with that automation is expensive for start ups maybe it just to late Biden and Harris will figure it out Biden already cleaning a mess up at the border that doesn't exist so people have a lot of confidence in Harris and Biden to do the wrong decision making as he and she has done for 50 years and Harris has been wrong how old is she thats how long.

  • Art D. Dunham

    12/31/2020 02:05 PM

    Dear Governor Mike
    Am I the only one who puts zero trust the the Georgia "audit"? With slight of hand magic, you audit Cobb County to prove Fulton County was valid; you don't allow transparency in the mechanics of the audit; you don't address other issues related to fraud (machines, etc). Then you "magically" pull the "No Fraud" rabbit out of the hat. Maybe you can use them on your show as and bill them as illusionist.

  • Carl T Smith

    12/31/2020 02:03 PM

    How about your take on the VP having Plenary Power when the electoral votes are to be counted on Jan. ? Is it possible to open the envelope and declare the contested states (7) were declared Null and Void and toss? Some Constitutional scholars declare the VP acting as the President of the Joint Session can pull a Nancy Pelosi and make his own rules?

  • Chip Woods

    12/31/2020 01:49 PM

    Still chasing imaginary voter fraud conspiracy theories, I see. The longer this goes on, the wilder and less plausible the theories keep getting.

  • Teresa Carstensen

    12/31/2020 12:02 PM

    IMPORTANT UPDATE!! on those Pennsylavania 200,000+ "MORE VOTES tallied than VOTERS":

    from Debbie Cade Boyd, fb:

    Sara Eaglesfield is a British data scientist that has been auditing our election numbers. Today, she worked on PA, and here is what she reported:
    According to PA officials, there were 165,081 more votes than voters in PA.
    It's possible that Jo Jorgenson's voters and the write-ins weren't removed, so she takes that into account.
    This is how the math is done -
    A. Take all the registered voters in PA:
    B. Count the number of registered voters who voted:
    C. Compare to official count:
    C-B = 165,081
    165,081 votes were received from people who are not registered to vote in PA.
    From this DoS response :
    1. The only way to determine the number of voters who voted is through the vote histories.
    2. Certain counties haven't updated yet (STILL), hence undercount.
    Counties which have updated should be equal.
    The voter rolls for PA do not show whether 6 counties have or have not completed uploading their 3rd November 2020 data.
    The counties not showing their completion status are: Allegheny, Butler, Cambira, Philadelphia, Huntingdon, Westmoreland.
    Take away the reported votes for these 6 counties and the voter roll should balance...per DoS report.
    So, we take away these 6 counties, and do a new count:
    Allegheny - 724,800
    Butler - 111,536
    Cambria - 70,751
    Philadelphia - 749,317
    Huntingdon - 22,906
    Westmoreland - 205,330
    The counties that haven't finished updating account for 1,884,640 of the certified votes...making the new target figure:
    6,925,255 - 1,884,640 = 5,040,615 (votes counted) from 5,044,176 (voters who are marked as having voted)
    Approximate 4,176 difference could be spoiled ballots or rejections.
    The counties in PA that apparently haven't finished updating their information account for 1,884,640 votes.
    After 2 months, there doesn't seem to be any urgency on this. So let's take a quick look at what they are reporting so far.
    ballots counted: 724,800
    voters marked: 605,428
    ballots counted: 111,536
    voters marked: 114,001
    ballots counted: 70,751
    voters marked: 71,082
    ballots counted: 749,317
    voters marked: 719,397
    ballots counted: 22,906
    voters marked: 22,825
    ballots counted: 205,330
    voters marked: 203,053
    So, the issue is mostly Allegheny Co's delay updating their voter registry to reflect who exactly cast the 119,372 votes that seem to indicate more votes than registered voters.
    Also, it appears Philly has about 30,000 more votes than those registered to vote.

  • Stephen

    12/31/2020 11:48 AM

    Lockdown Games:
    Here in CA schools opening up
    businesses still closed
    Held hostage for politics.
    Power Grab game.
    Play US for suckers.
    Or Open all when Biden in WH game

  • Stephen Russell

    12/31/2020 11:23 AM

    Lockdowns for politics?
    Newsom is opening schools BUT nothing else
    Election done.
    Still for politics.
    Tired, fatiguing overall

  • Brock-In-Co

    12/31/2020 11:10 AM

    Have you seen this bombshell from the testimony yesterday:

  • William Fuhrer

    12/31/2020 10:36 AM

    President Trump's approach to LAW and ORDER to give resources to police to keep streets safe should have been a solid enough stragedy that citizens should not have felt the need to take law into their own hands. FBI STORY outlines FBI had to upgrade techniqes and armament to keep up with those who do not want to obey laws. Sports should know that laws and rules are needed. The United States needs KINDER and GENTLER lawbreakers

  • t e berokoff

    12/31/2020 10:32 AM

    News topic idea: What about exposing the glorification of satan and the anti-christian values in the ad - You Tube - satan mets 2020. This ad is being aired on UpTV of all places! It was written and directed by Ryan Reynolds, features music by Taylor Swift and equates satan with love. It makes fun of those who worship God as in their profiles (satan and 2020 - the girl who lives in hell and finally matches with satan) that they are currently separated from God and are spiritual not religious. This is where our society is going without God. As believers we cannot and should not just sit by and condone this. Like the frog put into the pot with warm water, he didn't notice anything as the heat went up and ended up cooked! We not only need Trump in the president's seat, God on the throne, but people like yourself to expose the evil of ads like this. I truly hope you and your staff give some thought to this suggestion.

  • Charles Simmons

    12/31/2020 10:32 AM

    With Chinaboy Biden at the helm, USA will stand ready to facilitate global domination by China, a looming reality made all the easier by the advance attack of chinapox19 to minimize resistance ... I hope the libs expect no help getting out of the mess they have made ...

  • Wilton Haynes

    12/31/2020 09:50 AM

    You and your daughter belong in politics.