March 11, 2018

Friday, President Trump issued a presidential pardon to former Navy submarine machinist Kristian Saucier for taking photos of classified areas in his sub.

Over the past couple of years, as Hillary Clinton has attempted (with friendly FBI agents’ help) to brush off the scandal about her exposing classified information on her unsecured email server as something nobody would be prosecuted for, she’s been dogged by Saucier’s parallel story. At his trial, his attorney argued that it would be unjust and unfair to imprison him for inadvertently taking six photos with classified areas in the background to show his kids someday when the Secretary of State was let off for carelessly exposing 110 classified emails. But the judge rejected his “Clinton defense,” saying Saucier had done something “beyond stupid” (déjà vu) and noting that he’d also allegedly tried to destroy the evidence by smashing his cell phone (déjà vu all over again!)

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In sentencing Saucier, the judge said selective enforcement arguments “don’t really carry much water,” and that “we need to make sure that every service person understands the consequences of playing fast and loose with important information.”

I think we can all agree with that. Well, some of us can, at least. Saucier began speaking out in the media about the glaring discrepancy between the ways he and Clinton were treated, and President Trump has repeatedly cited it in questioning the FBI’s Clinton investigation. Now, he’s used his power to pardon Saucier. If any liberals want to blast Trump for going too easy on someone who exposed classified information, then bear in mind, you will also be tacitly making his case for what the FBI should have done, or should still do, with Hillary. In America, Lady Justice is supposed to put a blindfold over her eyes, not a thumb on the scale.




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  • Connie L. Bickel

    03/27/2018 02:28 AM

    Mike, you are so-o-o-o on top of America's political problems. And I feel as you do, about "they" who are trying to trash President Trump.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Marcella Ballenger

    03/13/2018 01:58 PM

    finally!!! its about time something was done for Mr. Saucier!! He has been treated so unfairly!!! While Hilary has gotten away with so much!!! thankful for our President, thankful Joy seen fit to call our Vice President and apologize -don't watch that show-unreal the things those "ladies" say!! But I have been able to catch a couple of Mike Huckabee 's shows-and I love them!!! if only you were on more often and I could remember to watch!! keep up the good one Mr. Huckabee!!

  • F. Donald Parsons

    03/13/2018 12:14 AM

    Good ol' double standard. If you got money enough, you can buy your way out of almost anything! Real sad comment on our justice system. (Which has recently had a lot of deservedly sad comments at the highest levels!)

  • Nancy Wagner

    03/12/2018 09:57 PM

    Thanks for staying on top of so many issues and for breaking them down for the common man!

  • Christelle B Ivey

    03/12/2018 06:58 PM

    Mr. Huckabee I so enjoy your posts and your sense of fairness and also still push for everyone to be treated the same under our laws. The Clintons have money and I BELIEVE MANY corrupt co-conspirators working around the clock to keep covering for them as well as themselves. Hopefully "the swamp" can be drained if America stands behind President Trump! God Bless You!

  • Carole Leonard

    03/12/2018 06:17 PM

    Glad he was pardoned. Ready for clinton be indicted, but her cronies are too entrenched and will not cooperate even as informant with protection. The clintons are white collar criminals.

  • Carole Urquhart

    03/12/2018 05:33 PM

    First, thank you for your newsletter. Calm, reasoned and well thought out commentary is a rarity these days. Your news letter is a breath of fresh air. The pardon of Kristian Saucier reminds me that 1st Lieutenant Clint Lorrance is still in prison. Apparently for making a reasonable decision that resulted in keeping those under his command alive. I would love to heard an update about his situation and I hope President Trump will consider a pardon for him as well.

  • Barry Eaton

    03/12/2018 11:47 AM

    Was truly happy to hear he was pardoned...and that judge is obviously left-wingnut..

  • Roberta B. Schuetze

    03/12/2018 09:29 AM

    Now is the time to Pardon Army LT. Clinton Lorance. LT Clint Lorance was justified in ordering the marksman to open fire on Taliban terrorists to protect himself and his platoon. We are at war for heavens sake!!!

  • Brenda Melchor

    03/12/2018 07:46 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, President Trump did the right thing by granting Saucier a pardon. President Trump also did the right thing when he pardoned Joe Aripaio. My only wish would be that Joe was 20 yrs. younger and Trump could have put Joe in charge of the Federal Prison System. Joe would have that system cleaned up and paying for it's self. We have a President that was elected by the people, that serves the people, and talks to (us) the people every day. And listens. Isn't that wonderful! My only concern is that I am in several groups on S.M. and they are growing restless and disenchanted about the lack of justice being doled out when it comes to Hillary Clinton. Remember their battle cry "Lock her up!" People want to see Hillary held accountable for her actions. Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Huckabee. And thank you.

  • Yolanda L Helfrich

    03/12/2018 05:05 AM

    I back the decision for president Trump to pardon Kristian Saucier! In light of everything that HRC has skated on, I believe it was the right thing to do. And I pray to God above that He not allow her to get away with ALL of her atrocious acts! And I certainly DO NOT mean in the here after.
    Thank you Gov Huckabee to you and Sarah for being the voice of the people and for lending an ear.
    Most Sincerely

  • George Blood

    03/12/2018 04:01 AM

    The DoJ has to prosecute every law braker in the criminal enterprise known as the Obama Administration or no person in this country will ever trust the DOJ or FBI if the actual protectors of the rule of law are criminals.

  • Carol Mathews

    03/12/2018 12:20 AM

    This was the right thing to do. That young man only meant to share his life and work with his family and there wasn't any intention of giving away "secrets" that are probably not even secret anyway. He should have been reprimanded, pictures confiscated if improper but never in jail if it was proved he wasn't a spy. Hillary has just plain abused her position, authority, and held herself above the law and as she and Bill have always been. The Clinton "Cartel" have sped evil throughout their political and private careers. One day on this earth or the next, they will get theirs. What goes around, comes around.

  • Cindy Byram

    03/12/2018 12:11 AM

    Governor Huckabee,
    I'm writing to let you know that I completely agree with you and President Trump on the pardon of Christian Saucier. It is clear there was no malicious intent in what he did. On the other hand, can we say that for Hillary Clinton?!

  • Cynthia Souza

    03/11/2018 10:49 PM

    I'm thankful he pardoned him. I've always felt it was unjust, especially in contrast to what Hillary has gotten away with!

  • Major Coleman

    03/11/2018 10:47 PM

    the Clintons think they are above the law and so does every other liberal out there, either from the buying people off or from black mailing them, or from the liberal on the street being brain dead to every thing the Clintons have done over the years, they have gotten used to doing whatever and there are no repercussions for it, so naturally they think nobody should say anything and just let it go

  • Muriel Jean Revier

    03/11/2018 10:16 PM


  • JohnnyE

    03/11/2018 09:44 PM

    The way blowhard trump handles classified information is atrocious. Remember the time he had the Russian ambassador and Russian journalists in the Oval Office and told them secrets Israeli Intelligence had given us? Or the time Gen. Flynn got compromised and he kept his job as the National Security Advisor for a few more weeks? Or when trump had Jared reading all the top secret daily briefs when he couldn't even get a security clearance? There's a bunch more.

  • Leonard Lugo

    03/11/2018 09:29 PM

    Oh, I totally agree with the former sailer, he got a pardon from the President! Great! Mobster boss Hillary Clinton did treason! The Clinton Crime family laughs and mocks at law ,think they're above it! They are all corrupt! Big sewage hole up there! Cover each other's behind! We are praying for the President and VP

  • kimberly moore

    03/11/2018 09:12 PM

    Wonderful news and Thank you Gov. Huckabee for all you do for America and Americans and our Brave U.S Military brothers and sisters; And then for bringing it to the public forum. Could I please use this forum to ask if you know what has happened to 1 LT. Clint Lorance who sits in Fort Leavenworth since 2012 because he went against the then President who ordered our Military to not engage with combatants, in which 1 LT. Lorance did in Afghanistan during a minefield advance in which his actions saved his Platoon. If the 1 LT. had not done what he did then the whole Platoon would have been killed. Since he went against the new orders from an American president who clearly looked out more for our enemies than for our U.S. Soldiers, he has been sitting in Fort Leavenworth ever since. My question is that there use to be a Petition for the 1 LT. and now when I go to Petitions.WhiteHouse.Gov there is nothing on him. Do you have any info on whats going on with this? I would truly appreciate any info you will or can provide. Thank you in advance and again Thank you for your Service to our Beloved Country...One Nation Under God! God Bless you and yours.

  • Richard Palmquist

    03/11/2018 09:06 PM

    But MIKE. Hillary is above the law. Right. Is there no such thing as Royal Immunity?

  • Jan Keough

    03/11/2018 09:01 PM

    I'm extremely glad to learn of Saucier being pardoned. Many despicable criminals have been pardoned over the years seemingly for political gain or payback. This young man's error did not deserve such a penalty and I'm glad the president recognized the injustice.

  • vincent accardi

    03/11/2018 07:37 PM

    I surely hope these criminals get exactly what's coming to them. Seems the Democrats are running roughshod over the laws of this country. It sickens me that they haven't been brought to justice & I fear America is going down a path that if not corrected, will eventually be the ruin of our beloved country. The people who care about our American way of life, have to rise up & make their voices heard on election day & every day to stop this insanity. It's our prior leaders fault's because this has been that way for a long, long time now. It starts with our school children being indoctrinated by liberal socialist teachers & progresses through college to form socialist/communist automatons that know nothing about American values & could care less except when they want entitlements. UGH !
    Thank you Gov. Huckabee for bringing these issues to light.

  • Richard Singletary

    03/11/2018 07:34 PM


  • Edward Cole

    03/11/2018 07:19 PM

    Amen, and thank you
    Mike Huckabee and our President Donald Trump.
    This should set the jail time and ankle bracelet wearing time for Hillary and all associated with her e-mail cover-up including ALL involved FBI and DOJ officials starting with James Comey. Those in Government (Hillary) + all law enforcement should also lose their Government pension, savings & health benefits.

  • Richard Tallcot

    03/11/2018 06:55 PM

    Judge was stupid. Probably a Democrap. Evil!

  • Gretchen Grant

    03/11/2018 06:36 PM

    Until Hillary is held accountable for all of her illegal activities, why should anyone be punished for lesser indiscretions? I had the opportunity to tour the Greyling fast attack nuclear sub when my then son-in-law was stationed in Charlotte, SC. As I peered into one area a sailor told me I wasn't allowed to look in there. I told him I have a photographic mind and that I would remember every nut, bolt and screw I saw. We both had a good laugh and I moved on.

  • Betty Johanna Hutson

    03/11/2018 06:34 PM

    I firmly agree with the action on resident's Trump's part on the Pardon of the Sailor. I understand that what he did was wrong, that does not justify him in paying a large Penalty because he is not famous while Hillary Clinton is allowed to go free is absorb. Thank you Mike for your input. Last night March 10, 2018 show on TBN was fantastic. I enjoyed the Oakridge boys and will purchase their new album at the end of the month.

  • George Curl

    03/11/2018 06:30 PM

    Good decision.Even better that he was sentenced AND served his 1 year confinement before the pardon was granted. I was a SAC troop and cameras were NOT Allowed anywhere close to the flight line or any secure area. Lesson learned, but the selective enforcement weakens our belief in the court system.

  • Crystal Reamer

    03/11/2018 06:21 PM

    Governor Huckabee,

    Much applause for President Trump in pardoning Mr. Saucier who did nothing wrong. It was the right thing to do. Sad it took so long for it to happen.
    Thank you, Governor, for who you are and all you do for the American people. God bless you and yours.
    By the way, your daughter, Sarah, is a breath of fresh air! Much thanks to her parents are appropriate.

    Crystal Reamer

  • Tom Kopper

    03/11/2018 06:13 PM

    "The judge said selective enforcement arguments “don’t really carry much water,” and that “we need to make sure that every service person understands the consequences of playing fast and loose with important information.”
    I wonder who this, service person, the judge is, for he/she can eat their own words. "SERVICE PERSON" applies to any and all who works in the government, (for the people). They need to be reminded that they are working for us, not the government. For that is how the government got too big.

  • Clifford Hanks

    03/11/2018 06:12 PM

    Thanks for this news, I don't read the news and don't watch TV. I am glad to see him pardon the service man.

  • Richard Tallcot

    03/11/2018 06:07 PM

    Experts misunderstand Trump again read more page link comes up error as no longer available.

  • Lissa Santeford

    03/11/2018 05:52 PM

    Mike, I am so sick of the double-standards in this country! The Teflon Clintons and Obamas who have committed treasonable offences and nothing is done to them, but the ordinary citizen is made an "example of" is nauseating. I'm glad President Trump gave this man back his life and didn't ruin it over this.

  • Martha L. Brazier

    03/11/2018 05:45 PM

    So happy that President Trump did this. Too bad he can't lock up Hilary for what she did that I think is much worse!

  • Michael Egbert

    03/11/2018 05:18 PM

    Justice prevails...thank you President Trump

  • Stephen Russell

    03/11/2018 05:10 PM

    About time, Yeah, lets do this, now pardon Flynn & end this probe game.
    Refocus on Clinton, Get new AG & new Deputy FBI director since present one is "gaming" AG.

  • Jon D. Philbrick

    03/11/2018 05:10 PM

    Of course, injustice is rampant in our judicial system from the Supreme Court (SC )down. I am beginning to believe that the SC , for the most part, doesn't even know what is in our founding country's document, or maybe it is just like Obama and they ignore what was penned. And the Comey/Clinton scandal blemishes the whole FBI and getting away with it indicates the way our country is headed. Truth seems no longer a factor in the judicial/political is who has the power. The example you sited is only one of many examples of injustice by justices. As a side note, Gary Lanier has been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer and his lungs are affected...I understand that you are friends. Thanks for standing firm for our founding principles.

  • Barbara Riefner

    03/11/2018 05:09 PM

    The problem is if Hillary does get away with it, it does set a precedent for others. Judges can only disregard it for so long. She needs to be held to task for her illegal doings just like any other citizen. She is not more a special citizen than any other citizen of the United States. If I did something as irresponsible as she did, I would be arrested and they would throw away the key. That is the way she needs to be treated and I can't, for the life of me, figure out why she isn't be held to the same standard!

  • Vickie Jameson

    03/11/2018 05:08 PM

    It's about time that common sense prevailed here.

  • Twila R Deeren

    03/11/2018 04:58 PM

    I think Clinton belongs in jail for at least 20 years and maybe longer. She has been protected too long and the people who protected to be there with her.

  • Robert Couch

    03/11/2018 04:57 PM

    Justice for all, please.

  • Mark Tellier

    03/11/2018 04:56 PM

    Glad to hear of this most recent pardon. Trump pardons individuals who have been victimized by a former political system targeting conservatives.

  • John S. Rumph

    03/11/2018 04:56 PM

    I am in full agreement with the pardon by the president. The young man was just taking the pictures for his own personal use. He wasn't selling them or providing them for any nefarious purposes. At the very worst case scenario, a fine would have been sufficient.

  • Lorinda Church

    03/11/2018 04:54 PM

    What amazes me is people assume because Comey "exonerated" Clinton, that she can't be arrested. This is foolish. Based solely on what Comey said in his press conference, we know she broke the law. I do not understand why the DOJ has not indicted her and proceeded with prosecution.

  • Anne Turner

    03/11/2018 04:53 PM

    better contact levin ran paul could not protect himself on his own front yard ran baby boy paul

  • Connie Eggen

    03/11/2018 04:50 PM

    At least his was an innocent action with no intent to cause government harm...i.e. he tried to destroy his cell phone so it could not be spread further...Hillary tried to cover, lie, destroy et al but never admits her complicity. I am thankful our president chose to issue a pardon.

  • Richard Singletary

    03/11/2018 04:42 PM

    ran paul could not defend himself in his own front yard. now he cries like a baby against corey stewart i va

  • Tom Kessinger

    03/11/2018 04:39 PM

    What the young sailor did was while in many ways similar to what Hilary did it was also something those of us with military experience and clearances know and remember as being against the rules. He chose to ignore the rules and thus paid the price. As someone who cas feared for more than50 years with clearances from Secret to Top Secret even today I still remember the rules. Hilary chose to ignore them and should pay the same price as Saucier paid. Conviction of a felony that will cause him to lose a lot of the rights most Americans have i.e. the right to vote and the right to own a fire arm are two major ones. Now let’s convict her of other crimes as well. Such as the traitorous acts she did while selling herself while Secretary of State and arranging the sale of our Uranium Reserves to the Russians.

    Tom Kessinger
    MSgt (Ret) USAF

  • Wayne and Janice Osborne

    03/11/2018 04:36 PM

    Thank you President Trump for loving America and the military. This pardon was the right thing to do! Thank you Gov. Huckabee for posting this report!