August 1, 2019

Here's a do-it-yourself salute to Huck’s Hero and Trump supporter Scot Pressler.  After Trump tweeted about the rats and garbage in Baltimore that the government was ignoring, Pressler said he got tired of hearing people talk about things that “should” be done.  So he decided to go to Baltimore and pick up some trash himself, even if he had to stand on a street corner alone. 

But fortunately, he has 300,000 Twitter followers. After he put out the word, at least 100 volunteered to join him. He’s now organizing a volunteer effort to distribute gloves and garbage bags and go into neighborhoods plagued with illegal dumping to clean them up without government help.

This reminds me of a Louis Anderson comedy routine in which he talked about a pothole that plagued his neighborhood for years.  Complaints to the city brought no results.  Then one day, he noticed some men pouring a driveway and asked if he could have a bucket full of asphalt.  They said yes, so he carried it over and dumped it into the pothole.  He was stunned.  The problem was solved!  Neighbors poured out their houses celebrating.  They were cheering him as the neighborhood hero.  All because it had never occurred to him that, instead of complaining to the government for years, he could’ve just filled the pothole.

Let’s hope Trump’s tweet will inspire similar volunteer efforts in other blue cities where residents have learned that complaining to their corrupt local governments about neglect of their neighborhoods is about as useless as complaining into a pothole.  Then once they've taken out the trash from their neighborhoods, they can do it at the polls, too.

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