April 2, 2018

First, she gave headaches to Democrats up for reelection by insulting people who didn’t vote for her as either bigots and sexists, or weak-willed women voting the way their husbands told them to. When fellow Democrats tried to tell her that wasn’t helpful, she got (surprise!) defensive and blamed the suggestion that she shut up and go away on sexist Republicans (even though much of it was coming from female Democrats, such as Sen. Claire McCaskill, who’s fighting for her political life in Missouri, one of those red states that Hillary thinks is populated entirely with extras from the movie “Deliverance.”) Hillary said she had a staffer research it, and nobody ever told male presidential losers such as Mitt Romney, Al Gore, John Kerry or John McCain to shut up and go away.


Well, I don’t know who’s working on her staff, but Rich Weinstein on Twitter noted that he did a Google search on the phrases “Mitt Romney” and “Go away,” and it immediately returned 297,000 hits. He also noted that as much as the left loves to tell Sarah Palin to shut up and go away, that returned only 216,000 hits.


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If nobody told Al Gore to shut up and go away, it could be because he shut up and went away after losing. Nobody started complaining about him talking until he began flying around on jets to lecture us all on how were generating too much CO2. Has anyone ever listened to a John Kerry speech and not prayed he would wrap it up and sit down? As for John McCain, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard fellow Republicans wish he would shut up and go away. The real difference is that all those men may have ruffled some feathers with what they said on various issues, but that came well after their election losses. They didn’t immediately start trying to attack and undermine the legitimacy of the President or insult the voters for being too stupid not to elect them instead.

Having your opponents wish you’d sit down and shut up is just something you have to get used to if you’re going to be in the public eye and talk about controversial issues. However, when your opponents want you to keep talking and your supporters are begging you to sit down and shut up, it might be time to start entertaining that suggestion.


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  • Susan Perez

    04/07/2018 10:40 PM

    Please tell me how we, as tax payers, can stop the Mueller investigation. A year with no results is such a huge waste of tax payer dollars. The DNC and Clinton campaign should be charged for it!! Also, how do we demand an investigation into Hillary's illegal actions?

  • Yvonne Shelton Crumpler

    04/07/2018 05:57 PM

    I am disgusted that people are still whining about Hillary Clinton losing the election, and just plain tired of hearing how awful it was, etc. If people would ignore her she would soon be forgotten as most folks have short memories. That is one of the most unattractive humans I have ever seen but the whining should have stopped by now. America needs relief from whiners.

  • Dorothy Gavin

    04/07/2018 04:57 PM

    Let me see on Hillary all I can say is she has a poor memory. I remember her asking our current President, Donald J. Trump if he would fight the election when he lost, I remember her attacking verbally the women her husband attacked physically, does she have a mind of her own or did he print what she needed to say and do as her husband told her to do?, As for guns I have no problem with the age being raised to 21 or certain guns being limited but I will always support the second amendment and will stand up for it whenever it is challenged , I also enjoy seeing the many sign up to join the NRA whenever our second amendment is threatened, I also will stand up and support our young dreamers who were born here and those who come here legally when their rights are abused by giving illegals more rights then our children and citizens of the USA are given. Illegals should not get college tuition cheaper then my children or grandchildren. Also I want NO white privilege classes in a college my kids go to because in my family where my Dad was a Coal MIner for years our whiteness had few privileges and we struggled many times just like black families and the polish, Irish etc. of our hometown. So many people with ethnic backgrounds. Can't we all be proud of our country, our ethnicity and our race? We are Americans, not Irish Americans, or African Americans or Mexican Americans we are Americans. We don't kneel to protest against our country we kneel to Thank our God. All lives matter !

  • Dean Minder

    04/06/2018 10:22 PM

    What doesn't Hillary understand about GO AWAY--YOU LOST?

  • David Swartz

    04/05/2018 01:08 PM

    How about not publishing her "sad" plight over and over and over again. Then she would be GONE!

  • Samuel S. Sayger

    04/04/2018 12:24 PM

    When I view pictures of this woman and read her comments (at least, as many as my stomach can handle) I am totally amazed that she was ever in position to run for POTUS. She could never have made it without the unlimited support of most of the world's worst politicians and rich folks -- all whose only interests are their own - and sadly, that all too often includes those who HATE the USA. But I suppose even more astounding than that is there were (and are apparently) so many seemingly sensible Americans who have supported her in her madness. It truly will be a relief when she does, at last go away!!!

  • Denise A Wright

    04/04/2018 02:11 AM

    Excellent commentary! Thank you Gov. Huckabee for being so bold to speak the real truth in our daily world. You are a true patriot and man of God. My husband and I were thrilled to be at TBN Hendersonville at the taping of your Huckabee show. What a great time! To celebrate Good Friday with you and many others at the studios was a real treat. God bless you and your family!

  • Suzanne Utts

    04/03/2018 02:04 PM

    Why hasn't she been arrested for treason? She won't "go away" on her own. She needs to be "taken away" (and not by a Calgon bubblebath) but in leg irons and handcuffs in a prison jump suit.

  • Charles M

    04/02/2018 11:34 PM

    Please keep on yapping, Hillabeest, we Deplorables love every word being uttered - Keep on Keeping on!

  • Kaye Bowman

    04/02/2018 07:15 PM

    Texas Governor Ann Richards awhile back (more like ages ago), continuously said, "Poor, George." in all her political speeches. Perhaps the Demo-rats should say to Ms. Hillary: "Poor, Hillary. Please, pretty please, take a long, a very long walk, in the woods and get lost!"

  • Tricia Kennemer

    04/02/2018 02:48 PM

    SPOT ON.

  • Lynn Morgan

    04/02/2018 02:31 PM

    Hillary needed to sit down and shut up in Arkansas, white water, tyson's,

  • Amy D. Bell

    04/02/2018 02:28 PM

    It is unfortunate that she is such a narcissist that she thinks she owes it to the public to stay in the spotlight. PLEASE HIllary, GO AWAY!

  • Peter Scofield

    04/02/2018 01:40 PM

    She needs a brain transplant....maybe even a demon deliverance session.

  • Mary K Yandell

    04/02/2018 01:10 PM

    Well said! It certainly echoes the thoughts of a lot of people!!!!

  • Albert Beede

    04/02/2018 01:02 PM

    Mike, and I take that privilege of using your first name with great respect, I am constantly amazed at your energy in regularly detailing your thoughts. Be assured that you reflect so much of what is thought - by me, anyway. Whether it be from frustration or simply having my hands full of Life out here, I just shut it down sometimes. Whatever, I’m taking the time to celebrate your indefatigable efforts - thank you.
    VR/ Rick Beede

    P.S. Your daughter is an absolute doll!!

  • Billy Bob Cox

    04/02/2018 10:44 AM

    I hope she stays. After the Republicans betraying the people who elected them and gave them a majority which they have squandered, she is one of the few hopes Republicans have of keeping a majority in the midterm elections.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    04/02/2018 10:23 AM

    She is digging new graves for the DNC every time she opens her mouth. Why she isn't in prison is beyond me....