When the news broke that Billy Graham had died, my first reaction was “Now there’s a real example of ‘Fake News.’” Billy Graham has passed from this life for sure at the age of 99, but he is anything but dead. He is more alive now than ever before, and living a life that will never end.

That was the message of Billy Graham’s life. Didn’t matter if he was talking to Presidents, Popes, Prime Ministers, or ordinary people he stuck to the stuff of a very simple message that we are sinners and Jesus Christ is our hope to be rescued from our sins.

He would be criticized and sometimes held in contempt by the elites and academics for such a simple message, but while the critics came and went, Billy Graham never turned to the right or left, but kept his eye on the Cross.

His personal life was one of financial and personal integrity. Constantly under assault by those who tried to catch him in either a financial or moral failure, he lived a circumspect life and went beyond reason to stay pure in his life so that his message was never compromised.

He was the greatest man of our time. His influence was bigger than any of the people who temporarily held an office or had a fortune. His power was never his, but that of Christ, and his fortune was massive, but not on earth, but stored in the incorruptible vaults of Heaven.

There may never be another like him and for that we should be saddened. But for that same reason, we should be grateful to God to have lived during the time of the most influential human being in our lifetime and the most potent force of Christianity since the Apostle Paul.

To his family, we extend our profound condolences, but to God we extend our profound thanks for sending this man to earth and working through him in such an unmatched manner.

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  • Vi McMillan

    03/09/2018 08:31 PM

    You are SO RIGHT in your comments. I have loved his message since he started preaching. I am only 81 years old, but Billy Graham’s preaching was my favorite TV show. Our loss, heaven’s gain!

  • David Bevil

    03/09/2018 03:03 PM

    I felt such a loss at his passing for myself and us. We will never see his like again.

  • Sharon Foust

    03/09/2018 12:52 PM

    That is a beautiful tribute to Rev Graham. Thank you Governor.

  • Barbara Abbey

    03/07/2018 09:00 PM

    Do it again Lord! Do it again Lord! Do it again Lord !

  • Connie Haiko Nielsen

    03/03/2018 03:03 PM

    Thank you mr. Huckabee for such an eloquent statement about dr. Billy Graham. You most eloquently put into words what I was feeling in my heart about this amazing human being. Indeed we were fortunate enough to have seen and heard him preach the truth and some of us had the distinct opportunity to meet this man face to face. It must have been like meeting one of the Apostles Peter or Paul. It is truly a shameful thing when this world does not recognize who this man was and what his message was. Actually, it was more a sad sad thing but then only the Holy Spirit can't open the ears of the deaf and the eyes of the blind. At first I was angry to see very little coverage on this man's passing. With the exception of Fox News and TBN Christian station there was virtually no coverage or minimal at best. 30 to 60 Seconds! I was angry but then the Holy Spirit reminded me that this is the world and what the world system is about.

    I am eternally grateful that the Holy Spirit open my eyes and open my ears to the most wonderful miraculous blessed truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to pray that the Lord would open the eyes and the ears of more human beings to hear Jesus is good news and secondly instead of getting mad or angry we should be sad and heartbroken for those who refuse the greatest gift they could ever possibly want or need in their lifetimes. Also I am humbly grateful for the individuals in my family, friends, and myself that the Lord chose to open our eyes and our ears and our hearts to him! Heavenly Father Lord Jesus and holy spirit with everything that is within me I praise and bless your mighty name! Please continue to open up the eyes and the ears of the hearts of others to hear the most precious good news this world has ever received. And thank you mr. Huckabee for your message and those like it. It is very fitting. God bless you mr. Huckabee!