September 24, 2019

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President Trump spoke at the UN Monday to promote religious liberty, tolerance and freedom of worship and the preservation of sacred religious sites worldwide.  There are some excellent and important points in his comments.  I urge you to click the link to watch it and read more.

Coincidentally, on the same day, the U.N. displayed tolerance of religious beliefs by allowing a 16-year-old messiah of the left to give an angry, fire-and-brimstone sermon for allegedly bringing about the Apocalypse with their sins against Gaia, then actually applauding her for condemning and threatening them. Except hers is not a real religion, it’s a death cult.

Normally, I am all in favor of anyone who can manage to stand up in front of the U.N. and tell that self-important body how useless, corrupt and disappointing it is, but I’d prefer it be an adult who is well-versed in issues, not a kid whose been terrorized by people using her politically.

I’m furious to see the way our children are being frightened and manipulated by those who see climate hysteria as a way to seize power, and the affect it’s having on their mental health. The left blames mass shootings on the availability of guns, but every teenager had a rifle when I went to school and nobody even thought of shooting their classmates. Today, our institutions pump kids full of propaganda about the disposability of life if you find it inconvenient, and horror stories about how the planet is dying.  They’ve brainwashed our youth into believing that life isn’t sacred and they have no futures; and driven them to unheard-of levels of depression, despair and suicide when they’re actually living in the best time to be alive since the dawn of history.  But sure, school shootings are because of guns.

I’m at least relieved to see that more and more people are starting to wake up and recognize this for what it is: gross, widespread, institutionalized child abuse:

If you have children who have been victimized by the panic mongers, may I suggest that instead of a bedtime story (which will probably have a subtle “the Earth is dying” message worked into the plot), you read them this message to children from Scott Adams.  Maybe it will help them sleep better, knowing that the monster in the closet that’s about to eat them is just a figment of a lot of irresponsible adults’ imaginations.

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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"Whistleblower" scandal circling back on Dems like an ACME boomerang

By Mike Huckabee

You’ve no doubt heard the comparisons made lately between the Democrats and Wile E. Coyote as he chases the Roadrunner (Trump) and ends up falling off a cliff, exploding, or being flattened by an anvil, over and over. It’s a compulsion, no matter how repetitious and self-destructive it becomes.

This time, with the so-called “whistleblower” story, that ACME anvil is going to slam down harder than ever. (Appropriately, a cartoon anvil makes a sort of “whistling” sound as it falls from high above. Hear it?) Thursday is the day acting Director of National Intelligence is set to testify before Congress, but the story is already falling apart. We know the report is hearsay --- that the “whistleblower” didn’t even have firsthand knowledge of Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president, which is just one reason why he or she is not really a whistleblower as the statute defines it. Numerous officials were listening in on that call –- as on all calls between President Trump and foreign leaders –- and if something untoward was said, one of them should have reported it through officially designated channels.


"Astronomical sum of money"

By Mike Huckabee

Stand-up comics aren’t the only ones who are seeing their careers derailed by people digging up inconvenient things they said years ago.  For instance, Bernie Sanders’ campaign probably isn’t thrilled that someone found this 1987 interview clip in which Sanders, then mayor of Burlington, Vermont, said that while we want to expand access to medical care for everybody, “if we expanded Medicaid to everybody, everybody had a Medicaid card, we would be spending such an astronomical sum of money that, you know, we would bankrupt the nation.” 

For the record, since 1987, medical costs have gotten far higher, there are about 80 million more Americans, and the national debt is nearly ten times larger.  But hey: Medicare For All!




Impeachment before evidence?

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s a hint as to how bad the backlash may be for Joe Biden with the Democrats once again charging headfirst into the “IMPEACHMENT” wall before seeing any evidence, just like bulls blindly charging toward a waving red cape.  While friendly media outlets are endlessly repeating the chosen buzz phrase (“debunked conspiracy theory”) to describe actions Biden not only admitted to but bragged about on tape, a few other media outlets are daring to ask the obvious question: “Why, exactly, shouldn’t we look into this and why are the media being so quick to try to dismiss and bury it?” 

You might expect the New York Post to ask that…

But you know there’s trouble ahead for Biden when even the Boston Globe runs an article with a similar point.  Sure, the writer has to bash Trump throughout to keep from being thrown out of the Trump Haters Club (I love the quote from Elizabeth Warren about Trump being “corruption in the flesh,” with no reasons or evidence cited for why that’s so), but even the Globe writer eventually, almost grudgingly, gets around to pointing out that, yes, Biden son’s remarkably coincidental series of lucrative contracts in nations he just visited on state business with his dad does kind of emit a suspicious odor of aging fish. I repeat: the Boston Globe.  Cue the ominous music…


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##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

Excellent article by Mollie Hemingway in The Federalist on how the once-admired (by some, anyway) Washington Post has degenerated into such a fountain of biased propaganda that its writers seem to believe all they have to do is say something negative about Trump and it will be true, even if the evidence shows the exact opposite.


More proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome is an aggressive mind-wasting disease.  Bill Weld has a law degree from Harvard and is a former US Attorney, Assistant Attorney General and legal counsel to the House Judiciary Committee. Yet he seems to have forgotten the Constitution.

Want more news from Mike Huckabee?  Read the Evening Edition from September 23

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Our Daily Verse (KJV)

"Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus"

- Philippians 4:6-7

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  • gary stilwell

    09/24/2019 08:39 PM

    some more on the "global" environment issue
    I have previously replied with hard logic to claim the environmental spiral down we are experiencing. Those comments may or may not have been posted on this site(my suspicion is they have not) but I do not know that for sure as I don't bother to read many of them---if they were effective, they would have prompted a comment by the sender--none of that exists, I can therefore conclude that those comments were either suppressed/not published or dismissed---good job here Mike--fair and balanced for sure---

  • Jan St Anne

    09/24/2019 07:12 PM

    I was 6 years old when Pearl Harbor was bombed and the war started. Throughout my growing years I was always afraid because the dooms-day folks were always proclaiming the end of the world. Then as an adult I was frightened for my children because of the continual threats of war, no water, ice melting and global warming, freezing....and on and on. This is nothing new. A few years ago I wrote a small book entitled PG AND THE GREAT I AM. It is about a squirrel who listened to many of the forest creatures and got into a lot of trouble....only to meet the Great Owl who asked him "Who are you?. His reply opened his mind to truth and reality". I was that squirrel and it was not only my story but probably the story of most of us. I have faith in
    God (The Great I AM) and in the American Spirit as well as President Trump. We will find our way home. You do a good job of exposing such things.

  • Jimmy Humphrey

    09/24/2019 05:31 PM

    Lies from the left, lies from the right. What is an Patriotic American to do. Since Trump is afraid of the left none of the corruption leaders will ever be indicted. No Vote Trump

  • JC Holland

    09/24/2019 04:55 PM

    I have 2 questions:

    Why doesn't President Trump demand an immediate impeachment vote? Democrats have nothing and he'll force them to admit it and move on.

    Why still no high level arrests since the IG report? Either arrest and charge these traitors, or move on.

  • Jerry Korba

    09/24/2019 04:33 PM

    My advice to the President if all the people that document your calls and only one comes with its point of view I say treat it like a tuna thats hooked let it run let the lefties talk some more and let show the others how smart they are then reel that tuna in slow continue to let the Lefties show us how smart they and then bring the Tuna on board then to market it will be just like Mueller all over, another hoax thats all the lefties got this weeks hoax is the Ukraine last week was the Recession the week before Racism and the beat will go on next week stay tuned coming next week a new hoax. I think even the Liberals are starting to catch on. Keep crying Wolf Lefty!

  • Jerry

    09/24/2019 04:18 PM

    My My the children are being scarred to the point They believe the end is near I can understand their fear as a kid in the 60's we had fallout shelters people built bomb basements and stocked them with food and water to last for half a year. The threat of our world being nuked was real, in our minds the Russians are coming was not a hoax to us. I to this day thought it was going to happen. During the 60's the media did tell a little of the truth and people held that to be true. Unlike today I trust almost nothing that is reported I look for what makes sense and try to connect the dots. All we get today are scams just like my robot calls. People; either one of the Communist countries will try and blow us up or God will say enough is enough and we return to dust I say keep making energy as clean as you can get it step by step and we will be good shape get people to stop throwing garbage in to our oceans lakes and stream thats a good start.

  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    09/24/2019 03:58 PM

    In today's Daily Verse in the KJV,"Be careful for nothing..." Mike, that doesn't even make sense. A modern translation reads, "Do not be anxious about anything...." Again, Jesus did not speak in King James English (sorry Baptists) and neither do we. This is a good example where a newer translation is much more understandable.