November 26, 2018

SJWs target their own

I’m sure you know the famous quote about the Nazis from German Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemoller that starts, “First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist.”  By the time they get around to coming for the speaker, there’s nobody left to defend him.  It was meant as a commentary on German intellectuals who were too afraid for their own skins to stand up against the bullies.

I couldn’t help thinking of that poem (although in a much less serious context, of course, and from the opposite end of the political spectrum) when I saw that the probably-socialist “social justice warriors” must feel that they have either driven out or intimidated into silence all the conservatives on Twitter, so now, they’re coming for liberals who aren’t far enough to the left.


This story involves Meghan Murphy, a radical feminist with a master’s degree in sex, gender and women’s studies.  You'd think that would make her "woke" enough, but no.  She was hit with several temporary Twitter bans until she deleted tweets on transgenderism due to complaints that they allegedly violated Twitter’s policy against “hateful conduct.” (Many feminists believe that transgender activists are undermining women’s rights by claiming that being a woman isn’t a biological state but a state of mind – hence all the “former men” who claim to feel like women and are now winning women’s sporting events.)  

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In one tweet, Murphy controversially stated, “Men aren’t women.”  In another, she asked, “How are transwomen not men? What is the difference between a man and a transwoman?”  She also criticized a sex worker and sex industry activist who is a “trans-identified male” for promoting the boycott and defunding of Vancouver Rape Relief.  Even though those tweets are, respectively, Biology 101, honest questions related to a major current debate, and statements of fact, she was accused of hate speech.  Apparently, criticizing any “trans person” is now hate speech, even if you criticize them for something that has nothing to do with their sexual identity. 


When Murphy responded to Twitter by tweeting, “I’m not allowed to say that men aren’t women or ask questions about the notion of transgenderism at all anymore? That a multi-billion dollar company is censoring basic facts and silencing people who ask questions about this dogma is insane.”  After that tweet went viral, Twitter banned her permanently. 


Just as politics makes strange bedfellows, so do censorious leftist social media outlets that posture as free speech platforms.  Murphy’s treatment at the hands of the leftist thought police seems to have opened her eyes to the legitimacy of all those complaints about bias and social media censorship from conservatives that liberals have been mocking.  Murphy, a leftist feminist activist, actually wrote this:


“I no longer believe leftist positions are necessarily most right or most ethical. I no longer believe everyone on the right is wrong about everything. I do not believe all those on the right necessarily have ill intentions, and suspect that many, like those on the left, believe they are working towards a better world.”


Maybe it took being a victim of the growing intolerance of the left to help her realize that she was getting a completely distorted view of what conservatives really believe or are like.  That tends to happen when you live in a bubble and never talk to anyone with even slightly different views.  You become one of those horrible, humorless people who screams, “Off with his/her/zir head!” when anyone says anything that deviates one iota from your own views.  I disagree with most things liberals say, but I don’t assume they’re evil or bad people.  I just think that they often put wishful thinking, preconceived notions and a misguided faith in government ahead of reality.  They might be persuadable in an honest, polite, open debate.  And that’s why so many on the left are desperately trying to stamp out honest, polite, open debates.


I for one welcome Ms. Murphy to the land of the Red-Pilled People.  I hope her experience will convince other liberals to speak up for free speech on social media for all opinions before the Twitter mobs turn and come for them, and they discover there’s no one left to speak up for them.


Of course, in Twitter’s case, that will mean there’s no one left using their platform but angry far-left nutjobs, so they might want to consider that as well while they’re censoring any political views to the right of Lenin.  When the twitter mob turns on Twitter itself, they won’t be able to count on conservatives speaking up for them, since all of them will have been banned or abandoned Twitter entirely.  Some already have, like Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, who explained:


“I’ve never liked Twitter even though I’ve used it. I was a late adopter, and with good reason. It’s the crystal meth of social media — addictive and destructive, yet simultaneously unsatisfying. When I’m off it, I’m happier than when I’m on it. That it’s also being run by crappy SJW types who break their promises, to users, shareholders, and the government, of free speech is just the final reason. Why should I provide free content to people I don’t like, who hate me? I’m currently working on a book on social media, and I keep coming back to the point that Twitter is far and away the most socially destructive of the various platforms. So I decided to suspend them, as they are suspending others. At least I’m giving my reasons, which is more than they’ve done usually.”



Deja vu

I have to warn you that watching this video of two interviewers trying to get some cogent, well-informed comments on illegal immigration and border security out of some California college students might cause an unpleasant sense of deja vu if you just suffered through some liberal relatives curdling the cranberry sauce with their political tirades over Thanksgiving dinner.  But if you need even more evidence to refute the claim that the left is the home of facts and reason and conservatives rely on fake news and prejudice, then gird your loins and click.


Dangerous toys list

As you’re frantically shopping for the toys on your kids’ Christmas lists, you might want to check out the Annual Safe Shopping Guide, a report by the Illinois Attorney General’s office listing the most dangerous toys and those that have been recalled.  Granted, some of these don’t sound all that dangerous (I guess you can put your eye out with a balloon, but if that’s what they consider dangerous, I wonder how those of us who grew up with BB guns, Black Cat firecrackers, metal toy trucks and fishing hooks ever survived to our ripe ages.)


But I do concur with them including Internet-connected toys that can spy on your home on the “dangerous” list.  And I agree with their claim that excessively loud toys can be dangerous.  Not for the reason they cite (they might harm children’s hearing), but because they might hurt grandpa’s foot when he stomps them.


I’ve poked gentle fun at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s staggering ignorance of history and economics.  I’ve even cut her some slack on occasion, allowing that maybe some of her statements were slips of the tongue and not outright stupidity.  But here’s where I draw the line:


No, the rock-throwing migrants trying to illegally storm our border for economic opportunities are NOT comparable to the Jews who fled the Holocaust for their lives.  If she knew anything about history, she would understand how offensive that comparison is.  She would also know that not as many Jews were allowed to flee to America as we should have welcomed because they obeyed the law, and strict limits on Jewish refugees were imposed by Democratic icon, President Franklin D. Roosevelt. You know, the guy who gave us Japanese internment camps.  Sorry, I forgot: she probably doesn’t know that.



Great Moments In Selective Outrage:

Aggressive migrants try to storm the border near Tijuana, and Border Patrol agents drive them back with pepper spray, tear gas and other non-lethal weapons…and the media yawn and go on with their knitting instead of launching into outrage mode.  Oh, did I forget to mention this happened in 2013 when Obama was President?



 U.S Navy to the rescue 

Here’s a story so unusual, you’d think it would be making bigger news: Horribly racist nation whose leader doesn’t care about suffering people in Central and South America (according to leftists) sends a Navy ship as a floating hospital to treat the victims of Venezuela’s crumbling socialist health care system. 

It makes one wonder why so many liberals think the solution to this problem is not only to import the entire population of Venezuela to America, but also to import their failed economic and health care systems.  Then again, they flee failed blue states for prosperous red states, then vote for the same policies they just fled – and they saw Rudy Giuliani perform a miracle in New York City, then elected Bill DeBlasio to undo it – so spotting “cause and effect” doesn’t appear to be their strong suit.


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  • Amelia Little

    11/29/2018 02:04 PM

    I've never done twitter or the other things--the most I have done is fb. How can someone keep up with 100,000 twitters and tweets? I read articles which include response tweets to someone's twitter--and there are plenty of twitters that are in the articles, just too overwhelming. Plus, when does one do any real life things if they are trying to read all the tweeters of even a few select people, and the hundreds of responses? Well, I guess I have seen (and known) people who, even at work are constantly on their device of choice--reading as they walk down a hall, pausing in their work of inputting data on a computer, etc etc etc.

    As for the ocasio-ortez thing--she's of an age where little, if any time is spent on things like the WW's, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf wars. And, wonder what content is in the couple of paragraphs if they DO mention them in a history class? My daughter (30-and more socialist leaning than I like-but it's her life) recently said, it would be interesting to read history books in the other countries that were in these wars---for sure, their slant on even their allies would likely to be different than any of the other countries. Of course, if there is little interest in US history, I don't suppose they would be teaching history from other countries, either. So, perhaps people like this ocasio person can just make up their own versions? they are already doing that.

  • jack macdonald

    11/27/2018 12:48 PM

    I never cared for Justice Roberts. He had to twist himself into a pretzel to deem Obamacare to fit into a loophole. His vote to swing this into operation reminds me of the vote by RINO McCain. These self delusional individuals with a warped sense of justice did enormous damage to our country. Their positions cost citizens many billion in waste and inefficiency in our health system and endangered our country in other ways. How these intellectual morons rise to the seats of power is beyond me. Roberts is a disgrace and is either braindead or thoroughly corrupt to inflict this kind of damage on our country.

  • Alice King

    11/27/2018 04:43 AM

    I am currently living in Australia, and depend on your site for current information on what is actually happening in the USA. Thanks for providing an alternative to the national news media, which is simply parroted here by the local stations.

  • Rebecca Holstine

    11/27/2018 12:33 AM

    I am more worried about this immigration problem than I have been worried about anything in the past few years. I pray that our President can stand strong and keep our country safe. For the life of me, I can not understand why the American people voted in more leftist/socialist than we already had. Didn't they like the country going in the right direction? Do they want constant bogus investigations for the next two years. Were they even aware of what they were voting for? And last...thank you for loaning us your bright and beautiful daughter. She is a breath of fresh air. You and the Mrs. did a great job on that one!

  • Keet Parakeet

    11/27/2018 12:24 AM

    Nice day. I didn't know Mr. Cain was online. Got that url down now. Should be nicely informative. Thanks for the article & info!
    In Re The Chief Justice. He upchucked a platitude which would be nice if true (its not & he knows it & doesn't care & steers a wobbly course himself not fully in accord with the platitude). He gets lionized for his platititude. & the President gets zapped for pointing out it's disconnected from reality. Get Real. Forum shopping by people & attorneys suing is a fact of life & Not necessarily bad. If a case has elements of spanish law of land or water rights, sue in the southwest where the judges learned about it & are more likely to do it right the first time & fast (as in cheaper for you/your client). It saves judicial resources for other folks too. The noxious forum shopping the president points out is no secret outside the legal fraternity/sorority either. As for the Chief Justice, he is human which is to say flawed, full of errors, even when working his little tail off just like the rest of the human race & other occupants of benches. Like other Chief Justices, it gets embarrassing when he proves this in public & he was not the first to do so. It's sad that that fact isn't picked up on by the press. No, it's not prejudice on the part of the press, it's their vaccuum where a few facts ought to be. Ignorance works just as well as bias at times. I don't see Acosta & company knowing beans about the underlying facts of that kind of issue today or historically or doing the lick of work required to find out. The Chief Justice simply opened his mouth & exposed his mind and character as thoroughly as the president has from time to time with his tweets. From my perspective, its not about an appearance of propriety for either but it good to know what is true about each. It's better to know than not the limitations and strengths of public figures that affect our lives.

  • donald lee williams

    11/26/2018 11:16 PM

    when a target is setting on our wall, how about letting the border guards get some training using rubber loads. might send a message to the so call tough guys and others.

  • Roger Emmick SR

    11/26/2018 10:58 PM

    Is there no chance that some alternative to Facebook, Twitter and such can be developed? I do absolutely no social media and won't unless something like this exists. I'm probably older than you and can probably do without using it but then I watch all of PraegerU videos on YouTube and just found out that there are over 80 of their video that have been censored. This is really hard to believe - I don't like people telling me what information I can and cannot view. I am a 21 year veteran of the Air Force (split service with Navy) and a Vietnam Vet and think I have earned that right.

  • Robert Dimlich

    11/26/2018 10:54 PM

    All these crazy things happen when man replaces God's wisdom for man's wisdom. History proves it.

  • Anne. Turner

    11/26/2018 10:32 PM

    But, Governor, you just don’t understand. Where is your compassion, your kindness? I’ll bet you think that father’s should support their offspring, and/or that mothers should limit the number of children they bear from different men. After all it is we working people’s responsibility to make sure little children are taken care of. I suppose you are concerned that some of the young men trying to crash the border are going to become MS 13, or sell drugs or be infiltrated terrorists. What a small price to pay for taking care of those poor women and children. After all CA has taken care of people forever and look how successful they are now. It is too bad so many want to leave the state. They must be very unkind people with no thought except to take care of their own families. You are hopeless. You continue to use logic and reason, along with examples of the failures of the past. Would it not be better if we were all poor, except for the elite leaders, so that we would have a fairer society and let those who know better how we should live direct us, like media stars, and professors, and enlightened progressives. They would continue to live well, but that is a small price to pay for their wisdom. We have shown over and over again that if something isn’t working we just need more of it to be successful. Then there is your defense of Trump. You should know by now that if a Democrat does something it is by default great, but if a Rep does the same thing it is bad. Why have you not figured this out? An as to the place of God in our society, and heaven forbid the Commandments. Just because every other great society that degraded into hedononism, atheism, drugs, unfettered sex, sacrificing of newborns, dependence on others, the failure of families, etc. etc., has gone down the tubes does not be we won’t. Some people actually think that the Bible gives us direction for leading wholesome, respectful lives. Can you imagine?

  • James Hoppe

    11/26/2018 08:41 PM

    Please suggest to President Trump to pull a major coup on the Democrats and get the wall funded with DONATIONS!!!!!!!! There are over
    500 billionaires in this country ... most in CA....and then BUILD A MILE...and put your name on it. THAT WOULD ELIMINATE the need for
    this continued HASSLE over the wall....he'd WIN and the Democrats would have NOTHING TO not help PASS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's get on with
    this distraction..........and how EASY THAT WOULD BE!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only half the billionaires are Republican...SO MUCH THE BETTER....and then
    stick it to the Dem's who insist the RICH get the breaks...but the RICH GIVE BACK! AND DEDUCT the donation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Piss em off more!
    Have Sarah suggest that..and then take the credit for getting the wall built! lolllllllll

  • Jerry Korba

    11/26/2018 07:37 PM

    Mike You were the guy I was going to vote forPresident just didn't work out Donald I did vote for I am not sure any man or woman could hold up like Donald is I do wish U could be in there advising him and I wish Donald would listen I believe the President is doing the right things he has been spot on most things. My point is the border he was right on they tried to trample our border and he is right on with these are not South Americas best that are coming Do we want parents that bring the children to the same thing as running with bulls to our country even the liberals might think this could be dangerous the parents should be charged with child endangerment I don't hear the reporters ask that question what makes these people think they can defeat our border patrol along with our military helping them do we want these people here what will they do when law enforcement isn't watching them look what they are doing with helicopters, armed law enforcement watching them. What chance does law abiding citizens have with these thugs remember the movie Trading Places that what we will get. Get to work Congress fix the problem. Oh by the way we would not have this problem if I voted for Hillary if she won we would be on our way to becoming South America and these Migrants would just stay home!!!!! Oh by the way thanks Obama we were on our way!!!!!!!

  • Martin Pedersen

    11/26/2018 07:29 PM

    WHEN will conservatives develop and go on the Web with a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook? There is a market for this and money to be made. Conservative ideas and statements are slowly being excluded and banned from all the social media platforms. Eventually only the liberal's ideas will be found on the Internet.

  • H. Collette Ellenberger

    11/26/2018 07:27 PM

    Honestly, Mike, I don't know how I'd get through this world without your unbiased evening editions! I'm serious! I get very upset with what is going on and really don't know if the liberal, left-wingers can be stopped. I'm even more concerned for the ill-informed younger generation, who think socialism is the highway to Utopia! We all need to keep praying. Thank you for your excellent commentaries. God Bless You, Coco (Collette Ellenberger)

  • Phyllis Murrell

    11/26/2018 06:52 PM

    One of your best letters. Always enjoy your humor too.

  • Stephen Russell

    11/26/2018 06:49 PM

    Id pay the crew on the Hospital ship should get paid 2X for duty alone.
    As for the Wall:
    o Clear caravan from Wall space
    o Have jets low level drop napalm in line.
    o have workers rig wire on US side.
    o OK caravan to fence area.
    o Rig CCTV near fence area US side.
    o Rig CP near area.
    Illegals wont X napalm line after drop & burning can clear debris for them hide in.
    Rig mortars to fire gas shells.