May 17, 2018

Some of the comments and questions I received on yesterday’s newsletter story about information gleaned from the Strzok-Page texts were incredibly insightful –- you know I always read them –- and I wish I could offer quick answers to them all. Many of them fall into a few overall themes: the obvious double standard in Washington and the media, with the lack of “justice for all”; the apparent worthlessness of Attorney General Jeff Sessions (among others); the hesitance of President Trump to use his constitutional authority to fire government officials and declassify documents that still haven’t been released or have been mostly blacked out; the frustration that Robert Mueller will never end his investigation; and fear for democracy itself.

There’s no easy end to this, but every day brings more evidence that it’s unraveling. The scandal within the FBI and DOJ seems now to be centered on the cast of characters we’ve come to know all too well: former FBI Director James Comey, acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, demoted FBI official Peter Strzok (who seems to be in the thick of it all and is still, unbelievably, employed at the Bureau), and former McCabe legal assistant Lisa Page. Then-CIA Director John Brennan (now a contributor at MSNBC, where he fits in well) seems to have been in on the get-Trump scheme from the very start; in fact, he launched it. And don’t forget former CIA Director James Clapper. It’s all coming out; the FBI/DOJ can delay delay delay, and officials can go before Congress and lie lie lie, but they’re not going to keep their misdeeds under wraps forever. That would have been possible only if Hillary had been elected.

In Congress, Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Jim Jordan of Ohio and Ron DeSantis of Florida have had enough of the stonewalling and are asking Trump to use his executive authority to instruct Jeff Sessions to order the DOJ to immediately turn over all subpoenaed documents to Congress as part of their constitutional function of oversight. The DOJ and FBI have been lying about their reasons for redacting the documents; we know this because when some were unredacted, the black-outs had had nothing to do with national security.

Even the New York Times has helped shed light on the corruption, though inadvertently. A new piece about the very real anti-Trump operation called “Crossfire Hurricane” confirms that the investigation had already been opened when investigators heard the Papadopoulos story from Australian diplomat (and Hillary associate) Alexander Downer in July of 2016. (As Andrew C. McCarthy points out, there was no crime to investigate, so the FBI used a counterintelligence investigation as cover to look for a crime.) The article also confirms something we’d theorized: that the investigation proceeded on the assumption that Hillary would win.

Reporters also have sniffed out a person working undercover in the Trump campaign on behalf of the FBI and Brennan, someone who approached people working for the campaign with offers to “help” while asking questions about Trump’s foreign policy. The New York Times piece actually refers to an FBI informant embedded in the campaign. It now seems to be an open secret among the reporters who this person was, though they’re being unusually careful about releasing his or her name. But it’s just a matter of time. All Americans should be outraged at this very REAL and unacceptable “meddling” in our election by elitists in our own government. America really is over if we let this go on.

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And, can I hear an amen –- according to the DOJ, the Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s handling of the investigation into the use of Hillary’s email server has wrapped! It’s likely that some of the action we’d like to see on this mess was deliberately postponed until his conclusions are made public, and that should happen shortly.

So let the anti-Trump media scream about Stormy Daniels and a meeting at Trump Tower that means exactly nothing. The things we care about are so much more important –- concepts like “equal justice” and “rule of law” that actually define us as a nation but that are under siege by a politicized justice system. We’ve had plenty to be concerned about, and I can tell from your letters that you are plenty concerned. But at the same time, there’s reason to be hopeful.

If you have some time –- a lot of time; this is long –- check out the New York Times article; you’ll marvel at the way their effort to make excuses for the investigation actually points up some of the problems with it. Knowing what you know about the obvious motivations driving certain people, you may be dismayed by some of the article’s turns of phrase, but just remember it’s the New York Times and let it roll off.




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  • Theresa Carver

    05/21/2018 10:22 AM

    What I don't understand is why the deep state is for the power of evil. Power? Money? Who is paying all these people? Follow the money!! I'm sure along the way, we'll meet more law-breakers, but we would also find the culprit(s).

  • Art Rittenhouse

    05/18/2018 07:28 PM

    Thank you for staying on top of all this!!!!! Why doesn't Trump or Congress have the police or who ever, just walk in the FBI office and demand the papers they need!!! Or fire who ever is standing in the way.

  • Riley Edwards

    05/18/2018 06:19 PM

    Gov Huckabee--
    Thank you for keeping us informed as to what is going on in the DC swamp--When will a special counsel start investigations into the depravity of the Clintons? When do you think Sec Jeff Sessions will be relived of duty? Sec Sessions seems to be a part of the coverup by the DOJ. God bless you and your family as you all battle against all the injustice in our country today--
    Dr. Riley Edwards

  • Richard Moulton

    05/18/2018 03:23 PM

    I am wondering if Jeff Sessions’ blatant inaction may be due to some sort of Democratic threat to him (or—more probably—his family) if he takes any kind of action that may lead to Indictment of any deep state Democrats or (God forbid!) Hillary Clinton or even Barack Obama. The Clintons are not above making (and carrying out) these kind of threats.

  • Joe Kunkle

    05/18/2018 11:13 AM

    Considering all that has come, and continues to come, to light regarding the misdeeds of the highups in the Justice Department, the FBI, CIA, and IRS in collusion with the White House,
    the previous administration may well have taken the prize as the most corrupt in U.S. history. The craftiness and pervasiveness of the corruption has come very close the overwhelming our unique constitutional form of government! May God deliver us from the darkness that threatens to engulf our Nation. How could this have happened in such a seemingly short period of time. How true President Ronald Reagan was when he said, in effect, that tyranny is only a generation away if we do not carefully guard our freedoms. The almost complete take-over of our public educational system and mainstream media by radical liberals will make recovery a long, uphill battle! While I believe it is a challenge that loyal, God-fearing Americans must take up, ultimately, as the inspired songwriter penned, "My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus' name!

  • Glenda Kee

    05/18/2018 03:07 AM


  • Terry Ptacek

    05/18/2018 01:41 AM

    I am sorry to see you condemn Jeff Sessions. I believe you are a good Christian man who is trying to do his best for the American people, and I am very comfortable that he is also. Because he has used his best judgement to focus on things that are appropriate for him to do, such as enforce immigration laws, and not to do things that would clearly be seen as trying to block things from coming out that we Republicans or more specifically President Trump and his staff would rather not come out, you and President Trump criticize him unfairly. If you think about it, he get flack from trying to do what is right, and playing by the rules, rather than being ruthless and unethical and not caring what the American people think. Isn't that exactly what the Democrats have done, and we are legitimately complaining that they are doing. You can't have it both ways.

  • Dawn Street

    05/17/2018 11:11 PM

    Thank you for responding to my concerns about the lack of equal justice, the cover ups, the lies, the lack of accountability. There are times I feel we are too impatient for everything to happen. We want justice but we want it now! We watched Bill Clinton beat his impeachment. We have been watching politicians beat the odds for many years. I am 72 almost 73.

    I remember Kennedy's assassination and, living in Texas, we had a real good idea who was behind it. We saw the pictures of George H W Bush near the Book Depository in Dallas and he was head of the CIA. Witnesses died mysteriously. The elite has been around for decades, for generations, and they have been whacking and killing anyone who stands against them.

    I remember Nixon's disgrace and his resignation rather than split the nation. Didn't see that with Clinton. He lied to the bitter end.

    They cheat, they lie, they cover it up with murder and payoffs or blackmails. It just keeps happening. That is why the verses in Luke mean so much to me. They can hide from us all but they cannot hide their acts from God. He knows and He is the ultimate Judge and all will one day be revealed. Yeah, I would really like to see the wrongdoers brought to justice here and now, but... all we have are rumors and promises.

  • Hylon J. Heaton III

    05/17/2018 10:04 PM

    Sometimes it seems that only the bad guys/girls are winning. I do get depressed. Yet I know who I am and believe in a power far stronger then any here on earth. Yes, it is the Lord God Almighty. He will make things right in His own time. Hylon Heaton

  • Samuel Deitel

    05/17/2018 07:32 PM

    I can't say if AG Sessions is worthy or worthless. I believe the reason he's doing nothing is because he's a son of the South. He's behaving like a Southern gentleman in the middle of a cockfight. Slow of speech, sluggish of gait, he's simply is not equipped to handle the rough and tumble of politics. Actually, the gentlemanly thing for him to do is to get out of the way.

  • Jack L Reider

    05/17/2018 04:33 PM

    As a former Naval Officer in charge of classified material, it is my understanding that the president it the top classification official that over sees all classified material and as such has the authority to tell the DOJ and FBI to turn over all requested material that has been requested by the House Intelligence Committee. They have had months to find the material requested that is not blacked out. The president as the CEO of the Executive Branch should give the DOJ and FBI a week or two to comply or they should be fired for non compliance, if the next in line doesn't comply fire them also. I support the president in all that he has done so far, but he really needs to step forward on this issue now.

  • Billy Karl

    05/17/2018 04:27 PM

    Jeff Sessions was the first Deep State plant.
    In a just American world, after 2018 elections, 'Rudy' becomes AG... and now you can imagine what comes next.

  • Virginia Sherk

    05/17/2018 03:22 PM

    I am so thankful for your information. There are so few places you can get the truth beside your blog and the Bible. I just cannot believe
    that God will allow this evil to continue, something has to give. I'm hoping it is the rapture and then all the progressives can have this world for the next 7 years. Oh how they will finally get what they deserve. Voted in PA this week for all the outsiders and conservatives I could, conservative Republican. Having Pres. Trump make it into the Oval office is another piece of God's work. He uses the most unlikely people to do his work here on earth. And it is definitely God who will keep him there. The Bible is another proof of that, guess the progressives haven't read that book yet.
    Thank you again for your info, God Bless you and your amazing daughter, Sarah. Love her attitude and knowledge, great ladt.

  • Jay French

    05/17/2018 03:03 PM

    In regards to the Fake News report concerning a supposed operation named "Crossfire Hurricane" about which you reported upon, nowhere does any text/email from 2016 onward from any of the involved parties mentions such an operation. However this is the NEW Fake News Narrative upon which the involved players & DNC are attempting to give a legal appearing legitimacy to the Obama spying upon a candidate of a national political party prior to an election with the intent of altering an outcome or create a diversion away from the previous illegal political corruption activities which are continually revealed in the Uranium One deal, financial impropriety (money laundering) of the DNC kickback to the Hillary campaign, Clinton Sham Charity operations especially in regard to Haiti, the Iran Deal with real dollars shipped to Iran which could easily be diverted as bribes, Clinton email sham investigation.
    Basically take your pick of whichever many or all.
    The IG report will shed light on many of these activities with major players involved employed in upper capacities within the State Dept, DOJ, FBI among other probable alphabet agencies. Jeff Sessions appointee Special Prosecutor John Huber may involve sealed indictments which could potentially tip the applecart.
    For whatever reasons, the New York Times has "suddenly" decided to print basically retractions of earlier Trump stories & now we are offered a name of a supposed operation which has supposedly been ongoing since 2016 with a catchy name under the guise of giving it legality & legitimacy while CNN is running Full Steam ahead with it.
    That should have been clue 1, do not fall victim to it just as the Mueller "investigation" which by itself on the surface is nothing more than a distraction & diversion heading into the 2018 elections with the casual result purpose of electing Democrats in a "Blue Wave" to stop potential criminal proceedings against the major players including Obama himself.

  • kurt welser

    05/17/2018 02:25 PM

    It's too bad that we almost always hear negative information leaked from Obama's holdovers, or moles on the Far Left, when what we
    need is a few "leakers " to give us "un-redacted" documents. How does the media(and DOJ) not see these delays as obstruction of justice and cover-up? How do they also not see Hilary's destruction of classified emails and other info on her 13 Blackberries and servers that she had smashed and acid washed as mishandling of Government documents, obstruction of Justice, and Cover-up to avoid prosecution.......Sad state of Justice (or lack of) in our Country today.

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    05/17/2018 02:00 PM

    Interesting that Trump's obviously tongue-in-cheek comment about the Russians having Hillary's " lost " emails was somehow considered gospel by the NYT hose heads. The truth is always more interesting than fiction; I wonder why the NYT prefers fiction - they'd have a lot more readers is they actually presented both sides ;-} Hillary, Clapper, Comey, Brennan et al bring new meaning to the term " sore loser ".

  • William Schlumpf

    05/17/2018 01:30 PM

    Yes we are concerned and yes we are ever hopeful. By God's grace the Light of Truth will shine upon this nation. Let the truth come out! I pray for His favor upon the United States and its people.

  • shelley Rubinstein

    05/17/2018 01:28 PM

    The dots connected last night after I had digested all the lies I could stomach. The democrats, a loose affiliation of all the various groups who hate us: socialists; muslims and their apologists in the "progressive" church, communists; radical demanders that babies be killed and we pay for it no matter how many women are maimed and/or killed in the process or how many pimps, incestuous rapists of their own daughters, and other perps are protected in the process; atheists; bureaucrats-CIA, FBI, BLM, Homeland Security, all the departments that truly believe it's their job to control every facet of our lives AND take all our hard earned money and give it to illegals and lazy malcontents who love nothing better than burning down their own towns; let's not forget the deceitful, sycophantic talking heads of the leftist mouthpiece media; OH! and then there are the radical sexual predators who demand that we bake the cake, take the pictures, provide the flowers, and even DANCE AT THEIR PERVERTED WEDDINGS! THIS UNHOLY CONGREGATION OF EVIL INTENT has been stealing elections for a long time. Judge Roy Moore - a brilliant jurist, principled, knowledgeable, and effective is taken down by paid gossips whose stories never added up and would NOT have held up in court just weeks before the election and a democrat sailed into the place where Judge Moore would have brilliantly, valiantly fought for our constitutional republic! Instead we have another Democrat automaton who votes to fund predatory planned parenthood, raising taxes, burdening us with regulations that choke innovation and initiative, actively working to take away our right to self defense, destroying our children in schools that don't even pretend to teach anymore but rather brag about their indoctrination methods and materials, who want to turn our medical system into one that rations care and chooses who lives and who dies, AND THEN CHARGES US A PENALTY IF WE DON'T PARTICIPATE!!!; and more!!! Same thing happened to put Murkowski in the senate. She SAID she was a Republican but her voting record REVEALS THE LIE! And when she saw she was going to be beaten at the polls by a good man who had served his country in the military and in civic service, she called in the FBI who put a "mole" in his inner circle, set him up to look bad, then ran a smear campaign, and stole the election!~ Ravening wolves in sheep's clothing, the whole lot of them!!! "It's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" on steroids!

  • James Worden

    05/17/2018 01:22 PM

    Thanks, Gov. Huckabee for your followup on this issue. Very dismayed that we can't seem to get a special prosecutor to investigate the Democrats. It would put pressure on them to end the Mueller Investigation once those "known" violators of the law were subpoenaed and began telling what they know under oath. Obviously, the Democrats would not like that and I believe the Mueller Investigation would end, pronto! Even though AG Sessions said there is no need for another special prosecutor for that, shouldn't he be put under pressure to reconsider? What do you think and who should do that? Respectfully, Jim Worden


    05/17/2018 01:15 PM

    Rush Limbaugh said that your daughter Sarah is the best Press Secretary ever in his lifetime. That to me is a compliment to you also.
    She is awesome. I would love to be a fly on the wall during big family meals when you and she are there! Must be wonderful, you did
    good kiddo. (I am older then you)
    Carmen Price

  • Sid Levin

    05/17/2018 01:12 PM

    Mike, what can the average American do about this crap? Is there a way to sue the DOJ? The Deamoncrap party? Killary? Comey? To me, the real problem is that the DOJ seems to be STILL run by Lynch, Ovommit and Holder! There MUST be something that the people can do! Yes, I know about electing republicans, but No ONE seems to want to do anything. I would love to see a Convention of the States, to put term limits on Congress, as well as making them conform to everything the people have (Social Security, regular pensions and the end of Congressional Immunity).

  • Patricia Brahm

    05/17/2018 01:09 PM

    Thank you Mike for your diligence in responding to our questions regarding the Mueller investigation. I read your answer, and do know we Patriotic Trump followers are anxious to end Mueller's investigation or witch hunt! He has gone way to far beyond the scope of his DOJ outlined mission. I know it is a cover up for the democrats that have committed many criminal acts.
    WAIT FOR THE IG REPORT: Horowitz & Huber won’t compromise their cases beforehand. Nothing’s leaked from these guys in a year.
    Massive criminal conspiracies have been found that stretch almost through the entire previous presidential administration. You ain’t rolling that up in a month, 3 months or even a year.
    You have no room for error. None. If you pull this thread, you’d better get it right.
    Once it starts, that bell can’t be unrung. The media will go into shock, then we’ll see nonstop 24/7 hysteria far beyond anything you’ve seen yet. Comparisons of Trump to Hitler and Stalin will look mild once the indictments start rolling out. I PREDICT, you will literally see the media doing this every single day, nonstop:
    We have to Trust Donald J Trump's every move, as his policies are our policies! CONGRESS formed the DOJ, and I wish Congress would dismantle it! Mueller should leave or be fired, and America is tired of this cat and mouse game!! Get on with important issues of the day!

  • Cori Sackrider

    05/17/2018 01:09 PM

    Good morning sir: Today I have never been so disillusioned with our government, the FBI, the DOJ and especially Hilary & Bill Clinton. These agencies and the Clintons are absolutely evil personified. The FBI and the DOJ were once the greatest in the world but when they decided to join with them and the evil that they comprised, they soon also decided to break the law thinking that they would never be found out. What Hilary did with her private server is a travesty and any one else would be in jail for years but yet, she gets away with all her sick ways and I do not believe she will ever get over the fact that she didn't get to be president because she thought she was a shoe-in. I am thankful to our God that Donald Trump became the president thereby assuring that the evil by all those people who participated with them would come to light. I really enjoy listening to your daughter and she is spot-on with what she says. I hope they don't come after her like they would like to do. The ones that make fun of her thinking that by being a comedian it would be funny have make themselves look absolutely stupid and are not the least bit funny and the marjority of people in our country do not think it was funny either. Keep up the good work and with your help America can be great once again.

  • Steve McDonnough

    05/17/2018 12:58 PM

    The main stream media (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, WAPO, NYT, etc) are doing ther best to come up to the standards of reporting the unblemished truthfilled news that we have come to accept as trustworthy that we see in The National Enquirer, Star, and all the gossip rags available in the checkout at WalMart.
    They are failing miserably.

  • Harold Levi

    05/17/2018 12:51 PM

    Mike, Sir, this condition in our dysfunctional government will end in one of two ways. The first, and hopefully the prevailing result, is an Article V Convention of States to amend the Constitution such that Congress, President, and Supreme Court are placed under tighter controls. The second alternative, and the one that no one wants to hear about, is a shooting war - this time an actual Civil War. We all have prayed and hoped that Trump could drain the swamp, but he is thwarted at most every crossroad. May God have mercy on us and give Trump more guidance as to how to handle this man-made mess.


    05/17/2018 12:50 PM

    Although these investigations are a nuisance, they do serve one good purpose. Without them, the corruption of the deep state would never have been exposed. We must be patient as this unravels, and thereby exposing and taking those down these corrupt criminals that believed they were above the law. I'm a firm believer that when bad situations happens if our lives, good will eventually come of it. So I'm looking forward to the day that the swamp is drained and all those involved are behind bars rotting in a cell. #MAGA

  • teresa dickerson

    05/17/2018 12:46 PM

    Time to clean house!!. It is a shame that power and money has turned the United States FBI,CIA,etc into crooks. Also government officials. The funny thing is; they think they will be on top and their families wont get hurt. The fact is, the few elite will get rid of the lesser crooks, criminals when its all done and said. Better to do right than wrong. The long run hell is hot, why make a hell on earth for good people? For power and greed. Its not worth it.

  • Bob Emrick

    05/17/2018 12:46 PM

    Great update message as usual... the list of characters is right on, but there are SO MANY more that belong on the list it would take pages and pages to name them all... but there are two obvious names that seem to never make the list, maybe for fear of reprisal...? HILLARY CLINTON AND BARACK OBAMA. Obama not only "knew" about everything that was being done... he ordered it.

  • April Williams

    05/17/2018 12:26 PM

    Can we as Americans file a class action lawsuit against Robert Mueller? He knew from the beginning that he was conducting a witch hunt and it is wasting our tax payer dollars.