May 15, 2020

From reader Lindsay K:

Following this case some, I kept feeling like Judge Sullivan was exercising some caution after Sidney Powell took over the case. He was a central figure in her book, LICENSE TO LIE, I believe. And so I felt he was exercising caution to not be accused of bias.

But after [he made] a poor judgment call in December regarding this case because he was misled by the prosecution, I can't begin to understand why he would open himself up to this same group of thugs and bullies. So now, my working theory is, since Obama is implicated, there is some awful pressure on him and he's caving. I can't see why else someone would dismiss sound reason for some unconstitutional, unprecedented ploy otherwise.

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Lindsay. You bring up a couple of very interesting points. First, it’s true that Sidney Powell made Judge Sullivan sort of the “judicial hero” (her words) in the book LICENSE TO LIE. (Bet she won't be doing that again!) So perhaps he overcompensated for the reason you state. WAY overcompensated.

Your second point, as to how baffling his behavior is now –- he seems to be acting not only as judge but as prosecuting attorney –- does, naturally, cause observers to develop “working theories” as you have. Why is he so desperate, increasingly so, to drag out the case that he ignores the law, precedent and exculpatory evidence and, incredibly, has to bring in "outside groups" and even another judge to help him justify the unjustifiable?

I think you’ve hit on something when you say the pressure on Judge Sullivan, especially now that Obama is implicated, must be awful. As Chuck Schumer has said, the intel community has “six ways from Sunday” to get back at you. That power, presumably, could just as easily be applied to a U.S. District Court judge as to anyone else, say, a former national security adviser being openly railroaded in federal court. That’s not to say that this is what happened, but it’s what COULD happen.

There are various crafty ways to apply pressure through direct or implied threats (or rewards) –-- I’m sure we can all think of some of them. The fact that we are even entertaining the possibility of this kind of intimidation shows how far the reputation of the FBI has fallen. Obama’s intel community seems capable of just about anything these days. What we know is the tiniest tip of the iceberg.

As I’ve said many times, when something absolutely defies all logic and common sense, it means there’s something about it we don’t know. That seems to be the case here. It's the "x" in the equation. We may never know what it is, but something is likely going on behind the scenes that, if we knew it, would cause the puzzling Judge Sullivan scenario to make perfect sense.

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  • Wilda Foster

    07/03/2020 09:29 AM

    We protect every country in the world but our own. Why are our leaders silent? Why can’t President Trump stop the destruction and killings? My mailbox is full every day from politicians trying to shame me into donations, yet I see little leadership from them. We have the President and the Senate but the House calls the shots. The squeaking wheel gets the oil. I hang my head in shame that the greatest country in the world is letting thugs kill and destroy what our forefathers fought and died for. We don’t even give our police the power and ammunition to do their job instead we allow them to be called every name in the book and be spit on. Where are our leaders?? Our brave President can’t do it alone.

  • alicia Cervera

    06/30/2020 07:32 PM

    hes covering up for people all the way to the top!

  • Darrel Peaton

    05/17/2020 05:42 PM

    Is there another judge that can overrule Judge Sullivan and his croney that he picked picked to help him put Flynn in jail.

  • Geri Zwicker

    05/17/2020 05:09 PM

    A real call to pray, because our Lord sees the heart, the intentions, and will hold everyone accountable for "every idle word". When this world's "justice" is clearly NOT just, I am glad that this is not the end of the story, and ultimately, Justice will be done. Maybe not here in this world, (but I am still hoping to see it), but we will say, Our Lord, He does ALL THINGS well!

  • Diane B Morrison

    05/17/2020 04:35 PM

    Could the Attorney General's Office dismiss this Judge? If he is doing something wrong then why is he not being disbarred? I wish President Trump would just pardon General Flynn.


    05/16/2020 12:31 PM

    I cannot not understand a sitting judge cannot make his decision. He should retire..........We normal God loveling people cannot understand that Hillary and her crew and now Obama and his crew can get away with anything and everything. We have seen this over and over and now again. This man has been terribly been destroyed by the government and who ever has been on this one. Geri

  • rodney burke

    05/16/2020 11:26 AM

    So if Sullivan is being threatened, or intimidated, who ELSE is being intimidated? There is a possibility that his erratic behavior is due to "Bi-polar" As was suggested by one person who should know. There is something very wrong when Sullivan calls Flynn a traitor in open court and appoligizes the same day, I believe it was. That is not normal. This guy KNEW when he made the accusation, that it wasn't true. There is something very wrong and it requires investigation. It's being said all too often by too many voiced "If they can to that to Flynn, then they can do it to you." The implication is beyond disturbing. If Sullivan's intent is to force pardon, then BARR and whoever need to clamp down on him...Brutally.

  • Connie Fernandez

    05/15/2020 06:40 PM

    Hopefully they don't kill him

  • Linda Westbrook

    05/15/2020 06:37 PM

    Seems like so much confusion creates quite a smoke screen! It will be interesting to see what does happen when the smoke clears. How can I help?

  • Shirley

    05/15/2020 05:10 PM

    What can be done to protect the judge and anyone else we see may be in this kind of situation ? We know it is happening, will happen and has happened.


    05/15/2020 05:04 PM

    He may be under pressure and I think we know full well what the LEFT is capable of. People have died in some cases because they just might cause people at the top of the food (FOOL) chain to be caught. However, this is still America, and we do have ways to overcome this judge. I want to see that happen.

  • Raylene Quaney

    05/15/2020 04:40 PM

    I believe the Judge may be afraid for his life. Considering all the others that have tried to
    stand up or speak out and have found themselves "committing suicide" ..

  • Charles Aho

    05/15/2020 04:31 PM

    That scenario is quite unsettling and if it is what’s behind the deep state then only God is our salvation.

  • Michael Manoogian

    05/15/2020 04:30 PM

    This witch hunt and the subsequent fallout has left me less confident in our judicial system. Our President and his associates were the target of a law enforcement/intelligence/political cabal that belongs behind the defense table, not General Flynn. Secretary Clinton should have been indicted but was not. The balance held by the image Lady Justice seems to have a tilt now.

  • Beverly A. Francolino

    05/15/2020 03:05 PM

    Thank you for your informative (as usual) Newsletter. It is important for me to know (as well as all Americans) just what’s going on in this Judge Sullivan. I agree that he’s being pressured by many to proceed as he has indicated. I feel our Government/& it’s Rules & Regs need quite a bit of revamping. So many times individuals are faced with similar situations as Gen Flynn. I feel he should be removed - since he’s been on the Bench before Pres. Reagan, he has to be in his 80’s +++. Seems the pressure he’s been receiving from Obama Cronies is breaking Sullivan down.....So unfair. Hope you don’t think I’m not thinking clearly as I’m 81!!! It’s time for Gen. Flynn to be cleared and allowed to live his life in Peace. Beverly A Francolino

  • Eugene

    05/15/2020 02:56 PM

    Is Sullivan the same judge who presided over the Manafort case?

  • Hope Keefer

    05/15/2020 02:26 PM

    "Follow the money" was always the "scent" to chase. Now however, it's more likely "Folow the corrupt" to blackmail, promises called in, political pressure... you name it. liberal judges fancy themselves Law MAKERS these days, drunk on presumed power. "ead. The answer my friend, "is blowing in in the wind".

  • jerry clemens

    05/15/2020 01:31 PM

    The judge would truly have a self destruct button if he chose to defy the deep state. I spell deep state - "Obama & friends.

  • Doreen Sharp

    05/15/2020 12:40 PM

    I absolutely agree with this theory. This would explain why Obama suddenly And inexplicably came out publicly, when the DOJ dropped their prosecution of Flynn, and in my opinion, sent a message to the judge, that this action worked against “the rule of law”. I believe this initiated the pressure on the judge.

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/15/2020 12:26 PM

    He could have simply signed off. Now he’s made a bump in what was a smooth road.

  • Ruth Ferraro

    05/15/2020 12:17 PM

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. Let's pray that Judge Sullivan does the right thing. When his time comes, does he answer to the Democrats or to the one in charge - the Lord?