May 8, 2019

Everything you know is wrong.


That’s what I'd say to all compulsive consumers of mainstream media, especially CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times, and also those who use social media to “curate” the news that comes to them. For me, knowing what I know after many months of following all the details of the “Trump/Russia” investigation, this “news” is virtually unwatchable, as even a few minutes’ exposure is enough to make me physically recoil, like a health nut being pressured into trying to smoke his first –- and last –- cigarette. Get me away from this. Never again.


Unfortunately, lots of people get through that first puff and become addicted right away. How do I know so many Americans are “in the bubble,” brainwashed and wildly misinformed? Well, incredibly, a new Rasmussen poll reveals that even now, 57 percent of Democrats believe that President Trump is guilty of treason. TREASON. Only 14 percent think he is not; 29 percent aren’t sure. This is no doubt because the anti-Trump media are still prattling on, nonstop, that Trump “colluded” with good buddy Vladimir Putin. It doesn’t even matter that the special counsel investigated for almost two years with the most viciously anti-Trump team he could possibly assemble and still could not make a case for that. Here are the details of the poll:

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When Trump first said Trump Tower was “wiretapped,” he was relentlessly ridiculed in the media and called a liar. The people who said those things are no doubt still in that 57 percent of ignorant Dems, unable to accept the truth that his campaign, and later, his transition team, absolutely were spied on. (Use the word “surveillance” if you prefer; it’s exactly the same thing.)


Some opinion journalists at FOX News and a handful of investigative reporters --- and, of course, the Huckabee team --- have been on this from the beginning, trying to get the facts, and we’ve been right all along. (Just as Trump says “no collusion, no obstruction,” we can say “no misinformation, no retraction.”) Most everyone else owes Trump a tremendous apology for all the “fake news” stories and outright lies about him, but he knows better than to hold his breath.


That said, here’s the latest real news that we know at least 57 percent of Democrats won’t pay attention to: John Solomon has yet another breaking story about the political nature of the Steele “dossier,” and he says it’s the most direct evidence yet that the government was well aware before it submitted the FISA application that the author of the “dossier” was on a political mission, as opposed to an intelligence mission. We already knew Christopher Steele was fervently anti-Trump and desperate to keep him out of the White House, and we also knew that Bruce Ohr had warned his colleagues at the FBI and DOJ about Steele’s bias. Now, because of a meeting he and his colleague Tatyana Duran had with Kathleen Kavalec, the deputy assistant secretary of state, we learn that on October 11, 2016, ten days before the FISA application was made, Steele made it clear that the objective of his client (by inference, the DNC) was to air the dirt in his “dossier” in time to damage Trump before the election.

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Kavalec memorialized that conversation in typewritten notes, which according to Devin Nunes were never provided to him and other members of the House committees looking into the FISA warrant. They were finally unearthed through an open-records lawsuit by the conservative group Citizens United. Steele’s client “is keen to see this information come to light prior to November 8,” the notes say.


It seems to me that the whole Steele/State Department connection was inappropriate and, indeed, smells to high heaven. What was Steele even doing there? According to Solomon, the State Department is working to to keep more of Kavalec’s information secret by retroactively claiming it is classified.


But Solomon promises more documents later this week to support the fact that the FBI knew they were using unverified political slime to get their okay to spy on Trump.


One thing in this story troubles me: The memo was heavily and very recently redacted; it’s one of those pieces being retroactively classified. The notation says “Classified by FBI on 4/25/19 --- Class: SECRET.” So this material was classified just days ago, not by James Comey’s FBI or Rod Rosenstein’s FBI but by Christopher Wray’s FBI. Until I learn differently, this doesn’t give me much confidence in the current leadership of the FBI, especially considering the material is marked for declassification 12/31/2041 –- 25 years after the 2016 election.

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Also, former FBI Assistant Director Kevin Brock appeared with Tucker Carlson Tuesday night to explain how strange it was for Jamey Comey and others at the FBI to lead a counterintelligence investigation out of the director’s office on the seventh floor. Brock says this was “unprecedented,” that such investigations are normally carried out by field personnel. But in this case, the seventh floor wangled an electronic surveillance warrant from the FISA court to spy on Carter Page and was also running confidential human sources (translation: SPIES) against members of Trump’s campaign.

Why should there be such opposition to the use of the term “spying”? Brock says it’s actually a euphemism when compared to the vast power of “electronic surveillance,” which he calls “the nuclear option of intelligence collection.” It’s more than just listening in on phone calls, he says, much more invasive than simply eavesdropping. “The court orders you to monitor everything about that person,” Brock explains. Microphones, cameras, “whatever it takes.” That’s what they did to Carter Page, and they still never found any evidence against him even though he was accused in the FISA warrant application of being a Russian agent.


Brock also says that “the key, key question” is the one we’ve all been asking: why didn’t the FBI warn Trump that they suspected Russians of trying to infiltrate his campaign. “Veteran counterintelligence agents are puzzled about this as well.”


“There’s no doubt that the FBI should and could investigate Russian activities in this country targeting our citizens and targeting our government, but normally, when Russia intersects with a U.S. person or a U.S. citizen, the FBI goes to that person and warns them about what Russia is up to and asks for their cooperation so that we can obtain more intelligence about what the Russians are up to. So why they decided at the outset to make members of the Trump campaign a TARGET of a counterintelligence investigation is still a puzzle, because the predication to do so is literally not there, according to the Mueller report.”


“This is not the normal way a counterintelligence investigation is pursued,” he says. So the question for AG Bill Barr is, how did this very odd investigation get started? For a look at how Barr might proceed, with a special focus on Comey’s strangely unorthodox handling of this case, here’s Brock’s excellent piece in THE HILL.


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  • Bernadette Dillon

    05/12/2019 07:37 PM

    I find this hysteria mass media and the Democrats over Trump and Russia a joke! They must think Americans are complete idiots. I distinctively remember Obama thinking his Mic was off. He told Putin to hold off until he was elected for his 2nd term. There is your collusion and the President who was in bed with Russia!!!! Not President Trump. We all remember how the mass media played it off as nothing.....We remember mass media and Americans will not be received by you.

  • Stephen Osterday

    05/12/2019 05:25 PM

    My opinion of Christopher Wray is that he is *no better* than Comey. Maybe worse because he keeps his mouth shut about it. I suspected he was dirty right off the bat. He needs to go!

  • J Howard Markley Jr

    05/09/2019 05:19 PM

    You are always right on point. Substitute the name "Hillary Clinton" for her assistant, Kathleen Kavalec and the discussions become even more clear. Hopefully, Wray's redactions of the damning document are to prevent the Grand Juries from being influenced by the obvious truth before it is presented to them.
    I appreciate your reports and republish them quite often on the "Fakebook" pages in an effort to educate others.

    Thank you, Governor,
    Yours, J Howard

  • Marcella Ballenger

    05/09/2019 01:34 PM

    I'm so sick sick of the way the dems and the media are treating Mr Trump- he is the only President in years that seems to have the american peoples interests at heart- including and most importantly our belief in God. I do want to comment on your daughter- she is awesome!!! I saw you interview with her on Conversations and loved it!! Especially the part about her sueing you!!! (LOL) I admire her so much and the way she sticks it to the media that are so rude to her-(but she does this in the nicest way!!) She truly is her dads daughter!!!

  • George Steele

    05/09/2019 01:17 PM

    At this point, the DNC needs to be classified as a terrorist organization . . .

    No? Just because they don't wear homicide vests and try to blow people up physically? Fabricating lies, feeding them through law enforcement organizations to initiate a phony investigation of an innocent man and his associates with the objective of fraudulently changing the outcome of a democratic election isn't terrorism? When done by employees of the government abusing their oath of office, it's not treason and sedition? Violation of their oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States isn't criminal abuse of office and cause for a Grand Jury investigation? Dear God - if this doesn't rise to the level of a clandestine attempt at overthrow of the government, what does? Where are the Republicans? Is there NOTHING that will get their pulse moving? They need to change their name to the Repunchingbag Party.

  • Martha McAllister

    05/09/2019 01:09 PM

    Amen to Tom Williams' comments.

    It seems integrity is politics, in the media, in society.
    And it also seems that the more President Trump does for the prosperity and protection of America ~ the more he is attacked by the left. An indication that perhaps they truly want to destroy what our founding fathers and Almighty God had in mind when America was born.

    God bless you Governor Huckabee. Thank you for standing and for speaking/writing the truth.

  • Dusty

    05/09/2019 11:14 AM

    Watch The View and hear the Liberals on there trying to talk about another shooting and what we are to do. So dramatic. Sunny tries to say that Bidens wife said he will take care of this he was VP for 8 years what was done. Joy sits there from her little throne trying to pass the buck on guns? Not just guns Joy mental health like those kids were saying. Using bombs to kill so sorry have to try to make a caring society .
    Joy was saying other countries have mental ill but not killing not true been attacks around the world and how soon we forget Ireland my other country. We get to talk on Pres Trump and Russia again forget the kids now. People have done business with Russia for years even Hillary and her husband? Ck on VP Biden and China and his son and the money made? I only turn on this show per how totally stupid the comments can be made per the majority liberal panel. At least Meghan was able to go on the attack of Omar on late night talk show I do not watch any maybe Conan now and then the least political most of the time. Gov catch this show now and then to keep up with the attacks daily on Pres Trump and Republicans. Many Republicans need a good kick you know where right now. CLOSE our BORDERS .

  • Carol D. Gaglione

    05/08/2019 09:44 PM

    I am so overwhelmed with all the bad politics that is going on today. I remember the Democratic Party as the working man's party. My dad, a railroad engineer was a democrat. I am 82 years old and have lived long enough, and experienced enough to know that God is our only hope. HE is in control. If we could only put a stop to legalized abortion I believe God would help us more and help our country. My only hope is to see better times ahead for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am so proud of President Trump and pray for him every day. How he stays strong with the forces against him amazes me. I believe God put him in the White House to help our nation. People my age remember the good days of the 50's. Times were so much better. We enjoyed our freedoms, especially our freedom of religion. We are grateful for politicians like you, Gov Huckabee. You bring us hope.

  • Charlene Pickering

    05/08/2019 09:19 PM

    I love your intelligent commentaries in support of the POTUS. And I am always impressed and so proud of your daughter Sarah. I support DJT with campaign money as well as my vote because of the positive changes he has brought about in the short time he has been in office. I didn't sleep well at night when Obama was president, and my sister and I began storing MRE's when Hillary was running. We were terrified that HRC would lead us straight into a nuclear war. That's why I am so grateful to men such as yourself, Gaetz, Jordan, Hannity, Bongino and many others who have our president's back.

  • Jen Yost

    05/08/2019 08:03 PM

    Interesting article on the Hill by Brock. I watched Comey in hearings a couple years ago. He appeared to be a knighted saint. I saw the tweets among the trees and country roads. I thought it was bold to immediately go on a book tour after being fired. He has continued to make the rounds on TV. It appears he may be getting anxious after hearing AG Barr. Comey has quite a history in his variety of jobs. I saw someone that was retired from the FBI saying that Comey had no experience even being a cop and was not qualified to be director of FBI. He had a strange way Time will tell.

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    05/08/2019 07:24 PM

    I keep fantasizing about a Saturday Night Live skit wherein Hillary, Clapper, Comey and Brennan,, talk with Martha Stewart about how to look good in orange prison jumpsuits. Never gonna happen; SNL doesn't seem to want to be funny anymore ;-}

  • Carolyn BECKWITH

    05/08/2019 07:16 PM

    When are the Republicans going to do something???

  • Dianne Tubbs

    05/08/2019 06:08 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, I have tried to tell my friends and my family about this, and they laugh at me. At first, I lost family and friends. Still not the same. My husband and I knew President Trump loved us and our country. My family and friends hate him. And will never believe him. So they will not discuss it with me. They say I’m crazy. So I have given up on trying to tell them. And I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t think they will ever not hate him or believe him. And that is so sad. And it makes me depressed. No one will listen. But you do, I hope. I feel all alone in this. And they have stopped seeing me now. Because they say I’m living in another virtual world. Thank you for letting me vent. I really do appreciate you. In fact, I listen to you all the time. Dianne

  • Tom Buttram

    05/08/2019 05:48 PM

    God bless you Mike for the truth.

  • Patrick O'Shea

    05/08/2019 05:04 PM

    Regarding: “this doesn’t give me much confidence in the current leadership of the FBI, especially considering the material is marked for declassification 12/31/2041 –- 25 years after the 2016 election.” one May regard classifying it at all as troubling, but there is usually no latitude with “declassify on” dates. If they classify it, according to the guide they use, it would have to be Date+25years, or whatever. Your language implies the declass date is egregious or punitive, but it is unavoidably of the nature of classification.

  • Jerry Korba

    05/08/2019 05:01 PM

    Forget the apology tour from CNN and the rest of those anti American Propaganda outlets I wouldn't accept one if they offered one. I just as soon let them stain and soil themselves thru 2024 by then they should be dead and gone. Let's face the facts this miserable group of Anti American will keep the uninformed uninformed, they just can't get it too much dope too much smoke and too much brainwashing what's left of it. They are in the group called lost. Remember the left has everyone in a group. I watch a little bit of the manure show that Nadler is hosting today Can we the American citizens call for theft of American tax money this would be considered theft of time in most business today, most CEO'S would call forTermination as soon as possible. What waste of time money and energy Pelosi we have an extreme problem on the border get these nitwits working on Immigration Reform Pelosi are you following your oath to Speaker of the House? Does American Security ring a bell I mean louder than the the ones all ready ringing in that moldy head of yours?

  • william fuhrer

    05/08/2019 04:50 PM

    Too bad the FBI doesn't man up and say they were spying on President Trump and knew all along that President Trump was never an agent for Russia.

  • Bernadette Dillon

    05/08/2019 03:59 PM

    People keep drinking the cool aid and cannot admit their Democratic representative lied and is still lying about the fake made up FISA warrant and the totally made up dossier!

  • Gary Serio

    05/08/2019 03:27 PM

    The Dem hatred of Trump is obvious but any Republican supporting America and the Constitution would have faced the same insurrection.

  • Norman North

    05/08/2019 03:01 PM


    Instead of just focusing on the Mueller Report, Steele and the effects of a corrupt State Dept on the US, we need to also shed light on the effects of a corrupt State Department overseas at USCIS and here at the NVC. These people are ripping off foreigners who are trying to obey the law and apply the right way. Instead of respecting these people, especially friendly nations like the Philippines, the corrupt departments are lining their pockets will ill-gotten money in the form of multiple fees and forms for the same thing. Poor Filipinos are losing all their money and ending up in jail for no reason as they try to pay these multiple fees. The Stare Dept believe that no one will find out about cause they are taking all this extra money from foreigners and no one will ever find out. Since many in these countries are worthy, just poor. They have huge potential to contribute to the US but they are treated as peasant class and no one cares. More often than not all of these fees are paid by Americans so in effect USCIS are hurting honest, decent Americans and driving them into poverty as they line their filthy pockets. No one talks about it, does anything about it or even cares as decent American try to help decent foreigners achieve the American dream in honest, legal ways. For this, they are crucified and no one cares or ever knows.

  • Rick Locke

    05/08/2019 02:34 PM

    Of course there was collusion! Any time a sitting president is caught saying to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: "Tell Vladimir, after my election I have more flexibility..." OH, WAIT! That was Obama? Never mind.

  • Gary Serio

    05/08/2019 02:28 PM

    The Dem hatred of Trump is obvious but any Republican supporting America and the Constitution would have faced the same insurrection.

  • Robert McFate

    05/08/2019 02:16 PM

    That recent reclassification prove one thing, the shadow government is still alive and well and will do anything in their power to coverup their misdeeds!

  • Phyllis Dawson

    05/08/2019 02:12 PM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee for your diligence in following. investigating and reporting all this . I have been praying for a couple of years that all the evil doers and their covert ways would be exposed. God is using you.

  • Tom Williams

    05/08/2019 01:56 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee:
    I am afraid to say that I think the USA is in a serious crisis. It's great that our economy is humming, it's great that we are largely at peace, and it's great that we are militarily strong.

    But our soul has eroded. We (or at least many of us) have lost the will to keep our freedoms, and our citizens don't appear to understand what they are or why they are important. Our Constitution is not understood nor defended. All of the basic freedoms: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Right to bear arms, even Right to life, are under serious threat.

    Where are our civil libertarians? Where are our jurists? Where is our leadership? Where is the media, and why isn't it exposing the attacks on our freedoms?

    Long after President Trump has left office I predict we will be asking, "What happened?". What happened was most of us just sat there debating piddling issues and picking on Trump rather than dealing with real issues. Not many are dealing with facts.

    The facts are indisputable: Because of the 911 attacks we gave powers to our executive branch that have been grossly abused. This is an age-old pattern. Any time we grant power to government, government tends to abuse it. Maybe the first Chief Executive doesn't, but the successors inevitably expand the reach. This is the reason I call my self a conservative. Our founders brilliantly set up checks and balances intended to keep over-reach at bay. Our first President did what he could to set a solid example.

    But now we have eviscerated those protections. We've made all three branches excessively attuned to short term political considerations.

    What accounts for this? At its essence we no longer seem to recognize good and evil. I've never witnessed so many public lies in my life. When a scandal is revealed, we persecute the revealer rather than decry the misdeed. In the end we are spiraling toward calling good, evil and evil, good. Justice is deliberately set aside for some petty political reason.

    So why am I surprised? If the most basic freedom, namely the right to life, is abridged, why would anyone stand up for any other freedom?

    I pray our nation will wake up. WOKE?, Ha. We are fast asleep.