August 11, 2020


August 11, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin –- hey, that rhymes –- has just subpoenaed FBI Director Christopher Wray in the Senate Homeland Security Committee’s investigation into the origins of the “Russia” probe.

The subpoena, issued Monday, requires Wray to turn over “any and all” documents related to Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign. Johnson said he issued it because “transparency in government is essential and...the American people have waited too long for the truth.” No kidding.

The FBI has said they would cooperate.

But over the weekend, Lindsay Graham accused Wray’s FBI of deliberately misleading the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2018. (Graham chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.) They essentially stuck to their (fake) story and told the same lies about the Steele “dossier” to the Senate that they had told the FISA court in their application to spy on Carter Page, testifying they “had no reason” to distrust the dossier or its sources. Heck, we know they’d been aware for at least a year that the dossier was unverified political oppo research and that Steele’s sub-sources had disavowed it.

Why would the FBI keep lying? So they could keep investigating Trump, of course, and also to keep the focus off what they themselves had done.

Legal analyst Jonathan Turley has been following the media’s “pattern of willful blindness” about the FBI’s apparent falsification of evidence and subsequent lies. The transcript of that 2018 hearing Sen. Graham referenced has been declassified, and, in Turley’s words, “It is hard to read the document...and not conclude that the FBI misled the Congress on the subject.”

The FBI told Congress that the primary sub-source “did not cite any significant concerns with the way his reporting was characterized in the dossier to the extent he could identify it.”

But we know from the declassified transcript that the sub-source, in his 2017 interview that took place over three days, had expressed very significant concerns. He’d said he had “no idea” where some of the information in the dossier that was attributed to him had come from. Some he'd specifically denied giving Steele. What he told Steele had not been meant seriously; he’d just repeated some stories told in jest after a few drinks.

Though Steele’s allegations were discredited by early 2017, the FBI kept right on using them. Even Peter Strzok had said there was no evidence of any members of Trump’s campaign being in collusion with Russians. Didn’t matter.

The media were obsessed with the “Russia” story, but not in finding out whether it was true or not. To them, it WAS true. As Turley said, “the media spent years exploring every possible claim of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, which was found to be baseless.”

But they’re conspicuously silent now on the exposure of the FBI’s dishonesty. The “Trump/Russia” story has been going on for so long that even many Republicans have forgotten how serious it was for Obama’s administration to spy on the presidential campaign of the opposing party. Watergate started with the attempted bugging of one office, that of the Democratic National Committee headquarters. The firestorm over that was so great, it ended up toppling an entire administration. Where have Woodward and Bernstein been this time? We sure won’t find their equivalent at the WASHINGTON POST.

WAPO’s most recent contribution to this area of investigation was a laughable op-ed written by Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal accusing Sen. Johnson of “perpetuating Russian disinformation in the U.S. Senate.” Thanks, WaPo! (The piece is behind a paywall, but here’s a link to Sen. Johnson’s refutation.)

Even when it was confirmed that the FBI had used its intel briefing with the new President to SPY ON HIM and his new national security adviser, Michael Flynn, the media refused to pay attention. What they did was imply a kind of (to use the cringeworthy new expression) “new normal” in which it’s not even noteworthy for the FBI to target the President, as long as it’s Trump. Why he’s a Russian agent! NATURALLY, they’re investigating him!

And now, as Turley sees it, “The problem is that there seems a virtual news blackout on the new evidence being declassified. After using tanker loads of ink on the unfounded collusion theories, the media seems unwilling to use a drop of ink on the evidence of misconduct in pursuing that investigation.”

The media have been, and continue to be, complicit. A couple of weeks ago, another of Turley’s columns (four stars –- highly recommended) detailed some of the media’s most blatant coverage lapses, including George Stephanopoulos’ avoidance of a huge breakthrough that seriously undermined the credibility of the dossier: the identity of Steele’s sub-source, who lived not in Russia but America and had worked for Hillary ally Strobe Talbott at the Brookings Institute. Anybody watching ABC News that Sunday would have remained blissfully unaware of any problem with Steele’s claims about Trump. Let’s call this what it is: lying by omission.

FOX News will continue its coverage, of course. And here’s some good news: in the latest TV ratings, FOX News is up, rated higher than any other news source, in fact, and not just on cable. It beat all the broadcast news, too. Even so, it’s going to take the release of the Durham report –- and, especially, some well-deserved arrests –- to create any real stir, and even then, be prepared for it to be downplayed. This has taken so long, they’ll just feign boredom and say it’s “old news,” even though it’s the biggest political scandal of our lives.


Back in April, Democratic New York City councilman Paul Vallone reported that he’d contracted COVID-19 and suffered mild symptoms. But over the weekend, he revealed to the New York Post that he was actually severely ill and panicking because he suffers from sarcoidosis, an auto-immune disease that attacks his lungs and that left him with little immune system. He couldn’t breathe and was so weak, he couldn’t get out of bed. He said, “I needed something to stay alive.”

His doctor gave him hydroxychloroquine and a standard antibacterial Z-pack. Luckily, his pharmacist was able to provide it without having an anti-Trump politician or reporter block him from doing his job. Vallone told the Post that “within two to three days, I was able to breathe. Within a week, I was back on my feet.”

For all the grief President Trump has taken for allegedly spreading “dangerous misinformation” by simply saying that he’d heard good things about HCL and it might be worth trying, Vallone is grateful to him for speaking up when nobody knew of any treatment. He said, “At that time, there was only fear and panic; he offered hope in a possible treatment when there was none. With my sarcoidosis and then my COVID symptoms, it basically saved me. For that, my family will always be thankful.“

I’m glad he’s healthy again, and if it costs him his Democratic Party membership card to credit Trump and thank him, then that’s a small, small price to pay.


Thanks to Instapundit for sharing how the Washington Post is finding the fun, “progressive” side of fascism, from a cutesy profile of a former New York Times editorial board member who found an eco-friendly alternative to burning books, to a photo spread on fascist fashions showing the hip ‘n’ trendy riot gear of some (all white) Antifa radicals.

As for the story about buying books by conservative authors such as Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly (I’m disappointed I wasn’t mentioned) at library rummage sales and putting them into the compost heap so worms will eat them instead of people being able to read them, the article doesn’t tell the really interesting part. The result was a new species of super-intelligent worms. In fact, they’re smarter than the former New York Times editor.

Nah, I’m only joking. Any ordinary worm would be smarter than that.


I always urge people not to pay attention to any polls this far out. But since the media are pointing to polls with Biden in the lead to practically declare him President already (and poor Joe might believe it), I think it’s only fair to use this poll to pour a little castor oil into their Kool-Aid.

A stunning daily tracking survey last week by Rasmussen Reports found that President Trump’s approval rating has risen to 51% (at this point in his first term, Obama was at 44%.) But that’s not the most jaw-dropping part. Trump’s approval rating is 49% among whites, 48% among blacks and 63% among other non-white minorities. How is this possible with all the bad news he’s dealing with, like the coronavirus, the economic shutdown and the riots?

I’m sure the media will dismiss this as an outlier, and maybe it is. They’ll claim that Rasmussen is unreliable, even though it was one of the most accurate polls in 2016. And it would not be wise for Republicans to put too much faith in it. Still…maybe this poll is picking up early trends that tend to form as people start paying more attention to the election. Maybe it’s different from the other polls because they are just so inaccurate. This is a poll of likely voters, not “adults” or “registered voters” or “whoever was actually willing to answer the phone,” like those pro-Biden polls.

Or maybe people just aren’t swallowing the efforts by the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) to blame Trump for a virus unleashed by China or for far-left radicals burning down Democrat-run cities. Maybe they see through all that and realize that Trump was creating record jobs and rising wages for all races before the coronavirus hit, and that he’s far more likely to get the economy running again than the people who kept it sputtering for eight years under Obama, and now insist that China isn’t a threat and we need to keep everything shut down even longer.

Or maybe minorities realize that Trump has done more for them in three years than the Democrats have in decades; that Democrats have let their neighborhoods burn and shielded the arsonists and gangsters while taking away their police protection; and that the only argument they have to keep voting for them is that they’ll call you a racist or say you “ain't really black” if you don’t.

Or maybe the poll is entirely wrong, and there’s nothing to see here. I hope the Democrats believe that, and I hope that Republicans just keep working toward the election as if they believe that.


Rep. James Clyburn declared, “I feel very strongly that (Trump) is Mussolini, Putin and Hitler.”

Note that he said this openly, with no fear of reprisals, on CNN, a national TV network that condemns everything Trump does and says 24/7/365 with no fear of reprisals – just like what would happen under Mussolini, Putin or Hitler!

The big question isn’t “Does anyone actually listen to these people?” It’s “Do these people even listen to themselves?”

If anyone does listen, they might notice that Clyburn’s “reasons” why Trump is a dictator – that he won’t support the peaceful transfer of power, doesn’t plan on having fair elections, and hopes to create an emergency as an argument for his party to be in power – describe precisely what his own party has been doing since Election Night, 2016. And even earlier, if you count Obama’s illegal plot to weaponize the intelligence agencies to spy on the political opposition and frame them as enemy agents. You know, like Stalin would have.


By Pat Reeder, “Huckabee” pop culture guru

We’re sad to report that veteran character actor Wilfred Brimley died last week in Utah at 85 from several ongoing medical issues.

Instantly recognizable by his gruff voice and iconic walrus mustache, Brimley played many roles in movies and TV over the years, from “The Waltons” to “Seinfeld,” and from menacing villains in films like “The Firm” to crusty but loveable grandpas in movies like “The Natural” and “Cocoon.” He was famous as a commercial pitchman for Quaker Oats and for PSAs for diabetes (or as he called it, “die-a-beetus.”) He was also active on social media, interacting with fans and poking fun at his image, such as suggesting his pro wrestler name might be “The Under-Quaker” or the “DIE-a-BEASTUS.”

Here’s a bit of surprising trivia: like Cliff “Charley Weaver” Arquette, Brimley began playing old coots when he was still relatively young and aged into the part. Brace yourself: when he played the retired grandpa in “Cocoon” in 1985, Brimley was 51. As a blogger friend of mine noted, Tom “Still Doing His Own Insane Stunts” Cruise is 58.



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  • Judith Aiello

    08/13/2020 05:02 PM

    There continues to be SO much corruption! It’s hard to stay positive when everything is so discouraging. Don’t you agree that Durham MUST release his findings soon???

  • Mitch Cervinka

    08/12/2020 03:13 PM

    So why is Christopher Wray still the FBI chief if he plays fast and loose with the facts? What is the process to replace him with someone having integrity?

  • Linda Olds

    08/12/2020 01:49 AM

    I guess I'm just naive (I know that the media is an arm of the DNC), but I have a hard time understanding why practically nobody in the media is telling the public the truth about any of these stories.
    They don't care that discouraging use of hydroxychloroquine is costing lives.
    They don't care about the lies and corruption of the Obama administration. Nothing comes out about Biden's role in it, or the 'financial advantages' his family has enjoyed throughout his 'public service'.
    The media characterizes Trump's desire to stop the looting, rioting, arson, etc., in Democrat cities as attacking peaceful demonstrators...
    Don't ANY of them have the decency or courage or whatever to tell the truth???
    There are some great ones on Fox, and some on the radio, but the rest are crazy!

  • Renee Kendrick

    08/11/2020 05:57 PM

    The WWF wrestler, Kamala (aka The Ugandan Giant), passed away on Sunday, 8.9.2020, of CoVid19. Could this be a sign that the Democrats' hope for victory in November is also dead now that Kamala Harris was confirmed as Biden's VP pick today? Hmmm! How ironic!

  • Mary Ann Sniff

    08/11/2020 05:30 PM

    Somehow I missed getting today’s newsletter in my email inbox. Please make sure my email is still on your list. I don’t want to miss a single newsletter! Thanks.

  • Firewagon

    08/11/2020 04:06 PM

    "....the biggest political scandal of our lives." REALLY? I'll believe that right after they 'lock up' the 'criminal Clinton' and her cohort in crimes Obama! Until that time, they may as well blast that carved in stone "EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW" off of that SCOTUS hang out.

    Two other pet gripes, 1) That FBI director Wray, I thought, was sent into that post to CLEAN IT UP? There is some issue with his 'complying' with congressional requests for documents for why? This cat should have already been replaced with at least the 'near' capabilities of my man 'Columbo,' AG Barr! I know the president has far too many issues for one individual to handle, but somebody should be 'advising him' on QUALITY, NON-POLITICAL, law dogs to take care of the nation's law enforcement agencies!

    2) Finally, President Trump has waited Far Too Long, in my not so humble opinion, to declare 'martial law' in those out-of-control bastions of violence and murder for WHY (all caps for screaming)? The president should have halted, by whatever means, this lawlessness that is being 'allowed to run rampant' through our cities? What part of allowing this 'anarchy' will lead to REAL anarchy in the form of 'Vigilantism' do these city 'leaders(?)' NOT understand?

  • Carrie Mataraza

    08/11/2020 03:34 PM

    And yet, here goes Pelosi again, reclaiming Russia, Russia, Russia against Trump this election cycle while she neglects to align Biden w/ his Chinese and Iranian friends involved in electing him! I hope the voters are as sick of the Dems as I am with their proven wrong accusations and maliciousness. (I'd bet CNN and MSNBC are putting $ into Trump's campaign as he is the only reason they ave any ratings at all!) As for Wray, should Trump be re-elected (he will) he should fire Wray Day One. No question!

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/11/2020 01:54 PM

    We’re gonna win

  • James Evart

    08/11/2020 01:10 PM

    As a devout Christian, it's very hard to think of a definition to accurately describe what a Democrat envisages to me anymore without realizing new sin entering my life with the contempt that I hold for their lies and other contemptible actions meant to further their own Marxist ends while destroying our country's foundational principles of government and it's institutions.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    08/11/2020 11:59 AM

    I think many are counted as Covid and is not. I saw where a 90+friend had died with Covid. She has been bed written with round the clock help. I don’t believe she died with Covid. Is somebody paid extra to say covid. Do they want numbers to go up but not true?

  • Jerry Korba

    08/11/2020 11:43 AM

    Don't expect a lot of Justice for America Obama and his crime family will not allow a trial of his co conspirators this network is very well connected and will not be unraveled. Graham is playing to the country Wray is not going to cooperate he hasn't yet and will not. The group that makes law and the group that is called the police (FBI) and the Justice system will protect its own nothing will come of the Millions of dollars wasted on these endless investigations all it has done is waste resources convicted innocent people ruined lives and the group continues to get richer. Thats the Obama way I don't think the GOP or the DFL has the stones to convict anyone they will not take the chance they are all in the fix. To keep Trump in Office makes them all nervous so they will continue to try and get rid of him and get rid of the threat of the President exposing them. The Judiciary committees on both sides are a farce and are not to be taken seriously

  • Stephen Russell

    08/11/2020 11:41 AM

    FBI/Media/ Deep State:
    Purge FBI or nothing changes
    Get new leader from senior rank & file members alone
    NO DC ties for Job req.
    Know DC system BUT NOT of DC system

  • Mike Carey

    08/11/2020 10:38 AM

    Hi Mike.
    FBI "di-Wrecker", Wray appointed to cleanse a corrupt FBI, is a walking disaster and DC Swamp creature, smug face and all. Three years and he still hides evidence. He needs to answer basic WHY questions at Senate hearings..

  • Ruth Ferraro

    08/11/2020 10:33 AM

    The former NY Times editorial board member is wasting his money buying books from libraries written by conservatives (Bill Riley, for example). Where I live, we have an "interchange library system". If there is any book I want to read & my library doesn't have it, I order on line & they find it in another library. My local library contacts me as soon as they have the book. I'm tired of Facebook censoring so many things - such as the video posted by Judy Miskovitz, a scientist (Dr. Fauci was involved in getting her fired). I was able to watch her video & share it before it was "censored". I bought her book with an open mind & found so many things she discussed are true & that her career was destroyed unfairly. Thank you for sharing your daily postings.

  • William Fuhrer

    08/11/2020 10:23 AM

    If a person was in Public Relations for Black Lives Matter the legal system in the United States provides for a jury tial and not a television trial and a street trial. There are certain movements and mannerism when interacting with police that can be anticipated that no good results

  • Elaine K Ludowese

    08/11/2020 09:44 AM

    This is a must read by a recently deceased professor-

    Civil War: How do civil wars happen?
    By Dr. Jack Devere Minzey

  • Kevin J. Cook

    08/11/2020 09:41 AM

    We know the democrats and their Enemedia are corrupt and their lust for power has no limits but who cares about these criminals, when are republicans going to grow a spine and go on the offensive. The first needs to be indictments and lying to Congress charges.