February 12, 2019

Monday was a red letter day for politics junkies.  It gave us a rare chance to witness examples of two distinct, classic styles of phony-baloney political “apologies” on the same day. 

Phony Apology #2:

In today’s must-read, Ed Driscoll at Instapundit does an excellent job of rounding up and analyzing the theatrics of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s strategy for wiggling out of calls for his resignation over his blackface/KKK photo scandal.

Northam is trying the “I’m truly sorry, but isn’t this really society’s fault?” style of phony apology popularized by Bart Simpson and, as the late Charles Krauthammer noted, Barack Obama. When Obama made a mistake, such as blaming police racism for incidents that later turned out not to be racially-motivated, he would say that this shows the deep divisions and historical problems in America for which this was a “teachable moment” – in other words, it was his mistake, but it was the fault of all the rest of us that he made it so we needed to be taught a lesson.  

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Northam is trying to claim that all the upset over his past shows “that we still have a lot of work to do” in “the area of equity,” and he’s the person to heal these deep wounds, so he’s going to impose “sensitivity training” on everyone from his Cabinet officers to kids in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Just out of curiosity: how many of them posed for school photos in blackface or a Klan hood?  Because I could swear that was only him (although with the Virginia Democratic leadership, you never know.) How about if he undergoes “sensitivity training,” and while he’s at it, he could be trained to be sensitive enough to know that when a baby has been born and needs medical attention, you get it to a hospital, you don’t hold a debate. 

The “my mistake is really the fault of American culture” scam is a popular one among Democrats that, as Driscoll notes, has been used to excuse everything from Franklin Roosevelt putting Japanese-Americans into internment camps to Lyndon Johnson escalating the Vietnam War. 

Say, maybe if we all get together and apologize to Northam for our racism that made him do that, he’ll agree to stay on!



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  • Dawn Street

    02/14/2019 12:35 AM

    Wrecking Ralph Northam is or should be a source of embarrassment for anyone who voted for him in the election. I am sure they have the same excuses for doing that as he has for the foibles he has made. I am more upset about the comments and his attitude about late term abortion. Those are babies and he is a doctor so he has to know about such things. He is a pediatric neurologist!! I would not want him near any babies at all after all of this.

    As for the black face, the thing that bothers most people is that he owned it. He apologized. And I think it was about 24 hours later he recanted and claimed he was not in the picture but he did not say who was in it. It was the ownership and then the refusal to accept responsibility for it being on his yearbook page. He had to have chosen that picture and turned it in to the yearbook staff for them to place it on his page. Not something haphazardly done and nobody else would have chosen pictures for his page.

  • David Arthur Kosinski

    02/13/2019 12:15 PM

    Underneath "Ralphie's" (he no longer deserves the honorific of "Governor") meaningless blatherings of why he's staying in office; can be heard the childish wail of, " but I want to Keep my Power!"

    And speaking of "Children;" Ralphie's ability to "calmly" discuss an "already born baby" being layed to the side while discussions ensued as to whether it would be then purposely killed, is as far from "having a Moral Compass as the East is from the West!!

  • Gloria Morley

    02/13/2019 11:25 AM

    This is so not surprising that in their indignation "they" are going after this clown but why haven't they gone after Hillary Clinton when she dressed up for Halloween with black face posing with her husband? It may not be able to be found but I just saw it the other day.(Pinterest). Washington should clean the whole closet out and get rid of it's trash.

  • Lawrence C Little

    02/12/2019 04:04 PM

    RE: Phony Apology #2: Ralph Northam

    In other words "The Devil made me do it".

  • Jeffrey Medler

    02/12/2019 03:30 PM

    Why is the conversation about embarrasing photos of the VA Governor making more people upset than the heinous description of infantacide he "explained" earlier in the week?

  • Janis Anderson

    02/12/2019 01:38 PM

    I so agree with your viewpoint on this Mike. I’m truly sickened by the spreading scourge of abortion that this man was at the forefront of. His racist behaviors as an 26 year old adult and now his attempt to demand all of his constituents need “sensitivity” training clearly demonstrates he is not fit to govern or practice medicine.

  • rshort

    02/12/2019 12:56 PM

    While I denounce his views on abortion, it is really sad that Republicans are jumping on the Democrat bandwagon by vilifying him for a questionable insensitive photo in his old college yearbook. That's gonna bite us when Trump is absolved by the Mueller investigation, and Adam Schiff-ers say, "But we demand his tax returns from 25 years ago".