May 14, 2020

It didn’t take long. Yesterday, the names of those who’d called for the unmasking of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s name were made public, and they were mostly the usual suspects --- and more, to total about two dozen. Of course, then-FBI Director James Comey and then-CIA Director John Brennan are there, from even before Flynn and Sergey Kislyak had “the” phone call they were all so interested in.

Though presidential candidate Joe Biden said Tuesday from his basement that he knew nothing” about the investigation of Flynn and then –- later in the same interview, with George Stephanopoulos –- admitted he “was aware” of the investigation but nothing more, it turns out he personally had requested the unmasking of Flynn’s name. And when did he do that? January 12, the very day that David Ignatius at the WASHINGTON POST published a column not only mentioning the call with Kislyak but talking about the Logan Act. Seems Biden was a wee bit more involved in the case than he’s let on.

Of course, there will be jokes and possibly even serious comments about Biden actually not being able to remember this. What does it tell you about your candidate when your defense for his lying is to call attention to his obvious mental decline?

Keep in mind, it’s not against the law for officials to request the unmasking of a name. But to do it for political purposes, which would certainly include leaking to the media --- that is very much illegal. And, boy, was this political. Somebody leaked it to WAPO, and that might have been part of a conspiracy by a number of these people. If it were being done for legitimate national security purposes, it wouldn’t have leaked. Besides, there was never any evidence that Flynn was involved inappropriately with Russia. So, please, Mr. Durham, throw the book at them. I’d be happy to file an “amicus” brief on why this needs to happen.

Goodness, there was soooooo much interest in Flynn’s phone conversations, and, yes, it predated the Kislyak call of December 28, 2016, that prompted so much attention from the FBI. We know Obama had wanted him gone for years, for reasons we’ve elaborated, and the intel community seems to have been trying to set him up since 2014. Here are a few more highlights from all the unmasking that was done on Flynn’s calls:

Kislyak called Flynn on December 28 and spoke to him about a U.N. Security Council resolution to condemn Israel (not surprisingly, coordinated by President Obama). On THAT DAY, U.N. ambassador Samantha Power made an unmasking request on the transcript. This wasn’t the only time she’d called for the unmasking of Flynn’s name, either; it was the sixth. In fact, she was the very first person to request an unmasking on Flynn, on November 30, 2016, which was ten days after Trump named him national security adviser. (Imagine how crazy it must have made this whole crew to know Flynn would be serving Trump as his national security adviser!)

When Power was interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee in October of 2017, she got a Biden-style brain freeze and said, “I have no recollection of making a request related to General Flynn.”

On December 28, which was after Obama announced new sanctions on Russia for “election meddling” --- blustering a lot and sending the Russian diplomats packing --- Kislyak contacted Flynn again. On THAT DAY, then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made an unmasking request on the transcript. This was one of three such requests made on Flynn’s name by Clapper.

When Clapper was asked by Sen. Chuck Grassley on May 8, 2017, if he had ever made any unmasking requests of “Mr. Trump, his associates or any member of Congress,” Clapper took a loooooong pause and finally said, “Um...yes…in one case I did, that I specifically recall, but I can’t discuss it any further than that.”

Of course, we all know about the January 5 meeting in which Obama surprised Sally Yates with his knowledge of the Flynn surveillance and the particular call between Flynn and Kislyak. According to her own testimony, she stood there while Obama and Comey chatted about it and as Comey brought up the possible violation of the Logan Act. On THAT DAY, after the meeting, Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough, made on unmasking request for Flynn’s name from that transcript.

Kyle Smith has a great commentary at NATIONAL REVIEW on the way these people abused their power.

As for D.C. District Judge Emmet Sullivan’s joke of a courtroom, here’s a great opinion piece posted at ZeroHedge that will give you the bizarre backstory on his rulings and contradictory statements in this case and also tell you about his latest big idea: to appoint retired Judge John Gleeson to write an amicus brief “to present arguments in opposition to the government’s motion to dismiss.” That’s right, Sullivan wants to argue against the attorney general’s decision to drop the case. It gets worse: the brief is also to “address whether the Court should issue an order to show cause why Mr. Flynn should not be held in criminal contempt for perjury,” presumably because he pleaded guilty when he wasn’t.

The other day, we made a joke about how this Spanish Inquisition-like reasoning makes Flynn guilty either way: either he’s guilty because he pleaded guilty (“Burn him!”), or he’s guilty because he says he’s not guilty (“Burn him!”). This actually is being done to him.

So why did Sullivan pick Judge Gleeson, a litigator perhaps best known for being the lead prosecutor in the murder and racketeering case against mob bosses John Gotti and Victor Orena? We looked at his bio page on the website for his law firm, Debevoise & Plimpton, and saw that in 2008, he wrote a paper for Hofstra Law Review called “The Sentencing Commission and Prosecutorial Discretion: The Role of Courts in Policing Sentencing Bargains,” and various others having to do with sentencing and, by inference, guilty pleas. (Might make some illuminating weekend reading if we can find them!) As you know, Judge Sullivan had already announced he’s soliciting amicus briefs from any outside groups who want to make arguments against dropping Flynn’s case.

But maybe he chose Gleeson because of something this judge has very recently written. Thanks to Laura Ingraham for turning this up, from Monday’s WASHINGTON POST, written by John Gleeson, David O’Neil and Marshall Miller. Headline: “The Flynn Case Isn’t Over Until The Judge Says It’s Over.” I think we already know what his amicus brief is going to say. Sol Wisenberg, appearing on her show, says Gleeson is wrong and cited case law. His theory is that Judge Sullivan is trying to force President Trump to issue a pardon if he wants Flynn to go free, “and that’s not right.”

If anyone should write an “amicus” brief on this case, it’s Alan Dershowitz, who wrote this just a few days before Judge Sullivan’s latest stunt.

Or perhaps Andrew C. McCarthy, who wrote this for Wednesday’s NATIONAL REVIEW.

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  • Brad Whitehouse

    05/15/2020 12:21 AM

    Does this mean we have to reverse 30 years of hi bad decisions?

  • David Hobson

    05/14/2020 11:46 PM

    Mike when are these evil people going to pay what they did to a innocent man , makes you wonder how bad are these dems , Im so glad God is exposing these poor excuse for human beings , your truth news is refreshing

  • Lawana Waters

    05/14/2020 09:51 PM

    I noticed something in the Biden interview with Stephanopoulis. He said,"“I know nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn." Then when Stephanopoulis called him on it and cited his attendance at the January 5 meeting, Biden said,“I thought you asked me whether or not I had anything to do with him being prosecuted.” In Biden's first answer, it's obvious from his wording that he DIDN'T think that because he would've used the word "prosecuted" instead of "investigated".


    05/14/2020 09:38 PM

    I feel like old Joe knows what he is doing. This is a 40 year career politician and dirty at that.

  • Don Grosek

    05/14/2020 07:04 PM

    Why not convene a Grand Jury investigation, complete with a summons to all the names involved? Surely the fake news media could not sweep that under the rug. Nothing But Crap, Certified BS, All Bull Crap and of course Crap Not News would be forced to come clean, wouldn't they? I wonder how the New York Crimes and Washington Roast, would be able to stand up for all the crooks involved in this well thought after conspiracy. What do you think, Governor?

  • Steve Maley

    05/14/2020 06:00 PM

    Something should be done about rhis so called judge. Replace , disbar, dismiss. He is insane or an Osama Obama supporter.

  • Susan Kater

    05/14/2020 05:37 PM

    For Biden to NOT remember this is stunning. I could understand if someone asked him what he had for dinner on a particular night years ago and not remembering, but when asking to infringe on the rights of a U.S. citizen and he doesn't remember being involved?? That's a whole different ballgame..

  • Kaye Baird

    05/14/2020 04:32 PM

    The election of POTUS Trump has RIPPED the mask off the politics of DC. All through bo's reign, my dad kept saying he wouldn't be surprised if bo crowned himself king! I thought, "oh boy". When the wearing of seatbelts was made law, years ago, my dad said, "our government is getting out of hand", my thought, "could never happen". How much more aware I could have been so much sooner if only, once again, I had LISTENED TO MY DAD. If not for the election of POTUS Trump, I would have never realized the socialist precipice on which I was standing. How could we, as Conservatives, the necessary gatekeepers of the Constitutional republic that our founding fathers so painstakingly organized and documented be so complacent as to be silently maneuvered into blindly giving up our unique form of government. I don't know how many socialist governments there are in the world. I know only the USA is a federal republic. All of these socialist screamers have many countries to choose from to practice their despicable "philosophies". That is what has brought Lt. Gen. Flynn to this point. The left wing has no time for a populist, ergo, no time for real Americans. I am left heartsick and disgusted by the majority (?) of people who reside in the USA.

  • Wallace Hoffman

    05/14/2020 04:14 PM

    Chapter 3 of my book Economics 101 for Senators and Representatives on the last page and in endnote 126 names Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and his book The Field of Fight: How We Can win the Global War against Radical Islam and Its Allies. St. Martin's Press, 2016. His criticism and mention of radical Islam is the reason President Obama purged him from the Army. President Obama purged more than 200 colonels, generals, and admirals who disagreed with his Muslim policies.

  • David Wertheim

    05/14/2020 03:33 PM

    Governor, thanks for keeping the truth coming. I believe what we now need in our country is a Second American Revolution against Tyranny. When King George went too far, we revolted and fought for our independence. Unfortunately, it's time again to revolt against the tyranny of dictatorial Governors and power hungry politicians that seem totally comfortable violating the constitution and our rights to serve their social or political agenda. As Edmund Burke once said, "The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men (and women) to do nothing". It's time for the Second American Revolution.

  • Glen Porterfield

    05/14/2020 03:33 PM

    These people aren't crazy, they're satanic including Judge(?) Sullivan !!!!

  • Andrea Helen Eckert Watters

    05/14/2020 03:21 PM

    I am so thankful for you and your "Morning Edition" that I get each day. You are a Christian and politically conservative like I am, and to be honest, I'm afraid to watch or listen to most other people who call themselves journalists, because I can't trust them. I do like Fox News also. I and my husband are each 79 years old and don't have the mental capabilities we used to have, so sometimes I have trouble getting through your reports. They are very deep. You wrote, "Judge Sullivan is trying to force President Trump to issue a pardon if he wants Flynn to go free, 'and that’s not right.'” I have an idea about this, but I'd like to know why you put it that way! Please!

  • Bruce Edwin Skippar

    05/14/2020 02:36 PM

    I'm sure we all know this is not just a Judge Sullivan show. He may be center stage, but the cast of characters behind him are all those guilty of bringing Gen. Flynn up on charges in the first place. They want to drag this out until after the elections in an attempt to save their own butts. Much of what has been done by the left since Trump was elected has been done to cover up the sins of the left from the previous 8 years. By keeping the right on defense, the haven't been able to go on offense and uncover all the treasonous acts committed against this country by the previous administration.

  • Kay DeWitt

    05/14/2020 02:35 PM

    My heart broke to learn of the death of Melissa Etheridge's son....tragically many celebrities have had to suffer this same kind of agonizing grief....what the "world" cannot "see" IN all these tragic stories is how money, and fame, are NOT the answer to happiness or all those who HAVE what the "world" tells us is the answer to happiness would not turn TO feel good!

    What these celebrities don't know is that the REASON they turn to feel because God made us to live life on a tri-dimensional level NOT a two-dimensional level of just our body and soul...and that third dimension of our being is our spirit that has needs in the same way as do our bodies and souls...
    ....and when the needs of one's spirit are not met, one feels an emptiness and void that nothing will, that is, by receiving Christ and having our dead spirit come alive by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit (which is the meaning of being born again).....SO...people turn to drugs to deaden the void coming FROM their dead spirits!

  • James Johnson

    05/14/2020 02:30 PM


    At some point in all this, the Supreme Court must insert some "justice" into our Justice System. Are they not the Final Word in that venue? It seems that the system we all look to for arbitration of our disputes has become a jumbled collage or political entanglement, and it is time for them to do their job and re-instill some order. The Justice System is the one system in our government which the framers purposely isolated from political discourse. It is telling, the degree of decay, which exists there today.

  • Barry H

    05/14/2020 02:24 PM

    This always makes for good reading for conservatives that want to see somebody go on trial.
    But it isn't going to happen because there isn't a republican with the guts to do anything about it. There are a few I respect but they are not in leadership roles

  • Jim Reim

    05/14/2020 02:17 PM

    Concerning "Unmasking" I am wondering why a new administration's Sect. of Defense would not already be public knowledge. Why would Obama Administration look to unmask Gen. Flynn?

  • Jerry korba

    05/14/2020 02:14 PM

    Hate and venom is what the common denominator is for people on the Left. Most conservatives understand that their are different methods of doing things the conservative will try and get the best solution where the Left will try and get the worse solution possible the Left’s solution is derived from hate poison and a destructive frame of mind look at the decisions they make let me know what you think

  • Ron Edwardsrerr

    05/14/2020 02:05 PM

    Again it is good to see that what we all were pretty sure went on is verified. But also maddening to know that nothing will ever happen to these crooks. The swamp is simply too deep and no doubt 98% of Washington is wallowing in that swamp. It even shouldn't be called the swamp, it would be more accurate to call it the Sty with the pigs slurping at the public trough.

  • Cynthia Frith

    05/14/2020 01:54 PM

    I do believe that Sullivan is crazy like a fox, and wants only to drag out anything until the Nov. election that might set poorly for Trump. Imagine if he wins, AGAIN?! Flynn is just the poor guy who was dumped by that lovely Deep State.

  • Gene Blazer

    05/14/2020 01:54 PM

    Thank you Governor. Always look forward to your view of things. Sullivan is a crock. He must have an axe to grind. Not heard anything about it yet, but can he be removed? It’s fools like him trying to show his authority that destroys any positive thoughts about our Judiciary. He may think so, but he is not God - not even for a day!

  • Andrea M. Stovall

    05/14/2020 01:51 PM

    Is this the Judge Sullivan that Sidney Powell thought so highly of in her book License to Lie?

  • Anne Turner

    05/14/2020 01:48 PM

    I am more and more convinced that our society in general, and we as I did USO’s have much for which we need to atone and forgiveness from God. The Old Testament is full people going off the rails and the consequences of their punishment. I know that sound preachy, and .i am not one to normally do that, but actions have consequences. The whole conspiracy to oust the President, no matter what, comes from complete moral decline. Lying is okay if it fits “your truth”. While it is mostly Democrats at this time, there has been plenty of transgression by the GOP and others. We have a crisis of health that is not under our control. Some have used this to abuse their power. They have not acted with compassion or understanding.

    Frankly, I will not believe that any prosecutions will occur against the abuses in the Flynn case , until .I see them standing in front of the judge. Look at what Hilary got away with. I think that these people actually thought it was up to them to see that Trump was removed, whatever it took. They thought they were saving society. What arrogance! Now this judge is disgracing his robe and the bench. Where is the ABA, the ACLU., and the self righteous media, who should be condemning his actions. What has happened to our rule of law? Why are we allowing senility to take over? I have come to include Nancy In this group. We really don’t have to worry about Biden as President. Soon after he is elected we will have our first female president and socialism will be our future. In my almost eighty years I have never seen plans to elect a senile person with the full intent of the VP taking over almost immediately. If Michele steps in, I think she will be elected. One reason I think Trump will lose is because people are tired of all this disruption that has been going on for four years. They will look past the good he has done and ignore the future for a quick fix. I can also see Amy or Camila winning. In the case of a DNC win these offenders are off scot free. They may be anyway. It is only we little people who are supposed to obey the rules.

  • Laurie Keiski

    05/14/2020 01:10 PM

    Seems to be a similarity between Sullivan and the Dallas judge in the salon owner case. Hmmmm

  • John Grant

    05/14/2020 01:01 PM

    This gotcha either way is nothing new with the FBI.
    Even if you go to trial and a jury finds you innocent there will still be something to send you to prison for a long sentence. After a while when you have had a good taste of prison, that will contact you and offer you a good deal if you will plead guilty to what a jury found you innocent of.
    If you do, they will then say you are guilty and the jury was wrong and they only prosecute guilty folks 98% of the time and can show that statistic to anyone that cares.
    Also telling you they will prosecute someone in your family for someething is used to help you decide to plead guilty so they will leave them alone because by now you really know they can put anyone they want in prison.
    Like smart folks say, if you are marked for a crime, run don't walk to the FBI to be a witness against somebody.
    Its not just the top folks, it is all the way down as all are trained to do the same by their leaders.
    Learn from what is happening to General Flynn and imagine it happening to you because it can!