July 29, 2020


July 28, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


It turned out to be a good thing that Attorney General Bill Barr released his opening statement in advance of his appearance before Jerrold Nadler's House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, as that statement was just about the only way he had to express an opinion or offer any information at all.

In fact, he could have just submitted it and not even appeared, as Team Nadler had obviously huddled beforehand and decided not to let him answer their questions.

Their strategy was to berate him, throw an incriminating question at him, and, as soon as he began speaking, interrupt with the parliamentary phrase “Reclaiming my time,” intended to make him stop. When ranking Republican Jim Jordan of Ohio requested that they quit cutting Barr off, Nadler responded, “What you want is irrelevant. Irrelevant to the rules.”

While attempting to smear Barr as someone who acts politically, they turned their own hearing into the worst political spectacle since impeachment. (Once again, Democrats do the very thing they accuse others of doing.) The level of hate in that room was turned up to 10 –- for fans of Spinal Tap, 11 –- and it reminded me, uncomfortably, of the Antifa burn-it-all-down show currently playing in an American city near you. It was that nasty. Here’s an example of how it went down.

Here’s a more amusing take, as we could all use a laugh.

In the most bizarre, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink moment of all, Barr was implicated in Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide.

I get the impression the Democrats must start every day with a Two Minutes Hate against both Trump and Barr. They likely hate (and fear) Barr as much as they do Trump himself, as Barr has no doubt seen every bit of classified material that incriminates them in scandal. He KNOWS. They know he knows. And he knows they know he knows.

Chairman Nadler showed a similar lack of respect to his Republican colleagues, telling them they couldn’t even have water during the hearing. In retrospect, that might have been a good thing, because he refused even a five-minute bathroom break when Barr finally, politely, asked for one. He received no break for lunch or for...anything else.

Barr did get a few chances to express himself, such as when he said, “What makes me concerned for the country is that it’s the first time in my memory that the leaders of one of our great political parties, the Democratic Party, are not coming out and condemning mob violence and the attack on federal courts.” Amazingly, he managed to call the Democratic Party “one of our great political parties” without revealing a trace of sarcasm, which would probably have been impossible for me to do.

Weirdly, Democrats keep trying to insist the protest has been “peaceful” when Barr sees it as decidedly not. No doubt you’ve seen video from Seattle, Portland and Atlanta; what do YOU think it is? Any sane person would agree with Barr. It has been a bloody freak show, and the violence needed to be shut down with the first brick thrown.

The always colorful and thoughtful Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana appeared Tuesday night on Shannon Bream’s FOX NEWS show, where he expressed disgust. He said he had to turn the hearing off after watching “bits and pieces” of it, because, he said, “It was triggering my gag reflex.” Rather than being a hearing, he said, it was “an attempted persecution" --- one he thought the American people would see through.

"I think the point that some of my Democratic colleagues seemed to be trying to make was that the attorney general is out of control. But what they really mean is that he’s out of THEIR control.”


He went on: “Bill Barr is guided by the rule of law, and he doesn’t do anyone’s bidding. He calls it like he sees it. I thought that he was, for the most part, his usual unflappable self. And he’s tough; you’ve got to be tough to be in that job. He’s tough as a pine knot, and I respect that about him as well.”

Since Barr didn’t get to talk much about the true nature of these “peaceful” protests, I’ll link to this excellent commentary from Victor Davis Hanson, who ends on an optimistic note that the American public will recognize what this is and push back forcefully on Election Day.

Finally, a couple of tweets to wrap up the day. Byron York tweeted: “Democratic Rep. Greg Stanton speaking to Attorney General Bill Barr, in a line that sums up today’s Judiciary Committee appearance: “You’ll have a chance to comment after your testimony is over today.”

And this caution, from Greg Gutfeld: “In that hearing you witnessed people whose salaries you pay, accuse a man of murder and treason – then refuse to let him speak or defend himself. You think the unbending mob on the street is worse? No, this is. And it’s coming for you.”

We’ll be ready. As Sen. Kennedy said, “The American people are not morons.”



If you’re following the emerging details regarding the Christopher Steele “dossier” and the FBI’s three-day interview of Steele’s primary sub-source (PSS), Igor “Iggy” Danchenko, Paul Sperry at RealClear Investigations has a new piece of great interest. You won’t be tested on any of this, I promise, but it does help make clear the various relationships among the players.

Yes, this was an attempted coup, with all roads leading back to Hillary. I reported a couple of days ago on Danchenko’s work for the Brookings Institute, a cozy leftist “think”-tank run at that time by Clinton ally Strobe Talbott. Sperry goes further, bringing in Fiona Hill, Eric Ciaramella (remember him as the supposedly anonymous “whistleblower” whose phony report triggered Trump’s impeachment?), and Talbott’s brother-in-law Cody Shearer, who in 2016 disseminated a lurid anti-Trump “dossier” of his own. Steele obtained a copy of Shearer’s “dossier” and, according to Sperry, “submitted it to the FBI to help corroborate his own.” It seems there were several “dossiers” floating around in 2016. Trump’s political enemies were busy all summer composing entries for a fiction-writing contest.

This is FASCINATING reading and presented in an easy-to-understand way. Highly recommended.


Nature abhors a vacuum, and as I told you recently, if the police go away, something will move in to fill the void, ranging from self-defense and neighborhood watches up through gangs, vigilante groups and militias. If you didn’t believe me, the very next day, we had a story out of Minneapolis – where the leftist city council voted to defund the police while keeping their own security details – about how residents are forming citizen patrols, both armed and unarmed, to protect their neighborhoods and families. Funny, I thought we used to have trained, legally-constrained professionals to do that. What were they called again?...

And in Louisville, Kentucky, where racial tensions are high over the police killing in March of Breonna Taylor while serving a no-knock search warrant, armed militias from opposing sides gathered last weekend. What could possibly go wrong?


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a new crusade: blocking the funding of military recruiting in middle and high schools.

AOC admitted that for some young, low-income students, the military offers rewarding opportunities, but complained that they “are not being given anywhere near the same information or access to trade schools, college or other post-graduate opportunities.”

So wouldn’t it make more sense to propose providing that extra information than to propose slashing the budget for info about the one opportunity she admits they’re being offered now? This reminds me of how she saved her constituents from being exploited by capitalism by driving 25,000 jobs away from her district.

She is right about one thing, though. Some people could make a much greater contribution to America if they’d just gone to trade school.



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  • Amelia Little

    07/31/2020 02:28 PM

    Evidently ocasio hasn't seen ads for going to a trade school instead of to an expensive 4 year (or more, as some seem to want to expand their college experience--more like--not have to get out in the real world) college, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars on a degree that gets you an income less than say, a mechanic or welder. Or, she doesn't stoop so low as to watch any Mike Rowe programs or listen to his touting trade schools. Not only should those opportunities be told to kids along with military opportunities, but perhaps having things like shop classes and what used to be called home-ec classes back in school instead of the warm fuzzy social issue garbage being foisted on kids.

  • Catherine Conway

    07/31/2020 09:42 AM

    Please add me to your distribution list

  • Jeffrey Youree

    07/29/2020 07:45 PM


    The Barr Hearing (Witch Hunt) is a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money and it insults my intelligence. I beg to ask the question have we become so filled with hate like a hissing serpant that we no longer are patriotic but good little party members (does that sound like the Nazi party of ww2?!?!). I do not know nothing from nothing but if I was to do these things and say what the Congress said and you know who I speak of I (and I have said this before) they would not only put me in jail for treason but throw me in a hole and throw away the hole. We see nothing but hate mongering and as for the riots all it takes is a few instigators to push a mob and once again you know who I speak about. Communists, so called Anti-Facists (Facists) and Racists. What has becne of our country at the hands of a Leftist intent political party. As for AOC she is spitting in the wind to see what happens and does not represent anything but herself.

  • Firewagon

    07/29/2020 05:51 PM

    'My man' Columbo, a.k.a. AG Barr exhibited at least two or three character traits that are wholly lacking in his 'attackers,' patience, calmness, and INTELLIGENCE! He is much more intelligent than I am, and, certainly, NOBODY on that panel of idiots can hope to compete!

    As for maintaining his composure in the face of the slings and arrows directed his way, those whacks should be very happy they did not require hospitalization after several vile assaults! Had I been sitting where the AG was and that 'woman(?)' rep made the claim that she was about to lose her temper, she would have found me nose to nose with her exclaiming "Welcome To My World You Incompetent Wretch!" When that pompous fool Nadler refused to grant the 'requested' 5-minute break, I would have simply replied, "well, you continue, I'll be back in 5, if you're still here!"

    What part of the fact that the Attorney General is a member of a "co-equal" branch of government do these 'self-aggrandizing' dweebs fail to understand? They 'require' deference to their 'superiority' while granting NO respect to those EQUAL to them! As did representative Kennedy, I FF through much of that ridiculous, mind-numbing, stupidity.

  • Jeanice Crowley

    07/29/2020 03:55 PM

    Correction please. I watched the Barr hearing yesterday morning and at one point as AG Barr requested, everyone was given a 5 minute break.

  • Jim

    07/29/2020 02:55 PM


  • Mark bartleson

    07/29/2020 02:42 PM

    She is right about one thing, though. She could have made a much greater contribution to America if she had just gone to trade school, I am speaking exclusively about AOC.

  • Susan Meyer

    07/29/2020 02:16 PM

    I live in Nebraska (The Good Life/The Nebraska Way...and in all the schools I have taught in or dealt with have recruiters come on a regular basis to meet with students, including the military, state colleges and universities, and technical community colleges. The reps contact the school, their visits are posted openly for students' information, and appointments are made for EVERY student interested in speaking to someone. No one is forced to attend; it is the student's choice of the representative and post graduate plans that they want to consider. AOC's complaints just aren't happening the way she describes in America's heartland.

  • Debra Gartrell

    07/29/2020 01:53 PM

    Perhaps you should acknowledge the essential worker with $600 extra each week for the same time period as the unemployed worker were given for not working.

  • Walt Miller

    07/29/2020 01:17 PM

    These Democrats are very rude and nasty people. A.G. Barr was very respectful to all the Democrats. It is time that we the people remove these disrespectful people from office. They are not working for the American people.

  • William Fuhrer

    07/29/2020 11:33 AM

    Dust off the old CIVICS and remember TRUTH.....RESPECT ....and TRUST. Maybe the rules are at fault. Maybe the questioners should get two questions each untimed and the responder gets to respond without interruption. Lets have a little etiquette and decorum

  • Linda Wolfe

    07/29/2020 11:23 AM

    I'm not a "judge" but a "fruit inspector " AOC hates America and should NOT be in Congress !
    If you don't love America, go live somewhere else !

  • Stephen Russell

    07/29/2020 11:20 AM

    Voter frustrations:
    o endless lying numbers on virus
    o MDs who want to speak out Silenced since CCP to date
    o Big Tech block information
    o Dem Games: see Barr hearing
    o Mask On Off Games
    o edicts for lockdowns endless NO MD result
    o No Uniform virus tracking model seen
    o No Uniform Task Force messages
    o Deep State mucks up Admin issues.
    o Fear ballots lost after voting either way
    o Pres should speak on Econ Recovery But have other MDs challenge Fauci
    o Endless riots
    o Do Nothing Dems: see Barr hearing.
    & they want " respect"

  • Wendy Mcdowell

    07/29/2020 10:40 AM

    This display of socialism from the Left is unacceptable ?? We have to make changes in Washington by voting out Democrats ??

  • Elyse Anderson

    07/29/2020 10:28 AM

    I’ve wondered how AG Barr could not help but laugh out loud at some of the idiotic grandstanding going on. I would love to see that happen.
    If he is there voluntarily to answer their questions, why should he put up with this clown show? Either they give him the time to answer, or he leaves. The only things that hearing showed us was that AG Barr is a true professional with the patience of a saint, and that the people posing as adults are seriously panicking over what they know is coming. Let’s pray it’s sooner rather than later.

  • Steve Turman

    07/29/2020 10:04 AM

    They succeeded in making me sick to my stomach after about two hours, stopped watching a very badly themed Nadler dog and pony show. I am ashamed of these people who call themselves AMERICANS and representatives of AMERICAN people. The Democrats if elected will raise our taxes, our noses will bleed, based on the expenditure of the government during the pandemic and the sheep will follow along.

  • John Weise

    07/29/2020 09:43 AM

    The dems would have to have an element of dignity or pride to be embarrassed. They don't, so I don't think they could ever be embarrassed about anything.