September 21, 2020

If you thought the left had gone insane over the coming election (and its results-be-damned aftermath), you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

With the sudden vacancy on the Supreme Court, they have completely lost their minds. On Sunday, Nancy Pelosi threatened to impeach Trump if he dared to do his constitutional duty and nominate a new justice. She described impeachment as “one of the arrows in our quiver.” Good grief.

Interestingly, in a Sunday evening presser, Sen. Chuck Schumer was joined not by Pelosi but by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which should tell you who is really running the show among the Democrats.

The media are nuts, too. To cite one of many incendiary comments, Reza Aslan tweeted, “If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire (bleeping) thing down.”

To his credit, President Trump says he’s going to go ahead with his obligation (his word) to make the nomination.

Schumer said, “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new President.” That’s hilarious; we all know what he said in 2016 (the opposite), and what he’d do now if positions were reversed (fill the vacancy immediately).

He knows, of course, that if Trump DOESN’T nominate someone before the election, the chance of us having a “new President” rises exponentially, as nothing would make Trump’s supporters stay home in fury like his failure to do this. Republicans would burn their OWN party to the ground.

Sunday on FOX News’ MEDIABUZZ, I addressed the political reality by citing Harry Reid, recalling that he “blew up the filibuster” on judicial nominees when Republicans had warned it would come back to haunt him. “So,” I said, “when the Republicans have an opportunity to put a Supreme Court justice on, they’re gonna do it, because they have the Senate and they’ve got the White House. I think there’s plenty of, sort of, double-talk going around...Both parties have taken the position that they’re going to do what they CAN do when they’re in power...That’s politics; that’s how it works.”

In an appearance on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan said that “Trump is “following the historic norm. Nine out of ten times, when the party in the White House is the same party that’s controlling the Senate [NOTE: that is key]...during an election year, you put someone forward, they get confirmed.”

Indeed, in 2016, the WASHINGTON POST noted that “one-third of all U.S. Presidents appointed a Supreme Court Justice in an election year” --- including six lame-duck Presidents!

The critical issue here is getting someone on the Court who will respect the law and the Constitution. But the left has given us a preview of coming attractions on what we can expect from them, as they don't respect the Bill of Rights one whit (a whit being smaller than a coronavirus).

As for Pelosi’s threat to impeach the President (also AG Barr) if Trump moves forward, Jordan said, “I don’t think the American people like to be threatened.”

So at this point, the question isn’t whether Trump will nominate a new justice (he will), but rather if the Senate will vote soon and not wait till after the election. House Judiciary chair Jerrold Nadler also has issued a threat: that if the GOP Senate confirms before the election, but in November it goes Democrat, that'll mean payback time, as Democrats “pack” the Court the way Franklin D. Roosevelt hoped to during his administration.

What should the current Senate do? Delay voting in hopes that Democrats won’t try to pack to Court later if they get the chance? Or stop acting like Charlie Brown does every time Lucy promises not to take away the football if he’ll just kick, and take the doggone vote?


The threat to pack SCOTUS is serious, indeed; that’s why Republicans MUST keep the Senate this November. Mark this, if they take the Senate and have a new President to appoint leftist justices, they’ll pack the Court faster than you can say “Ruth Bader Ginsberg.”

As I said on MEDIABUZZ, Democrats have “walked away from everything the President has laid on the table that they said they wanted: DACA, infrastructure, tax reform, dealing with COVID...They don’t want solutions; they want control.” They detest Trump because he won’t play their game. Senators had better not play it, either. has a great new column about why Republican senators must reject any “grand bargain” on this with Democrats. It sounds a lot like me, so, of course, it’s a must-read.

"Bonchie” says, “...I think it’s one of the dumbest suggestions I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s basically negotiating with a person threatening to blow your brains out with a gun that has no bullets." He means Democrats have no power now on this and don’t know that it would change after the election.

"Further,” he says, the idea that giving into Democrats here will somehow heal the nation’s divide is ludicrous and naive. If the GOP doesn’t replace Ginsburg before the election...the riots won’t stop and Antifa isn’t going away. You cannot fix what ails this nation with political olive branches.”

That the GOP Senate would press forward in this scenario should surprise no one. Mitch McConnell told FOX News’ Bret Baier in February, “If you’re asking me a hypothetical, whether this Republican Senate would confirm a member of the Supreme Court, to a vacancy created this year [before November]...we would fill it.”

Of course, the media will NOT do their duty, which is to report this accurately. There is nothing unconstitutional or unusual about confirming a SCOTUS nominee this close to an election when the President and Senate are of the same party. Doesn’t matter; the media are already saying this is OUTRAGEOUS!! But that's just another lie, another false narrative –- an extremely inflammatory one, but they don’t care.

They’ll do anything to pressure the few reachable Republican Senators to waver.

Steve Hilton, on his FOX News show THE NEXT REVOLUTION, had a spectacular opening monologue about madness from the left that is a must-watch! He says pretty much everything else I’d like to say --- with one glaring exception: he did say the Senate should vote after the election. On the other hand, his guest, Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn, pointed out that the process generally takes about 30 days from nomination to hearings and another 30 days to the vote.

On the OTHER hand --- I’m sounding like Tevye in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF --- there’s something else to consider: we desperately need a full-court to rule on the various election challenges that are inevitable after Nov. 3. That could be the most important consideration of all.

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  • Erik Leisten

    09/22/2020 10:50 PM

    Knowing full well that the leftist interference in the election via voting fraud and the delay of the vote count so that sufficient false votes can be manufactured will likely result in a SCOTUS decision being necessary. Knowing full well that Roberts will again betray the constitution he was appointed to enforce... a 4-4 tie could result due to the recent 'coincidental' death of Ginsberg. WE NEED A SCOTUS PLACED BEFORE THE ELECTION. This is a war for our very freedoms and lives!

  • Gloria ORoark

    09/22/2020 06:15 PM

    The Senate should go DIRECTLY to a vote without sending it to the floor for 30 days.

  • Carol Unger

    09/22/2020 05:38 PM

    It is his "duty". If CROOKED OBAMA could do it,so can our President.

  • Donna Blalock

    09/22/2020 03:26 PM

    President Trump make your decision now and don’t wait!!!!!!

    TRUMP / Pence 2020

  • Vernon Hinz

    09/22/2020 11:41 AM

    Everything about this election is goin exactly as I predicted it would 4 years ago. The thing is if Trump wins (which I hope he does) This battle the Democrats will be even worse the next 4 years.
    The Democrats will not be happy till they destroy Trump and the entire ountry in the process. They are all tratiors to the country

  • Dot Whitley

    09/22/2020 11:14 AM

    I literally despise these liberal idiots. How I pray for us. I hope the LORD leads the president in choosing the one to fill that empty seat . We want and need one who never wavers for as long as he or she lives, and God alone can control that.

  • George W. Kaelin

    09/22/2020 10:21 AM

    Any deal with the Dems,
    is a deal with the Devil.
    When i see any Politico
    With a "D" attached, i think Devil. Conversely,

  • Ellen Beightol

    09/22/2020 09:11 AM

    Chuck Schumer states, “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice.”
    Well Chuck, I AM an American and like MILLIONS of others, I do have a voice and I stand with our President to EXERCISE his right and duty to nominate a new Justice for the Supreme Court!

  • Martin O. Smith

    09/22/2020 08:40 AM


  • Mike Manoogian

    09/22/2020 06:52 AM

    Nominate the Justice. Do not be intimidated by threats from the Dems. If the Presidency and Senate happened to be in the hands of the Dems they would nominate and try to confirm a Justice. I just hope that the nominee has a suit of armor because the Dems will be more vile than ever.


    09/22/2020 06:10 AM

    Two things one should never trust: A blinker, (directional), AND a Democrat. Steve Place 508-326-5457

  • Paul Brown

    09/22/2020 01:12 AM

    I have seen many rallies all around where i live in NJ for the President. In my heart i have to believe that we are going to win big time in November. My wife and I usually work the polls each year, but our so called Dem Governor has said we are going to do another mail in ballot. We all don't see the need for this, but the Dept of Elections has to go by what he says. So they are only having one poll open in each town, for the disabled who cannot see and have to do it on the machine with a special devise we hook up. So they only need a few people to work, and that lets my wife and I out again. We worked hard to get him in there, and we are working hard again to keep him there. My Wife said that God is not going to let us down, so she refuses to even hear anything about losing. So i have to believe we are going to win and take the house and pack the senate as well. We hope this country never sees another dem in control for the next 100 years.

  • Janet E Elliott

    09/22/2020 12:00 AM

    President Trump has every right to move on SCOTUS. And Satin's minions are screaming because thay can't do anything about it, and they are losing and they know it.

  • Ethel L. Cenkner

    09/21/2020 11:43 PM

    Trump must appoint and a vote take place ASAP!
    wE must have NINE votes doe critical issues.

  • Carol Mathews

    09/21/2020 09:30 PM

    Everybody keeps saying that this is about Row vs Wade and that is why so much anger. For me it is not and for many I do not think it is the main factor. The main factor is we need a constitutional judge who holds with the intent of the constitution not the mind of the moment, also election problems that will arise even if we have a landslide just because they can. R vs W may come about but I doubt that it will be done away with totally but surely late term abortions' will be denied for all time or maybe say abortion for only rape and incest. I think more people are interested in a judge for the constitution than abortion by itself.

  • Pierce G Smith

    09/21/2020 08:51 PM

    I agree, the nomination should go forward with great speed. Do not cowtow to the Democrats no matter what.
    The other thing that bothers me is the two rinos, Collins and Markowski, Collins is in the fight of her political life, she should want to vote for her party’s sake. She wants $$$$. She won’t get it from me with that attitude.

  • Dennis Sierawski

    09/21/2020 08:35 PM

    Chuckie said that if Trump didn't do anything it would hurt him but I think more folks would get out and vote for Trump to make sure he gets in to appoint a conservative judge. That's one reason he got in in 2016.

  • Lupe Beltran

    09/21/2020 08:00 PM

    I think President Trump should name his nominee asap, not AFTER Ginburg's funeral. Who's to say the democrats will ask her family to wait until after the election to bury her......

  • Stephen Clayton

    09/21/2020 06:41 PM

    Excellent newsletter, Governor!

    I even learned a few new things which I really appreciate - especially the point that you made concerning that if our POTUS fails to nominate someone to the SC, his base may turn against him at the election. I really don't think that this will happen because President Trump has promised to nominate someone this week and we know that he always keeps his promises. It is critical that we have 9 sitting on the bench of the SCOTUS because we all know that this election will most likely end up contested due to the threat of mail-in ballot fraud by the Dems.

    It will be a battle in the Senate, but I think the Republicans can secure the SCOTUS confirmation before the election. We also need to let all Republican Senators who vote against confirming the new Justice nominated, that they do so at their own peril. This is a huge vote and the GOP must let all Senators know that their re-elections will not be supported if they cannot support Trump and the millions of loyal Republicans who need to have this seat filled by a true Constitutional conservative.

    One quick comment on Biden's latest gaffe about 200 million dying from the CCP virus before he finishes his speech. We really need to check on the number of deaths of those dying from laughter after he made that comment. He just might be right. It just amazes me that Biden has not been replaced yet by his puppeteers before the debates knowing how prone he is for making such a fool of himself. Not only is he mentally challenged, politically corrupt (Ukraine and China "quid pro quo"), he is also a liar, plagiarizer, creepy with respect to the many videos of him continually touching and kissing women and children - YUK, but most importantly, he has ZERO notable accomplishments in his entire, 47-year career in government.

    But finishing my comments on a lighter note: Did you know that Sleepy Joe Biden is a very limber contortionist because he has no trouble at all putting both of his feet in his mouth almost every time he speaks? Can you just picture the cartoon with that caption? :)

    Keep up the great work, Governor and may God bless you and keep you safe!

  • Judy Radley

    09/21/2020 06:27 PM

    Yes, we have learned, and known for years, since President Bush, elder, was in office that you cannot compromise at all with Democrats, because if you give them an inch, they will take 100 miles and not reciprocate. Democrats are the party that says, " laws are only for you to follow, but we don't have to follow them". so yes, President Trump MUST nominate the next S.C. Justice and the Senate MUST confirm them, and don't even listen to any of the Democrats' threats as they are afraid to even stop the violent protests so how can they follow through with any threat?

  • Renee Storms

    09/21/2020 06:25 PM

    Put simply and in a nutshell:
    One DOES NOT compromise or make agreements with the Devil. Only a foolish and weak person would do so!

  • jean bressler

    09/21/2020 06:16 PM

    Absolutely! Nominate a constitutional, conservative judge to the Supreme Court before the election. Never, never give in to the leftist, socialist Democrates who hate America and ignore history.

  • Andrea M Wilson

    09/21/2020 06:07 PM


    I would not really be surprised if she actually died 2 or more months ago and not just a couple of days ago. Nothing is beyond the Democrats to get Trump out.

    The only way Trump will win is if real prayer warrior Christians are faithfully praying and voting. I, myself, am praying for a LANDSLIDE so the Democrats have no ground to gripe about!

    Andrea Wilson


    09/21/2020 05:43 PM

    Could you please explain how the Democrats could "pack" the Court. In all my years I have never heard of this tactic until lately. Thanks in advance.

  • Susan Baker-Borjeson

    09/21/2020 05:09 PM

    Mike we have put more thought into the timing for nomination of new justice and have changed our position from yesterday’s response to you. We agree with you & the President to nominate soon. Thank you!