June 21, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Hillary intended to break law, FBI intended to absolve her -- Major figures AWOL from hearings -- Congressional Democrats get what they wanted -- US withdraws from Human Rights Council -- Keeping up with the fallout -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse

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We were right about the news cycle being dominated by the hysteria about crying children at the border for yet another day; hardly anyone other than FOX News covered the Inspector General’s testimony before congressional committees on Tuesday.  (CBS gave it a tiny bit of coverage.)  The timing of this immigration story –- which is not new information –- has to be a deliberate distraction from the shocking revelations in the IG report, because they shed too bright a light on the roaches infesting the Obama DOJ and FBI.

Obviously, we can’t look to the mainstream media for information about what has turned out to be the worst scandal in memory:  the intentional weaponizing of the federal law enforcement bureaucracy to try to fix the outcome of a presidential race and, later, to bring down a duly elected President.  It’s been gratifying to see respected legal analysts such as Andrew McCarthy confirming in legal terms what we’ve been saying in layman’s terms for two years.

Consider the “matter” (Loretta Lynch’s term) of Hillary’s email server.  My readers know that for a long time, we’ve maintained that her setting up of a personal server to handle all her business as Secretary of State had “intention” written all over it.  That seemed even more important than any particular document that might have done through it, because the only conceivable motivation for setting it up that way was to keep her official correspondence out of reach of subpoenas and Freedom Of Information Act requests.  It had to have taken some foresight and planning.  Hillary got it done on Day 1 of her new cabinet job.

Now, only one of two things is possible...



Mike Huckabee


Major figures AWOL from hearings

By Mike Huckabee

For those still contending that “there’s nothing to see here” in the investigation of the FBI’s handling of the Clinton and Trump investigations, please note that this week, when the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings, three major figures who were asked to testify were AWOL. 

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe invoked his Fifth Amendment right to avoid testifying on grounds he might incriminate himself.  Former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch simply failed to appear.  And “Mr. Integrity” James Comey sent word that he was out of the country, even though Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa dryly noted that he’d seen Comey in Iowa over the weekend, and “according to his Twitter feed, he seems to be having a wonderful time.”

In Comey’s defense, judging from what we learned in the IG report about what top FBI officials really think about those smelly, WalMart-shopping subhumans who voted for Trump, maybe Comey really does consider Iowa to be a foreign country.


Congressional Democrats get what they wanted

By Mike Huckabee

Congratulations to Congressional Democrats for getting what they wanted: the President doing their job for them yet again.  They demanded that immigration enforcement policy be changed while adamantly refusing to change the law, so Trump signed an executive order ending the separation of children from parents trying to sneak them across the border illegally. 

It’s still not clear what will happen to these children: will they be put in the same detention facilities with their parents and other adults who might be dangerous?  If so, I don’t expect to hear a lot of crying from the left about their welfare.  The children have served their purpose to them and can now be safely ignored, just as they were during the Obama Administration when many of the photos the activists circulated of those “concentration camp-like conditions” were actually taken. 


US withdraws from Human Rights Council

By Mike Huckabee

As rumored, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced on Tuesday that the Trump Administration was withdrawing the US from the UN Human Rights Council (note: it’s not the Human Rights Committee or Commission, but a 47-member body that supposedly promotes and protects human rights worldwide).  Naturally, this will be covered in the media as an “OUTRAGE!!!” (Trademark registered) and further proof that Trump hates humans. 

In explaining the decision, Ambassador Haley pointed out that the UN “Human Rights” Council (the quotation marks are well earned) is a “protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias” unworthy of its name, far more concerned with virtue signaling and partisan attacks than protecting human rights.  In fact, it’s actually damaging the cause of human rights.    

She noted that the “Human Rights” Council ignores widespread human rights abuses by other nations while relentlessly attacking Israel; and that earlier this year, it had passed five resolutions against Israel, more than the number passed against North Korea, Iran and Syria combined.

(Personal aside: I have been going to Israel at least a couple of times a year for decades.  It is an oasis of human rights in the Middle East, with a democratically-elected government that protects the rights of all residents, regardless of their religious beliefs.  If you think Israel is the worst human rights abuser in the Middle East, then ask yourself which you would rather be: a Muslim in Tel Aviv or a Jew in Iran or Syria?) 

The Council has also managed to ignore horrific human rights violations in countries such as China and Venezuela while condemning such terrible human rights abuses as the GOP tax cut in the US.  Yes, you heard right: that’s officially a human rights abuse according to them, because it allegedly contributes to income inequality due to more of the money going to wealthier people, who are the ones who pay most of the taxes.  This would fall under the “if you have to work that hard to explain why it’s a human rights abuse, then it’s not a human rights abuse” rule.

Haley said the US has worked to reform the Council for a year with no success and that every nation she’s met with agrees with the US behind closed doors, but won’t say so publicly (what a perfect summation that is of how the UN works.)  

She said that if the UN reforms the Council, the US will consider returning.  I wouldn’t count on that, though.  After all, what does the UN “Human Rights” Council need with the US when it still has such stalwart guardians of human rights  as Angola, Pakistan, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is almost as misleadingly named as the UN “Human Rights” Council?

Let critics call this US withdrawal from one UN council an “outrage” if they want.  I’d call it “a good start.”


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Keeping up with the fallout

By Mike Huckabee

George Neumeyr at the American Spectator has an excellent summation for those who haven’t been keeping up with the fallout from the IG report on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.  If you’ve just been getting the mainstream media version that it’s a big nothingburger that proves no bias at the top, then read this.  It makes it clear in the participants’ own words that not only were they egregiously biased, but even their excuses and denials are proven by their own words to be “blatant lies.”  And whatever the Mueller investigation eventually offers up, if it ever results in anything, it will have sprung from this poisoned well.


Evening Edition - June 20

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

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  • Anthony Silverence

    06/21/2018 11:17 AM

    No Mike, ya got it wrong my friend......HILLARY DID break the law and the FBI DID absolve her. That's what happened here.