Bleep storm

January 16, 2018

Over the weekend, the media continued their “bleep-storm” of outrage over what President Trump allegedly said about some nations from which we accept a lot of immigrants not exactly being paradises on Earth. They immediately twisted that alleged comment into a blatant display of racism, but pushback on that has also started rising. Some of the more interesting comments included pointing out that South Korea and North Korea have the exact same racial makeup, but only one is obviously a…well, you know. Most people understand that that appellation is something created by horrible governments, not by a nation’s people.

Eddie Scarry at the Washington Examiner listed some liberal celebrities who claimed they would leave America if Trump won (none did) and the nations to which they threatened (or promised) to move. They included France, Canada, Australia and Spain. He noted that none said they would move to El Salvador. Guess they must think it’s a…well, you know.


I would add that it’s interesting how, just one day before liberals went ballistic at Trump allegedly badmouthing places like El Salvador, they were blasting Trump for wanting Salvadorans who’ve been here for over a decade on temporary visits to go home. They protested that it would be cruel and inhumane to send them back to El Salvador because that country is a…well, you know.

Meanwhile, another question has arisen: is all this hooha over something that might be fake news? It was first reported in the Washington Post, but there's a reason why, when Steven Spielberg wanted to make a puff piece about the Post’s journalistic integrity, he had to make it a period piece set 48 years ago. That was not the Jeff Bezos-owned, anonymous source-citing, “we’ll run any rumor/alleged leak that makes Trump look bad” WaPo of today. So just because the Post ran the story about what Trump allegedly said behind closed doors, that doesn’t mean he actually said it.

In fact, even after they were able to name a source – Sen. Dick Durbin – that still cited no reliable source. Durbin is not only a member of the rabid anti-Trump brigade who had good reason to play the “racism” card to deflect attention from Trump’s rejection of his Gang of Six DACA bill, he also has a history of claiming incendiary things were said in closed-door meetings with Presidents that other attendees and the White House denied were ever said – and I’m talking about the Obama White House.

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  • george lyons

    01/18/2018 02:34 PM

    Govenor Huckabee, I live in a small town in Maine. (east millinocket, north central Maine.) I've prayed much about our "gov" too stop playing like they are broke. I'm retired (75 and a vietnam vet) and I receive $2000.00 a month, the "gov" gave me a whopping raise, lets see now,I was geting in 2017, 2111.00 of that, MY part "B" was 111.00, and this year 2018 I got a raise, lets see now, I'm getting 2154.00 MY part "B" is now134.00 and now I GET 2020.00. All I can say is, let our sen. & congress live on my pay and give me theirs. My President was put in office by GOD, My prayer now is that GOD will show Mr. President how to give raises too retired people. Thank you for reading this.

  • Vernon Freeck

    01/17/2018 09:03 PM

    If these senators etc. want to jump on our President about calling these nations S###Holes then they should go to these places and try to get that government change in how they run that nation. Why should we continue taking in people who can't come in taking the proper steps to enter. It make no difference who calls who what, just do what is best for the U.S.A. GOD BLESS THIS NATION AND ITS PEOPLE

  • Joan Neel

    01/17/2018 02:58 PM

    I have always enjoyed watching you, and listening to your "Take" on what's happening here, and in the world. Please continue to keep us posted on the TRUTH. God Bless you, Mike, & your family.

  • Nellie Williams

    01/17/2018 12:45 PM

    Dear Governor,. I am so tired of my intelligence being insulted. The senator screaming "hate" when he has already done more to divide the country in the last two days than President Trump did with one little word, even if President Trump slipped and said this word. They have videos of former presidents saying the same thing and no one got bent out of shape! And Governor, can you really be an illegal citizen and fight in our military, be an EMT, a policeman and other professions as that senator stood up and screamed in front of the cameras this morning on CBS? How dare us not accept them? Please tell President Trump not to give in, we are behind him 100%. Why should they get free housing, food, schooling, medical aid and all that while we hard working citizens cannot afford these things, especially to send our children to college. They have had years to get legal, why all the fuss now? Because someone has enough guts to say enough is enough. Look at each case, give them a period of time to get legal or bye bye.

  • Donna Hardwick

    01/17/2018 12:21 PM

    Mike, you have an awesome daughter!