Is this the end of Betomania?

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August 14, 2019

I get the sense that many Americans are already quietly and not-so-quietly starting to express their anger and resentment at being called racists, Nazis, white supremacists, and accessories to mass shootings just because they don’t want to elect some leftist nut President.


For instance, some pundits think “Beto” O’Rourke has reinvigorated his Presidential campaign with his unhinged, foul-mouthed rants against Trump voters and America in general, but I think he’s loaded a cargo of anvils onto a ship that was already sinking.  Other liberals are advising “Beto” to drop out and go back to Texas to run for Senate against John Cornyn.  But Trump won Texas in 2016 by over 52%, and I doubt that Texans will feel like rewarding someone with a Senate seat for calling them racist Nazi murderers.  Compared to that, calling them “Deplorables” was a compliment.


Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator has a similar take on “Beto’s” implosion.


I think the bloom is off the “Beto” rose, now that many voters have actually seen him in action.  During his Texas Senate race, he was buoyed by tens of millions of dollars (much of it from out of state) and the media acting as his PR agency, but most Texas voters didn’t know much about him other than hearing how cool he was, and they hadn’t really seen him – until the debate with Ted Cruz, when he began self-destructing.  Debates are “Beto’s” Kryptonite.


If I had to compare his career to a movie, it wouldn’t be “The Candidate,” it would be “Lover Come Back.”  In that classic 1961 comedy, ad man Rock Hudson creates a fake TV commercial campaign for “VIP” that mistakenly gets on the air, and suddenly, the public is clamoring to buy VIP.  So Rock has to invent it. 


I think that explains the brief rise and fall of Betomania.  He’s the political equivalent of VIP: a product that, if it weren’t for its slick marketing campaign, wouldn’t even exist at all, so it's constantly having to reinvent itself. 


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  • Gale Akins

    08/14/2019 07:54 PM

    I am tired of listening to this man and his idiotic statements. I am embarrassed that he is from the State of Texas, because some will judge Texas along with Beto. I wish he would shut up, stay in El Paso and drop out of the race. He has absolutely no qualifications for his present position let alone for the Presidency. The only reason he was elected to Congress is, like the other Democrats he has made promises that never materialize.