A response to Laura Bush

June 19, 2018

The wave of newfound outrage continues to roil among liberal celebrities, politicians and news media figures over the policy of separating children from their parents who try to cross the border illegally and putting the kids into detention centers.  I’m still waiting to hear a solution that recognizes the parents’ own responsibility for putting their children in that situation.  The current options are to send the entire family back where they came from together, which both the parents and their defenders oppose; or putting them all into detention together, where the children would be exposed to adult criminals; or letting them all go free in America, which makes a mockery of the very concept of national borders and immigration law.  We know Trump's critics are outraged by the law as it is – and has been for years – but what is their solution?  Anyone? Anyone?  Bueller?...


In the meantime, they’ve latched onto an op-ed by former First Lady Laura Bush, whose heart was naturally touched by the sad plight of the children.  She compared the detention centers to the detention camps where Japanese-Americans were interred during World War II.  Of course, this excited liberals who’ve been claiming ever since Trump announced his candidacy that he wanted to put immigrants into concentration camps.  Apparently, they are willing to overlook their years of vicious attacks on Mrs. Bush’s husband if they can use her kind heart to advance their political agenda.


At the link is a very informative article written by someone whose grandparents were both interred in Japanese-American detention camps, explaining in detail why that was nothing like the current situation at the border, neither in terms of physical accommodations nor the reasons why people were placed in them.  Anyone who wants to argue this issue on the basis of facts should read it carefully.


I’ll just add something that I’ve said before and will no doubt have occasion to say again: To this date, the only US President ever to put innocent Americans/legal immigrants into detention camps purely because of their race was Democratic icon Franklin Roosevelt. 





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  • Linda Maguire

    06/26/2018 06:24 PM

    I think Sarah and family escaped a bullet by learning they were unwelcome and leaving before being served. We all know the horror stories of what has gone on with food prep in restaurant kitchens where someone has a gripe. The Red Hen's proprietors seem to be radicalized; I think everyone should be wary of eating there lest they start to be paranoid and more unbalanced as well.

  • Ark Tiv

    06/25/2018 09:19 PM

    "I’m still waiting to hear a solution that recognizes the parents’ own responsibility for putting their children in that situation."
    What if they are fleeing gang violence from Guatemala? Send them back right away anyway?

  • Michelle Korb

    06/25/2018 02:17 AM

    ON THE TOPIC OF ILLEGAL MIGRATION: Why should Americans be an accessory in aiding these people in breaking the law by coming over the border illegally? That's so wrong on so many levels. It's no wonder the liberals are all for these illegals. The liberals are lawless too!

    Mike Huckabee, I must tell you. Your daughter is a lot like you. She's always taking care of matters elegantly, morally, and with class. Something the Liberals need to learn. I just love her and you. You should be very proud of Sarah. I know I am.

  • Sandy Aldrich

    06/25/2018 02:17 AM

    THANK YOU, sir, for continuing to speak out for conservative people. I'm so THANKFUL you filter your world view through the Holy Bible!
    It saddens me to see how disrespectful people are getting now days!! "High 5" to your daughter.....she has a tough job....live how she can scold those reporter's and never miss a beat! BRAVO

  • Nancy La Ferney

    06/24/2018 06:48 PM

    I started losing respect for Laura Bush when she supported gay marriage and pro abortion. Our family loves Sarah and hold her in high regard as she shows the nation how a real professional and God fearing person should act. She is a great role model for us all. Love your new show!