September 5, 2018

I saw a poll recently claiming that Republicans are doomed in November because Obamacare is now actually more popular than the GOP tax cut. Which seems odd to me, since unlike Obamacare, the tax cut put money IN people’s pockets. Also, it actually worked. Obamacare’s costs and mandates kept businesses from hiring for years, while the tax cut supercharged the economy and has given us record-low unemployment in only one year. So only one of two things could explain this poll: either the media has the ability to bamboozle voters into not believing what they experienced for themselves, or else it’s another garbage poll.

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Personally, I put more trust in the good sense of most Americans than I do in pollsters. Yes, it’s true that several wackily far-left candidates have won Democratic primaries, sometimes defeating longtime incumbents (the latest just this week):

But again, those are Democratic primaries, which attract the most activist leftwing voters. And with the vote sometimes split among multiple candidates, a “Democratic” socialist can grab the nomination with as little as one-third support of one half of primary voters. That doesn’t mean the nation as a whole is ready to embrace “Medicare For All” and other leftist schemes. Getting free health care from the government might be a fun thing to daydream about, but in the end, I believe most Americans are wise enough to think about the price and the consequences before actually signing up for it - like daydreaming about buying a great new fishing boat, but then looking at the sticker price and thinking about having to explain that to your wife.

Unfortunately for politicians who seriously promote these bottomless money pit programs, they haven’t thought through the consequences beyond “Everyone deserves free health care!” So when they’re quizzed on how to pay for it when states that have attempted it have quickly retreated, they have no good answer other than to claim it would work if only the federal government that’s already over $20 trillion in debt paid for it so that every state could do it. This argument reminds me of the old joke about the bad businessman who said he loses money on every sale, but he makes it up in volume.

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