July 11, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Lisa Page defies congressional subpoena, refuses to testify -- Liberal hate -- Free money -- Chelsea Handler's hate -- Keep an eye on EPA -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse


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Well, it looks as though I have a little more time to write my “20 Questions for Lisa Page,” because Page is defying her subpoena and refusing to show up for her Wednesday closed-door hearing before two House committees, Judiciary and Oversight.

I guess the first question now will have to be, “What makes you think you get to defy a subpoena?”

Her lawyer, Amy Jeffress, has said it’s because they weren’t provided with the scope of the interview and that Page, the former top legal assistant to then-FBI deputy Director Andrew McCabe, hadn’t been able to view the materials that had been produced for Congress, such as the anti-Trump text messages she exchanged with similarly anti-Trump FBI agent and extramarital squeeze Peter Strzok.

Wait a minute --- doesn’t she already HAVE those thousands of text messages? Considering they’re the very ones Strzok sent to her, along with the ones she tapped out herself with her own two apparently-bionic thumbs, it would seem likely that she’s already quite familiar with them and is not going to be blindsided. Unless, of course, she’s worried that Congress has uncovered even more damning exchanges and wants to know in advance what they’ve got.



Mike Huckabee


Liberal hate

By Mike Huckabee

Shannon Bream of Fox News had planned to cover President Trump’s SCOTUS nomination live from the Supreme Court steps Monday night, but she moved because her producers determined that the crowd of Antifa protesters was too volatile and potentially violent.  Bream said it was one of the few times she’d felt threatened while broadcasting from the field.

Remember when making a woman feel threatened was viewed by liberals as a bad thing?  Ah, the good old days!  Just to help you keep track of their ever-evolving views:

Leftists threatening, harassing, cursing and screaming at conservatives and their families in public places: perfectly legitimate exercise of free speech.

 Conservatives speaking on college campuses: hate crime requiring censorship and safe spaces with puppies and Play Doh to calm the triggered, threatened feelings of liberals.     


Free money

By Mike Huckabee

Using some obviously easily-earned money from Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, Stockton, California, is launching an “experiment” to test a “guaranteed basic income.”  One hundred lucky residents will receive $500 a month (or as this used to be called, “hitting the scratch-off lottery.”) If it’s popular (and why wouldn’t it be, at least to those getting the free money?), supporters hope to expand the idea nationwide.  

Note, however, that even at this early stage, it’s not really “free government money,” because the government doesn’t have any money of its own (Stockton is famous as the second-largest US city to file for bankruptcy; wonder why?) As with all hare-brained socialist schemes, the money is coming out of the pocket of Hughes, who…ahem, “earned” it, and going to people who didn’t earn it.  But Hughes claims it's no longer possible for Americans to advance and succeed on their own in our capitalist system - so says the young multi-millionaire who got fabulously wealthy off creating an Internet site. 

This initial program covers only 100 people.  Stockton alone has 300,000 residents.  If they expand it to just two-thirds of the population, that's $100 million a month.  Where will the money come from (and how will they accommodate the massive influx of freeloaders?) Plus, the US has about 320 million people, a big percentage of whom will want a “guaranteed basic income” from a government that’s already over $20 trillion in debt, not counting unfunded obligations.  Wonder at what point we’ll hit the Margaret Thatcher threshold of “running out of other people’s money”?  I’m guessing in month two.

Still, if wealthy socialists want to give all their money away to random strangers instead of to Democratic politicians and PACs, and bankrupt themselves instead of America, then I’m all for it.  Fund away!


Chelsea Handler's hate?!?

By Mike Huckabee

I do hate to feed attention seekers, but I guess I should comment on this, since it made news.  Former comedian Chelsea Handler made another incendiary comment aimed partly at my daughter Sarah, but also at other Trump figures such as Kellyanne Conway and Steven Miller, suggesting that they be put in cages.

I don’t really owe Ms Handler any favors, but after looking at the context, I called in a team of comedy experts who thoroughly examined her tweet with electron microscopes and determined that there could be an infinitesimal possibility that it might have been intended as a “joke.” Sadly, due to the debilitating effects of late-stage Trump Derangement Syndrome on the brain, it’s virtually impossible to tell when a sufferer is trying to be “funny.” Identifying what parts of what she says are meant to be funny has long been an issue with Chelsea Handler anyway.  But because I believe in being kind toward the impaired - even the humor-impaired - I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and let this one pass.

However, if she and her media sycophants would like a reminder of what a genuinely brave, fierce, witty and in-your-face woman sounds like, check out this story about KellyAnne Conway.  Here are a few examples of how she stands up to her obnoxious harassers in public places (and face-to-face, not safely sniping via Twitter from a thousand miles away.) 

I think my favorite is the time when a whiny leftist at a baseball game took her photo while mumbling some insult.  She marched right up to him and said, “I’m fluent in ignoramus, what did you say?”  As he homina-hominaed like Ralph Kramden, she took out her own phone, snapped his photo, and told him she would add it to her “collection of underachieving men.”

That, Chelsea, is how it’s done.


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Keep an eye on EPA

By Mike Huckabee

While Democrats would have you believe that the next Supreme Court will take up the issue of whether to put all immigrants into Matrix-like hives to harvest their body energy to power Trump resorts, the reality is much more prosaic.  Here’s one of the cases they really will likely consider in the next session, but it would probably be difficult to gin up fear and outrage among the masses over a potential ruling on whether the EPA has the power to protect the dusky gopher frog by designating 1500 acres of privately-owned property in Louisiana as its critical, protected habitat, even though none of the frogs actually live there.  A win for the EPA would require the owners to spend millions to make their land habitable for nonexistent frogs.

As ribbiting as this case sounds, I can understand why liberals are terrified of originalists sitting on the Supreme Court, since I can only imagine what the Founders would have said about a government that thought it had the power to tell citizens to spend their own money to turn their property into a Disneyland for invisible frogs.



Evening Edition - July 10

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

-Proverbs 22:6

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  • Norman Davis

    07/12/2018 01:42 PM

    In the Tennessee race for governor you endorsed Randy Boyd. How could you ever do that? There are videos circulating that show him admitting he is a moderate. We want a conservative for governor! Miss your show on Fox.

  • Stephen Dunbbar

    07/11/2018 09:05 PM

    I totally respect Sarah and totally respect KellyAnne!!!!!

  • Stephen Dunbbar

    07/11/2018 09:04 PM

    I totally respect Sarah and totally respect KellyAnne!!!!!

  • Stephen Dunbbar

    07/11/2018 08:42 PM

    I totally respect Sarah and totally respect KellyAnne!!!!!

  • James William Lowder

    07/11/2018 08:24 PM

    But Hughes claims it's no longer possible for Americans to advance and succeed on their own in our capitalist system - so says the young multi-millionaire who got fabulously wealthy off creating an Internet site. Not true! They cant succeed because they don't have the education or the drive to be successful. Our current education system is the cause of this along with the brake down of the family.

  • Diane F. Legner

    07/11/2018 12:41 PM

    Love your Daily Verse - Proverbs 22:6. So true. Thank you.

  • alma perkins

    07/11/2018 11:48 AM

    As a resident of Louisiana and as a Realtor specializing in land, I'd like to know where the proposed frog haven is located. Maybe the owner would like me to help sell this albatross before the EPA strikes. Better still, bring this tragedy to the attention our Senator John Kennedy, who's wit is almost as funny as yours!