June 13, 2017

A few little stories the media barely noticed because they’re too obsessed with fantasies about Russian collusion and impeachment: the American college student who’s been held in a North Korean prison for stealing a propaganda poster for 17 months (i.e., throughout the final year of the Obama Administration) has now been released.


And don’t look now, but that US industry that both Obama and Hillary Clinton vowed to destroy just had its first profitable quarter in two years. And a new coal mine has actually opened, coincidentally, not far from Pittsburgh, the city Trump said he was elected to represent, instead of Paris. It’s expected to create about 100 jobs. Hundreds of applications flooded in for those 100 coal-mining jobs. And that’s why Hillary lost Pennsylvania, not because Boris and Natasha stuffed the ballot boxes.


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  • Charles Matthews

    06/13/2017 07:35 PM

    Missed? You mean ignored.