December 14, 2018

The all-too-common hashtag on the Internet for stories of businesses that cave to leftist pressure groups and alienate their customers is “Get ‘woke,’ go broke.”  I also like the more literary quote from the great humorist James Thurber, who once observed that “You might as well fall flat on your face as bend over too far backwards.”  One recent victim of a face-plant by social justice warrior-mollification was Dick’s Sporting Goods, whose decision to jump on the gun control bandwagon may result in them having to close their entire outdoor-focused “Field & Stream” store chain.


Sadly, the next institution to be killed off by caving in to “progressivism,” feminism, transgenderism and all the other politically correct “ism’s” might be the Boy Scouts of America.  That once bedrock-American organization has suffered such a drop in membership that it just hired a law firm to help with a possible Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.


I take no pleasure in reporting that.  The BSA was a terrific organization that’s helped generations of boys grow up into responsible, trustworthy men. It’s a tragedy to see it fall so hard, and to fall for the currently fashionable notion that masculinity is somehow “toxic.” What should be obvious by now is that divisive, intolerant, leftist identity group politics is what’s really toxic.  Look at how many great things it’s killed by infecting them.


Fortunately, no matter what happens to the hollowed-out husk of what remains of the once-great Boy Scouts of America (which is so ashamed of doing positive things for boys that it actually changed its name to hide that fact), there are a growing number of alternatives modeled after the original, pre-PC-infected group.  The Mormon Church, which had a long affiliation with the Scouts, is launching its own offshoot in 2020 (that’s expected to take away about a third of the current Scout membership, which is already down to just over half of what it was at its peak.)  And there are others, including one called Trail Life USA that focuses on “traditional Christian values” and already has attracted over 20,000 members.


There will always be a need for organizations to help boys grow up into good men, so if one fails in its mission, others will arise to take its place.  It’s sad that the Boy Scout leadership allowed this to happen to them.  There’s an old saying that many Scoutmasters used to quote: “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”  They should have realized that when you allow your moral roots to be bent, the tree dies.



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  • Valerie cavanaugh

    12/17/2018 07:07 PM

    The correct name of “the Mormon Church” is actually “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”. There is no actual Mormon church. Thanks, Mike, I do enjoy your emails. Very informative.

  • Michael Galloway

    12/16/2018 07:38 PM

    As far as Dick's Sporting Goods possibly falling off the landscape of our nation, so be it. The minute they jumped on the anti-gun agenda in our country, I never walked in another one of their stores. Now just so you know that it is about taking a stand, I would do that with any other store that would do the same. I also boycott Target as it goes contrary to first and foremost, Christian values, then opens a whole new door to sexual crimes against many, but particularly increases the risk to children. I hope that maybe, just maybe, some of these organizations who want to be all about politically correct for the culture, will either suffer the consequences or stop the nonsense.

    I grew up in the boy scouts and have such great memory. I have several grandchildren that were in scouts and now are no longer. The minute the scouts began making decisions that turned away from God and jumped on the politically correct bandwagon of culture, the downhill slide began. I have not supported the boy scouts or the girl scouts for several years. I would support the new scouts who want and desire Christian values, but have not seen them where I live. I hope their membership of 20,000 drastically increases. It is heart breaking that the boy scout organization I grew up destroyed themselves over the non-sense of political correctness. It kind of goes along with other stories you have posted where anything, a truly it does involve anything that the liberal left touches they infect or destroy and until it is stood up against and resisted, it will continue. Wake up America!!!

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    12/15/2018 10:18 PM

    Mike, Thanks for this article and especially the link to the Trail Life USA Core Values. While I was never involved directly with the Scouts I knew of their values and it broke my heart as I watched those values slip out of their hands because of the "inclusiveness" of PC values or non-values). I briefly read through the TLUSA values and if they hold fast to them this may be the way to the future of young men of this great nation. Not everyone want to hook their train onto the Mormon version of the BSA. While it may be good there are many Christians that really don't want to go that way. TLUSA may and should provide a viable alternative. Hopefully the PC left will keep their hands off both these groups.

  • Stephen Osterday

    12/15/2018 09:10 PM

    They had to know when they let girls into the Boy Scouts the seed was planted for its death knell. They had a Girl Scouts and they should have kept them seperate. That is just common sense. There's always somebody who wants to screw up everything just for the sake of screwing it up. We were *so* lucky when we grew up, but that experience we had is all gone for our kids and grandkids. Sad!

  • Robert Triplett

    12/15/2018 07:50 PM

    Thank you for this report, Gov. Huckabee. I have two brothers, all three of us were in the Scouting program for years. I was in the first Tiger Cub pack in Oklahoma and continued on through Webelo's, became an Eagle Scout (as did my older brother), life member National Eagle Scout Association, Order of the Arrow, a Junior Assistant Scout Master and then Assistant Scout Master until I went into the Army at 20. I kept all of my family's Scouting items in hopes of passing them on to my son(s) as they went through the Scouting program. After the program began allowing female Scout Masters, homosexual Scout Masters (as well as every other derivative other than a heterosexual, male role model) and finally allowing girls to join the program, I have no pride in the program any more. I won't even respond to surveys and mailings from NESA anymore. What BSA has done to the Baden Powell program is a mockery and they are suffering from the results of their actions.

  • Keith Kennedy

    12/15/2018 04:22 PM

    After many years as a scout leader ending as a unit commissioner I made the decision to end my affiliation with the BSA after they started allowing openly gay men to be scout leaders. Not only was this affront to the values of BSA but also to my Christian values. I said then that caving in to the left would lose them more donors than by standing firm, as well as losing a large portion of the boys. Turns out I was correct. I am usually not one to say "I told you so" but "I told you so". RIP BSA or whatever they call it now.

  • Mary Tomlin

    12/15/2018 03:44 PM

    When are these people going to realize that the public is sick of the "PC Police"?

  • james randolph

    12/14/2018 08:37 PM

    If the BSA child molesters / pedophiles had been arrested, indicted, prosecuted, the loss of trust in the BSA would not have occurred. It was illegal then (and still is), but the arrests are rare. Trust us easily loss and painfully (if ever) restored.

  • Steve Turman

    12/14/2018 08:21 PM

    Thanks for your comments, as a former scout master, I saw this coming when out of the blue the question was ask by bsa what should we do about scout master being gay, well here we go. Mike my statement to them was strong and carefully worded, in short NO WAY would that work. Well guess what, here they are. It’s been many years since I have been a scout master but I loved to see those boys soak up the outdoors , grow into men with principle and a foundation that most would not have had the opportunity to experience. I absolutely hate this has happened to a fine organization that really was on the right track for a long time. It’s over and If I could just tell someone off I would feel better. Thanks for the vent!