February 25, 2020

I have been working from Israel this week, where I gave a speech on Monday promoting the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I described him, I think quite accurately, as not just a leader of Israel but a leader of the world, a Churchill in a world filled with Chamberlains.

Video of that speech has now been posted on Facebook, and I hope you’ll give it a look. Outside of our own elections, this is one of the most important elections to the US, since it will determine the future of our greatest ally in an area of the world where we need a strong ally like Israel to keep the peace. Netanyahu will insure that Israel remains strong.

And as a timely reminder to American voters, one of the Democrats’ leading Presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish himself, refused to attend next week’s American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) conference. He accused Israel of “bigotry” against the Palestinians for acts that amount to nothing more than basic self-defense.

Just hours after Sanders made those comments, Palestinian terrorists launched a rocket attack in the Israeli city of Sderot near the Gaza Strip. The rockets narrowly missed a Jewish school and damaged a playground just a few yards from the classrooms. Several people were treated for shock, but miraculously, no one was injured as there were no children on the playground. Not that the people who fired those rockets cared, since they would have celebrated any injuries to or deaths of innocent Jewish children.

I think Bernie Sanders and I have a very different definition of “bigotry.”


Many stunning photos have appeared from the President and First Lady’s tour of India, and as usual, there have been comments about Melania Trump’s fashions. She’s a former model and incredibly stylish, so I think she always looks fantastic, but there are also the usual catty, snotty remarks from liberals.

Some people complain that there’s too much coverage of how Mrs. Trump dresses, that it’s either too laudatory or demeaning and sexist. So Fox News did a poll. They found that the public is split, with 37% saying media coverage of her looks and styles has been fair, 35% saying it’s been too negative and 9% saying coverage of her fashions has been “too positive.”

Here’s my question: who are the 9% who think that coverage of Melania Trump by the fashion media is “too positive”? Fashion magazines are so lockstep leftist that three long years into her tenure as one of the most beautiful and fashionable First Ladies in history, I can’t think of a single major women's or fashion magazine that’s put her on its cover even once. It’s absolutely shameful, and a perfect example of how the editors of these magazines prioritize leftist politics over fashion or fairness to the point of acting like a gaggle of high school mean girls with big expense accounts. They’d rather put Lena Dunham on a fashion magazine cover than Melania Trump. And that’s “too positive” for some people?

I just want them to know that we all know that has nothing to do with fashion. We are well aware that if Melania were married to a liberal Democrat President, they’d be worshiping her like she was the second coming of Princess Diana. When they attack her fashion choices or act as if she doesn't exist, they aren't fooling anyone other than themselves.


There are two prominent names in this morning’s obituaries. Hosni Mubarak, the former strongman leader of Egypt who rule for 30 years before being deposed in 2011, has died in a Cairo hospital at 91 after undisclosed surgery.

And former NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson has died at 101. She was one of a group of African-American women whose genius at math helped build the US space program. Their contributions went unrecognized for many years until their story was finally told in the book and 2016 movie, “Hidden Figures.” A big Huck’s Hero salute and the gratitude of all Americans to Katherine Johnson, and our prayers and condolences to her family.


Pot, Meet Kettle: While Elizabeth Warren was blasting Mike Bloomberg for having female employees sign non-disclosure agreements, the Democratic Party was trying to keep the media from learning about any potential disasters in the Nevada Caucuses by requiring volunteers to sign…non-disclosure agreements!


Okay, I said I wasn’t going to run all of these “foaming-at-the-mouth leftists attack innocent Trump supporters” stories every day because there are so many of them, it would be all we ever got done. But to that anonymous Internet commenter who started this by claiming that most politically-motivated violence was perpetrated by people on the right, I can’t help adding this one.

Two details worth highlighting: there have been about 400 politically-motivated violent incidents against Trump supporters since September 2015 (those are just the ones that were reported; and it doesn’t take into account how many people have felt too threatened even to wear a MAGA cap or put a Trump sticker on their car or a sign in their yard, which is a blatant violation of their right to free speech.)

Also, note that this cowardly assault took place back in July but is only now coming to light because it took three months for Snapchat to turn the video over to police in response to a search warrant. Funny how when a Trump supporter posts a joke or meme that a leftist doesn’t like and they claim to feel “threatened” by it, social media sites somehow manage to take action overnight.

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  • Linda Dixon

    02/29/2020 08:47 AM

    Governor, you are my news source along with one America News. I get the truth from both/ of you and I'm very grateful you send out the daily and evening emails to your followers. God bless you! PS really enjoyed your speech in Israel. I, like you, pray Benjamin Netanyahu resumes his rightful position.

  • Robert Feldman

    02/26/2020 08:01 PM

    Thank you for you excellent review on Bibi and Trump.
    The sad 6 running against him are a poor excuse for prospective leadership.

  • Nancy Stucky

    02/26/2020 07:54 PM

    How can Sanders, Steyer and Bloomberg get away with calling our President a fake and a fraud? Can't they be sued for slander?

  • June Slemp

    02/26/2020 02:32 PM

    Re: Bernie Sanders condemns Israel.. wasn't Hitler a Jew also?

  • Fredric D Gabbard

    02/26/2020 01:36 PM

    Bernie; It is amazing how many liberals' who call themselves Jews have no fear of the true living God, when it comes to His teachings and to stand with Israel against all foes. Est 5:13  Yet all this availeth me nothing, so long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king's gate. Rom 2:28  For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: 

  • Floyd A Unger

    02/26/2020 01:20 PM


  • Peter Dyke

    02/26/2020 12:06 PM

    I believe that the Democratic definition of a racist is that anyone who is not a democrat is a racist. However the way they act against Trump and the Republicans is as bad as it can be if you think of Trump and and the Republicans as being a race. The Republicans are called deplorable, a congresswoman says get in there faces and leaders are hounded in restaurants, university professors teach that capitalism is bad, conservative speakers are not allowed to speak at universities, the effort to impeach Trump. the illegal efforts of the FBI to prevent Trump from being elected, the false news, etc. It looks like the liberal Democrats are acting like the Nazis in the late 1930s.

  • Sandra S Butler

    02/26/2020 10:02 AM

    When I think of the gosh-awful garb Michelle actually had the nerve to wear in public, I want to gag. It is sad that our lovely, graceful Melania is ignored in that regard. However, she doesn't need the media's approval. She is a woman of integrity, who moves through life, seemingly impervious to the "slings and arrows." There couldn't be a better counterpart to our President.

  • Lucille Jarzynka

    02/26/2020 09:39 AM

    Melanie Trump has too much class to agree to being on the cover of fashion magazines just as she doesn't let the media exploit Barron.

  • Jpk

    02/26/2020 09:02 AM

    I have ranted before about the idea of putting citizens in boxes check this if your white brown black what ever how about are you an American citizen if not how can I be one the kindergarten debate addressed black voters about their history in America the dumbbells need to look into the future like trump is doing take every community and map out the decayed portion of the community and block by block rebuild it that should keep America busy for 30 years and the dunbskulls would not be talking over each other because they don’t have a clue to even start a project like that pandering to the black people should be insulting to everyone most people would like to rebuild what is in ruins just a thought with countries around the shutting down manufacturing now is time to rebuild here our dependence should not be in anyone’s hands but ours

  • Jerry Korba

    02/26/2020 08:34 AM

    I hope my view of Bebe is accurate he is of high intelligence and for me articulates so much common sense not all intelligence is combined with common sense. Melania brings out the people with low self esteem the contempt they have for a person that has passion for helping people the beauty and the high IQ she has is more than they can bear I view melania as an extremely fit person for most situations and that drives low self esteem people in fits of rage get over it misfits

  • Dolores Miltenberger

    02/26/2020 05:55 AM

    We want to thank you for your commentaries on the news-

  • Patti Bryson

    02/26/2020 04:17 AM

    I really appreciate the way you handle sending us the latest news and I especially enjoy reading your comments. Your sense of humor is a bright spot in the middle of all the madness that keeps going on. I just have to tell you that your write-up about Melania is "spot-on!" She is a beautiful First Lady, who dresses in first-class style and represents our country to all the world in a magnificent classy way! I for one am so very proud of her. These fashion magazine writers and editors should hang their head in shame!

  • Pattie Prince

    02/26/2020 02:25 AM

    Thank You Mike your comments about Melania. I think she is beautiful both inside and out.
    I always admire her for her poise and dignity... She represents our Country well,always.
    I enjoy your other articles as well. Be Blessed.

  • Ira Edwards

    02/26/2020 01:22 AM

    You went to Israel to promote Netanyahu. Trump went to India, a good thing for Moda. Several years ago, Obama actively campaigned against Netanyahu.
    But if any Russian has anything to do with US politics, it is a crime. I don't get it.

  • Rebecca Holstine

    02/26/2020 12:21 AM

    I know if the Blue and White Party gets in control of Israel, our relationship will go down the tubes. Because no matter what they are saying now, I know they are leftist. Netanyahu has been a great leader for Israel. Second, let me say, I agree with you about our First Lady. She is poised and beautiful. A great asset to America. I look forward to your news letters. Thank you for all you do.

  • Granny Anne

    02/26/2020 12:05 AM

    Melania Trump is not only a beautiful woman and stylish, but she is a lady. I have always noticed that the Democrat women in politics are not stylish, beautiful or ladylike. They stand out as being frumpy and don't seem to care how they look. I am more concerned about their behavior...which I have also noticed that the quality and composure is lacking in many ways. I have always been an Independent...but due to what I have seen of the Dems I finally registered as a Republican.

  • Barry Spinka

    02/26/2020 12:01 AM

    Like Sanders, George Soros was also born a Jew but cooperated with the Nazis during WWII against any Jew. Both of them are despicable.

  • Pamela Avellino

    02/25/2020 11:52 PM

    I see First Lady Melania Trump as one of the most beautiful and gracious ladies on the face of the earth! Not many ladies could experience what she has gone through with her husband (our country's strongest, most sincere and brilliant President EVER) and still shown such grace, patience and love for the people and our beautiful Nation! GOD bless you Melania and may He continue to give you love, joy and strength today and always! You truly are beautiful inside and out!

  • Geoffrey max spiro

    02/25/2020 11:52 PM

    Dear Pastor and US advisor Mike Huckabee,

    You briefly appeared in my messenger before disappearing. I wish I could have met you on behalf of Rabbi Nachman during your visit to Jerusalem. I detain fascinating first hand knowledge about a range of issues relevant to Peace and Prosperity in the Middle East which unfortunately are being ignored. I am not bringing problems, only solutions. Time is becoming the rare commodity is becoming time. These are important facts to all faithful of the world and will only increase their devotion and brotherhood. You are an exceptional Ambassador for this type of message.

  • Clifton Bell

    02/25/2020 11:34 PM

    Today's magazines would rather fawn over Greta Thurnberg than talk positively about our beautiful First Lady Melania Trump. Melania is first class all the way. The leftist media are bullies and bigots when it comes to anything that Trumps them.

  • Kelley Jones

    02/25/2020 11:18 PM

    Someone please tell Bernie, their has never been a suicide bomber from Israel attack the people in Palestine. Conflicts ALWAYS starts with the Palestine people.

  • Rick Gooden

    02/25/2020 11:08 PM

    I encourage voter's to wear their "TRUMP" apperal,everyday and at the poles in November.You did not like bullies trying to intimidate and push you around in school,on the bus,on the playground or any other time,so why would you allow them to do so now,it's the same thing.
    Cowardness only invites intimidation or worse !!!If they want a fight,then give'em one,at least let them know your there,after all,the President is fighting for you,why would you not do the same for him??? TRUMP 2020 ?

  • joanne saunders

    02/25/2020 10:53 PM

    Always well said! Thanks Mike!

  • Gary Hanna

    02/25/2020 10:42 PM

    I find it most disheartening to see such a conspiracy being done to alleviate President Trump and it is primarily because he wasn't one of the 'GOOD OLE BOY'S CLUB member (congress) and he has removed most of the nice benefits (sugar tits) causing madness like some little kids who couldn't have the cake and ice cream. That was the mostdisgusting display of immaturity and childishness on Pelosi's part with the tearing up of the State of the Union speech. How sad, too bad.