July 24, 2019

“Fake News Wednesday!”  Do you know how Facebook is supposedly fighting “fake news,” apparently by blocking any conservative opinions or news stories that make Silicon Valley socialists uncomfortable?  Well, the site still seems to have no problem with letting a piece of completely fake and misleading news go viral, as long as it puts President Trump in a negative light.

For instance, there’s a story that started with Reuters and, claiming that Trump 2020 campaign merchandise is being made in China.  Very embarrassing for Trump if true…which it isn’t.  Even Politifact debunked it.  Trump’s campaign manager said all his swag is made in the USA and the photos from the story were of Chinese workers making illegal bootleg Trump merchandise.

That was nearly a year ago, yet the story continues to be posted, shared, liked and commented on thousands of times on Facebook, with one major repost as recent as July 12th

At the link, Shaun Hair makes the argument that we shouldn't demand Facebook delete it.  He thinks it should stay up in the name of free speech and let users point out that it’s garbage.  He says that would at least make Facebook a free marketplace of ideas.  But letting fake anti-Trump news circulate forever while shutting down honest conservative news and opinion just makes Facebook “the biggest and most biased media outlet in the world.”  They should either fix that or own up to their bias.  Agreed.

PS – I really hate to disillusion anyone, but police in Florida also admitted that an AP story warning that flushing drugs down toilets was causing the breeding of a creature known as “Meth-gators” was also “fake news.”  It was just a joke.  Remember jokes?  You still might want to look twice before you sit down on a toilet in Florida, though.


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