The new censorship at Facebook

April 10, 2018 |

You might have noticed yesterday that Facebook placed a disclaimer on a post that I wrote, claiming it was under factual dispute, because it linked to a story in the Washington Examiner about the claim that Amazon costs the Post Office $1.46 in lost revenue for each package delivered. Note that in that post, I didn’t say that one side was right and the other side wrong, I merely stated that the claim was under dispute, and this article illustrated how both sides might consider themselves correct, depending on their point of view.

But in the brave new world of social media censorship, there is apparently only acceptable viewpoint to every issue (guess which one?), and you shouldn’t even look at sources that might dispute the favored narrative, at least not without having an algorithmic nanny scolding you over your shoulder. As Western Journal notes in the linked story (preparing to get flagged again!), Facebook’s list of “reliable sources” has disproportionately cut off traffic to more conservative sites and boosted liberal sites. Seriously, Forbes, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal are considered unreliably partisan while CNN gets a big boost in the reliability derby? Has anyone at Facebook watched CNN lately? They show Stormy Daniels more often than the Pay-Per-View adult channels in sleazy motels.


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Interestingly, Facebook seems to think it’s capable of policing everyone else’s thoughts when it can’t even police itself, which became obvious again today when one of the largest Black Lives Matter pages on the site was revealed to be a fundraising scam linked to a white man in Australia. Someone from the actual BLM movement told CNN that they voiced concerns about the page to Facebook months ago, but the page wasn’t removed until a week after CNN ran a story exposing it. That's mighty fine policin', Mark.


When you add these stories to the attempts to silence conservatives on social media ranging from the entertaining Diamond & Silk and comic Steven Crowder to such serious commentators as Ben Shapiro – not to mention one of Twitter’s founders endorsing a story that promoted the idea of silencing if not outright criminalizing conservative speech – it’s obvious that the billionaire boys club of Silicon Valley has mistakenly concluded that they own the Information Superhighway.

They don’t. They just happen to own a few popular honky-tonks along the roadside. But if they start sending bouncers to every table to harass the customers and tell them what they’re allowed to talk about, then the second someone opens a competing honky-tonk that leaves people alone (and someone surely will), their customers will be out the door. If they don’t believe it, then I have one thing to say to them: “MySpace.” That’s the once-mighty site that Seth Meyers described as the sad, abandoned amusement park of the Internet.

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Incidentally, over 60 years ago, the brilliant satirist Stan Freberg predicted the rise of the hectoring PC nannies with his classic comedy sketch, “Elderly Man River.” If you’ve never heard it, do yourself a favor and click the link to YouTube, before they censor it (there’s also a transcript in the notes for the hearing impaired). Of course, since it’s impossible for satirists to stay ahead of the galloping lunacy of PC culture, Freberg couldn’t have predicted that by 2018, the nagging censor also would have buzzed in to object to the word, “Man” for being heteronormative and masculinist. But it’s still remarkably prescient, even if the premise is now more chillingly true than funny.



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  • Judy Radley

    04/24/2018 11:17 PM

    I think the whole Facebook social media should be shut down and have people go back to using private emails....using the filter of privacy and get rid of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all those other 'gossip' immoral social media crap sites. There would be so much more less problems if social media, starting with myspace never started! Computerized Revolution, like the Industrial Revolution, has ruined more lives than it has helped including jobs, economic growth, etc. One day, I'm sure it will all go away like the dinosaurs.... pop culture always does sooner or later....

  • Sigrid Cox

    04/15/2018 05:39 PM

    I noticed a comment above about MeWe -- supposedly an alternative to FB. I haven't taken the time to check it out for myself (but I will). I remember when I first checked out FB some years ago. There was an awful lot of advertisements that seemed sketchy at best, to me. I wasn't interested in that type of content so I didn't use FB for several years -- really got interested in it probably after you and Donald Trump announced your 2016 campaigns. Even early on at that time, there were still some awful advertisements if you clicked on the wrong ad campaign. I've just learned not to do that. Hopefully MeWe will get better if more people (conservatives, especially) start using it.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/13/2018 11:52 AM

    FB is a Information Utility & should be Taxed & regulated as such.
    Now to see Zucks buddies in Silicon Valley come down on him, since They TOO will be regulated.
    Finally No Fake profiles, No bias feeds, NO trolls, & No politics.

  • Fred Carter

    04/12/2018 03:15 PM

    It bothers me that the younger people may be accepting everything they read on FB as fact and are absorbing the biased views as their own. Delete the word younger above because it isn't just them. I believe little of what you read is 100% true.

  • Eileen Carter

    04/12/2018 12:13 AM

    This is scary stuff. What can the general public do to stop this abuse if power and censorship? Zukerberg is lying in the congressional hearings, It's obvious! I say hook him up to a lie detector machine before he tells any more lies.

  • Kate Melton

    04/11/2018 03:07 PM

    Some people are talking about MeWe. I got on there and I didn't see much. No news sites. Just a lot of people advertising sex stuff, so it was a letdown. Wish there was something mainstream that wasn't so biased.
    Problem is, Liberals have a lock on media, social media and entertainment and they're getting their word out easier than Conservatives can. I worry that they are stomping down the Conservative voice and youth will only hear the liberal slant to everything.

  • Renee Ziaya

    04/11/2018 12:33 PM

    Mr.Huckabee I enjoy reading your page news page daily! I also am a member of or he is starting his own website for conservatives to talk that is uncensored!! Plus he does a live 1 hour show daily at 11am\8am est/pc Time great show! The new website will be starting up next week!! Thanks again for all you do!! :)

  • Judith Jordan

    04/11/2018 12:33 PM

    Mr Huckabee this vehicle of Facebook is here to stay. People love the using of communication and it’s convienence. The group who grew up with this controlling technology will give ?pen information to keep the service. This control and gathering of information will set up a lot of control for the Antichrist.

  • Donna

    04/11/2018 12:11 PM

    This world is a mess .it seems the sorryer you are the more people love you

  • Hazel Bullock

    04/11/2018 11:42 AM

    Would love love love something else besides Facebook to visit social media. Wish someone would create it. They don’t have any competition. You do such a fabulous job. Thank you so much. The censorship is so wrong.

  • Delie Taylor

    04/11/2018 10:36 AM

    Is there an alternative to FB? Let’s all move to another network!

  • C. Stiles

    04/11/2018 10:15 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, i always enjoy your articles. This one though is especially good even when it is chilling. I do wish we had an alternative.

  • Peggy Ryan

    04/11/2018 09:42 AM

    I am so tempted to hang up on Facebook. If it were not for hearing from folks like you and communicating with family I would leave it behind. I am so tired of liberals who think that it is their job to tell me what to read, hear, buy, elect, look at...
    I sure which we had an unbiased alternative that is truthful.
    Mike, I do enjoy your communication skills and the spot on comparisons you make.

  • Barbara Cruce

    04/11/2018 09:26 AM

    I received a Google home mini as a gift. I was enjoying listening to favorite Christian radio stations via the Tune In radio app until Google figured out they were Christian stations and now they are "not available at this time." Just as all questions about any religion are answered by "I am unable to answer that at this time", popped up after people were outraged at the IDK response about Jesus or Christianity when all other religious questions were answered. Not about Facebook, but germane to discussion of Silicon Valley censorship.

  • Dennis Brining

    04/11/2018 08:37 AM

    Nice job on this one.