January 8, 2018

Welcome to our first show of 2018. And the first week of 2018 turned out to be rather monumental. After 39 years of autocratic and theocratic rule by radical Muslims, the people of Iran are rising up to demand accountability and freedom. It’s not clear whether the brutal terroristic regime of the Ayatollahs will be overthrown, but unlike during the uprising of the Green Movement in 2009 when President Obama failed to give any encouragement to the freedom fighters, President Trump has been outspoken in support for those who want their failing economy to provide jobs instead of underwriting terror throughout the world. The radical thugs who rule Iran pose a true existential threat to the entire planet. Let us pray for the courage and resolve of those brave Persian people who want to live without an iron fisted government clobbering them for a simple desire to be free.

It was a week we saw the stock market hit 25,000 for the first time ever. That may not seem to matter to you, but it does. It means that if you are retired or hope to be, the value of your 401K or your pension is way up from just a year ago. And if you need a better paycheck, more job options, or just lower prices on what you buy, there’s a great likelihood that it will happen because as stocks in a company increase, so does their capacity to raise wages for employees, invest in new product lines and inventory thus creating jobs—maybe even a job for your own family version of cousin Eddie who hasn’t been employed in a long time.

In a few weeks, you will start to see a bump in your budget as a result of the tax cuts signed by the President just before Christmas. Some Washington politicians tried to tell you that only rich people would benefit, but when you see more money in your pocket, then I guess some of those politicians thought YOU were too rich and that THEY should have kept more of YOUR money. I hope you’ll remember them when you vote in November. Because they don’t just like taking your money—they want to spend it for you and think you aren’t smart enough to know how. And you know—if you keep electing those kinds of politicians, they may just be right!

And this was a week in which one of the President’s former advisors, who was fired last year, was the key figure in a largely discredited book about President Trump and his staff. The President even sent a cease and desist letter to try and stop the book, but I think that’s a mistake. Best way to refute the message of the book is to let it get out there so people can see how absurd it truly is. In one of the more ridiculous allegations, the author, who is widely known as loose with facts and tight on leftist lunacy, alleged that Donald Trump didn’t want to win the election and was shocked when he did. I was on the campaign trail with candidate Trump on several occasions, and he sure was lousy at trying to lose. Rarely has any candidate worked so hard, campaigning 7 days a week with a grueling schedule and spending time in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania where most pundits thought he didn’t have a chance to win. If he wanted to lose, he should have skipped those states like Hillary did. And for those who to this day say President Trump is deranged and unfit, how painful must it be for Democrats to think their candidate lost to someone they pretend is a lunatic who didn’t even want the job?

And North Korea says they might want to participate in the Olympics, but everyone in North Korea who can run fast or can jump has already run past the checkpoints and jumped the borders to get out of that starving mess, so unless there is a competition for eating grass, tree bark, and wildflowers, it’s doubtful Lil Kim’s empire will get the gold.

As for what to expect this year? The lunatic left will continue their unhinged and maniacal attacks on a President they think is unhinged and maniacal. And my big prediction for 2018? This show will become your favorite and “have-to-see” TV of the year!

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  • Gail Bayne

    01/11/2018 06:01 PM

    My folks really liked what you had to say on your tv show of either 7 or 8 Jan 2018. They were telling me of a book about Take Your School Back but they couldn't remember anything more. Mom wrote down Pacific but when I went into it it came up as a medical site. I was wondering if there was a way to look it up for them. I really think all of us need to take our school back and teach our true history and keep out all the trash. We need to stand behind our President. Thank you for you time. Gail

  • Donna Marie King

    01/11/2018 11:42 AM

    Huck, You always make me smile. Thank you for all you are doing to support our President. Our desire is to see America be what God has intended it to be all along...loving God with all our hearts and loving our 'neighbor' as ourselves. God bless you. When we 'spin' on these 'points' we will be great again. Progressives will be loved by us too, not because we agree with them, but because God loves them also.

  • Wendy Thomas

    01/11/2018 10:29 AM

    Thanks for having comedian Ben Stine. He really was a wonderful introduction to Christian Comedy!

  • Karen Rhodes

    01/11/2018 10:28 AM

    You’re the best, Gov.

  • Carl Holland

    01/08/2018 08:24 AM

    My wife and I really enjoy your show each week. Great entertainment and guests each week. Keep up the good work