June 21, 2018

We were right about the news cycle being dominated by the hysteria about crying children at the border for yet another day; hardly anyone other than FOX News covered the Inspector General’s testimony before congressional committees on Tuesday.  (CBS gave it a tiny bit of coverage.)  The timing of this immigration story –- which is not new information –- has to be a deliberate distraction from the shocking revelations in the IG report, because they shed too bright a light on the roaches infesting the Obama DOJ and FBI.


Obviously, we can’t look to the mainstream media for information about what has turned out to be the worst scandal in memory:  the intentional weaponizing of the federal law enforcement bureaucracy to try to fix the outcome of a presidential race and, later, to bring down a duly elected President.  It’s been gratifying to see respected legal analysts such as Andrew McCarthy confirming in legal terms what we’ve been saying in layman’s terms for two years.

 OTHERS ARE READING: Horowitz hearing was Tuesday's REAL news story

Consider the “matter” (Loretta Lynch’s term) of Hillary’s email server.  My readers know that for a long time, we’ve maintained that her setting up of a personal server to handle all her business as Secretary of State had “intention” written all over it.  That seemed even more important than any particular document that might have done through it, because the only conceivable motivation for setting it up that way was to keep her official correspondence out of reach of subpoenas and Freedom Of Information Act requests.  It had to have taken some foresight and planning.  Hillary got it done on Day 1 of her new cabinet job.


Now, only one of two things is possible.  1) Hillary Clinton intentionally disregarded the training she had received in document classification and security and put all her State Department business on a nonsecure server because hiding what she was up to was more important than following the law, in which case she is far too unethical to be President, or 2) Hillary Clinton is such a clueless ninny that she really thinks you wipe a server “with a cloth” and that the 33,000 subpoenaed emails she deleted really were about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding plans, in which case she is far too stupid to be President.  


Now, Hillary Clinton may be a clueless ninny about some things --- why she lost the election certainly comes to mind --- but when it comes to hiding information, she is a master, so I’m going with 1) unethical.  She has practiced hiding information since she was in the White House; remember the missing Rose Law Firm time sheets and Vince Foster’s office files that were carted off after his suicide?  She’s also quite practiced at hiding the truth by telling lies; remember Benghazi?  Remember “the vast right-wing conspiracy” to accuse her husband?  Through the years, she has shown herself over and over to be secretive and dishonest.  (Hillary, THAT’S why you lost the election.)


When Hillary ascended to the State Department, she had to know that, by definition, much if not most of her work would deal with classified matters.  The rules were clear.  Everybody who works with classified materials knows them.  Hillary HAD to know how vulnerable her information was to foreign agents (in fact, we’ve learned from the IG report that they hacked it), and she HAD to know she was breaking the law, big-time, but she didn’t care.  It’s just astonishing.


This is the Elephant In The Room that the Justice Department and FBI had to find a way around if they weren’t going to indict her.  (McCarthy explains how they did this.)  And why would they contort the law in such a way?  Even Horowitz, in his report, doesn’t really focus on this, opting to give them the benefit of the doubt that their conclusions weren’t based on political bias.


But what else could they possibly have been based on?



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Comments 1-25 of 56

  • Rick Schramm

    07/13/2018 12:11 PM

    Wel done!

  • Sandra Gray

    06/23/2018 01:55 PM

    My husband works at the Redstone Arsenal part-time - and even as a Civilian, he has to take all those classes to keep his job: What NOT to do on your computer, anti-sexual harassment training, customer service training, security, active shooter, how to use your e-mail & what NOT to post on your Government e-mail, etc etc etc. No one can even put a usb stick into their computer - every thing will be confiscated & the employee will be "escorted" out of the building & off the Arsenal. SHE KNEW!!! ! Any body who has ever worked for the gov as an employee, contractor or whatever HAS to take these classes often, and "certify" (take a computer test) to prove they went to the classes. Sometimes, the will have to take the same test/class 2, 3, and 4 times a year! BECAUSE the Gov says so - that's why!! My Daddy worked for the Arsenal since the 50's - He says even back then, If you were careless & left any kind if paperwork out on your desk - You were fired!

  • brian heikkinen

    06/23/2018 10:40 AM

    Keep up the good fight Mike, we in Western Canada appreciate the Trump Whitehouse. Sara is an amazing woman and you
    should be very proud of her. Our Liberal government cuddled up to Obama and hates Trump but we in the West are with Trump 100%.
    We also get stuck with all the fake news up here as well........thank god for Hannity,Sara Carter, John Solomon and many more that are pushing hard to get the truth and expose the corruption!!! We need that up here as well. All the best going forward Mike.

  • Joan A. Andersen

    06/22/2018 05:45 PM

    Hillary has been a criminal for years always being protected. It has finally caught up with her and hopefully she will not get away with her crimes. I’m so happy she lost the election because it would have continued the way Obama’s wanted it. I never in my life seen so much corruption. They all need to be held responsible, Loretta Lynch, FBI etc., for breaking laws. They should never be ABOVE the law.??

  • Carla Otool

    06/22/2018 12:11 AM

    Thank you Mr. Huckster for always being honest and straightforward.
    I have a question rather than a comment . My comment wouldn't be appropriate.

    Sir , do you think any of these actors in this scandal will ever be prosecuted ?
    I'm old enough to remember the Foster , white water scandal ( murder ) I believe.
    Nothing became of that farce , it was an eye opener. The CLINTONS are dangerous criminals.

    I pray for our President. I believe a lot of people fear for his life . I certainly do. .

    Thank you .
    God Bless you Mr. Huckabee

    Carol Otool.

  • Susan Bartlett

    06/21/2018 11:33 PM

    Governor Huckabee, Alabama and Arkansas are close together. You have been in Politics a long time, you know the stories and the history of the Clinton's. Hillary and Bill set out to gain power money and control of the United States, for the purpose of tearing it apart and handing it over to whoever is trying to gain control of our nation. In law school they began their plan, marriage a sham. Hillary not clueless knew Bill's weakness would fail him, and leave her to step up and be Queen of the world. You also must know that the open borders are to bankrupt our states of education and government funded relief medical care etc. And to create the millions of votes democrats need to win in 18 and 20. The only cluelessness Hillary is guilty of is not knowing the numbers of votes she would need to beg borrow steal and fix in voting machines and boxes across the nation. Remember Florida and the hanging chads? Failure in Florida. Tell me how does Barack Obama get elected to congress from Illinois without any previous government experience having no knowledge of creating a bill and working the systems of house and senate be it in states or in federal government to have his bill become law... and then becomes a president.

    What I wanted to say is TREASON. At what point is Treason not an indictable offense for all the politicians who get rich from being elected and get richer still when their votes are bought by lobbies and agents of foreign nations. Treason when the alarms sound in Benghazi and Obama and Hillary stand down busy with something else. So much so Treasonous all their years in politics. Our media outlets who 50 years ago weren't allowed to have opinion or bias... now are the mouthpieces for those who are trying to take our flag and bury it along with our nation. Obviously those who have the power to make charges of treason, and acting on behalf of treason are themselves guilty of treason.

    President Trump is doing wonderful things and making progress. Tell me Governor Huckabee, how can a Hollywood comedian (Griffin) hold the Presidents head in bloody effigy and not be charged with treason. How can a Hollywood actor (Fonda)call for the kidnapping and etc. of the President's son and not be charged with treason. They both deserve the death penalty for their treasonous actions against our President. When does and who does get to the bottom of this?

  • Linda Smith

    06/21/2018 11:25 PM

    Thank you for supporting President Trump. Your daughter Sara is an amazing woman. I’m praying for all of you!!

  • Carl Smith

    06/21/2018 09:45 PM

    Excellent summary as usual. I believe I have stated before that the Russia Collusion was a Fairy Tale until another distraction could be brought to bear. The IG Report and the Russian Story are now history and the myth has been exposed with a newer and bigger story-Concentration Camps on our border because Trump is a Racist. The Left has lost sight of the fact that with this medium their remarks are forever and if The R's would adopt Trumps strategy of using Saul Alinsky tactics right back at them the media would either spin the story or condemn it , either way they now have ZERO Credibility and in spite of the media the American Public is getting the message via Twitter.

  • Jan St Anne

    06/21/2018 08:56 PM

    I appreciate your comments. I love and trust our President Donald Trump. Every once in a while an advanced Soul comes along to get things straightened out and work for peace and sanity, I believe Trump is one of those and that is why the darkside is so against him. My prayer each day is for President Trump to be surrounded with a spiritual/electronic belt to protect him and everything that is sent toward him will return to the sender...7 fold.... positive or negative.
    Pelosi, Schumer, Ryan, Muller, Hillary, Obama and their ilk all listen to the dark side.

  • Boggs Howard

    06/21/2018 07:03 PM

    It seems to me that the President is going to have to order the Justice Department to investigate Hillary.

  • Kevin Schwinkendorf

    06/21/2018 06:38 PM

    But Mike, "NO REASONABLE PROSECUTOR WOULD TRY THIS CASE!!!" Why not? Well, no reasonable prosecutor wants to wind up like Vince Foster - a "suicide" laying in Fort Marcy Park...

  • Maria Rainwater

    06/21/2018 06:25 PM

    My comment relates to the children at the border who have been separated from their parents. The responsibility for their situation lies solely with their parents who brought them to the border. The parents knew they were breaking the law by crossing the border illegally. The parents should have protected their children by not putting them in a situation to be separated. What happens to people who break the law? They go to jail, right? When one goes to jail, their children are not allowed to go with them. This country and other countries as well are full of parents in jail who are separated from their children. How is this different? Perhaps we should round up all of the children in this country who have parents in jail and let them join their parent(s). I do feel for the children, all of them, but perhaps just maybe it will deter other would be illegals from pushing their way across the border with their families, and we will not have the same situation again.

  • David William Barnett

    06/21/2018 06:10 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, if you truly eant to see what is going on not only in our nation but the world; try tuning into OAN One America News. I guarantee they have and are reporting on the hearings. Ex of OAN reporting. When PM Abadi, announced Iraq had defeated ISIS(huge story, IMHO), all the other 3 BS LSM were reporting on how many diet cokes President Trump drank. Hence, there is no way he could be that healthy, and passed his medical. If you haven’t watched OAN, you and you viewers should give it a try. You say YOU read these, I sincerely hope you do.

  • O P Willingham II

    06/21/2018 05:42 PM

    'Reason', 'Responsibility', 'Right' are three things that never fit into Hillary's character. I can not think of three things she ever did with total honesty. She should be healed under arrest for any one of her numerous crimes. She would sing forever to save her own skin. Thus cleaning the cesspool in the middle of the swamp.

  • Firewagon

    06/21/2018 05:15 PM

    One more time, Gov.. "Of all the Embassies and Consulates in all the world, 'some guys went for a walk one night and decided to kill some Americans' in Benghazi!" Having, now, confirmation that several(?) countries hacked this criminal's email server, were ANY of those 600+ requests for added security from Ambassador Stevens routed over that server or, one of several email accounts of her acolytes using it?

    Back to my Casablanca connection: Does anyone with a modicum of remaining common sense believe that those terrorist/killers in Benghazi had NO IDEA that there was a lightly guarded American Ambassador ripe for the taking (security personnel reduced from an already sparse 30 to just 6!)? No conspiracy theory required, the facts more than provide evidence beyond that of "simple coincidence." These people, The State Department, its head, and our vaunted Commander-in-Chief ALL have the blood of the Benghazi Consulate's Ambassador and its defenders on their hands....Has ANYBODY been held accountable to date?

  • Retha Lange

    06/21/2018 04:47 PM

    I pray Hillary is indicted like the sailor who took photos on his ship was indicted.

    Governor, I pray for you and your family. Your messages are right on and I SO appreciate your sense of humor, you make me smile even though I am reading disheartening info. God bless you and yours.

  • Todd Matosic

    06/21/2018 04:15 PM

    Mike, you do realize that the ONLY way we truly get to the bottom of this FBI (and other intel agency) corruption is to have Sessions removed...right?

    Please reassure me that America still has a chance here vs. the shadow govt.

  • NaDean VanSant

    06/21/2018 03:34 PM

    Why are the dems and others crying and screaming about the kids being separated from their parents at the border ? It is the law that if you commit a crime you got to JAIL/PRISON. What I don't understand is why isn't everyone crying and screaming about the men/women who live in the USA, are sentenced to prison and taken away from their families, and the children cry for their parents, I don't see the dems. saying anything about that. They break the law, they have to pay for their crimes and the children are put with family, sent to homes, not always good ones or put in childrens homes, which are some bad ones and no one worries about them. Is it because they are Americans and it is the law and if you do something illegal you go to jail. Or is it because illegal parents/children are more important then Americans??
    Wondering why no one has mentioned this.....
    and we, the American people have to pay for illegals to have lawyers to represent them. They have that right? I wasn't aware that illegals had any rights. They come here, not all of them, but lots come here and riot, protest our laws, why don't they stay in their country and take over the government there and make it like America?

  • Charles Newman

    06/21/2018 02:55 PM

    "Now, only one of two things is possible. 1) Hillary Clinton intentionally disregarded the training she had received in document classification and security and put all her State Department business on a nonsecure server because hiding what she was up to was more important than following the law, in which case she is far too unethical to be President, or 2) Hillary Clinton is such a clueless ninny that she really thinks you wipe a server “with a cloth” and that the 33,000 subpoenaed emails she deleted really were about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding plans, in which case she is far too stupid to be President. " You said it better than I did, wish you could say it louder!

  • mms

    06/21/2018 02:43 PM

    it is high time that all government officials, no matter their name or role, to stop being above the law and abide by the law that the rest of us US citizens are to live under. After all they and no other person is God, only He is.

  • Dick Williams

    06/21/2018 02:35 PM

    HRC was to be the extension (second-half) of a 16 year plan to totally subjugate the U.S. and become a global state. She would be president, and Bill would be appointed to the U.N. as our ambassador, only to be "elected" General Secretary. Prestige. Power. Immense Wealth. Honorifics. Unending pedophilia. THE two most powerful people in the world. The Constitution would be rewritten. We would have NO First, Second, fourth and more Articles. Total control of ALL population. Extreme surveillance. Listening and prohibition of criticism of elites. So....Donald Trump was the biggest wrench that could be thrown into the works of the Clinton Foundation and world domination. God Bless President Trump! God Bless America!

  • Jeannette Mospaw

    06/21/2018 02:07 PM

    I, along with many other rational, sane people, am blown away by the IG's report! He has to be part of the conspiracy re:Hillary! We so want her prosecuted for her actions! She shouldn't get away with playing fast and loose with OUR COUNTRY!

    Please, Dear God, give us a sliver of hope to hang on to.....

    Thanks for keeping us all informed!
    Jeannette Mospaw

  • Leonard Lugo

    06/21/2018 01:57 PM

    Indeed Crooked Hillary, crime family Clinton. The wicked covering for the wicked! Darkness hates the Light, deeds are evil. John. 3:19-20.

  • Gayle Johnson

    06/21/2018 01:42 PM

    This comment addresses your summation of Congressional Democrats get what they wanted. Now that President Trump signed an Executive Order to stop separating children from their "parents" (are they really their parent or just an adult seeking more lenient procedures posing as the parent), I predict that if the children are housed with the "parent" in the "parent" holding facilities, the Democrats, the liberal left, and the lame stream media will be howling that that is inhumane conditions for a child, and the "parent" and child should be housed in better conditions, i.e. the facilities the children were being housed in, or better yet they will say, just allow them to cross into our country illegally and we'll round them up later.

    Gayle from WI

  • Timothy Hedrick

    06/21/2018 01:08 PM

    Well said...