December 7, 2020

During the hearings into alleged vote fraud, President Trump’s team keeps presenting sworn affidavits and first-hand witness testimony describing major irregularities, only to be asked repeatedly, “But where is your EVIDENCE?” They must feel like the interviewer in “Spinal Tap” futilely trying to explain to the dense rock star why putting “11” on his amp’s volume knob doesn’t make it louder. (“These go to 11!”)

But Thursday at a hearing in Georgia, Rudy Giuliani showed previously unseen security camera footage of ballot counters in Fulton County, Georgia. It was taken late on Election night, after poll workers were told to leave (we were originally told that it was due to a water main bursting in the room with the ballots, but it turned out to be just a small leak in an adjacent area that didn’t even require a plumber’s visit to fix.) The video shows that during that time, four people stayed behind and continued counting votes with no supervision. The video shows them apparently reaching under tables, pulling out four suitcases full of ballots that were separate from the others, and feeding them through machines that can count up to 3,000 ballots an hour.

The person in charge of Fulton County elections didn’t show up to the hearing to explain what we were seeing. The footage convinced Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to call for a signature audit of the ballots.

There are also reports that the Trump team brought 20 binders full of evidence for a hearing today in Nevada.

As for the “no evidence” mantra, to quote another popular media cliché, “that claim is disputed.” Here’s what columnist and attorney Kurt Schlichter writes about sworn affidavits. They “constitute evidence. Relevant evidence is anything that ‘has any tendency to make a fact more or less probable than it would be without the evidence.’ Federal Rules of Evidence, Rule 401. Now, you may not like the evidence. You may think it is insufficient or unpersuasive or just wrong. So? Evidence is challenged on these grounds in every single trial there is – that’s why you have trials. But it is evidence nonetheless.”

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    12/09/2020 04:19 AM

    If you receive a mail in ballot for the Senate run off in GA, BURN IT! I've been solicited on several occasions (txt msg.'s and phone calls) about mail in ballots. I vote in person the way everyone should have to vote. The GA Governor, Lt. Governor and Sec. of State are a disgrace to our state and should be recalled. Short of that their all one and done come 2022. There has been tons of evidence presented and they chose to ignore or dismiss it. Chief investigator of SOS is a bald face liar when confronted about the video said they slid the ballot beneath the table when the leak was discovered. As seen in the surveillance video those ballots had been put there at 8:30 AM. Then dragged out 14 hrs. later after all poll watchers had been dismissed. We (the people of GA) aren't fools or village idiots. Fulton county has been corrupt for years and now our state officials have followed them into the cesspool of deceit.

  • JoAnn Murray

    12/08/2020 07:41 PM


  • Shirley Vietmeier

    12/08/2020 03:29 PM

    We can all see this election was rigged and they are getting by with it. There will be World War 111
    coming soon. Hold these people accountable and impeach Mr. Biden soon.

  • Leonides Villalon

    12/08/2020 01:52 PM

    I have lived long enough to know when there is someone lying or not. When they are corrupt or not. It is obvious the evil and corruption with the Democratic Party.

  • Michele Fisher

    12/08/2020 11:35 AM

    First I’ve moved to FL
    What can we do ? There’s tons of evidence of voter fraud ! I myself received several absentee ballots .. two with a former married name I sent return to sender, bc it said it was from Trump , that I wish I’d just destroyed myself bc I wonder if they were used against Trump . It’s outrageous! Ppl think we are pushovers we are just law abiding ppl that don’t wish to be physically attacked is why we aren’t physically protesting . We know they will come and attack us . Please help us help Trump & our great country

  • Skip Tribby

    12/08/2020 11:07 AM

    As President Reagan would say, "Well, it isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so."

  • Thomas Forbes

    12/08/2020 10:34 AM

    My vote says I voted Absentee by mail, but I didn't. My wife read the same. I know for a fact fraud took place.

  • Mark Hill

    12/08/2020 09:05 AM

    IT'S TIME FOR MARTIAL LAW. Have a country wide revote. Put military in charge. No mail in ballot. I. D . required. This sham has gone on way too long.

  • Robert Welch

    12/08/2020 08:52 AM

    God is in control and I believe that ultimately He will expose the corruption.

  • Steven J Weingart

    12/08/2020 08:48 AM

    All that is happening is like a hamster running inside a wheel going nowhere, something on this scale like all this tech fraud is unbelievable, incomprehensible to most, no matter your politics.

  • AngelMc

    12/08/2020 06:48 AM

    I am an American we deserve to have all evidence brought before the Supreme Court and to have the fraud in this election exposed. I am sick of the Democratic Party being aloud to just get away with cheating through everything and they need to be brought to justice. Biden and Harris are not eligible to even be considered to run for any office with the fraud already uncovered. This needs to be addressed and needs to be brought forth

  • Mike Clark

    12/07/2020 10:39 PM

    When you have the media not looking at this , NYT, Washington Post , WSJ, plus all the major networks except for FOX and Newsmax , people don’t care . Out of 320 million people in this country only 153 million people voted and at least ten of those million for Biden were illegal. Anybody with common sense know with the campaigns that Biden Ran , he didn’t even visit the states he won . Trump did 3 to 4 campaigns in different states just before the election . 20 to 25 thousand people attended each rally and he lost don’t think so. Even on Saturday in Georgia ,Trump campaigned for our two Republican Senators in the runoff 25 thousand people showed up not for a losing President , because the election was illegal. To show you how corrupt Pelosi is , she finally approved a lower Stimulus bill today , why didn’t she ok it three months ago , she was waiting for the election to be over , made the American People suffer all for her corrupt politics because she hated Trump , despicable Speaker of the House ever.

  • Vicki

    12/07/2020 10:26 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee, I would like to deeply apologize for my comment I sent out to you. I honestly misunderstood what you said. Being ion Parler and my love for our President Trump and my country so much corrupt and how they been attacking Trump. I’m just really troubled! I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. Sincerely, Vicki

  • Teresa Colon

    12/07/2020 10:02 PM

    I am Sick and Tired of them saying no fraud went on! Then they get democrap judges that are completely biased. You know, everyone in America knows that the dems cheated and were helped by China, but almost the Entire World is watching this crazy show. Trump won. People need to start being proud to be an American. Land of the FREE. We have to keep it that way. I am Demanding FREEDOM for my children and grandchildren. God Bless America!

  • Barbara Gardella

    12/07/2020 09:43 PM

    It’s the Emperors new clothes over and over again. If they keep saying no fraud and wear us down to finally we go with the flow. ...Until a little child cries out”but he is not wearing any clothes”. I am patiently waiting for that one voice.

  • Jeffrey Dean

    12/07/2020 09:40 PM

    Debunked. Those weren't suitcases.

    Just kidding.

  • Greg Godsey

    12/07/2020 08:08 PM

    You'd think that the most rudimentary forensic analysis of the voting data could tell if the data had been manipulated in the fashion being claimed. In a disputed election, with the sudden addition of mass mail in ballots why isn't such an analysis being done in all 50 states? And why in disputed states were republican poll watchers refused access to the vote counting in any kind of meaningful way? If this same scenario played out in city elections folks would be going to jail.

  • Kathryn Jennings

    12/07/2020 08:06 PM

    Stolen election !! You can't tell me a man staying mostly in his basement ,cannot get but a few people out to listen to him speak got more votes than Barack Obama ! Joe Biden does not have the mental compacity to run a country !! Scarry what is working behind the scenes ! God help us !!!

  • glenda tatom

    12/07/2020 07:16 PM

    I do not understand how the courts can claim "no evidence" when there are floods of evidence. This is so crocked, its unbelievable. The Democrats and Biden somehow have the courts and the press wrapped up and are determined to undermine everything that IS actual evidence; and it seems to be working! President Trump is not perfect, but he is not a career politician and plays hardball with the big guys and they cant stand for him to be right! and uncontrollable as to sway to their way of things. Many of us KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pres. Trump has been cheated out of this election win!

  • Martha Kelley

    12/07/2020 06:54 PM

    So, now you are against all the judges, both conservative & liberal, that have ruled against Trump’s claims of fraud? Shame on you, Mike Huckabee!

  • Dr. Michael Trenga

    12/07/2020 06:43 PM

    The evidence is actually overwhelming.
    The democrats have blatantly cheated and are attempting to steal this presidency.
    Drastic measures must be implemented in order to not only stop them but hold them accountable with long term prison sentences.

  • Paul Dusch

    12/07/2020 06:33 PM

    I Am Praying every Day That Jesus would Allow this Election and its evil To stop and allow true Justice to Happen , Praying for our Country that God will give us another Chance .

  • Paul A Kehren

    12/07/2020 05:49 PM

    At this point in time, nobody can say there WAS fraud, nor can anybody say there was NOT fraud. Only when ALL alleged cases of voter fraud have been adjudicated through the courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, can anyone say with reasonable certainty, that there was or was not fraud in this election.

    "Probable Cause" to believe fraud occurred is abundant in this election.

  • Elizabeth

    12/07/2020 05:46 PM

    How is GA certifying it’s votes if a signature audit has been called for?

  • Kimberly Smith

    12/07/2020 05:34 PM

    It's overwhelming evidence. These are Americans under threat of going to jail if they are lying. Evidence very.