October 11, 2016

You can always tell how difficult it is for Democrats to refute the abject failures of their policies by how creatively they twist the story into a totally different subject that they can loudly feign outrage about. A couple of recent examples: they are outraged that Donald Trump lowered the tone of political discourse by bringing Bill Clinton’s sexual assault accusers to the debate, ignoring that they started it all by hypocritically trying to tar Trump as a sexual predator for things he said over a decade ago and, of course, by staunchly defending a Democratic President who was plausibly accused of sexual assault, harassment and rape. (You can also visit for a list of “56 Examples of Outrageously Lewd Remarks by Bill and Hillary Clinton,” but pardon me if I’d rather not link to that.)

When hacked emails revealed collusion between the DNC and the Clinton campaign to torpedo Bernie Sanders and other perfidy, Democrats weren’t contrite. Instead, they were OUTRAGED by the “real scandal” – that Russia hacked their emails to try to influence the election (which may or may not be true, but notice we’re no longer talking about what was in the emails, so it served its purpose).

And now, the second debate has brought us yet another example of pantomime outrage: Donald Trump threatened Hillary Clinton with jail, which shows he’s a dictator who wants to turn America into a banana republic! A lot of media outlets happily ran with that nonsense, since it saved them from having to discuss what Trump really said and what every viewer understood that he meant: it’s the current administration that's politicized virtually every part of the government, from the IRS to the DOJ to the FBI, to attack political opponents and let cronies off the hook, which is like the unequal justice of a banana republic. Trump was actually promising to reverse that and return to the concept of equality under the law, where well-connected political figures face the same legal consequences for breaking the law as ordinary citizens do (Trump specifically alluded to this by mentioning people who had been jailed for doing one-fifth of what Hillary is accused of). Since polls show a large majority of Americans believe that Clinton should have faced indictment for her lax handling of classified information, lies and obstruction of justice, it’s hard to believe nobody in these newsrooms understood what Trump meant.

But just to make it crystal clear that he’s talking about ending the Obama/Clinton banana republic tactics, not instituting them, here’s a handy list of 16 times Democrats tried to abuse the justice system to bully or jail their political opponents (and I can think of a couple more off the top of my head, so this is hardly a comprehensive list).

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  • Diane Bailey

    10/11/2016 04:26 PM

    Do you really hold out hope that Trump can weather all they will throw at him between now and election time? I am a Christian and am praying that it is God's hand in all of this will make the difference. I also believe that Donald Trump is one of those people who does better the more people try to get the best of him (as evidenced by his performance Sunday evening in the debate). My mom pretty much raised me with the same "nothing is going to get the best of me" attitudes! Finally, thank you for your continued support. I keep hoping to see you with your own show back after the elections. That is, unless you are going to be playing an important role in the Trump administration. Keep up your good efforts! God can defeat this evil world and administration, but I think we need to take a stand NOW!