April 15, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Mueller goes fishing -- "Huckabee preview" -- Fantasy camp  -- Lyin Comey -- RIP Art Bell -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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It’s been reported that among the minnows hauled up in the government’s outrageous fishing expedition that seized President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen’s privileged communications with his legal clients was the revelation that the National Enquirer paid for a salacious story about an alleged Trump love child and didn't run it. There were also reports that investigators might demand to know why the paper didn’t run it. Did Cohen pay them off? Is this an illegal in-kind contribution to help Trump win? Collusion!! Conspiracy!!! IMPEACHMENT!!!!

Well, two points: First of all, I know it’s considered as old fashioned as button shoes these days to mention the Bill of Rights, but there’s this clause right at the top of it that says the government has no say over what someone with a printing press does with it. It's no more the government's business to ask why the Enquirer didn't run a negative Trump story than it is to ask the Washington Post or the New Time Times why they run nothing but. But I guess if the government can ignore the 4th Amendment, it can ignore the 1st one, too.


Mike Huckabee

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"Huckabee" preview

By Mike Huckabee

Be sure to join me tonight on TBN for “Huckabee!” This week, I’ll discuss the repercussions of the GOP tax cut with the architect of the Reagan Revolution, Art Laffer, and talk with Geraldo Rivera about his new memoir on his fascinating life and his roller-coaster career in news. We’ll also welcome a Huck’s Hero you’ll want to meet, laugh with hilarious comedian Mike Bliss, enjoy the music of rising country star Sarah Darling, and more. To find out where to see it in your area, and for previous shows and clips (including last week’s astounding, must-see world premiere of Jo Dee Messina’s new song, “Bigger Than This” – the kind of production that ought be opening the Grammy Awards), visit https://www.tbn.org/programs/huckabee


Fantasy camp

By Mike Huckabee

Last week, about 450 Democratic candidates from around America gathered in Washington for several days of discussions and training sponsored by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, preparing for what they’re certain is going to be a massive blue wave election that will finally prove Americans are desperate for far-left government. They think this is the year when socialism will actually work for the first time ever because it will finally be imposed by the right people (that’s my assumption, since that’s the excuse they usually give for socialism bringing nothing but poverty, corruption and misery everywhere else it’s been tried for the century or so.)

The attendees believe that their ideas (expanding Social Security, single-payer government health care, a $15-an-hour minimum wage, free college tuition, etc.) are now popular enough with a majority of Americans that they can win both Houses of Congress. I assume they’re unaware of the approaching Social Security funding crisis, the rationing of care and massive cost overruns in places with single-payer health care, and the destruction of jobs and businesses under the $15 minimum wage. I also assume they assume that Americans are unaware that we already have a $21 trillion national debt, and even if we “tax the rich” at 100%, it wouldn’t make a dent in it. I further assume they are unaware of reality.

As if to cement the idea that they think all of America wants to be California, including the many Americans who fled California precisely for these reasons, the seminars included lessons from Hollywood scriptwriters on how to sell their personal stories to voters. It would hardly seem necessary to point this out, but:

1. Movie box office is way down and the Oscar ceremony has crashed in the TV ratings, largely because Americans are fed up with having leftist politics imposed on them by Hollywood scriptwriters…and 2. If you have to use the tactics of Hollywood fantasy to convince people that your political ideas work, maybe that’s a clue as just how viable they really are. I’ll bet the people of Venezuela wish they could replace the results of socialism by covering them up with a lot of CGI-created prosperity, happiness, food, medicine and toilet paper.

Let us hope and pray that if anyone wakes up to reality, it will be the voters across America who were contemplating sitting the election out because “things couldn’t get worse, even if the Democrats won back Congress.” Yes, they can, and they definitely will.


Lyin Comey

By Mike Huckabee

The Republican Party launched a website (LyinComey.com) to refute any allegations against President Trump in James Comey’s new book. But so far, even some liberal commentators who’ve gotten a sneak peek admit that there are no smoking gun allegations, and the book actually reflects worse on Comey’s judgement in writing it and on his own ego and lack of self-awareness than on Trump. But the GOP site already did a great public service by compiling the video you can see at this link.

It’s a reminder of how everyone on both sides of the aisle – but in this case, Democrats in particular – thought Comey richly deserved to be fired…right up until the minute Trump fired him, and then it suddenly became an outrageous attempt to obstruct justice. Republicans thought he should go due to his involvement in the obviously partisan Hillary Clinton email non-investigation, while Democrats thought he should be fired for bringing it up again just before the election and “costing” Hillary the Presidency (as if by that point, anyone who might have voted for her hadn’t already made up their minds on that issue.)

Comey reportedly explains in the book that he was so certain she’d win, he felt he had to reopen the investigation before the election to get the new revelations about her classified emails being found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop out in the open, so she wouldn’t be considered an “illegitimate President” -- but he did it at the last minute so the Trump campaign couldn’t exploit it. In other words, he made what should have been an unbiased investigative decision based on polls and trying to help one candidate while not helping another – all of which should be grounds for firing a supposedly impartial FBI Director. And that's his defense! See, I told you: no self-awareness.

This link is worth a click, just to see Maxine Waters slam James Comey for having “no credibility.” That’s like having Anthony Weiner accuse you of having no morals.


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RIP Art Bell

By Mike Huckabee

I’m sad to have to report the death of a longtime radio icon. Art Bell has died at 72. His fans were not surprised to hear that he died on Friday the 13th of so-far undisclosed reasons, although some might suspect that’s just a cover story and he was really taken into the sky by aliens. For years, Art Bell’s deep-night syndicated show, “Coast to Coast,” broadcast from the “high desert of Nevada,” served as the radio equivalent of a campfire ghost story or watching an “X-Files” marathon in the dark.

His guests offered scary testimonies of UFOs, ghosts, secret conspiracies, weird creatures and other spooky mysteries that might have seemed silly in the light of day, but they could raise goosebumps and give you the willies if you were driving a truck alone through the desert at night while listening. Bell might have been skeptical of some of the wilder tales himself, but his innate sense for great radio and storytelling (and his ability to keep a straight face) kept listeners glued to the show. It was a throwback to the days when people could hear Orson Welles tell of Martians invading, and for just a few minutes at least, let the power of radio to stir the imagination convince them that maybe...just maybe...it might be true.


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