January 12, 2019

The government may be shut down, but the staff of “Huckabee” on TBN never stops working!  We have another great new show for you tonight, starting off with a discussion on the politics of impeachment with Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz. You’ll be inspired by Richard Picciotto, the highest-ranking firefighter to survive the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11.  James Riley, owner of historic Riley’s Farm, will tell about his battle to defend free speech from PC school officials.  America’s funniest pastor, Dr. Dennis Swanberg, will have you in stitches.  We’ll visit “Our Kind of Town,” and I’ll give you “The Facts of the Matter” about some serious issues, plus a dose of goofy news, “In Case You Missed It.” There are lots more surprises, too, including a special musical number from the best band on TV, Tre Corley and the Music City Connection. 

It’s all coming your way tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, repeated the same times on Sunday, only on TBN. You can find your local TBN channel and stream previous episodes online, at



It’s the weekend, and a good time to wrap up a little unfinished business.  This is a particularly good weekend for that, because this past week brought commemorations of the birthday of Elvis Presley, whose motto was “TCB: Taking Care of Business.”  It gives us a good opportunity to reflect on who is living up to Elvis’ credo and who is not.

First of all, a big “TCB” salute to Florida’s new Governor Rick DeSantis, for taking care of the long overdue business of suspending Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for his deadly failure to take care of his business of keeping the students and teachers of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School safe.  From Israel’s office ignoring advance warnings about the shooter who eventually killed 14 students and three staff members to his deputies taking cover and waiting outside while the shooter mowed down innocent victims, DeSantis said Israel repeatedly failed and demonstrated a pattern of poor leadership, and it’s now been well-documented that the massacre might never have happened if it weren’t for his “neglect of duty and incompetence.”

Naturally, Israel said he “wholeheartedly” rejects those findings, that he did nothing wrong and acted honorably, the Governor is just playing politics with the NRA, and he’ll fight the suspension in court.  But his whining and excuses cut no ice with grieving parents, one of whom said his daughter was fleeing down a hallway and would be alive today if the shooter had been delayed by even one second.  But he wasn’t, because Israel’s armed deputies, following his protocols, were protecting themselves outside while listening to the shots ringing out inside the school.  It only ended after officers from neighboring Coral Springs showed up and actually engaged the shooter.  Israel has the right to make the case in court that he did everything right and is the wronged party here, but he’d better hope that I’m not on his jury when he makes it.


Of course, nobody “take care of business” like the US military, and that was proven again this week when President Trump revealed that a precision airstrike in Yemen was very precisely targeted at Jamal al-Badawi, one of the FBI’s most-wanted terrorists and an al-Qaeda operative behind the bombing of the USS Cole.  That pre-9/11 attack killed 17 sailors and injured 39 more.  al-Badawi twice escaped custody in Yemen and has been in hiding since 2006.

Then-president Bill Clinton vowed at a memorial service in 2000, “To those who attacked them, we say: 'You will not find a safe harbor. We will find you, and justice will prevail.’"  It took until New Year’s Day of 2019, but that promise was finally fulfilled: Trump wrote on Twitter, “Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We have just killed the leader of that attack, Jamal al-Badawi. Our work against al Qaeda continues. We will never stop in our fight against Radical Islamic Terrorism!”

Congratulations to our military and to everyone over nearly two decades who kept up the hunt until justice was finally delivered from above.  On a related note, a Chinese general recently floated the idea that China should attack a couple of US Navy ships and kill a lot of Americans, because Americans are so fat, lazy and divided that we’ll we slink away like cowards and refuse to fight. Well, it took us nearly 20 years to find Jamal al-Bawadi after he attacked one of our ships, but we never gave up and now he’s been blown to atoms. If the general hasn’t yet heard of him, then I have to assume his bosses in Beijing are not as stupid as he.  They have certainly heard of Pearl Harbor and 9/11, and how effective those attacks were at intimidating Americans into surrendering.


Finally, in the category of people who are not living up to Elvis’ TCB motto, here’s the latest on the partial government shutdown, which as of today is the longest-ever. 

In an age when some people think it’s the government’s business to do everything from taking over our health care to telling us how much soda we’re allowed to drink, two responsibilities that really are the business of government – securing the borders and keeping Americans safe from criminals – are not merely being ignored but openly spurned by one of the two major political parties.

President Trump is trying to take care of the government’s real business by offering to meet and work with the opposition to get the job done.  He traveled to Texas, to force the TV news channels to show what’s happening at the border; and he even canceled his trip to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland to stay in DC and be available to reach a deal to reopen the closed government offices.


Trump also made time to comfort the grieving relatives of a police officer killed by a criminal illegal alien who shouldn’t have still been in the US…


And he even offered to help create a path to citizenship for H1-B temporary workers with valuable skills.


Some Republicans in the House and Senate are also trying to take care of business by offering up bills to keep government workers’ paychecks coming during the shutdown, or to shut off their own paychecks until it’s settled, or else just refusing pay or donating their pay to worthwhile causes such as veterans’ groups.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, Democrats continue to make feeble excuses for not providing a fraction as much funding for border barriers as they’ve backed under previous Presidents.  They continue to engage in dismissive rhetoric about border security and illegal immigration that are 180-degrees opposite to things they’ve said in the past.

It’s become clear over the past week that their arguments run counter to obvious evidence, the hands-on experience of border security agents, common sense in general, and the views of the vast majority of Americans.  Unable to refute reality, they’ve entered an ugly phase of openly denying it, with snarky tweets and eye-rolling TV appearances that mock the pain of Americans who’ve been victimized by and even lost family members to violent criminal illegal aliens.  Some Angel Families are now speaking out about how low and offensive this dismissal of their suffering is.

In a final rebuke of Elvis’ “Taking Care of Business” philosophy, while Trump remains in DC, waiting to settle the impasse, both Houses of Congress went home for the weekend, where the Democratic members will no doubt bemoan the plight of the poor government workers and blame both the shutdown and its protracted length on the President who’s waiting back in DC for them to come back and do their jobs.

Ever get the feeling the wrong government workers are going without paychecks?




I would urge every American of every faith to say a prayer for 13-year-old Jayme Closs.  She was missing for 87 days before escaping from her alleged abductor, who is also suspected of having murdered her parents.  I can’t even imagine the horrors this poor child experienced at the hands of that monster.  Thank God that she was able to escape and is safe. Please pray for healing and peace for her and for justice to be done.

In a somewhat related story, a convicted pedophile has reportedly written a letter confessing to the 1996 murder of child beauty pageant star JonBenet Ramsey.  But if this is a hoax confession, it wouldn’t be the first one.  Details are at the link; expect far more investigation of this before we know whether there’s anything to it or not.



CNN demonstrated twice this week that it puts promoting the PC narrative that there’s no illegal immigration crisis ahead of evidence, common sense and their own lyin’ eyes.  First, there was Jim Acosta’s hilariously clueless report from McAllen, Texas, that there already was a steel barrier there, yet nobody was trying to cross – well, duh!  Then, CNN dropped a request for help from a San Diego TV station after learning that it had reported on how well building a wall had worked.  Now, they’re going for strike three.

CNN’s excuses were flying thick and fast, with the latest from Acosta being that even on a stretch of the border where there was only a chain link fence, “occasionally, migrants come through,” but it was “quite safe.”  

That prompted a spokesman for local Border Patrol agents to make a suggestion to Acosta.  He said, sure, everything seems pretty nice and calm during the day, when you’re out there with cameras.  But pitch a tent by the river and stay out there in the dark for a couple of nights, then get back to them on how safe he feels.  He pointed out that while CNN was saying there is no border crisis, in just that spot, they deal with the equivalent of one of those notorious caravans, up to 10,000 migrants, each and every week.   

I’m passing this along because you probably won’t see it on CNN, or too many other media outlets that put narrative over facts.  We already know that CNN has an aversion to presenting news about the border from people who actually know what they’re talking about.



Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson denied that he gave a widely-quoted interview blasting “Generation Snowflake” and people who try to clamp down on free speech in the name of being offended.  Johnson says the story is “100% false” and he “never said those words.”

Too bad.  For a minute there, I thought we’d finally found someone to host the Oscars.  Oh well, back to James Woods!




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  • Steve Shapero

    01/15/2019 08:03 AM

    Regarding a comment I sent yesterday about Rep Steve King, I now see the flaw in my thinking. I had wondered if people may have misconstrued his intent. After hearing his comment a couple more times, I now realize this words were legitimizing white nationalism, and therefore white supremacy. How embarrassing that I did not see that before. I'm no longer confused and see that Kevin McCarthy had no choice in his decision.

  • rodney Burke

    01/14/2019 05:20 PM

    If this general is any indication, the Chinese military is as incompetent as they were during Viet Nam and our "government" refused to go after them. In one on one combat, naval and AF China would be gone in a week. Just like in Viet Nam AND Korea where they were NOTHING and Harry S. refused to fly over the Yaloo and bomb them into the 6th dimension. If we'd had a president and not a men's store clerk, we would have WON Korea but it's 60 years too late for that now.

  • John Holdgreve

    01/14/2019 03:37 PM

    I truly hope that you do read these. Below is a blurb that I think may be of interest. I know that it is off topic. PLEASE READ

    The way governmental agencies are set up now, they have an annual budget and at the end of their fiscal year if they, have any money left, they have to scurry around to find ways to use up any and all of the excess cash. Because if they don’t use it all, they will get less next year and they can’t let that happen!!!

    Having worked for many years, the only way I see to reduce government spending is to offer incentives. How does this sound: All department heads, committee heads, etc. have their salaries cut or frozen. They then can earn a LARGE bonus by staying under budget. This bonus would be a percentage of what they saved. This could be lot of money, but with the stipulation that at least 60% (?) of this bonus would passed on to their staff.

    This should show results fast.


    01/14/2019 03:15 PM

    Governor Huckabee
    Great show over the weekend, we sure need more laughter, prior to your show I was watching "Worst Cooks" I wonder where they find their competitors? So bad, then watched your show and agree we need to laugh more. So great was the gift to Richard Picciotto, we need more hero's like him. And of course I wish Alan Dershowitz could go before Congress and recite the Constitutional passage regarding impeachment, it might shut the dumbocrats up, or maybe not. They need to focus on doing their jobs rather then trying to take down Trump. With the 2020 election coming sooner then we want, the Border Wall will haunt Trump, but the impeachment I am hoping will really hurt the Dems. It will be a toss up. One more item, is the amount of Dems jumping into the race, how confusing~
    Thank you
    Carmen Price

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    01/14/2019 11:45 AM

    Please continue to push for veterans to go to civilian doctors that are qualified and care. We had nightmares with my husband and I got him out of the VA system. I would not take anybody there. The VA hospitals are not only a joke, they are expensive to run. Thank you for highlighting.

  • Stan Szczepanski

    01/14/2019 09:33 AM

    In your TCB segment: Trump wrote on Twitter, “Our GREAT MILITARY has delivered justice for the heroes lost and wounded in the cowardly attack on the USS Cole. We have just killed the leader of that attack, Jamal al-Badawi. Our work against al Qaeda continues. We will never stop in our fight against Radical Islamic Terrorism!”
    Then how is it that we are allowing Muslims into Congress that have ties to Radical Islamic groups? Have seen on Facebook that there is a law against Muslims becoming members of Congress but it is not being followed. What's going on here? True or not? If true it is very disturbing.

  • Gary Stilwell

    01/13/2019 10:21 PM

    Desantis may have started to do the right thing in the Fla. debacle--just that the incompetant police officer was able to resign--rather than being FIRED--thus keeping his fat retirement-to the tune of > 100K per year real justice here, isn't it?

  • Eddie C. Jones

    01/13/2019 02:34 PM

    I read them.

  • Deb Parcell

    01/13/2019 07:08 AM

    After hearing the story that The Rock gave that interview, I was re-evaluating my opinion of him. Starting to think of him as perhaps much more than a pretty face and a hunk of a body, when I read your piece.....doggone it! I’m disappointed, but as you say, we still have James Woods, and I am thankful for that! Thanks for your newsletter- I read every one! Keep up the good work!

  • Bill Van Skiver

    01/13/2019 02:31 AM

    Dear Mike,
    I sent you a reply in an email I received from you a few moments ago regarding Ron DeSantis's firing of Sheriff Scott Israel. One final thought tonight I'd like to share is with regard to all these liberals in the Dem camp, not to mention what seems like far too many Repubs who tend to waffle every time they think they might get a little blowback from the Dems and the lame-stream left wing media. Just that in itself takes me back to a Bible passage about those who fear man more than God. Woe to them! And shame on them as well! But I digress........With the daily onslaught from the liberal left and these self-proclaimed socialists in this country who will stop at nothing to tear this nation down, it's beyond my comprehension how anyone in their right mind would even ever entertain the thought of taking anything they say to heart! As God might say, this nation He has blessed so greatly, has become like "a woman in travail." I know God is always in charge, and boy-oh-boy, it's needless to say He has indeed put our nation to the test! I guess a lot of prayers and patience would be the order of the day. But I have one thing going for me personally, and that is God's will is and has always been to do good in the end. I'm sure there are many out there who feel as I do, but I pray many more will join the fray, and sooner than later! Thanks as always for being just one of those many shining lights on the hill Mike!!!

  • Arlene Hurley

    01/13/2019 12:39 AM

    Hi Mike. Always love your column. I have two things to discuss tonight. Canada’s Trudeau said he is going to let 1 million immigrants into his country by 2020. I’m positive that is what he said, doesn’t that make our northern border that has no wall at all a very big entrance for illegals. Also someone let somebody put a Saudi statue at the World Trade Center. Since the Saudi terrorists knocked the twin towers down, I and so many people can’t believe this is happening. Someone should do something about this. Thank you.

  • Marilyn Sherod

    01/12/2019 10:50 PM

    Loved your show tonight. Thanks for news and humor, too!

  • Carl Smith

    01/12/2019 09:42 PM

    What's an Oscar? Is that the show where everybody on the "A" list pats each other on the back?

  • Ronald P Beattie

    01/12/2019 08:22 PM

    The President needs to always have cameras rolling while talking to the Democrats that way they can't lie or alter what the President says. I feel that the Democrats hate the President so much and really don't care about the average citizens they will continue to delay the immigration problem. Sorry Federal Workers but this needs to be solved our country is in true danger . We all should call our Democratic Senators and reps and demand they fix the immigration problem or you won't vote for them next time in.

  • Stephen Russell

    01/12/2019 07:53 PM

    Govt shutdown benefits:
    Show How much Govt we DONT Need aside from Founding Fathers.
    Cut deadwood,
    Force early retirements?
    & No I dont feel for average Govt worker sorry, esp thos in DC area.'

  • Toni DeFronzo

    01/12/2019 07:46 PM

    Your honest, succinct narratives are so refreshing and appreciated.

  • Carla Isselmann

    01/12/2019 07:36 PM

    Thank you, dear Mr. Huckabee,,
    please, be so kind as to let President Trump know that he should start building the Wall immediately,
    than you,

  • Suzanne Farmer Oswald

    01/12/2019 07:20 PM

    Thank you Mr Huckabee , love your news, God Bless you .

  • Chuck antaya

    01/12/2019 07:01 PM

    Happy new year Mike.

  • Kathy Wunrow

    01/12/2019 07:00 PM

    I really enjoy watching your show on Saturday nights. I like hearing your comments at the beginning of your show.Keep up the wonderful show. God bless you.

  • Verneta Stebbins

    01/12/2019 06:38 PM

    Elvis birthday!? My husband Francis was born on January 8th, also, but this year he turned 90! He is so old, Elvis was born on HIS birthday!!!