March 18, 2019

The Washington State Senate passed a bill designed to prevent President Trump from being on the ballot in that state in 2020.  Since Trump declined to release his personal income tax forms (which is not required by federal law), the bill requires every candidate to have released five years’ worth of taxes to be on the ballot.  This is similar to bills being pushed by other blue states such as New Jersey and Illinois.

Although Washington’s Attorney General and Solicitor General claimed that the bill is “likely Constitutional” but would face a court challenge, Republican state Sen. Dale Righter said that it "clearly" is not Constitutional: “The Constitution lays out the qualifications to be a candidate for president. States aren’t allowed to add to those qualifications.”

Unfortunately, being told that a bill is clearly unconstitutional has seldom stopped Democrats from passing it.  Here’s my question, though: since these states are so solidly blue that they could actually pass a nakedly partisan bill like this, why are they worried about Trump being on the ballot?  Are they scared that the Democratic candidate will be such a far-left, socialist-sympathizing, open-borders-embracing, Green New Deal-hugging, tax-raising, economy-wrecking, job-destroying, America-hating nightmare that Trump could beat him/her/xir even in Washington State or Illinois?  Actually, that sounds like a fairly reasonable assumption.

On the other hand, I thought Democrats were all about “choice” and voters’ rights.  So they believe a woman’s “right to choose” extends even to killing her baby after it's born, but nobody in their state should have the right to vote for the incumbent President?  They think the right to vote is so sacred that it should even be given to illegal aliens and 16-year-old kids, but they’ll limit who you’re allowed to vote for to only the candidate of their party? 

Well, I guess if you want to turn America socialist, limiting the Presidential ballot to only one candidate is a standard part of the process.  I just figured they’d try to bring in the socialism first.


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  • Deborah Cooper

    03/22/2019 03:46 PM

    As an IL resident this really angers me. The Democrats think they can do anything they want & they’re getting away with a lot. The county I live in was won by Trump. They know he’s got the economy humming and their worried. PS Please don’t send me requests for a contribution to ANYTHING.

  • Darren

    03/20/2019 02:31 PM

    Washington State is not a solidly Democrat as much of the nation thinks. Every county east of the cascades is solid Republican. If you looked at a county by county map of the state you’d see that we are a politically divided state. Seattle’s policies are making a bad name for the entire state but it’s not a true representation of how we feel.

  • Darren

    03/20/2019 02:27 PM

    Washington State is not a solidly Democrat as much of the nation thinks. Every county west of the cascades is solid Republican. If you looked at a county by county map of the state you’d see that we are a politically divided state. Seattle’s policies are making a bad name for the entire state but it’s not a true representation of how we feel.

  • Linda Olds

    03/20/2019 01:15 AM

    I'm alternating between laughing at the Democrats of Washington State, and feeling extremely nauseated at what they would do to get rid of President Trump.
    Maybe they and other liberal states will go so far, all of their citizens will leave.
    Illinois' population is declining and their new Democrat governor is trying to speed up the process by increasing the state income taxes, (but it's ok, he only wants to increase taxes on the 'rich')!

  • Galen Brinson

    03/19/2019 02:14 PM

    The Democrat hypocrisy is nauseating.

  • Galen Brinson

    03/19/2019 02:11 PM

    The Democrat hypocrisy is nauseating.

  • Galen Brinson

    03/19/2019 02:07 PM

    The hypocrisy is nauseating.

  • Debra Walker

    03/19/2019 11:52 AM

    I am not from Washington but I am still outraged, as everyone should be no matter where you are from or your political affiliation, that a state is trying to restrict who their citizens can vote for! If one state gets away with this, others also will, and in effect government is tampering with free elections. This is just as bad, or maybe worse than eliminating the electoral votes that will give all voting power to a few heavily populated states to govern over the 40+ other states!

  • Delores Palin

    03/19/2019 07:45 AM

    They are scared of President Trump. He had done a wonderful since being in office.

  • Leslie Cone

    03/19/2019 12:05 AM

    The state is basically cut in half by mountains and politics. The heavily populated west is liberal, the ruaral east is concervative. I’m no fan of President Trump, didn’t vote for him in the last Presidential election. But if our state refuses to put him on the ballot in 2020, I’ll write him in just because no one has the right to limit my choices.

  • Alice Williams

    03/18/2019 11:04 PM

    Here's the deal. Every member of Congress needs to make THEIR tax reports public! We need to know where our Social Security money went and to whom!
    There, I fixed it!

  • Pressley F

    03/18/2019 09:30 PM

    The democratic party has gone WAY TOO FAR to the LEFT.
    They will lose, regardless what their cheating ways do/
    Remember 2016, With Hillary, was stacked to win. With all their cheating, she still lost. Thank you/

  • Kathy Ann Riley

    03/18/2019 09:23 PM

    They can't make me vote for a democrat They are nasty evil people and I am sure someone will sue them.

  • Sandra G. Honess

    03/18/2019 08:47 PM

    Mr. Huckabee. Does this mean that for 2020, President Trump's name WILL NOT be on the ballot at the machines in those states??? Or will his name still be there and this will be challenged in court, maybe to the SCOTUS???? THANK YOU.

  • Larry Kelly

    03/18/2019 08:21 PM

    If the Democrats succeed with this manuver, Republicans should throw their vote to the Independent candidate. With Republican and Independents votes the Independent would win, essentially nuetering Washington state in the electoral college.

  • Shelly Lambert

    03/18/2019 07:30 PM

    As a Washatonian I stand with Trump. I don't care what his tax returns say. The Washington Senate has just passed a bill to eliminate natural gas which I heat my home with. These guys are evil, crooked, and nuts. They stole the governorship from Rosi with "found" ballots. I have no doubts they will steal the Washington votes from Trump.

  • Mark News

    03/18/2019 06:40 PM

    They rigged the last election and lost, so the only thing left, is to keep Trump off the ballot! Don t they realize they are trying to destroy the very country that allowed them to get as crooked as they are? Wow!

  • Arlene Hynes

    03/18/2019 06:04 PM

    We worry about our way of life and our values being changed by illegals and that is valid but this shows that our elected officials will do the same thing. This is just so sad that they are trying to take our voting rights and choices away. Unbelievable and shame on them!!
    The founders are turning over in their graves!

  • Sarah atwood

    03/18/2019 05:54 PM

    This just can't happen..... we must speak up!

  • Vickie Johnston

    03/18/2019 05:45 PM

    We need to get these socialist out of our government. Can't our Congress do something?

  • Linda Fisher

    03/18/2019 05:37 PM

    I wondered how this could possibly be legal. I agree they must be scared to death that the President will win in their state. I am flabbergasted at their audacity.

  • Sandy christian

    03/18/2019 04:45 PM

    This is so stupid.what has happened to our country

  • MariLyn Sabo

    03/18/2019 04:03 PM

    As a Washington State resident, I would personally challenge this to the Supreme Court. My family has resided in this state since before statehood and I am so ashamed of the liberal tilt it has taken in recent years since the Californians decided to move north.

  • Rhonda Hoover

    03/18/2019 04:02 PM

    Our country must be the laughing stock. And the Dems are so scared they will do anything no matter how illogical or far fetched that they make themselves look even more foolish. God bless President Trump!

  • John Miles

    03/18/2019 03:55 PM

    Rumor has it that many of the key players in the Mueller investigation may have also played a key role in the sale of uranium (against our national interests) to the Russians
    during Hillary’s watch at the State Dept. Opening the possibility of bribes being paid to the aforementioned government officials. Any truth in that?