March 16, 2019

As I predicted yesterday, “Beto” O’Rourke’s presidential roll-out wasn’t greeted with as much adulation as he expected. While those who vote for Presidents based on “charisma” were dazzled, even some prominent liberals are skeptical that a brief term in the House, a losing Senate race and mad skateboard skillz are enough qualifications to be President. Nancy Pelosi was pressed to name a “signature accomplishment” of O’Rourke’s and came up empty (I heard that he did get a bill passed to rename a courthouse, proving that he is really good at coming up with better names for things than they started out with.)

There was even this brutal but hilariously spot-on assessment, from liberal journalist Michael Tracey, formerly of Young Turks...

But here’s the strongest sign yet that “Beto” may not be ready for the national stage, and it’s today’s Must-See Video. No, I don’t mean his announcement video, although you have to see that to fully appreciate the other one (also, see if you think, as I did, that it seems odd how he talks on and on, hyperactively spewing verbiage like a Word Salad Shooter, while his wife never utters a syllable. She just stares intently at his left ear, as if pondering whether a spot on his lobe is a speck of chocolate or a mole that needs to be looked at.)

I mean the other video of “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon parodying Beto’s video. It’s not merely hilarious, it’s shocking. After two years of turning late night comedy shows into DNC infomercials, a host has finally made fun of a Democratic media star. Beto may be in serious trouble if even the fawning leftist late night shows can’t resist mocking his schtick. I guess as a former “SNL” cast member, Fallon knows when someone is Not Ready for Prime Time.

Fallon will likely be blasted by liberals for straying off the plantation, the way he was for “normalizing” Donald Trump by talking to him as if he were a (gasp!) human being. If so, let’s hope he stands up to it. The latest crop of wet-behind-the-ears, know-it-all leftists are crying out to be parodied. Restoring some balance to these shows might actually Make Late Night Comedy Great Again.




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  • Denise A Wright

    03/22/2019 01:42 AM

    I've been stumped on why I keep reading about Beto's huge popularity when his accomplishments seem so lacking.
    Now I know why all of the adjectives including charismatic are being poured upon Beto!
    I figured it out. It's his teeth. His smile. His hair (kinda sorta...).
    The people who are falling all over themselves to "adore" him is because they remind them of the Kennedys.
    Looks aren't everything and they certainly don't make the man.

  • Dean Barto

    03/16/2019 05:57 PM

  • Big Ed

    03/16/2019 02:47 PM

    Not being able to name an accomplishment while a member of congress. Wasn't the same thing said about Obama???

  • Robert L Fragoman

    03/16/2019 01:48 PM

    Am I the only one who noticed how little attention those in attendance were paying to his speech. It looked like only one person was paying attention, some of the others were either drinking a soda, or looking at the floor. Now! think about a Donald J. Trump speech where people are hanging on his every word and cheering.

    I wonder how many of those at his so called rally, were paid to be there?

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    03/16/2019 01:26 PM

    Now that "Beto" O'Rourke is running we have a fake Mexican to go with the fake Cherokee. All we ned now is former Colorado governer Burp Chickenblooper (SP?) and we'll have a fake Indian a Fake Mexican and a fake cowboy. They can share a bus for their campaigning - we'll call it the Phoney Express.

  • Donald R Heath

    03/16/2019 12:38 PM

    At least he has nice clean teeth.

  • Dianna Rhodes

    03/16/2019 11:48 AM

    PLEASE STOP calling him Beto!!!! He is not Mexican! He is Irish. Thank you. Dianna

  • Carol Black

    03/16/2019 11:34 AM

    Can you send this newsletter to some of my friends? I think this AOC story should be given more "press". I have tried to forward other issues but was unable to do so. Should I send you their emails?

  • Bartbara Hall

    03/16/2019 11:31 AM

    RE O'Rourke's ( Bozo , as Hannity pronounces it !! ).... First of all ,he has a weird physique / body shape .................then when the limbs are flailing around , I am reminded of a huge giant spider , that is in the death throes of having been sprayed with " Bug Killer " !!!