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December 17, 2019 |

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When a story doesn’t make sense, it typically means there’s something we don’t know. In the seemingly never-ending case of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security advisor who was ambushed by James Comey (who as much as admitted it) into an interrogation without a lawyer, Judge Emmet Sullivan has ruled so weirdly that it can only mean one thing: THERE’S SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW.

A key piece is missing.

In breaking news Monday, Judge Sullivan denied Flynn’s motions to compel the production of Brady (exculpatory) evidence from the prosecution. His lawyer, Sidney Powell, had argued that prosecutors and the FBI withheld such evidence. In a 92-page ruling, Judge Sullivan said she’d failed to prove that the FBI withheld a single piece of exculpatory evidence that could exonerate him. Well, how can she until she sees what it is?

Sullivan has scheduled Flynn to appear for sentencing on January 28.

Flynn pleaded guilty in 2017, in a plea agreement negotiated by his previous legal counsel, to lying to the FBI about his conversations with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. It was in a meeting set up casually –- at least it was made to appear casual –- over the phone by then-deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe at the direction of Jim Comey, who later bragged about it on video before a live audience that laughed and clapped its approval. Flynn was told that the FBI just needed to resolve a few questions about some of his foreign contacts. When Flynn asked if he should have a lawyer there, he was told, essentially, “Nah.” He said to come on by.

This happened in the White House; I imagine an unsuspecting Flynn unpacking boxes in his brand new office. For all the details of what happened to Flynn, I highly recommend Lee Smith’s book THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT. I wonder if Judge Sullivan has read this book; at the moment, it seems not.

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Senator Schumer is mad

By Mike Huckabee

Ooh, we’re in trouble now!  Sen. Chuck Schumer has once again lowered his glasses all the way to the end of his nose, all the better to look down it at us and lecture us from his moral high ground.  This time, not surprisingly, it’s about impeachment. 

He’s demanding that Senate Democrats be allowed to subpoena witnesses and introduce new evidence in the inevitable Senate impeachment trial of President Trump (and please disregard the fact that he argued for the exact opposite during Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial.)

 (On a side note, Schumer tried to defuse that by saying, “The facts are much different here. That was about something that President Clinton did not as President, but as a human being, and a failing as a human being. This is about the President’s overreach of power.”  This is the usual false spin of Clinton as having been impeached for having an affair.  He was impeached for committing perjury in a lawsuit brought by a former state employee who claimed he abused his power over her to sexually harass her.  It was an attempt to deny her her rights for which he later lost his law license and had to pay a hefty settlement.) 

Byron York of the Washington Examiner wrote a chain of tweets untangling the tortured arguments for why the Senate Democrats should be allowed to try to build a new case against Trump after the House Democrats spent weeks under their own kangaroo court rules compiling a 600+ page “case” against him.  One of his most salient observations is the contradiction between House Democrats claiming their evidence against Trump is so abundant and overwhelming that nobody could possibly refute it, and Senate Democrats demanding to call in new witnesses and go hunting for new documents to make their case. I suspect they know the House “evidence” is nothing but a pile of third-hand hearsay and biased opinions.

Schmer’s self-serving demands are hardly unexpected, but they are very telling.  We now know that, to the Democrats’ way of thinking, in the House, Democrats have the majority, which means they get to make up the rules and do anything they want and the minority Republicans just have to take it.  But in the Senate, it’s different: the minority Democrats get to make up the rules and do anything they want, and the majority Republicans just have to take it.

I now understand why Democratic politicians love entitlement programs so much.  They’re the most entitled class of people I’ve ever seen. 



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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

Rudy Giuliani has been taking a drubbing from the media for his dogged pursuit of corruption in Ukraine, which the mainstream media dismiss as “debunked conspiracy theories,” but he is not going away quietly.  Quite the reverse. Last night, he gave an interview to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham about what he’s been digging up and it’s being called “explosive.”

I won’t even try to summarize it here, and I can’t vouch for the veracity of what he’s saying.  But I know Rudy well enough to know that he’s no Adam Schiff: he doesn’t go on national TV and make accusations about people with nothing to back it up. Just note that he uses the phrases “obstruction of justice” and “enabled Ukrainian collusion,” and he was not talking about President Trump.  

Watch the interview at the link and stay tuned because Giuliani claims there’s a lot more coming.



Happy Holiday News: All three stock markets set new records Monday on news of breakthroughs on the North American and China trade deals, with the Dow gaining its 10,000th point since Trump took office.  The economy is so hot, even the Washington Post had to admit defeat and officially retract its predictions of a recession. If it’s any consolation to them, I’m sure a severe depression is already hitting the Washington Post editorial room.


Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you."

- Jeremiah 29:12

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  • Rod Tucker

    12/18/2019 09:53 PM

    Thanks for the fine newsletter--it's a great place to get some
    truthful information about the impeachment and other things.
    This impeachment shows just how bitter, how dumb and how
    little they care about right and wrong and the American people.
    This reminds me a of the lesson about left and right----
    Remember what Jesus said: "Goats on the left,sheep on the right".
    To Peter, If you want to catch fish do it from the right side of the
    boat. They did and filled the boat.
    I have often wondered why it is that Conservatives are called
    the "right" and Liberals are called the "left". By chance I
    stumbled upon this verse in the Bible:
    "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the
    fool to the left." Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)
    Thus sayeth the Lord.
    Spelling Lesson
    The last four letters in American ...... I Can
    The last four letters in Republican ...... I Can
    The last four letters in Democrats ..... Rats
    End of lesson. Test to follow on November 2020
    For some 60 years I have voted and during this time I have voted for
    Independants, Democrats and Republicans choosing?ng who I thought
    was best. The past 3 plus years have made it very clear that I can never
    vote for another Democrat as long as I live
    God Bless America and may GOD guide and bless President Trump!!

  • Bill Cronquist

    12/17/2019 06:53 PM

    I am confused. What does being an illegal alien in the U.S mean? Are ther penalties? Do those who support and aid these people violate the law? What is the penalty for those people and governments?

  • Dusty

    12/17/2019 06:33 PM

    If Flynn is sentenced this is a total travesty and should never happen per what the FBI actually have done and more to come on the whole truth and then those who started this go to jail. I would if President be pardoning Manafort per they scapegoated him on his business dealings that never would have come out if he had stayed out of Trumps campaign. Also pardon Flynn tool. If the others who started the FISA and the whole scam of Russia do not go to jail something stinks in the Apple Barrel and even Glenn Beck says this now on the lack of the Congress using his evidence on what his people found in the Ukraine no doubt much of what Guiliani also has found. If not taken into evidence WHY NOT Gov.? Who and what is the SWAMP?

  • Joyce Birch

    12/17/2019 04:58 PM

    I'm extremely saddened to read this about Mike Flynn. I pray things will change for him. I watched Rudy Giuliani last night on Laura Ingram show. Not sure where all of his investigations will end up! I didn't realize the Democrats can change the rules in mid-stream, which they've been doing right along! Yes, they're holding all the cards now, let's pray the next deal is with the Republicans, with a "Royal Flush."

  • Caryn Abbott

    12/17/2019 03:51 PM

    Loved getting my first newsletter and the information in it. Thank you so much Gov. Huckabee. God Bless you and your family and Merry Christmas.
    With gratitude,
    Caryn Abbott

  • Amelia Little

    12/17/2019 01:58 PM

    When I first read about shumer's demand to allow THEIR "witnesses" I thought--but didn't shiff and friends bring out the best there was during the House hearings? lol. And, yep, bet there will be cries and tantrums if (hopefully when) this request is denied. UNFAIR!!!! It's quite reasonable (by insane standard) to deny the GOP any witnesses in the House, but unreasonable (again by insane standards) to deny the Democrats any witnesses in the Senate hearing. I'd say, they wrote up the reasons for impeachment, based on their "hearings" and that should be all that is allowed in the Senate. At this late date, and after a gazillion investigations and hearings, I'd be mighty distrustful if they brought in any "witness" who had any first hand knowledge---like, all of a sudden, someone popped up and "remembered" knowing first hand? Or, their continued investigation has dug someone up? (Hope it's not one of the dead voters.) Sure, and I still have this ocean front property in Western Kansas for anyone believing that.

  • Barney FLint

    12/17/2019 01:58 PM

    Well, maybe I am mis-informed regarding the process. I was under the impression that once in the republican majority controlled senate, that the republicans got to set the rules. Why should the demonrats have any say whatsoever?

  • Lawrence Foster

    12/17/2019 12:12 PM

    Friends, when you talk to your left-wing friends (I will not demean the words liberal and progressive), ask if they can remember 2006. Like Liz Warren today, in 2006 another middle-aged bleached blonde democrat went around screeching "This economy is worse than Herbert Hoover's". What she did not tell people was she was not talking about the economy the democrats planned to bring in when they won. Dems won both houses, and set out to destroy the economy. Within weeks the dollar was worth 75 cents on international markets, and then they sent Barnie franks and Chris Dodds to sodomize the housing market. They ruined the housing market, the insurance industry dozens of big banks and the auto industry, all of which they then bailed out with our money. And then we elected the man least competent to fix the economy, Barrack Obama. So, if your left-wing friends can't remember 2006, either becasue they are too young, or because they go around with their heads in a democrat enabled cloud of pot smoke, remind them what can happen when you elect democrats. Today, unemployment is down, wages are up, and our economy is booming, but making the wrong choices for President and for congress can ruin all that. remind them, if their house (or more likely their parents house) was worth $300K in 2006, it probably is not back to that level, 13 years later. That's what the democrats will do for our country, all the while making themselves richer. (Check Obamas net worth in 2007, and today).

  • Stephen Russell

    12/17/2019 11:44 AM

    Pardon Flynn, needed now