May 6, 2020

Shelley Luther, the Dallas hair salon owner who reopened her salon despite a shutdown order from Democratic county judge Clay Jenkins, was fined $7000 and sentenced to a week in jail for ripping up a cease-and-desist order and defying a temporary restraining order. (I’ll just make note in passing that across America, Democrat officials are letting real criminals out of jail because they might catch the virus there, and putting citizens who just want to work into jail where they might catch the virus because they didn’t do enough to keep from catching the virus. This is liberal logic in a nutshell, with the emphasis, as always, on “nut.”)

Luther argued that her salon was on the verge of bankruptcy, she had to make money to feed her kids and keep her home, and she was about to have to fire all her stylists. She also pointed out that she was following stricter safety guidelines than stores like Walmart that were allowed to stay open, and that hair salons are experts in maintaining sanitary conditions.

Judge Eric Moye, who wrote the restraining order, told her that if she apologized and shut down her salon, he might consider only fining her “in lieu of the incarceration which you’ve demonstrated that you have so clearly earned.” But she refused, replying, “Feeding my kids is not selfish. If you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, then please go ahead with your decision, but I am not going to shut the salon.”

The fine will cost her $500 a day until the salon is legally allowed to reopen, which under the new guidelines from Gov. Greg Abbott is this Friday. Ironically, Luther will be much more likely to contract the virus in jail, where 248 cases have been identified, than at her salon.

Judge Moye told Luther that the “rule of law cannot and does not operate when individuals take it upon themselves to decide” what they can and cannot do. I would remind the judge that the “rule of law” requires laws to be passed by elected representatives of the people, not conjured up by judges in defiance of citizens' constitutional rights.

Ms Luther may end up going to jail, but if so, it could be a Nelson Mandela-style Pyrrhic victory for the state. This case has received nationwide attention, with Luther becoming a symbol of the “Get back to work” movement. A GoFundMe account to pay her fine, bills and legal fees has racked up nearly $170,000 in donations as of this morning.

The judges who think they can intimidate Texans with threats of fines and jail don’t know much about their own state, or the Constitution. They could actually learn a thing or two from the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Tuesday, that court heard arguments in a challenge by the Wisconsin legislature to state officials’ authority to impose a lockdown. This is what Justice Rebecca Bradley asked:

“Where in the Constitution did the people of Wisconsin confer authority on a single, unelected cabinet secretary to compel almost 6 million people to stay at home, close their businesses and face imprisonment if they don’t comply… Isn’t it the very definition of tyranny?”

Memo to President Trump: I think we’ve just found your next Supreme Court nominee.

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  • Carol J Mathews

    05/07/2020 10:35 PM

    Hope more people stand up to the tyranny. America in revolt.
    Why are people not filing to impeach these governors, mayors, little dictators, that are so unreasonable and democratic? We still very much have that right and it should be exercised.
    That is the way to get rid of them and elect sensible leaders with common sense that, of course, isn't very common anymore.

  • Sandie Harris

    05/07/2020 09:29 PM

    Our judicial system is so far in the toilet from Demwits being in office. We need to remind folks that if power leads to corruption then absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • alicia Cervera

    05/07/2020 08:40 PM

    Bravo for Ms. Luther! She should sue the heck out of the Leftist judge who called her selfish for working to try & put food on the table for her children.! He needs to resign, or impeach him. A caricature of law amd order this man.!

  • alicia Cervera

    05/07/2020 08:36 PM

    Tyranny and TOTALITARIANISM. STALIN style! Im sick of the obama deep´state ,of the Left, of the Hollyweirdians, of Academia. Of the Donkey party and its acolytes, of the AOCss, pee-lose- its and schiffs in America, of all those who hate our country when they have benefitted and enjoyed of her freedoms and FREE market economy!!!! TRUMP 2020 MORE THAN EVER!

  • Danny Browning

    05/07/2020 04:57 PM

    I hope the salon it’s makes enough money off her lawsuit to retire. There is going to be bloodshed if this keeps going by civil war, guerrilla style. These democratic governors and some republicans are nothing more than the terrorist we killed in Iraq. I am a retired soldier and was sworn in to stand against all tyranny both foreign and domestic and by golly if I have to I will.
    One question we need to ask these spineless cowards is what about next years flu season.

    Give me liberty, or give me death!" is a quotation attributed to Patrick Henry from a speech he made to the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775,[1] at

  • Julie Craft

    05/07/2020 12:05 PM

    Thank you for keeping this story in front of us! She's a hero to her kids and everyone trying to do things the right way -

    Go Shelley!

  • kay roseberry

    05/07/2020 11:21 AM

    I’m proud of this courageous woman! I would love to see President Trump to go to that jail, unlock her cell and escort her to freedom! That would be a slam dunk in his favor for being re-elected! It would blow Democrat’s out of their chairs. What would they accuse him of with this action for caring about Americans!

  • Becky Mundt

    05/07/2020 10:52 AM


  • Sue Collins

    05/07/2020 10:42 AM

    Crazy liberals!

  • john S bordner

    05/07/2020 10:39 AM

    I have yet to see any information about the judge, ie, was he elected or appointed. Democrat or Republican. Lets see a picture of him. This judge is drunk with power, and a judge like that can not sit on a bench to judge anyone, criminal or law abiding citizen. He's got to go.

  • Tamara Cornejo

    05/07/2020 10:36 AM


  • Alice Claar

    05/07/2020 10:06 AM

    Thanks for keeping us informed and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS.

  • Sue Maynor

    05/07/2020 09:58 AM

    I am so glad you report the truth. I follow you instead of the news. I would have done the same if this had been me. More people need to wake up and take their rights back.

  • Suzanne Steil

    05/07/2020 08:15 AM

    This comment is not about tyranney but about Michelle Obama. Do you suppose the Biden could possible choose Michelle Obama as Vice President for his campaign? So another Obama could end up President? Hope not!!

  • Mick Mclaughlin

    05/07/2020 07:26 AM

    This is not now or ever has been about the virus. It is all about "control". You know yourself if you look at the numbers alone, there are many more nasty things killing people than this virus. The left, the media and stupid people have been blowing this thing out of proportion since January. "Panic journalism" is the norm right now. I would be willing to bet money that once the election is over this will magically go away. And people think that I"M crazy!

  • Sheila Alverson

    05/07/2020 07:06 AM

    I wish all businesses would just open up. I’m sure there aren’t enough police personnel and judges available to address such harmful crimes. The real criminals would have a hay day!!

  • Andrew McManus

    05/07/2020 06:59 AM

    Christopher Wray has been dragging his feet from day one! I never trusted him. He's protecting his cronies, that's why he is trying not to release records that will incriminate the criminals he seeks to protect

  • Terry Story

    05/07/2020 01:14 AM

    This illustrates the problem with judges! We don't know who they are or what they are doing until our ox is gored, which it certainly has in this case. There a lot of folks in some part of authority, maybe a police authority, or a political authority, and in this case a judicial authority that think that it is OK and desirable for them to issue edicts that regulate our behavior, and I am sure that they feel like they have that responsibility and authority, but I do not! There is an old saying that politicians and babies should be changed often, and for the same reason, and it clearly also applies to judges here.

  • Larry Andrews

    05/07/2020 12:25 AM

    It is hard to believe that judges are not removed for not understanding the basic principles of freedom from tyranny. This is exactly where the USA is headed at full speed!

  • Renee Kendrick

    05/06/2020 11:46 PM

    The Dallas salon owner needs to put TBD on her price board for the provided services. She then needs to extend an invitation to the judge for a shampoo and haircut at her salon, give him the royal treatment by shampooing the hell out of his hair then cutting it with her favorite razor, then charge him $7,140 for her services (20% tip included). Also, she needs to tell him that her prices had to be adjusted due to supply and demand and that she and her employees are worth every dollar he was charged and then some.

    She also needs a state inspector on hand to give the judge a grand tour of the salon along with the guidelines used for inspection while such is conducted in his presence. She then hands the salon owner a clean inspection report then ask the judge what else he expects from the salon owner.

    People who know little to nothing about business operations are prone to cast "judgement " (pun very much intended) on the hard-working citizens of this nation. The ones who make the economy tick every day. The judge is paid with tax dollars...he actually works for the salon owner. May she prosper the rest of her days!

  • Lucas Roebuck

    05/06/2020 11:40 PM


    I'm in Texas now (have a gig as VP at a UT school). Our Lt. Governor said he is going to pay Ms. Luther's fine and volunteered for house arrest (that second one isn't going happen, but it's a nice gesture). I wonder if Gov. Abbott will commute (not sure if he has that authority or not). Since you have some experience as governor, I am wondering if you would you have commuted the sentence?

    I miss Arkansas, but Texas is nice. Hope you are well. Thanks for your updates. I'm glad you continue to be a voice for common sense.

    Lucas Roebuck

  • Jerry Korba

    05/06/2020 11:31 PM

    The media puts Socialists like DeBlasio the Cuomo Bros. to spew the Socialist message they are not speaking to the elderly they are eliminating them in old folks homes the VA homes with the more intelligence they can get rid of the better chance they stay in power. Sanctuary cities and States harbor people unaware what is next for them they love the safety for now less than one generation away this country will be like the country they fled from. Newsom is not the answer to stop it he enhances the thought he also may be unaware he will become useless to new regimes. No forgiveness for the Left for they know what they are doing. MAGA Vote for Conservatives that embrace the Constitution what more Texas justice vote for a Socialists. Forget about getting a haircut 30 year old women will look 85 teeth will have rotted out don't worry you will be unlucky to live 45 years under Socialism or Communism make your choice Nov 3rd what do you have to lose ask the the lady that is in jail put there by a leftist Judge need more proof?

  • Patti Pickerd

    05/06/2020 10:34 PM

    jim bergman 05/06/2020 08:36 PM

    Let have Judge Eric Moye go for two months without a paycheck and see what tune he sings.

    Sorry but with his wages he'll have to be stopped getting any money for atleast 5 years & all his assets seized & divided amongst the needy!!!

  • Patti Pickerd

    05/06/2020 10:21 PM

    These evil tyrannical people need to be removed from office ?? ALL of them, should be tried found guilty & locked up or whatever We The People decide to do with the traitors to America!!!!!!! ??

    They're using the virus to profit their own ends, was America locked down in 1997 when the first bad flu virus hit her,

    NO SHE WAS NOT!!!! Look at the tyrants who are pushing to keep her locked down they're ALL demon??s!

    Well enough's enough & they ALL need to be stopped now!!!

  • Gary Stilwell

    05/06/2020 09:27 PM

    re definition of tyranny
    This most certainly is tyranny--
    Why is this type of restriction only happening in dem controlled States??---your taste of socialism---
    Trump is stuck between a rock and a hard place--he can't drain the swamp without being branded--then again, if this guy is so smart, why did he fall into the trap in the first place--I'm beginning to wonder--
    I believe this whole virus thing was engineered in the first place--fauci is implicated in "grants" and donations to the very group that the Chinese were working with, and took a ton of $from--I don't trust the guy, and why trump does is beyond me.--he points fingers, but the thumb has not fallen where it should--pelosi and clinton have indelible stains all over themselves.
    Barr may be doing what he thinks is right--I predict his conclusions will be negated and summarily dismissed, to be forgotten in a week or two--and most folks will just blow it off--the very few politicians who really care will be defeated in the next elections---
    The ONLY save will be if there are enough of the old folks left after this to actually stand and stop the demise of the US--we are old and infirm, but we are committed--we will offer our lives for this Country-just as we did before--even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds--I'm sure you remember the American Revolution