Democrat Race Update

March 10, 2020

Today, six more states hold primary elections: Missouri, Mississippi, Washington state, Idaho, North Dakota and the biggest prize for the Democrats, Michigan, with 125 pledged delegates. You can tell how important Michigan voters are to the Democrats because, unlike during the 2016 election, their eventual nominee will have actually visited there.

Michigan is being called a “make-or-break” state for Bernie Sanders by pundits who like to use political clichés. He scored an upset victory over Hillary there in 2016 that revitalized his campaign (still didn’t get the nomination, though), and is hoping for another one, as if that would convince the Democrats to let him have the nomination this time. Biden is well ahead in polls, but polls can be unreliable, and with so many people voting weeks early these days, last minute twists like “Joe-mentum” or Bernie’s mancrush on Castro or Joe’s alarming word salad incidents might not have as much effect on the vote as you’d suspect.

Both candidates have been focusing hard on Michigan to win it back from Trump by using populist appeals to convince blue collar workers that their policies will destroy blue collar jobs slower than the other Democrat’s policies would.

I will just remind the voters in all these states that if neither of these ranting old fabulists excite them, Tulsi Gabbard is still in the race. To those who say, “But she can’t win,” I’d reply, “She could if everyone put a check mark next to her name on the ballot.” But, hey: it’s your primary, even it does occasionally more resemble a rerun of “The Walking Dead.”

Meanwhile, Cory Booker is the latest failed Democratic Presidential hopeful to join the effort to shore up Joe Biden and keep the nomination away from Bernie Sanders.

So far, Booker, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Bloomberg, O’Rouke, Deval Patrick, John Delaney, Tim Ryan and Kamala Harris have endorsed Biden. There are suspicions that Harris is really not so keen on Biden (she nearly sank his campaign by branding him as a racist), but she’s angling to be his Attorney General.)

Only Bill DeBlasio and Marianne Williamson have endorsed Sanders, with Elizabeth Warren still on the fence.

Say, do you know who Warren should endorse? Tulsi Gabbard. If she doesn’t, it proves she’s just a sexist like all the Democrats who didn't vote for Warren.

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  • Bobby McDonald

    03/10/2020 06:32 PM

    In a recent interview, you were discussing your differences with Bernie Sanders and you made them clear. I agree with you on you and respect your opinion. You did however agree with him regarding the Bail out of the Banking Industry, regarding the loan problems that led to their difficulties.
    First, some points I would like to make.
    1. Much of the problem occured due to loose and poor rules and regulations of the Government to start with. Yes, the Banks were complicent in implementing and following the Rules and should not have done so.
    2. The Government bailed them out because they had to. To do otherwise would mean failure of the industry, because so many of the largest banks were involved. Lack of Government supervision and audits should have corrected the problem before it got to the point that required the bailout. Don't have a lot of good things to say about Bill Clinton, but he was man enough to say he had a hand
    in starting it all.
    All that being said, the question I have is this:
    It is my understanding that the banks repaid the Government. I would like to know if that is true or not. And if it was paid, how was it paid?
    Next question has to be with the GM bailout and how was it paid back. Again, my understanding is it was paid back by the sale of bonds, that the Government bought. Is that true?
    If these banks haven't paid it back, why are they still operating?
    Being a Retired Banker, I'm tired of hearing about the bank bailouts, without the whole story.
    Can you help with the facts? If my understandings are incorrect, I would like to know.
    Bobby McDonald