May 19, 2020


May 19, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee



The timing of Bill Barr’s announcement was curious.

Over the weekend, it became clear even to those of us without a security clearance that President Obama was involved in the surveillance of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. He had to be. We know through Sally Yates’ testimony that on January 5, 2017, with just a couple of weeks left in office, Obama already knew all about the incoming national security adviser’s call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. He and then-FBI Director James Comey had a conversation about it while Yates just stood there, amazed.

And that call wasn’t “unmasked,” as has wrongly been reported over and over. Now that the complete list of unmasking requests has been declassified and turned over by acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, we know there was no such request that would have applied to that particular call before January 5.

It means either that the CIA had been spying on Flynn, Obama’s most serious political nemesis, when he was in the Dominican Republic and somebody had briefed Obama on the call with Kislyak, or that Obama himself, as President, had ordered Flynn surveilled. IG Horowitz has testified that there was no FISA warrant on Flynn, so, really, what else is left?

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Dr. Neil Ferguson was the head of the British team at Imperial College London who created the notorious computer model that predicted up to 500,000 coronavirus deaths in the UK and 2.2 million in the US. That dire prediction not only set off the worldwide lockdown panic, it also secured him a powerful government advisory position where he helped draft draconian rules for other people. I say “for other people” because he resigned after it was revealed that he was allegedly having an affair with a married woman who would travel from her home to his, despite the government’s ban even on committed couples visiting each other if they lived at different addresses. He became Britain’s #1 example of the “Harsh rules for thee but not for me” elitist, a role filled here by the mayors of New York City and Chicago.

But there’s another twist to Ferguson’s story that isn’t getting the publicity it deserves, and that’s the story of that computer model that shut down the world, before its apocalyptic death toll estimates started being reeled way back. For months, its creators refused to let anyone see the coding that resulted in those death estimates. But it has finally been analyzed by computer experts, and they were stunned at just how incompetent it was.

You’ve heard the computer term GIGO: “Garbage in, garbage out”? It means that if you feed bad data into a computer, you get unreliable results back out. Well, this was even worse. It was “AIGO: Anything In, Garbage Out.” No matter what you fed into it, even if you put the same data in five times, you would get back five different useless results. The results even vary depending on what kind of computer you use. Some of the results were just averages of the various unreliable, disconnected-from-reality results the machine spit out. And based on that, we shut down economies worldwide.

There have been a lot of gloomy predictions from the left about how “everything will change” due to this virus panic. I seriously doubt that. People are already going back to work and their regular lives, whether politicians like it or not; the stock market is rising; restaurants, hair salons and gyms are reopening; and movies, concerts and sports events will return. But I hope that what will change for good, and for the better, is that we will no longer put blind faith in self-proclaimed “experts” who claim to be able to predict the future based on computer models that are less accurate than consulting a Magic 8-Ball.

This bodes badly for the Green New Deal.


Speaking of unreliable coronavirus numbers, Democrats are trying desperately to convince us that states that are allowing businesses to reopen are experiencing huge jumps in COVID-19 cases. The current target is that bastion of red state success and individual freedom, Texas. We’re hearing that the number of confirmed cases took a big jump since the reopening, and that the death total is rising.

Well, duh. They’re doing a lot more testing, and with tens of thousands of tests, many more people will be discovered to be carrying the virus. That doesn't mean they're sick, hospitalized or dying. And naturally, the total death toll will rise, since Jesus and Lazarus are the only people I know of who’ve ever come back from the dead.

Bryan Preston at PJ Media was so incensed at the misrepresentation of what’s going on in Texas that he took a deep dive into the numbers and found that they are actually trending down. My staffers Pat Reeder and Laura Ainsworth live in the DFW area, and they say that businesses there are open and people are being very careful and responsible (requiring masks, social distancing, etc.) Having also lived in Texas most of their lives, they believe that no virus will have a chance of surviving the coming Texas heat, but that’s another story.

They say to the national media, “Don’t mess with Texas, or with the coronavirus numbers. You haven’t gotten them right yet.”


Miami-Dade Police arrested a woman for sitting on the beach, holding a sign reading, “We are free,” to protest the closure of the public beach. I’m sure she was spreading a lot of viruses sitting alone in the open air on an empty, wind-swept beach. But that’s not the point! She defied authority by leaving the designated protest area (those are like free speech zones on college campuses, I guess: special small areas where First Amendment rights still apply.)

But it’s not that she was made to leave the beach that’s outrageous; you could argue that the cops were just enforcing the rules. The outrageous part is that for sitting alone on a beach to assert the freedom of American citizens to stand in a public place, she was arrested, taken to jail and released on $2500 bond.

I have a feeling that if she racks up any fines or attorney fees, there will a GoFundMe drive that more than covers it.


The anti-malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine has been pushed out of the headlines lately by newly-developed coronavirus drugs, but it came charging back Monday when President Trump told reporters that he’s taking it himself. Trump said he’s been taking it in combination with zinc for a couple of weeks, under the guidance of the White House doctor. He said he’s heard a lot of good stories (i.e., “anecdotal evidence”) that it helps ward off COVID-19, it’s being taken by doctors and frontline health workers, and it’s been around for over 40 years and he believes it’s safe, although there’s still controversy over it and testing going on to determine its safety and effectiveness.

I have to wonder if he was serious since he later told reporters that he was “just waiting to see your eyes light up when I said this.” Predictably, they did go ballistic, as did Trump’s political rivals, accusing him of pushing unproven, possibly dangerous drugs (note that these are the same people who want to legalize many recreational drugs.) Nancy Pelosi even took a cheap shot by questioning whether it was safe for someone of his age and “morbidly obese” weight to take it.

I’ve often pointed out that for all the accusations that Trump has “lowered political discourse” with personal attacks and insults, I’ve never known him to target anyone who didn’t attack him first. You’ll note that he didn’t call Speaker Pelosi an anorexic scarecrow…yet. But if he does, mark it down that she started it.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 (KJV)


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    05/20/2020 07:50 AM

    Mike, why are there no charges being made against Obama and Biden??? They have committed crimes and who is deciding they are above the laws that they so freely slap on the rest of us? If these criminals do not pay a price for their crimes they will continue to plunder this country and this President with their wicked agenda.

  • Sharon Lane

    05/19/2020 04:41 PM

    I live in the Deep East Texas area and I can tell you that some of the counties here have ramped up their testing, so we do have more cases being diagnosed. But, throughout the entire Covid-19 reporting, I have been reporting numbers for several counties and the vast majority of cases that have been diagnosed have remained in home isolation as directed by their doctors or the Health Authorities. Deaths have been low, but then again, we are VERY PROUD of having good quality health care available in the Houston area. We oldsters are taking necessary precautions, as suggested by our Governor and public officials. Glad to see some things opening, especially for the young people who absolutely depend on that paycheck. Thank You to all involved in keeping us safe, but moving forward. Be Smart and Stay Safe Texas !

  • Firewagon

    05/19/2020 03:41 PM

    Just 'guessing' that the information about that ridiculous (non)program that was fed into some computer showing those catastrophic deadly numbers from this virus has not or will not be front and center on the 'world-wide' media? Hey, I'm almost ready to 'hug my family again!' Thanks for that Gov...

  • Dorothy Fromel

    05/19/2020 02:40 PM

    Re: only ones you know who have raised from the dead are are Jesus and Lazarus...I believe there are many credible testimonies of people who have been raised from the dead. Jesus is the only one, though, who didn’t eventually die again; He ascended.

  • John Thompson

    05/19/2020 01:20 PM

    In regards to President Trump taking hydroxychloroquine, this week's edition of "Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson" had a very informative story regarding the politics and money surrounding hydroxychloroqine and remdesivir. If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend taking 10 minutes of your time to watch. Here is a link to the YouTube video:

    Here is the introductory comment from the video:
    "If you’ve watched the news lately, you might be under the impression that a medicine President Trump touted as a possible game changer against coronavirus— has been debunked and discredited. Two divergent views of the drug, hydroxychloroquine, have emerged: the negative one widely reported in the press and another side you’ve probably heard less about. Never has a discussion about choices of medicine been so laced with political overtones. Today, how politics, money and medicine intersect with coronavirus."

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/19/2020 12:35 PM

    Thank you and keep plugging

  • stephen russell

    05/19/2020 11:45 AM

    Obama & Biden: Both must be prosecuted IF warranted or listed for crimes.
    NO exceptions, make an example for High crimes or more continue ahead.
    Or staffers etc Pay to make point
    Make justice fair