Before the week is up, just about everyone will know how to pronounce the name “Peter Strzok,” because it seems that over and over, almost hour by hour, that unusual name appears in the news, with one more drip-drip of information attached to it.

Peter Strzok is the member of Robert Mueller’s independent counsel team who was taken off the “Trump/Russia” investigation because of strong anti-Trump and pro-Hillary sentiments he expressed in tweets to his mistress, also an employee at the FBI.  This happened last July but was hidden till now.  At this writing, we still don’t know what was in the tweets, but it apparently was enough to concern Mueller that his investigation might start appearing partisan (!) if he allowed Strzok to remain.  Of course, if Mueller were seriously worried about appearing partisan, he wouldn’t have stacked his investigative team with Obama/Hillary donors in the first place, so I imagine he’s still sleeping well at night.

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But concerning Strzok, it gets worse:  As the #2 investigator in the counterintelligence division and a top expert on Russia, Strzok was the one who signed the document opening the investigation into Trump’s campaign.  So he was very highly placed, not just someone on the team.  (Incidentally, he was also one of the FBI officials who received the infamous and largely fictional Trump dossier, which may have served to “justify” the investigation; the FBI hasn’t confirmed or denied that.)  To have someone who was so politically anti-Trump opening the investigation into Trump...well, “unseemly” isn’t strong enough a word.

And it gets worse:  We now know that Strzok also led the investigation into Hillary’s private email server.

Still worse:  He interrogated her during her single FBI interview in July of 2016, without swearing her in and with no notes taken.  He was one of the interrogators for Michael Flynn, too, before he pleaded guilty to lying, something Hillary is guilty of many, many, many times over.  It's curious why Flynn was even interrogated, other than to try to trap him in a lie, because they already had his "intercepted" conversations with the Russan ambassador, after his name had been illegally unmasked.

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Worse yet:  We’ve just learned that Strzok is the one who specifically changed the wording in the allegations about Hillary in Comey’s original draft from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.”  Never mind that handling classified material with extreme carelessness IS, legally speaking, grossly negligent; the change was obviously made to soften it for public consumption, making Hillary’s “mistakes” (mm-hmm) sound less serious to the voting public than they really were.  Kind of like turning an investigation into a “matter,” isn’t it?

So we have a pro-Hillary person, Peter Strzok, leading the FBI investigation into Hillary, and an anti-Trump person, Peter Strzok, leading the special counsel investigation into Trump.  That would explain a lot:  why Hillary could break the law and change her story countless times while Trump associates risk prison for any lapse of memory or inaccuracy, even about something that’s legal; why “no reasonable prosecutor” would indict Hillary when many would have jumped at the chance; and so much more.

Oh, and I’ve just learned how to pronounce “Strzok.”  It rhymes with “luck.”  As in, good luck for Hillary, bad luck for Trump.


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  • Stephen Russell

    12/07/2017 08:16 PM

    Probe the probers, end this 7M fantasy game & fire his support team, then Mueller cant Prosecute or Pardon those found guilty & see Team vanish & use Attory Weissman to prosecute Hillary after "change of heart" or remove him too.
    Pardon LT Gen Flynn.
    Pardon others & see Dems with egg on faces.
    Make them look Lame & stupid for once.
    Then prosecute Hillary with vengence.

  • Kathy Wingate

    12/06/2017 11:21 PM

    The crooked FBI agents being allowed to do this investigation, makes me want to throw up....not to mention the money they are throwing away, when we are paying the bill for all this hooey....and I'm struggling to live on Social Security...Congressmen paying off their victims out of taxpayer funds, who made up the rules?? Oh, yeah, they did. I think any one of them caught in these activities should lose all the benefits they've received for being there...that is not why they were sent to Washington...The amount of money they throw away is mind boggling, not to mention, sinful. The FBI ought to wipe the slate clean and start over...who can trust them now?? Thank you Mike for being as incensed as we are. We appreciate the truth you report to us, more than you can know.

  • Lonnie Waldrop

    12/06/2017 10:05 PM

    In the military squadronI was a part of, had a saying about a monster we called, "Dumb A**". When a person did something really stupid, we would say that "they had gotten ate up by a Dumb A**". Which implied that they were then were excreted as waste matter, and then took on the characteristics of the monster, which explained their actions.


  • Jo Ann Wegner

    12/06/2017 02:43 PM

    I believe that the reason nothing is ever done about political wrongdoing is that nearly all of our so-called representatives are part of the swamp including most of the Republicans and probably all of the Democrats. They are not interested in making America great again or representing the people of their state. They care only about preserving their political careers, raking in money from their lobbyists who they really represent, and retiring with a big fat pension. This is why nearly everyone in Congress hates President Trump. He’s non-political and can’t be bought. We, the people, are really the only ones who can drain the swamp, and we need to demand term limits.

  • NAncy (NAN) Isaacson

    12/06/2017 01:04 PM

    This is exactly right. Would you please fax this article to the Roseburg Beacon, Roseburg, OR THEY WILL PRINT IT. Fax, 541 672 6404.
    Thank you, Mike H. and keep up the voice of reason and TRUTH. We have a swamp of evil that are swinging hard to defeat what is right for us to do.
    The President's bank accounts are not as important as B. Obama's college records. Where are they? They ignore that he entered Columbia as a foreign student so he could get funds. If you want to go after an evil person, go after him.
    Thanks for all you do. Keep it up.