March 5, 2020

First, I should admit that if you’d like to see a demonstration of “confirmation bias” in action, you need look no further than my periodic observations about Michelle Obama. You see, I concluded well over a year ago that, based on political realities and what I’d already seen, Michelle O would be the Democrat nominee for President. So now I actively look for developments that tend to support this view. And I find a lot.

It’s not that I want this to happen --- just the opposite. One of the many reasons I don’t is the main reason many Democrats do: she’s absolutely the only person on the Democrat side with the star power to generate excitement and draw crowds in a way approaching Trump. (It DOESN’T MATTER that she has no accomplishments other than a failed lunch program.) Bernie was drawing good-sized crowds of “progressives,” but enthusiasm has waned since he went full-out commie and praised Fidel Castro for his “literacy programs,” and he failed to wow on Super Tuesday. (Hey, Breadline Bernie, what good is literacy when you’re permitted to read only Party-approved propaganda?) Dems crave rock-star quality and “cred,” and Michelle has all that. They like her for what she represents to them.

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Biden did surprisingly well on Super Tuesday, but with his mind teetering on the brink and his impression that of a diminished person, the individual selected to be his running mate is all-important. If Biden’s faculties fade even more noticeably on the campaign trail, that person will need to step in “for the good of America” before the election. If Biden manages to make it through to the election and wins, he won’t be able to keep up with the immense responsibilities and non-stop schedule of a President, and the 25th Amendment will almost certainly be used at some point in his term of office to “retire” him and install the Vice President as the new POTUS. We’ve all envisioned this scenario. I do believe that Uncle Joe is being used as a vehicle for others to obtain power.

Laura Ingraham said as much on Wednesday night: “...Everyone knows, including all those big names who just endorsed Biden, that he’s just going to be a figurehead President. Americans won’t be voting for a man who can articulate a serious policy agenda, let alone defend it. They’ll be voting for the party machine’s geriatric puppet...The man barely knows where he is or who he’s with at any hour of the day...Biden is basically being shuffled around by his wife and his staff from event to event, campaign stop to campaign stop. He’s not in charge, and everyone knows it.”

Already gaffe-prone, Biden is, sadly, deteriorating before our eyes. What used to be mildly amusing is no longer anything to laugh at. On Wednesday, Guy Benson on Shannon Bream’s FOX NEWS show tried to be kind: “The larger concern [with Biden] is the [brain] synapses, and I say this with all respect to the former Vice is a little bit difficult and painful to watch. And I think a lot of other candidates have danced around that issue. Donald Trump will not; Donald Trump will have a sledgehammer on this issue.”

Brit Hume, who has spoken of this before, was more blunt: “How many of the people who voted for him tonight would agree that he’s senile?”

Tucker Carlson understands the danger this situation poses, and he didn’t hold back Wednesday in talking about what we all can see:

Hillary must desperately want to be on that ticket with Biden. She’s increased her visibility –- in safe situations –- and surely has done God-knows-what behind the scenes to wangle this for herself. But she has more baggage than the Lost-and-Found at LaGuardia. Too many voters on both sides of the aisle can’t stand her and have had enough of her scandals. And after what her DNC did to Bernie in 2016, his supporters won't come out to support HER. They’ll either spend Election Day holed up in their rooms in their parents’ basements, tweeting and smoking pot, or they’ll scream at the sky and riot.

Plus, we’re talking about Democrats here, with their laser-beam focus on identity politics (which is a racist scourge on society), and she’s so...white, and so...old. Biden, challenged in the general election by his own whiteness and oldness, has said specifically that he’d consider a black female as his running mate. Pundits automatically thought of Kamala Harris, but her stunning lack of success on the campaign trail suggests that'll be a NO.

Democrats are desperate this time, not just to dump Trump and retake the White House, but to hold Congress and perhaps even take the Senate. A Democrat White House could do serious damage even with a Republican Senate, as it would release a flurry of big-time executive orders in place of legislation that would have had to pass there. With a Democrat Senate, though, they could pass these as laws AND oversee all judicial appointments, perhaps even moving the Supreme Court farther left if a conservative judge such as Clarence Thomas needs to step down. In other words, stick a fork in the Constitution; it’s done.

So, what’s Michelle Obama up to these days? Apparently, she’s readying to hit the campaign trail in the battleground state of Michigan, to “boost voter turnout” as co-chair of a “non-partisan” (sure) group called “Why We All Vote.” The tickets to her appearance in Detroit on March 27 are free, but not available to the general public (so much for the “all”), only to “the organization’s volunteers and partners, as well as educators, college students and high school students who are eligible to vote.”

And what is the Democrat Party up to? I’d guess they’ve been working up some plans…

Plan A: Biden gets nomination, names Michelle as running mate; he crashes and burns before election; Michelle becomes the candidate. If she wins, Obama machine gets back in.

Plan B: Biden gets nomination, names Michelle as running mate; if they win, he is “retired” and Michelle assumes power. Obama machine gets back in.

Plan C: Biden gets nomination, names Michelle as running mate; if they win, Biden remains as figurehead for a time and Obama machine gets back in.

Plan D: No one has enough delegates; it’s a brokered convention; Michelle ends up on ticket in either the #1 or #2 spot; if they win, Obama machine gets back in.

Plan E: Biden crashes and burns BEFORE convention; Michelle is drafted at convention; if she wins, Obama machine gets back in.

There may be other scenarios I haven’t thought of, but they all lead to the Obama machine getting back in. That’s Valerie Jarrett, the old DOJ and intel bureaucracy, and maybe the whole works. I hope I'm wrong. The only thing to stop it is a tsunami of Trump support, and MY plan is to be a part of that.

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  • JoAnne Morrissey

    12/27/2020 12:00 PM

    2 losses in my life my Army Father KIA France 10/15/1944 My Son hired under a State of Florida Community Grant-his death preventable-this is Florida's Politics and been here since 1980. The only person in charge is the Governor state wide cyber trail it's Department of Health

  • Mahala Mallicoat

    05/05/2020 10:36 AM

    I think you just about covered every possible plan and angle and i completely agree. We know the Dems and the deep state are not going to stop at Anything to get back their power. All true American Patriots must get on board to ensure the reelection of Trump in 2020 or the horrible things that have been going on at the hands of Pelousi and Schumer and the Democrat governors - with the help Gates and Soros will become permanent. We will lose our freedom and liberty and if you think a toilet paper shortage was bad, wait til all our groceries are gone, our guns confiscated, as we are lined up and vaccinated in order to be able to ‘survive’ the new regime. Wake up America!!!

  • Robert P Burum

    05/05/2020 07:17 AM

    Trust in the Lord.

  • joseph orsini PhD

    04/17/2020 08:17 PM

    UNFORTUNATELY I think Laura is correct.

  • Rosemary Sotok

    04/17/2020 04:01 PM

    Thanks for this info, although it is very scary !!

  • Jeff Carmichael

    04/17/2020 12:05 PM

    Dear Miss Ainsworth, I pray to God that you are wrong but i can find absolutely nothing here in your piece that i could even remotely dispute. Spot on!

  • Rhonda Fulghum

    04/16/2020 10:49 PM

    Thank you Laura for your wisdom. The Obama machine is ready to pounce and I hope ALL Trump supporters realize this. I have always felt the Obama's strange silence was planned to allow them to hide deviously in the background while still working to "change" America the way they promised.

  • Allison Boyle Runkles

    04/16/2020 08:44 AM

    I plan to be part of that “Trump Tsunami”!! That should be a new slogan for Republican voters!! I bet it would catch on quickly!

  • Norman Scott

    03/22/2020 07:32 PM

    I am worried that we are overreacting to the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. If we are not careful we will destroy our economy and put us into a great depression! I think we need to watch if the blue states are the first to put people in lockdown form. Some Democrats might enjoy a destroyed US economy if they could get Trump out of office.

  • Dahni Hayden

    03/17/2020 08:18 AM

    I am really growing tired and weary of this subject. I would rather that these opinions be kept private! They do only two things: validate predictions (if/when they come to pass), and put ideas ?? in Demorats brains! So no thank you! Move on to something important that is helpful!

  • Ted Elkins

    03/16/2020 07:06 PM

    If Biden picks her as his running mate she'll bring out the young vote (college) like her husband did. It's the best shot they have to beat Trump. They failed at destroying him by filing impeachment papers so they have to come up with something else. This is it. The problem is it might work.

  • Rosalinda DELGADO

    03/16/2020 03:46 PM

    AMERICA CANNOT AFFORD ANOTHER OBAMA PRESsdency. The last 2 nearly destroyed America. Another Democrat President will finish the job.

  • Helen White

    03/16/2020 12:25 PM

    8 Years of Obama, eight years of Biden/Michelle, eight years of Michelle. 24 years of Obama reign ??

  • Silvia Pye

    03/16/2020 11:30 AM

    Gov Huckabee, this is so scary and I pray it won't happen. I put nothing past the cheating Democrats. The Main Stream Media to me, is part of the Democratic party and their blatant lies are helping Democrats to further their despicable and irresponsible goals. We all need to help President Trump win or this country is doomed. By the way, both Hillary Clinton and Obama believed in the ideas of Saul Alinsky and look at what Democrats are accomplishing.
    Thank you for letting me part of this group. I tape your show too.

  • Nanette Gobble

    03/16/2020 09:41 AM

    I am for our president all the way.
    God is still in charge.

  • Douglas Horney

    03/13/2020 12:56 PM


  • Mary Cottini

    03/12/2020 04:25 PM

    Unfortunately, I have no doubt that she will be drafted at the convention in Milwaukee. It is Obama's way of becoming a de facto president. I have discussed this with my husband - he does not think so. I hope he is right....he's a smart guy!

  • Karen Harkins

    03/12/2020 11:50 AM

    This is from a few days ago, but it's something I have been really concerned about for quite some time. I have posted my concern on FB a few times, and I wonder if President Trump is aware of this possibility. I am sure he is and is preparing for it. I hope he beats the dickens out of the Biden team, no matter who is on it. We need him to win in 2020!

  • Walter Myers

    03/12/2020 11:28 AM

    Does it really matter who our next President is? Americans are now governed in accordance with the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto. Neither major political party has made any effort to change this and "restore to the States and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution" as thirty governors pledged to do in 1994. I question if there will be any difference in the policies that really matter regardless of who is elected.

  • Elva Ewell

    03/12/2020 08:24 AM

    What I too find enlightening is Biden is already promising to those fellow running mates, positions and of course they are jumping on the band wagon bringing their support with them. These are the very people that during primary spoke against Biden and is wayward thoughts.But because of their own stupidity and self righteousness, they don't realize that they are being used by their own party to get their votes which is all part of the DOJ ploy.
    We are not stupid and see what is going on on the other side of the aisle which is the establishment is trying to stay in tact instead of accepting change which we know is exactly what it took when Trump ran. While we may be conservative, we know too, that with growth comes change to benefit not destroy.
    While K has been promised the VP by Biden, like you said,vshe is a nobody and while many think Michele would be a perfect candidate, others don't want the Obama effect back...similar to when Hillary would mean Bill too which many balked on. Biden was always Obama's puppet and that is exactly why he was picked as VP and kept out of the limelight and once again, he is only their puppet.its too bad his own family is exploiting him but it just goes to show those who are now walking away that the DOJ will go beyond measure to destroy anything and anyone in their path.
    It looks to many that Joe will be deminshed by a sudden death experience like so many others before him and then there's the VP who might also be deminshed only then if Pelosi is still in tact, would she then become the President ...God help us all in any of these scenarios.
    And so I am relying on God to get us through this. And believing all that we are witnessing now is a taste of what socialism would look like in this country. Are we listening and learning?
    My hope and prayer that those self righteous ones who are in office now will give God credit for all the wonders we have experienced the last 3 years. Will he allow us to move forward from this current demise or will we continue to suffer because we need to learn and turn to him instead of second guessing him and making up scenarios.
    For we know he has the plan to prosper us and not to harm us but to give us hope and a future.
    And with that I pray for our current president to remain for we do have a Godly man as VP and that God has allowed President Trump to be in this position but he has yet to turn completely from his own prideful self when saying I did this...when we know through all of us praying, it was God.

  • Penny Faries

    03/12/2020 07:23 AM

    We all knew when Biden announced he was running for President the impeachment process was a go to get President out! That didn't work! So yes I believe all you said is true! Pretty scary!

  • Peggy Owen

    03/09/2020 12:30 PM

    AS I have said DEMOCRATS WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to take down President Trump. including putting Obama 2 or Hillary and all of a sudden Biden disappears. They sure know how to rig elections SO VOTER BEWARE of their tatics.

  • Debra Schmidt

    03/08/2020 10:20 PM

    They hate our country - Obamas HATE the USA and are globalists. Why can't people see this?

  • Mike Arehart

    03/07/2020 03:25 PM

    I suspect the desired outcome is for Biden to get elected with Michelle as VP. He resigns. The possibility would then
    be for her to have eleven years in office.

  • Gloria Walsh

    03/07/2020 10:53 AM

    Great analysis. I agree the dems will do whatever it takes to bring back the Obama machine. However, man can make his plans, but God is still in control. This does not mean we should not get out and vote. We have a responsibility to do just that. And I for one see only one person worthy of my vote and he has my support all the way! Across the fence, they have all lost their minds.