February 27, 2019

Quick note on Michael Cohen: this circus will be going on for three days, and why in the world Congress should spend its time hearing testimony from someone who’s headed to prison for lying to Congress is beyond me (maybe he'll pinky-swear on the Bible that this time, he's really telling the truth -- although maybe he should swear on Clifford Irving's hoax biography of billionaire Howard Hughes instead.) I’ll wait to comment until after it happens.  In the meantime, he’s already released his opening statement.  I won’t go into detail yet, since I’m sure the questioners will pick it apart, but at first glance, much of it sounds like the same anti-Trump talking points (“He’s a racist! He’s a con man!”) that have been clogging the Internet for two years and that sound as if they came from CNN by way of the DNC’s unsecured email account. 

For instance, claims of him saying all these racist things in private or never really expecting or wanting to win the Presidency:  I spent many hours with him on the campaign trail.  I never heard him say anything racist (I would have quit immediately if I had). And the very fact that he did campaign so hard, holding rallies day and night until much-younger aides were left exhausted in his wake, gives the lie to the claim that he wasn’t trying to win.  I have a feeling that there is a great deal in Mr. Cohen’s testimony that will be at sharp odds with the facts.  Personally, I think Congress could spend its time more productively by holding hearings on how to eliminate cow flatulence, but I suppose they will get to that in due time.

Meanwhile, with the media’s attention riveted to really important news, like a known liar going to Congress (talk about carrying coals to Newcastle), President Trump is busying himself with the far less important matter of trying to keep North Korea from blowing up the world with nuclear weapons.

While in Vietnam for his second meeting with Kim Jong-Un, Trump also signed several commercial airline trade deals with Vietnam’s President.  The latest details on the ongoing summit are here:

And here’s an interesting article on the insights the CIA might be providing to Trump on Kim’s mysterious background and sometimes baffling behavior and the secret strategies behind it.

On a side note, someone tell Dutch customs officials not to be quite so conscientious.  They seized 90,000 bottles of Russian vodka that were believed to be on their way to Kim Jong-Un and his top generals at the Vietnam summit. While I’m personally opposed to liquor myself, if Kim wants to get totally schnockered before going into the negotiating room with Trump, I say, “Drink up!”



To listen to the left, conservatives all over America are constantly launching violent hate crimes.  The same media outlets that trumpet those alleged crimes seem to give far less attention when so many of them turn out to be hoaxes perpetrated by the alleged victims.  David Catron at the American Spectator dug into the statistical gymnastics required to construct the leftist narrative of an epidemic of conservative hate crimes:

The Daily Caller is also compiling a list of some of the most egregious hoaxes:

And if you really want to dig into this, here’s a website that is building a database of fake hate crimes that’s now up to 350 entries:

Of course, none of this is meant to discount in any way the necessity to vigilantly police real hate crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.  But people who stage fake hate crimes actually undermine that cause.  They not only spread division and distrust among Americans, they also waste police resources that could be better applied to solving real hate crimes.  For instance, finding the big, tough, social justice “warrior” who assaulted an 81-year-old man as he was grocery shopping in Franklin Township, New Jersey, because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.

Or the woman in Falmouth, Massachusetts, who screamed at and hit a man in a Mexican restaurant for wearing a MAGA cap, then claimed she was the real victim and had a right to assault him because she’s an immigrant.  Turned out she was actually an illegal immigrant, and she’s now facing both assault charges and deportation proceedings.  It might have been wiser to just keep quiet and eat her dinner.

Or the beefy thug who was caught on video at UC-Berkeley, punching the face of a young man simply because he was manning an info table for the conservative group Campus Reform.  In a welcome and long-overdue sign that conservatives are fed up with leftists who can’t control their violent tempers, Citizens United is offering a $50,000 reward for tips leading to his arrest and conviction.

After a week of investigating, UC-Berkeley police say they have a suspect and are seeking a felony warrant from the county DA.  That’s good news, although there should also be federal civil rights violation charges, just to be sure this doesn’t become yet another case of a violent leftist creep being let off with a slap on the wrist by sympathetic leftwing campus authorities.

Jim Treacher of PJ Media has some great observations about the stark differences between the completely credulous way the media treated Jussie Smollett’s hate crime claim and the undeniable assault on a conservative student.  For instance, even though the threats and repulsive face-punching were captured on video, mainstream outlets such as CBS, CNN and Newsweek all headlined their stories with “Conservative Allegedly Assaulted…”  Maybe they think it was like the old Woody Allen joke, and the conservative kid assaulted the leftist by smashing him in the fist with his nose. 

Also, both the attack and the attacker’s face were clearly caught on video (any Dog The Bounty Hunter wannabes who would like to collect $50,000 can see a clear photo of his angry mug at the link below.)  So in this social media/Google age, why did it take the police a week to finger a suspect, and he still hasn’t been arrested or publicly identified?  If a conservative had beaten up a liberal on campus just for holding different views (which is purely hypothetical, since conservatives don't do that), we’d all know his name before he could get home and wash the blood off his knuckles.

One final note: what was it that really “triggered” this violent, leftist rage-aholic?  The conservative student had a sign on his table that read, “Hate Crime Hoaxes Hurt Real Victims."  That’s nothing but the truth, but I guess some people just can’t handle the truth. 



I’ve repeatedly pointed out how Scandinavian nations such as Sweden that socialists point to as examples of what America should become are actually not socialist at all.  This article quotes from the same Forbes article I cited recently that explained just how free market capitalist those nations really are.

But it also includes something new that you must read: an epic Twitter burn on Bernie Sanders and his blind allegiance to the “spectacular failure” that is socialism.  The very best part: it was written by the former Prime Minister of Sweden.



There was a story earlier this week about how the battleground states for the 2020 election may be in the Midwest.  The political analysts pointed out that Trump won by carrying blue collar states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin that Democrats thought they had in the bag.  But Democrat victories there in the midterms might indicate that the pendulum has swung back to the left and the relentless anti-Trump media attacks have taken their toll.

But before Democrats start counting their Electoral votes before they hatch, they might want to look at deepest-blue Connecticut.  Tuesday, there were five special elections to fill House seats there, and two of them flipped to the GOP.  One district that went Republican by 10 points had been Democrat for nearly a quarter century and voted for Hillary by 26 points in 2016.  And what those districts had in common is that they are predominantly blue collar.    

Likewise, a few weeks ago in a Minnesota special election, a state Senate seat that had been controlled by one Democratic family for three generations went Republican by 16 points.

It’s not smart to try to predict turnout in Presidential election years based on votes in mid-term and special elections.  But it does suggest that at least in blue collar areas, workers who backed Trump because he promised to bring back jobs and raise wages think he’s keeping that promise, and they aren’t tired enough of winning yet to go back to the low growth and anemic job creation produced by Obama’s liberal policies. 

These special elections should serve as a warning to Democrats: if they nominate a far-left, government-bloating, tax-hiking, economy-wrecking socialism fan (which so far covers their entire crowd of contenders), then all the anti-Trump press in the world might not be enough to make blue collar workers decide they’d rather be unemployed than vote for Trump again.



After several days of sharp debate, delegates to a special session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church have voted 438-384 to stand behind traditional Biblical teachings on homosexuality instead of yielding to current political correctness.  The delegates voted to adopt the “Traditional Plan” which reaffirms the UMC’s stance that homosexuality, gay marriage and ordaining non-celibate homosexuals as pastors are “incompatible with Christian teaching.” 

The losing alternative plan endorsed by a majority of the Council of Bishops would have allowed regional bodies of the UMC to decide for themselves on those issues. A supporter of the Traditional Plan said that African, Filipino and Euro delegates saved the UMC from the liberal, secular push that’s taking over in the US.

This story of conservatives reversing the leftward drift of the UMC might not get much media attention, but it’s likely to have wide-ranging repercussions.  The UMC has over 12 million members worldwide and is the third largest Christian denomination in America.  A Pew survey found that 3.6% of Americans self-identify with the UMC, which is much larger than the official registered membership.  This could lead to a split in one of the world’s biggest religious denominations, but if so, it will only be making official a fundamental split that started years ago when some church leaders began looking to sources other than the Bible as a foundation for morality.



Unearthed From The Archives: More evidence that all the stories about how Donald Trump is an evil, racist, crooked Nazi started after he became a Republican candidate, and before that, liberal celebrities were lining up to pose for photos with him.  Like these photos of Trump with one of Sunday’s most outspoken Trump-hating Oscar winners.



Liberals who have been lost without a trusted news source since Jon Stewart left “The Daily Show” may be devastated to hear this, but Stewart reemerged Monday and publicly praised the Trump Justice Department. Speaking in support of a program to provide health care funds for first responders still suffering from the effects of the smoke and debris from the 9/11 attacks, Stewart said, “The Trump Justice Department is doing an excellent job administrating this program. The claims are going through faster, and the awards are coming through.”  He joined a bipartisan effort to urge Congress to pass a bill to fully fund and extend the program. 

There aren’t many bills that Donald Trump and Jon Stewart can agree on, but helping those who risked their lives and health to save their fellow Americans during 9/11 and its aftermath should be one.  Congress should put aside its partisan sniping for five minutes and pass this.


 A reply to "JohnnylE" regarding the Trump/Russia investigation


From JohnnyE:

The question begging to be asked is why Trump is making such great effort to impede the investigation about Russia messing with our election.

He's been firing investigators, FBI officials, prosecutors; subverting the House Intelligence Committee when Republicans were in charge; he's been threatening witnesses and judges on Twitter; and he and his cohorts have been lying about their extensive contacts with Russian officials and intelligence agents before and after the election. Numerous people close to Trump have been indicted or admitted guilt to crimes.

But this isn't just a white collar crime where strict rules of admissible evidence are needed. This is also a counterespionage investigation where numerous indications point to Russian meddling. The FBI and all the other intelligence agencies would be negligent if they didn't follow every lead no matter what Donald and FOX News pundits thought.

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, JohnnyE. But I have to tell you, no one is saying that Russians did not try to interfere in our election (they always have and always will) or that we shouldn’t find out what they were doing. The problem is that the counterintelligence investigation opened by the FBI, which included a fraudulently-obtained warrant to surveil a member of Trump’s campaign, was based almost entirely on material created by an oppo research company, Fusion GPS, for his opponent’s campaign. The FBI ran with it and essentially accused an American citizen, Carter Page, of being a Russian agent. That’s not “following every lead,” that’s creating one.

If the primary intention of the FBI was to get to the bottom of Russian “meddling,” and they genuinely thought Russia was infiltrating Trump’s campaign, the thing to do would have been to go to the campaign, warn them, and work with them to catch the spies. But they didn’t. Wow, did they handle it wrong. And there is a great deal of evidence suggesting that they hated Trump and were really after HIM. If that’s true, we have as much to fear from our own federal bureaucracy as we have from Russia, maybe more.

They also failed to look into Bill and Hillary’s big-time Russian connections, which would normally raise eyebrows. Mueller’s investigation did not cover this territory, either.

It seems to me that Trump has done an admirable job of leaving the investigation alone. Robert Mueller has gone about his business unimpeded. Trump fired Comey (gosh, we’ve been all through this so many times) for good reason; people on both sides of the aisle wanted him gone. He finally –- finally –- accepted Jeff Sessions’ resignation, but with his “Russia” recusal Sessions was never a fully-functioning AG. Other firings were done internally, not by Trump, and those people needed to go. Rod Rosenstein is only now leaving, even with his serious conflicts of interest all this time. As for the tweets, we all wish Trump wouldn’t tweet, but that’s just him venting; he’s not DOING anything to stop Mueller.

Michael Cohen certainly lied about the timing of his discussions with Russia; maybe in the hearings this week he’ll address why he did that, as there was nothing illegal about the discussions themselves. I have a feeling that, being Michael Cohen, he just lies reflexively. Other indictments of “cohorts” had nothing to do with Russia; they were for process crimes or other illegalities unrelated to any conspiracy between Trump and Moscow.

Hope this clears a few things up for you. Mueller will be done with his investigation soon, though you’ll still get to enjoy never-ending investigations from House Democrats. For the sake of your health, I recommend cutting down on CNN and MSNBC.



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  • Clara Herrin

    05/09/2019 07:26 AM

    Re UMC: Several Sundays ago I had to sit through one of the most embarrassing, uncomfortable, disappointing sermons I've ever had to endure. (I was not in a position to walk out of the sanctuary.) Our pastor, a woman, kept us overtime (which is not a bad thing in and of itself) while she subjected us to a story, the plot of which I still cannot fathom. She was nearly in tears while she harangued us about how sad it was that the UMC had voted the way it did. She implied that because of that decision, the UMC is no longer a church that welcomes everyone no matter what their lifestyle happened to be; which is patently untrue. I've read my Bible, cover to cover, 3 times, once with a book of explanation at the ready, and can remember several instances where it's stated in clear, definite, and absolute terms that homosexuality is not only wrong, but an abomination in the eyes of God and the core reason He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. For myself, I've decided that the lifestyle other people choose is their business. They must answer to God for such decisions. For my part, I can still be friendly and courteous when in their company, however, I do not have to condone their actions. The "Love the sinner, hate the crime" school of action. I find that I can, therefore, be pleasant with those whom I know have chosen this aberrant way of life. But when I have to listen to a person who has chosen a leadership position in a church atmosphere go on and on about a decision made by those who are struggling to uphold God's precepts, and act as though that decision was tantamount to the destruction of the church and the abandonment of the very people they need to help, then I must re-think my attitude toward this particular minister. I'm sure not all the ministers in the UMC feel the way she does, thank God. But it certainly has forced me to stand on my own two spiritual feet and decide to 'turn my eyes toward Jesus' and trust Him to protect me from this unfortunate type of leadership. I've been a Methodist since I was 18 (I'm now 86) and it hurts me to think that I might have to leave the church, something I absolutely do not want to do. I also find it extremely distressing to discover that our American leadership was not on the list of those who were doing their level best to uphold the precepts of God's teachings. Woe unto those who voted to abandon His leadership.

  • Bernadette Kathleen Dillon

    02/28/2019 11:26 AM

    Hi thank you for always telling the truth!

  • Marilyn Kirkwold

    02/28/2019 11:11 AM

    I'm just so wishing that God would judge the evil that is so pervasive in our Godless society. The Democrats seem to get by with all their evil and Republicans won't do their jobs. I hate that there are so many Republicans who seem to be Democrats in reality. I know that at some point God will judge, but I wish it would be now. The Democrats are such hipppocrits--they let their own get by with everything, but go after our president in every way they can, and get by with it. Do you see any hope in the near future for our side? I know that ultimately justice will come about. Seems everyone is afraid of Hillary--she certainly belongs in prison for so many reasons. Maybe if she ended up in prison she would have an experience like Chuck Colson--wouldn't that be something Thank you, Mike, for your daily posts. I know I can trust you!

  • Marilyn Kirkwold

    02/28/2019 11:10 AM

    I'm just so wishing that God would judge the evil that is so pervasive in our Godless society. The Democrats seem to get by with all their evil and Republicans won't do their jobs. I hate that there are so many Republicans who seem to be Democrats in reality. I know that at some point God will judge, but I wish it would be now. The Democrats are such hipppocrits--they let their own get by with everything, but go after our president in every way they can, and get by with it. Do you see any hope in the near future for our side? I know that ultimately justice will come about. Seems everyone is afraid of Hillary--she certainly belongs in prison for so many reasons. Maybe if she ended up in prison she would have an experience like Chuck Colson--wouldn't that be something Thank you, Mike, for your daily posts. I know I can trust you!

  • Jerry Korba

    02/28/2019 09:52 AM

    Mike It seems the more good President Trump does the angrier the people on the left get. My question is are they disappointed the country is doing well and they find that to be offensive. What reason is a strong economy, people working at an all time record, a bad thing? We are the envy and goal of most countries on the planet to operate like the way we are. Why would people want to impeach a President who has our country doing so well? We are getting started. Another question why the people on the left accuse the President of being racist when I am in the public arena I see people of all kinds when I see the TV I see people of all kinds all moving around free. Its so free some places allow men into women's rest rooms I look at this racist attitude as a hoax a tool to divide our country Why does the left embrace failure and why do people condone this? Is it hate for our country or are they using President Trump as a Pinnotta? (sp)

  • Theodore Orwig

    02/28/2019 07:05 AM

    Please remind all conservative groups and candidates to campaign on specific actions that need funding to win. If everyone is campaigning on empty deadlines, filling war chests,, showing strength to the democrats, and other pointless reasons no one will build a team of voters! We will lose. Please spread the word that ACTIONS ARE THE KEY TO WINNING!

  • Ronald Gustine

    02/28/2019 02:05 AM

    Governor maybe you could find someone in the House who would read and propose Johnathan Swift's "Modest Proposal." He wrote "In 1724 Swift led the Irish people in their resistance against the English, who continued to oppress them. He wrote many public letters and political pieces with the purpose of rallying the people. One of his most famous essays, "A Modest Proposal," satirically suggests that the Irish solve their problems of starvation and overpopulation by eating their young." Surely this would be passed by the majority.

  • Rebecca Holstine

    02/28/2019 01:56 AM

    I didn't watch the circus gong on in Washington DC today. I had better things to do. But of course I saw over and over all the highlights on television tonight, while waiting to see what Pres. Trump and Kim Jong UN was going to do. If this is what the Democrats are going to do for the next couple years, and vote against bills that protect the lives of new born babies, they are handing Pres. Trump the White House again on a silver platter. Which makes me happy. But makes me unhappy that my tax money is going to pay these clowns and in my opinion pretty evil people. What in the world has happened to the Democrat party and what has happened to the minds of people that have voted this kind of people in office?

  • Marlene Taylor

    02/27/2019 11:41 PM

    Thank you for your wisdom and insight.
    So glad for Evening Edition, look forward
    to reading it every evening.
    Marlene Taylor

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    02/27/2019 11:10 PM

    Can you give your thoughts on the timing of the Cohen hearings and Trumps trip to Vietnam. Was the hearing planned to take away from Trumps negotiations with Kim Jong Un?

  • Kathryn J Rae

    02/27/2019 10:34 PM

    I wish that one of the Republicans had asked Mr. Cohen "where" he met with Stormy Daniels. And, if anything went on between the two of them.

  • Jerry Korba

    02/27/2019 10:11 PM

    The news today should have been sent from Viet Nam today a news alert came from the sewer of all sewers Washington D.C. Cameras were sent to video the Folly called an
    Oversight Committee Hearing Starring and Scarring our nation with the Cohen hearing with E.Cummings as the master of this Folly. The Folly started with breaking the rules of the hearing and turned into the art of bashing our Racist con man and cheater, President Trump.Nice touch low level humans. A waste of time, money the building should have the thermostat turned to 55 degrees and everyone should have been helping our President help Kim help himself to a better life for the Koreans and the rest of the world. It would be a plus if we can take a Communist country and turn it into a decent place for all the people to live. Oh No; Stop there our Dems like the idea of open borders and a Communist with Nuclear Missiles that can reach the US to be able to push that button.Hey Cummings do you know Kim has been testing those missiles Hey Cummings do you know who got him to stop oh yea the racist the con man and the cheat, Oh by the way what have you done lately? Cummings and rest of that collection confirmed today if they can not destroy this country they know some one who could. Nice day for a hearing Cummings your a real credit.

  • Nelda White

    02/27/2019 09:46 PM

    the UMC is doing the right thing. God taught His laws and people can read what He did to the cities that did not obey His laws. Jesus taught His Father's laws and agreed with them 100%. He did not come here to change His Father's laws. He came here to save sinners because of their sins. That is why he told the woman to go and sin no more after He had forgiven her. But everyone sins everyday and He knows this and gave His blood for this cause.

  • Charles Nicholson

    02/27/2019 09:28 PM

    On what extraterrestrial body has "JohnnyE" been residing these last two years?!
    THANK YOU, Governor!

  • richard I good

    02/27/2019 09:22 PM

    I would like to speak to you, because I feel that you might have President Trump's ear. I have an idea that might bring about good results for both countries. I am not a kook! I am a common sense person, as well as a Vietnam combat veteran. I believe that I have earned the right to ask for five minutes of your time to tell you what my thoughts on this idea. please call me at 361-939-8704. Thank you and God bless you. Richard I Good.

  • Candace King

    02/27/2019 09:05 PM

    Spike we made a comment about voting against hate.....I’m sure he means voting against Republicans but in all honesty voting against hate means voting against liberals/Democrats. The Democrats are the ones that keep attacking people in the street shooting people while they play baseball etc.

  • Linda Furlong

    02/27/2019 08:43 PM

    I agree with you on Michael Cohens testimony. My Father always said you can trust a thief but never a liar.

  • Christina L Price

    02/27/2019 08:36 PM

    I really enjoy your comments! Love your sense of humor! Love your daughter too!!
    I liked some ones comment that Trump is like a DR with poor bedside manners but tells you what you don't want to hear.

    Hang in there! Praying for the president and those in congress that are honest!

  • George Borys

    02/27/2019 08:30 PM

    My wife and i are , long time appreciators of yours , however
    with all due respect Goveror , we love President Trumps tweets as it
    is one way he can get more truth out to the American people .
    There's nothing wrong with him being , human .........

    God bless

  • George Curl

    02/27/2019 07:54 PM

    Two comments:
    1. Cohen's testimony was scheduled to take the focus off the Hanoi summit.
    2 My dear late mother would skin me alive if a washed up porn actress said she was proud of me.

  • Susan Murray

    02/27/2019 07:52 PM

    Governor, check out the Jerusalem Post article 8/23/18 that includes a tweet by Michael Cohen about President Trump Not being a Racist. Incredible.

  • Stephen Russell

    02/27/2019 07:44 PM

    Berkeley assult:
    Time forConservative students to hire Security, get firearms training, connect to campus PD?
    Or leave said Leftists campuses, They dont want to hear our message?
    Unless other students lobby Admin we want them ON campus?
    Or nothing changes.
    Need some reforms on campus nationwide

  • Suzanne Palady

    02/27/2019 05:46 PM

    Enjoy reading all your thoughts and prayers everyday for all Christians to stand tall, pray for President Trump , family and our America! Thank you Governor.