Running against Trump

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July 24, 2019

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, finding it difficult to run against Trump’s economic record, is trying on economic fear-mongering for size.  This week, she predicted that an “economic crash” is coming, and gave her prescriptions for preventing it (some of which would actually harm the economy, like a national $15 minimum wage.)

Of course, Fox Business news called her on her nonsense…

But you know a Democrat is grasping at straws when even CNN warns that her prescriptions for saving the economy would crash it, via high taxes and more debt.

Even her hometown liberal rag, the Boston Globe, can’t bring itself to swallow her apocalyptic economic predictions.

As Larry Edelman notes, all economies eventually go through recessions, and this one has expanded for a record 121 months.  He doesn’t mention that it’s roaring even stronger now, at the alleged "end" of the cycle," than it was when Obama was in office because Trump's removal of the Obama policies Warren wants to bring back was like cutting the rope holding back a speedboat that already had its throttle wide open. 

Edelman writes, “No recession is good, but the Senator makes it sound as if we are the next Venezuela.”  Which is ironic, considering that if we elect any of these Democrats, we just might be the next Venezuela. 

He further adds, “Ironically, Warren’s campaign (and those of the other Democratic candidates) would benefit if a recession were to hit sooner rather than later.”  See, now that’s NOT “ironic.”  That’s the entire point of attempts to talk down the economy and convince voters that economic doom is right around the corner.

When I ran for President in 2008, I was smeared by the right as a tax-loving socialist (can you believe it?!) for spoiling their “don’t worry-be happy” narrative about the economy and pointing out that there were some serious problems. I talked to working people all over America, and I knew that just because the guys the corner offices on Wall Street were getting record bonuses, that didn’t mean things were great for regular working people.  Nobody wanted to hear it then, but they were forced to deal with it before the election when it all came crashing down.  I didn’t consider that fear-mongering, but telling the truth. 

However, I don’t believe Warren really believes the economy, which is now incredibly strong based on solid policies like deregulation, tax cuts, energy production and manufacturing, and not on artificial life support like “quantitative easing," "green jobs" underwriting, or massive federal bailouts, is on the brink of disaster.  But she’d love to convince you that it is, so you’ll vote to bring back the same policies that kept the boat tied to the dock for eight years. 

That’s putting her own political fortunes ahead of the fortunes of the American people.  Thanks to the Trump economy, you probably have more disposable income than before.  But don’t throw it away by buying what Elizabeth Warren is selling.

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  • nascarccmgrlfan

    07/26/2019 11:37 PM

    I can imagine what they'd say to Venezuela talk. To them it's conservative propaganda to scare people into voting Republican and they'll say look to Europe to see their vision and talk about how they love Europe. I'm an Independent, but I'm not persuadable, just didn't want to enroll in a party so I could vote candidates. More right that left, so I'm the unicorn and here's why. Millennial, college grad girl, but I'm a Sunday school kid grown up.

  • Michael

    07/24/2019 07:08 PM

    It won't just be Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren, if elected, that would ruin our economy and most others things about America, it will be any Democrat !!! And God forbid if any Democrat would be elected they will destroy America so fast we may well look like Venezuela, Cuba, Russian and any other communist country!!! Wake up Americans and don't become complacent and get out and vote. Voting will be so important because we know from the past the Democrats don't have any qualms about voter fraud and cheating with their finding of many boxes of votes, etc.
    Thanks again Governor Huckabee for keeping us informed. I always hope that so much of what your write and the statistics and facts that you provide us does get to the President or his staff and advisors for they need to know.

  • Anne Turner

    07/24/2019 01:03 PM

    Of course Warren is way of course but she has to have something to get her attention. I do not think that Mr. Mueller is coming off too well. He said if Trump, were not Pres he would have indicted on obstruction. He seem hesitant and a bit slow on the uptake. This is not what I expected from someone of his stature. I am not sure you obstruct something that did not exist. I think he gave them enough to bring on impeachment. More millions will be spent on a charges that will be thrown out in the Senate.

    I must say the increase in the debt ceiling is disturbing. I am not sure how much more military and welfare we can withstand.

  • rodney Burke

    07/24/2019 10:11 AM

    I firmly believe Liz is not the only economic idiot. That disease seems to be rampant in the dems. They have no concept of how economics works, Nor do they seem to grasp that bigger govt = a poorer economy. Apparently they STILL don't grasp what happened to Venezuela. Cuba, the USSR and China. Yes, Mike what they advocate is the full blown definition of insanity. And there are FAR too many who are buying the hot pile of garbage they are selling. While Liz has an excuse of ignorance, AOC doesn't. Bernie is so far gone he cannot be helped except into a nut house. It's time we called the opposition what they are; advocating communists. they are the economic enemy we are warned about and some take an oath to protect us against. Dems ARE the domestic enemy. They are no longer hiding it.