February 10, 2019

Better late than never!  Nancy Pelosi finally thought it was safe enough to let the President of the United States deliver the State of the Union address in the Capitol so he came and he delivered a stem-winder of a speech this week, 2nd only in length to Bill Clinton’s 2000 SOTU speech.  But except for the most virulent Trump-haters, like the Democrat women who all wore white for some reason that still makes no sense to me, most analysts gave him high marks for both content and the ever elusive “tone.”  The ladies in white must not be Southern ladies, as they would have known that proper ladies don’t wear white until Easter and only before Labor Day.  Plus had they been proper Southern ladies, they would have never been so rude as to refuse to stand for a 10 year old fighting cancer, or lines uttered by the President that we need to work together to make America great not for Republicans or Democrats, but for the American people.  In fact, had they been proper Southern ladies, they would have stood for the President in respect for his office, no matter how much they despised him.  And they would have said, “Bless his heart!” throughout the speech.  And you know what it means when a Southern woman starts or ends a sentence with “Bless your heart?”  It means you’re about to be gutted like a deer, but she will do it while smiling and serving you pecan pie and sweet tea.  The only thing that got them off their seats was when he actually cheered for them!  Yep.  They may not stand for a D-Day veteran, a Holocaust survivor, or a 10 year cancer survivor, but they will stand up for themselves.  In the speech, the President outlined a way forward to build the border wall to protect Americans.  To illustrate the need, he introduced families of those killed by illegals who wouldn’t have been in the country had we taken seriously the control of the border.  For me, one of the President’s most powerful moments was his full-throated defense of human life and his bold and unapologetic rebuke of the appalling practice of late-term abortion of full term babies and actually killing them after they are born.  NO President EVER has spoken with such moral clarity as did President Trump on the repugnant and savage notion of killing babies for convenience.  To their credit, there were some Democrats who actually applauded and even stood when the President was extolling that we have the lowest ever unemployment numbers for African-Americans, Hispanics and women.  But for the most part, the opposition party stayed stuck in their seats as if they had run out of Preparation H and it just hurt too much to stand and sit again.  And poor Bernie Sanders sat with such a scowl on his face that one wondered if he had gulped a mustard milkshake with pickle chunks just before the speech.  And of course, there sat Elizabeth Warren, who looked much more pale-faced than the American Indian she fraudulently claimed to be on her application for admittance to the Texas Bar.  That revelation reportedly has her re-thinking getting into the Presidential primary, but in a gracious show of kindness, President Trump has offered to have her lead the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  For his part, President Trump rose to the occasion and acted, well…Presidential…and offered more than an olive branch, but the entire olive tree.  Of course, if something doesn’t give in the next few days, we could be right back at another government shutdown, or the President could declare a national emergency, which the caravans are truly becoming, and build the wall to protect the American people even if the House Democrats had rather hide behind their comfortable walls and let YOU fend for yourself.  And one other thing—if you wondered why all those Democrat women dressed in white ske-daddled out of the House chamber even before the President left, it was because they all got a text saying that Penney’s White Sale had been extended for another week.


When I was Governor of Arkansas, all my staffers had a standing order to be respectful and courteous to everyone who came to our offices.  It didn’t matter if their grammar wasn’t perfect or they wore dirty clothes that they had to sweat through to make a living.  They were all our bosses, and we must never forget that we worked for them, not the other way around.

It sounds as if the new Democratic Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Griffin, could stand to hear that message.  This week, she announced that she is reversing her Republican predecessor’s order to put National Guard troops on the border to help local residents cope with rampant illegal immigration and drug criminals.  Out of 118 troops still there, she will leave only 12 “to assist with humanitarian needs” of illegal entrants.

The move is in defiance of President Trump’s description of the border situation as a crisis and his (fortunately timed for her border-dwelling constituents) decision to order 3,750 more troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to put up barbed wire and provide support for border agents.  Is defying Trump really more important than protecting New Mexico citizens’ safety?

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Apparently so.  In a statement, Gov. Lujan Grisham said, “I recognize and appreciate the legitimate concerns of residents and officials in southwestern New Mexico, particularly Hidalgo County, who have asked for our assistance, as migrants and asylum-seekers continue to appear at their doorstep.”  But in a dig at Trump, she said, “New Mexico will not take part in the President’s charade of border fear-mongering by misusing our diligent National Guard troops.”  (Sending National Guard troops to protect citizens in danger is not a "misuse" of those troops, it's precisely the proper use of them.) 

Instead, according to her Facebook page, at least, she’s devoting her time to more urgent things, such as declaring February 1 “American Indian Day” and using an executive order to make the state join the U.S. Climate Alliance. 

If you want to do what the Governor apparently won’t and find out what people who live along her state's border say they are dealing with, here’s an article by a reporter who actually listened to them.  One said this, but I doubt the Governor will like hearing it:

“I was not a big Trump fan, but for the first time in 20 years or so we felt like someone actually heard us down here at the border.”


The following is excerpted from an email sent by Roger Stone’s wife Nydia on behalf of the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund. Though I am not personally involved with raising money for that fund, I decided to share a portion of her letter not directly related to their financial situation because it gives such a powerful perspective on what it’s like for an innocent person to be caught up in a “home invasion”-style raid...



By now, I'm sure you have heard about the terrifying pre-dawn raid on the house in Ft. Lauderdale where I live with my husband, Roger Stone. 

A little before 6 a.m., 29 assault-weapon-wielding FBI agents in full tactical gear and wearing night vision goggles surrounded our home. Because I am hearing-impaired and I was sleeping, I did not hear the commotion when an FBI agent pounded on the door demanding my husband open it, and I did not know he had been handcuffed and taken into custody.

I woke up only when two FBI agents burst into our bedroom and demanded that I get out of bed at gunpoint. I was marched out to the street in front of our house wearing only a night gown and in bare feet. I was instructed to stand next to my husband, who was handcuffed and also barefooted. I am not charged with any crime. 

This has to be the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced as FBI agents swarmed into our home after announcing they had a search warrant. 

My husband has no previous criminal record, not even a speeding ticket. He is charged and pled not guilty to seven non-violent process crimes. We do not own a gun, and my husband's passport had actually expired. The idea that he is a danger to anyone or a flight risk was disproved hours later when a federal magistrate released him on a surety bond.

The FBI used 29 agents [and] 17 vehicles, including 2 armored vehicles, a helicopter, and 2 amphibious units because our rented home backs onto a canal. Every agent was carrying an AK-47 as well as a sidearm. This is a much larger force than [was] used to capture and kill bin Laden or arrest El Chapo. It must have cost U.S. taxpayers a half a million dollars. 

Even more humiliating, for some odd reason a CNN camera crew had arrived at our home only 50 minutes before the FBI strike force and was allowed to film the assault on our home and my husband's arrest. If my husband was considered "dangerous," why was a CNN film crew in position 10 yards from our front door? How convenient that the CNN producer at our home is a former special assistant to FBI director James Comey! 

My parents came from Cuba. I can understand how these kinds of police state tactics can happen in a communist country, but it is hard to believe that the FBI Director and acting Attorney General would allow this kind of brutal assault on a U.S. citizen with no prior criminal record and charged only with non-violent process crimes here in the United States. 

After the FBI took my husband away, I was allowed to dress under the supervision of a woman FBI agent, who even had to watch me while I used the bathroom. I was not allowed to touch my cell phone even though I could see that my children and grandchildren were calling to see if I was all right. FBI agents tore through every square inch of our home and removed my husband’s computers and iPads. They also took my computer, which means they got many beautiful pictures of my grandchildren.

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I wasn't allowed to turn on the television, so I did not see the angry and hateful mob that gathered outside the federal courthouse in Ft. Lauderdale, where I later learned that my husband was placed in hand and foot shackles and held in a holding cell after being fingerprinted and having his mug shot photos taken. The FBI spent seven hours tearing through our house, as well as raiding a storage facility nearby, where they also took a computer and went through financial records that are at least 15 years old. 

Although you would never know it from the fake news media, my not charged with Russian collusion, Wikileaks collaboration or any other crime associated with the 2016 election...Now we are facing a $2 million cost for lawyers In order to fight the bogus charges against my husband, who at 66 years old is facing a potential 45-year prison sentence for crimes he did not commit. 

Every day brings death threats [and] late-night anonymous phone calls threatening to kill us, and it's gotten so I can't even go to the grocery store without somebody screaming at me and accusing us of being Russian spys –- which is funny because my parents fled Cuba and the brutal regime of Fidel Castro while my husband's family members were mowed down by Russian tanks in Budapest in 1956.



There’s little to add to Mrs. Stone’s letter; it speaks for itself. I do particularly like her point that if her husband is so dangerous that he requires a SWAT team to take him into custody, it’s odd that CNN was allowed to be up so close with their cameras. I also appreciate her very appropriate reference to Cuba.

This kind of thing is not supposed to happen in America, but it obviously does, at least to people on the wrong political side of those running the show. In this case the result could have been tragic. If it’s true that Mrs. Stone could not hear instructions spoken by the armed agents, she might have acted in self-defense and ended up dead. Whoever signed off on this raid should be held accountable for prosecutorial misconduct.

On Friday night, Tucker Carlson showed home security video from Roger Stone’s house covering multiple angles of the pre-dawn raid. It shows CNN arriving around 5AM, about an hour before the FBI agents show up. The CNN cameraman immediately sets up his tripod, obviously expecting something, and gets back in his vehicle to wait for FBI agents to arrive.

When agents pull up, the CNN cameraman jumps out of his car, camera on his shoulder.  He’s not far from the action, only about 40 feet away. The agents surrounding the home can be seen as heavily armed, carrying assault weapons and sidearms and wearing anti-ballistic armor. They’re using red-dot sights and tactical flashlights. They look ready to fire. One has a battering ram.

A camera at the back of the house captures one of the boats referred to by Mrs. Stone. It carries at least two agents, who shine a floodlight into the home.

It’s like something out of a movie. From the look of this, you’d think Stone was a drug lord, or maybe a serial killer.

We’re being told that all this was “by the book.” I don’t accept that. If such action against a non-violent 66-year-old man with absolutely no record of prior offenses can be considered business as usual by the FBI, then we are no longer in the America we used to know.





Yet another reason why we should find better uses of US taxpayer money than supporting the U.N.: It can’t even hold a Holocaust remembrance event without insulting Israel.



You might have noticed that I have no qualms about referring to people on the far left, such as Elizabeth Warren and, so far, every announced Democratic Presidential candidate, as "far-left.  This is because I have a very non-PC habit of being honest. You might also have noticed that the mainstream media is filled with descriptions of various conservative figures and groups as being "far-right" or "extreme right," while there apparently are no "far-left" or "extreme left" people or organizations.  Wearing a MAGA cap makes you a rightwing extremist, but putting on a black Antifa hood and bashing someone whose views you dislike in the head with a bicycle chain means you're just a public-spirited liberal, I guess.

At the link, Robert Stacy McCain of the American Spectator takes a closer look at the media's strange perception problem, in which moderate conservatives appear to be on the "far-right" and far-left extremists appear to be in the center.



Okay, everyone who predicted that there might eventually be privacy problems with taking a sample of your DNA and mailing it off to a lab to analyze and store in their records, give yourselves a pat on the back.



Meme of the Day: Two pictures that are worth more than a thousand words to describe how far the moral standards of New York’s abortion-embracing leaders have sunk over the past half-century or so.


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  • Jerry Korba

    02/10/2019 10:04 PM

    I do not doubt the people who read your reports are so very fed up with the lefts views on how they need to change the way we live. We need a wall on our border where it will do the most good I agree it will slow down and redirect the foot and vehicle traffic into our country. This may sound like the green deal is there a way we could stop dialog coming out of the House of Representatives I want them to just work on the bills that will secure our country give us a bill for healthcare that people can afford and actually use get the budget settled. I don't want their opinion on anything else until they can get these bills to the senate and signed by the President. Build a wall around these nitwits no one in no one out no cameras no mikes no reporters make them work and finish this work. Your Payment due received upon completion of said work. I know, that will work just like the green deal never happen. They are so WORTHLESS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edith Peters

    02/10/2019 09:38 PM

    Thanks, MIke, for putting the antics of the far left into a proper perspective. I had to laugh as I read your comments about being proper Southern ladies as well as when reading other comments. It is so refreshing and encouraging to read your news editions. I appreciate the way you keep us updated on what is happening in our government and our country. God continue to bless you and those who work with you.


    02/10/2019 09:32 PM

    As a defender of the 2nd amendment you might, if you don't already get it, subscribe to the NRA's monthly periodical. It has a page each month dedicated to outlining citizens legal and lawful use of firearms in defending themselves, their families, and their homes from the criminal element. Useful info when discussing firearms possession with the left wing anti-gun crowd. Thank you for your daily observations on what is going on in our nation.

  • Jack macdonald

    02/10/2019 09:27 PM

    How many ways can it be said that the Dems in that audience are classless, rude, insensitive, Godless, uninformed, low IQ, unAmerican morons who probably need help tieing there shoes or coming in out of the rain.

  • Sharon Wangsness

    02/10/2019 09:08 PM

    Well I am amazed that New York even had crosses at all lit up for Easter!!! I loved the video that I saw of cameras panning down the rows of ladies in white and other democratic "gentlemen" looking so dour and sour while the refrain "Everybody hurts, Everybody hurts Some time" in the background. It was priceless. I wish I knew what I did with that email that contained that video.
    I feel so badly for the Stones. What a horrible horrible experience and horrible waste of taxpayer money. I cannot even imagine what I would do if that happened to me. I think everyone in government should have to pass a economics 101 and a test on the Constitution before they can run or be appointed to any government job at the Fed or State level.

  • Brian R Younge, MD

    02/10/2019 08:53 PM

    Great stuff you report on every day! I read them all! Should you decide to support the Stones, I would be glad to contribute. $2M is quite a legal bill!

  • Donna Pope

    02/10/2019 08:47 PM

    My heart and tears go out to Mrs Stone! We MUST stop the FBI! We are ALL IN DANGER OF THEIR HORRIBLE TACTICS! How heart wrenching their actions are! What has happened to our justice system???!! This is America!! Our media of every kind has been bought and paid for! Our right are fast disappearing! Pray The left finds GOD! It is our only hope!

  • Rita Siler Gaither

    02/10/2019 08:27 PM

    Do you think that the Demo(n)cratic women were trying to imitate the vestal virgins in ancient Rome? They dressed all in white and spent thirty years of their lives keeping the fires going for pagan gods?

  • Stephen Russell

    02/10/2019 08:24 PM

    NM NG pull out: Bad optics, If illegals ruin Santa Fe proper say adios to Tourism alone for NM.
    No tourist $$$ for NM.
    Wake up Governor, lose tourism revenue & lose side income for state & add jobless to state.
    Good call.
    Me Id send in 100 mercenaries to beef up border, orders shoot to kill IF spot MS 13 "ink".
    Good bye to NM cuisine & resturants ruined by illegals