August 5, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Angry Leftist  -- Evil genius returns -- North Korea update -- Mueller should look at Hillary/Bill too -- International adoptions  -- News Bits 


Attention, conspiracy theorists: the National Archives has finally declassified some more documents related to the John Kennedy assassination. The most intriguing is a 1975 CIA memo that reveals that some agents believed that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK as payback because he was furious over an interview in which Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro talked about the CIA’s repeated attempts to kill him. Take it for what it’s worth, but this is the one thing we know is true: the conservative city of Dallas was unfairly blamed for years for JFK’s killing when the real culprit – as has been true so many other times in history – was actually an angry leftist trying to murder someone he disagreed with.

Happy Saturday America!


Mike Huckabee



Evil genius returns

By Mike Huckabee

People are still talking about the swift implosion of Anthony Scaramucci. But for the conspiracy-minded, there’s a new twist. What if Scaramucci wasn’t a missile that blew up on the launching pad but a bunker buster bomb that Trump’s two closest family advisers knew would explode and take out another target with him, and that was his sole purpose? This is from the New York Times, so take it with a mountain of salt.

I wonder if this is the first hint that the liberal media will start covering Trump the way they did George W. Bush, where their depiction of him alternated between “incompetent moron” and “evil Machiavellian genius,” depending on what was needed to make him look the worst.


North Korea update

By Mike Huckabee

Sen. Lindsay Graham claims that President Trump confided in him that if North Korea keeps threatening the US by trying to build an ICBM that can launch a nuke at us, and China doesn’t do anything to stop them, then there will be war and we will strike North Korea within the year. Kim Jong Un might want to rein in his bluster and threats because his mouth is writing a check his military can’t cash. His military technology must look pretty impressive to his own people, who would be awestruck at the sight of a hamburger. But if he really thinks that his mighty, invincible military force can stand up to an assault by the United States military, then he’s making the fatal mistake a lot of other professional buffoons make: believing his own publicity.


Mueller should look at Hillary/Bill too

By Mike Huckabee

Trump ended the day with another rally Thursday in West Virginia, where he told a cheering crowd that the Russia collusion allegations are “a total fabrication” created as “an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of American politics,” and that Democrats only talk about “the totally made-up Russia story…because they have no message, no agenda, and no vision.” He also said what prosecutors should be looking into are Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails, Bill Clinton’s $500,000 Russian speeches, the uranium deal and other things Democrats did that are being swept under the rug.

Well, Mueller does have a mandate to examine alleged collusion between Russia and a major 2016 presidential candidate. So it appears there’d be nothing stopping him from looking into Hillary Clinton’s shady dealings. Nothing but the current Washington ethics double-standard, which is thicker than the wall Trump wants to build. And if Mueller is really having a hard time finding someone who ignored federal laws, he could look in the nearest mirror to spot a guy who is ignoring the legal requirement that special counsels with conflicts of interest step down.



Travel ban won't interfere with international adoptions

By Mike Huckabee

It’s a shame that deteriorating relations with Russia have led to Putin’s ban on Americans adopting Russian children. But as long as the “Russia Russia Russia” narrative serves the interest of President Trump’s political opponents and accusations and sanctions fly, a reversal of that policy doesn’t seem likely anytime soon. (You know, someone really should take a meeting with them and see if we can make that happen.) Anyone familiar with the sad conditions faced by those children knows how unfortunate this situation is for them.

But for those American parents-in-waiting who fear that President Trump’s travel ban will interfere with international adoptions, here’s some reassurance.



News Bits

By all means, let’s pump billions more tax dollars into Obamacare. It’s working splendidly now!



Google and YouTube: Enabling worldwide communications, but only by those who think the right way. That is, the left way.



Unusual White House trivia: a presidential library archivist accidentally discovered what might be the first color home movies ever taken inside the White House. The real shocker: they were in the Herbert Hoover Library! First Lady Lou Hoover was a camera bug who took the movies sometime in the late 1920s. Click the link for the story, and of course, to see the movies.



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  • Robert Corso

    08/06/2017 02:06 AM

    As always, I find your newsletter informative, intelligent and right on target! Keep it coming Mike and God bless you. Appreciate your dedication, your insight and your valued wisdom.
    PS - I love the job your daughter is doing and am delighted that she is unboard with the Trump administration. Best person he could possibly have in that position. I'm sure your very proud of her!

  • Dorothy Krovetcz

    08/05/2017 11:25 AM

    Thanks you. I really enjoy your newsletter.