December 17, 2020

December 17, 2020      

Good morning! Today's newsletter includes:

  • Explosive Homeland Security hearing on election fraud
  • The Mob attacks the First Lady online
  • Latest Podcast: AG Leslie Rutledge
  • They Can’t Teach History, But They Sure Can Rewrite It
  • Endless lockdowns are also hurting animals


Mike Huckabee

Explosive Homeland Security hearing on election fraud

By Mike Huckabee

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s Homeland Security Committee hearing on election “irregularities,” held Wednesday, promised compelling testimony and certainly brought it.

This marks the first federal hearing on allegations of election fraud. In case you didn’t get to watch, here’s the link to the entire thing.

For Sen. Johnson, this is about regaining public trust, which obviously has been shattered. “The fact that our last two presidential elections have not been accepted as legitimate by large percentages of the American people is a serious problem that threatens our republic,” he said in his opening statement.

He blamed in part “today’s climate of hyper-partisanship, which is only exacerbated by the persistent efforts to delegitimize the results of the 2016 election,” referring to the Russian collusion hoax. He also noted that the “ongoing suppression and censorship of the conservative perspective by biased media and social media adds fuel to the flames.”

Listening to this on Wednesday, I did notice that the discussion we’re having about the 2020 election has changed. Remember when election fraud was supposedly so “rare,” we hardly ever heard of any cases? Why, there was “no evidence” of it happening, and we weren’t supposed to say it ever had –- let alone that it might have changed the outcome. Now, after hearing firsthand accounts from witness after witness about what they saw, the discussion has become, “Well, sure, there’s always going to be a certain level of fraud, but the question is, was it enough to change the outcome?”

And that was the question Sen. Johnson asked in his opening statement. We’re now dickering over the LEVEL of the fraud.

It sounds as if we’re acknowledging that our country is unwell because of a very unhealthy lifestyle, and now we need to determine if continuing on this track is bad enough to kill the patient. I hope that at some point in the future, historians aren’t asking that question at the autopsy.

To continue the analogy, the patient's “tests” (polls) say it’s serious. About 70 percent of Republicans don't believe the election was “free and fair,” and even many Democrats see problems, although their level of trust in Biden’s win is going up. (That’s from watching too much CNN.) Yes, this patient is very sick and needs a huge lifestyle change, as in accountability and reform of the process.

If you count unconstitutional rule changes that made large-scale fraud and error easy, the answer to Sen. Johnson’s question would be YES –- the level was high enough. Just look at this testimony from Trump attorney Jesse Binnall about what happened in Nevada as a result of widespread mail-in voting; this is something to share with doubting friends.

The courts have had their own blasted reasons for refusing to look at the rule changes, but that doesn’t mean the election wasn’t affected by them. It simply means the judiciary didn't want to be involved and found ways not to be.

Democrats at the hearing mostly knocked the idea of being there, saying the election challenges are not good for the country. (As if steamrolling towards an outcome that so many Americans don’t trust WERE good for the country?) The ranking Democrat on the Committee, Michigan Sen. Gary Peters, said that the current legal challenges to the election results “undermine the will of the people, disenfranchise voters, and sow the seeds of mistrust.”

I would point out that ignoring the glaring problems we’ve seen will cause precisely that kind of damage.

Democrats expressed concern about mail-in ballots and Dominion voting machines when they thought these were potential problems for THEM. Now that they’ve almost managed to drag Biden over the finish line, they want to shut down any examination of these factors.

Sen. Johnson blasted Democrats for the hypocrisy of their constant charge of "disinformation": “The purveyors of Russian disinformation, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC, the Steele dossier, the ranking member Peters accusing Sen. Grassley and I of disseminating Russian disinformation --- THAT’S where the disinformation is coming [from]. This hearing today --- this is GETTING information we have to take a look at to restore confidence in our election integrity.”

Standing O for Sen. Johnson. Incidentally, that accusation against him and Sen. Grassley concerned a report they issued on the Bidens’ foreign business interests, which we all know now is true. As in, NOT “disinformation.”

Sen. Rand Paul spoke up as well, saying that “fraud happened” and the only way it’ll be fixed is by in the future reinforcing the laws.”

As we’ve been saying, the fight is by no means over. GOP electors in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico cast alternate slates of votes for Trump on Monday, the same day the certified Democrat electors cast their votes.

Trump is being supported in his fight by a number of Republicans, notably Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley and Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, who's planning to be the House member who lodges a challenge to the electoral vote on January 6. He needs a senator to do this with him, and we don’t know yet who will step up for this. Among several possibilities is Sen. Rand Paul, but at this writing he hasn’t announced anything.

Here’s where a number of Republican Senators and House members fall on the issue.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is not providing leadership on this. In fact, he’s trying to discourage members of his party from challenging the vote on January 6. The same goes for Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who called the idea “a grave mistake.” He and South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham are waiting to see how Trump’s legal challenges play out.

Finally, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, who was expected to release his report on foreign interference in the election this Friday, has heard from his office (the ODNI) that “the intelligence committee will not be meeting the December 18 deadline” set by Trump’s 2018 executive order (#13848). Their announcement said that “a number of agencies have not finished coordinating on the product.”

The conclusions in this report will be extremely important; details about the delay and Trump’s options under the executive order are in this must-read report from THE EPOCH TIMES.

Ratcliffe has been clear about the threat posed by China and also their desire to see Trump out of office. Former acting DNI Ric Grenell tweeted on Wednesday just prior to this announcement that Ratcliffe “is standing up for career analysts who want their views to be accurately reflected. In other words, fighting to keep intelligence from being politicized.”

According to Catherine Herridge at CBS, Ratcliffe said earlier this month that in November of 2020, we had election interference from China, Iran and Russia.

The Mob attacks the First Lady online

By Mike Huckabee

First Lady Melania Trump continued her tradition of reading a holiday book to children at First National Hospital Tuesday. And for this horrific sin, she was viciously vilified by morally superior leftists. Why, she took off her mask to read the book! She was spreading COVID-19 to sick children! She’s an evil, awful, uncaring MONSTER!!!!

Okay, Twitter mobs/leftists/biased media jackals, if you wonder why so many people distrust and hate you, here’s a perfect example. It’s your obnoxious self-righteousness, coupled with your uncivilized language and behavior, heaped on top of your mindless, reflexive hatred of the Trump family and your unfounded belief that your uninformed opinions are unquestionable objective truth.

For the record: The hospital doesn’t require guest speakers to wear masks as long as they’re more than six feet away from anyone else. The First Lady was 12 feet away from others, in a four-story atrium. Also, she’s already had COVID-19 (or don’t you read the news?), so she’s not spreading it or in danger of getting it.

She wasn’t endangering children, she was engaging in an act of Christian love and charity. Here’s an idea: if you want people to think you have even a fraction of the moral standing you believe you do, why don’t you try that sometime?

Latest Podcast: AG Leslie Rutledge

This week on "The People's Podcast," Governor Huckabee spoke with fellow Arkansan Leslie Rutledge, who explained why she became one of the 17 Attorneys General to join Texas' lawsuit challenging the results of November's election. The Governor also shares the good news on the covid-19 vaccine front and breaks down a new collusion scandal involving a prominent House Democrat and the Chinese Communist Party. But first, he'll share a history lesson on the election of 1876, and why it's worth remembering in 2020.

Listen and signup here>>>

They Can’t Teach History, But They Sure Can Rewrite It

By Mike Huckabee

A San Francisco school district plans to rename Abe Lincoln High School because the man who fought a Civil War to free the slaves and took an assassin’s bullet for it didn’t do enough for minorities to deserve to be honored. If only he’d done something really virtuous, like dox people from his Twitter account.

I guess Honest (sorry: “Racist”) Abe could hardly be expected to pass PC muster with today’s wokesters when not even liberal California Sen. Diane Feinstein is pure enough. The same school district is also renaming a school named after her because while serving as San Francisco mayor back in 1984 (appropriately), for vague reasons, she raised a Confederate flag at city hall.

No word on who the Diane Feinstein school will be renamed after, but I’m assuming it’s not Lynynd Skynyrd.

Endless lockdowns are also hurting animals

By Mike Huckabee

This article is behind a paywall at, but it’s an important enough point that I wanted to highlight it. The story is about how the endless lockdowns aren’t just hurting humans, they’re also hurting animals.

Zoos and aquariums have been shut down so long that they’re worried about making payroll for the caretakers and being able to stay open. Animal rescues are hurting even worse, since they depend on donations, public fundraising events and fees from adoptions by people who aren’t coming in. Meanwhile, there are more animals being left at shelters because of their owners’ inability to provide for them. And that’s not just dogs and cats, but also birds and other pets. Most rescues are being stretched to the limit to cover food and vet care.

If you support an animal rescue and have the spare cash, I’m sure they would be very grateful for any help. Also, if some of the green liberals who seem to have zero compassion for the people being harmed by non-science-based lockdowns will at least think of the innocent animals harmed, maybe that will make them rethink their strident support for crushing authoritarianism.

On the other hand, in nations where socialism takes over, people often end up eating the zoo animals to survive, and that hasn’t shaken their faith in socialism.



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  • Sharon Faulkner

    12/18/2020 02:39 PM

    Ms Quinton
    Your hateful and guilt ridden babble against our greatest President (albeit earthy but I like that) and Gov Huckabee tells me you need to sober up before you embarrass yourself. Cheers.

  • Rachel Sapir-Quinton

    12/18/2020 08:46 AM

    Free speech isn’t just for an abusive criminal president & his cronies. Have you never heard criminal trump use what you call vulgar language, make fun of disadvantage folks, criminalize anything that’s not of white skin. You, mr huckabee, are just another butt licker to the worst leader & the worst emotional unbalanced human being our country has ever witness. And by the way the word “fuckers” is just a word, get over it.

  • Marty Jones

    12/17/2020 09:08 PM

    Governor, Although I am not an expert on economics, I tend to think that if congress gave the billions or trillions as a stimulus only to the people it would keep the economy going strong and those businesses could survive while closed. The issue is individuals not making a living so if all the funds went directly to the people then wouldn't the problem be solved. Also on the vaccinations I feel if the most vulnerable were vaccinated first that there would be less people needing to be hospitalized. That result would be both less of a strain on medical facilities as well as on the safety of the medical workers. I feel the medical profession workers are being greedy wanting to be first. (Just my opinion). I resect my Governor (Brad Little) for saying he will wait his turn instead of saying give me give me,

  • Gary Stilwell

    12/17/2020 08:45 PM

    I'm sure you have detected the left's shift in blame for the election fraud(and there most certainly was) --the smoking guns are popping up all over the place-most of them so hot you couldn't even hold it
    It's now China/Russia/iran/or maybe Namibia -or maybe Tibet--sure does shift the blame away from the real root cause, doesn't it?---Gates/bezos/zuckerbug/sorry soros/clinton, etc.-etc.(not enough characters left to list all)

  • Thomas Walter Murray

    12/17/2020 08:30 PM

    I observe the Supreme Court of the United States has abdicated it’s position as firewall and protector of our Constitution by instituting Rules designed to allow holding the really sticky questions at arms length such as election irregularities.
    Please call upon our President to create a Special Councillor or Prosecutor before January to sort out the election irregularities and/or the Hunter Biden affair.
    Blessings to you and yours this Christmas Season.

  • Suzanne Ryan

    12/17/2020 08:04 PM

    What has happened to Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn?? I am from Texas and
    will think twice before I vote for John Cornyn again!! I want someone in the office
    with "guts"! Trump will be in office for a second term! Believe me.

  • Anita D

    12/17/2020 07:30 PM

    Thank you for making the newsletter briefer and more succinct - I get the pertinent information I need and can get through it more quickly, thank you Gov. Huckabee.

  • Paul Kern

    12/17/2020 06:30 PM

    I always look forward to articles posted here. I work nights so can look at news articles in many places. I forward these to friends in Europe and Asia. They live under socialist governments where it is even worse.
    They pray for us as they know if the Communists take over any freedom loving nation is also doomed?
    The behavior of the left, both elected officials and ordinary citizens is becoming like the Morlocks in H G Wells " The Time Machine" cannibals. Already they are eating there own as well as conservatives. They sacrifice the pre-born to their pagan god Molech. Just like in ancient Israel.
    It is a spiritual battle anfmd I believe God is calling His elect to rise up.
    The question I pose to myself and others is this. Are we selling our inheritance for a bowl of soup like Esau did?

  • Geoff Jones

    12/17/2020 05:30 PM

    The Diane Feinstein school could be renamed the 'George Floyd "High"'.

  • Charles Simmons

    12/17/2020 03:41 PM

    When “Team Biden” invites conservative republicans to “unite,” it’s clear that the “unity” they intend is similar to the relationship between gaolers and their prisoners.

  • Kay DeWitt

    12/17/2020 02:56 PM

    Mike, what you state in the below paragraph, bears witness to the fact that, in REALITY, this "warfare" between the supposed "morally superior leftists" and the supposed "morally inferior 'rightists' " is a SPIRITUAL warfare NOT a political warfare!....I WILL WRITE MY COMMENT BELOW YOUR PARAGRAPH:

    "First Lady Melania Trump continued her tradition of reading a holiday book to children at First National Hospital Tuesday. And for this horrific sin, she was viciously vilified by morally superior leftists. Why, she took off her mask to read the book! She was spreading COVID-19 to sick children! She’s an evil, awful, uncaring MONSTER!!!! ........Okay, Twitter mobs/leftists/biased media jackals, if you wonder why so many people distrust and hate you, here’s a perfect example. It’s your obnoxious self-righteousness, coupled with your uncivilized language and behavior, heaped on top of your mindless, reflexive hatred of the Trump family and your unfounded belief that your uninformed opinions are unquestionable objective truth."

    If these "morally superior leftists" can CALL someone LIKE Melania, an "evil, awful, uncaring.MONSTER" then, when they call Trump this same thing, it has no meaning! In response to your going on to state that this is "an example of WHY so many people distrust and HATE them" I will go on to state that it is THIS fact ...

    THAT..... unsaved people either support them OR HATE them ....THAT THE he, IN THE WORLD......, that AUTHORS the "Twitter mobs/leftists/biased media jackals' obnoxious self-righteousness, coupled with their uncivilized language and behavior, heaped on top of their mindless reflexive HATRED of the Trump family and their unfounded belief that their uninformed opinions are unquestionable objective truth".....GOT THE VOTES OF SUPPORT he GOT......BECAUSE.....

    HAD CHRISTIANS WHO, because they are a vessel of Christ's UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, answered this he's HATRED with HIS LOVE...this evil-minded he....who influences what the media jackals write...would have had his mouth shut BY the greater He in the hearts of Christians because there is SUPERNATURAL POWER IN Christ's love that enables one TO love his enemy WHILE hating his enemy's sin......which is why....

    Arthur Brooks spoke what IS "unquestionable objective truth" when he stated that He, who IS truth, would have Christians fight the above he by answering his HATRED with HIS LOVE!

  • Norris R Harod

    12/17/2020 02:52 PM

    Please use your influence to have President Trump’s team(s) make their immediate priority to get John James declared the winner and new Michigan Senator by getting 7,182 illegal votes found and thrown out during their own site vote checks and verification. This will take the huge pressure off our Georgia runoffs and secure a GOP Senate majority.

    Norris Harod
    Veteran and Retired Small Business Owner
    Evans, GA

  • Anne Turner

    12/17/2020 02:39 PM

    My prediction :
    Biden will be sworn in as usual. The investigations will not be far enough along to prove that Trump won.
    Trump will continue to try to prove he won But there will be no help from the FBI or the Justice Department
    Congress will probably shut down these election investigations as it is like the Senate will go Dem.
    The Durham report will molder at the Justice Department and be classified so it will not see the light of day And no one will be prosecuted.
    Hunter Biden will be convicted. It will be obvious his father benefited but hard to prove and nobody but Congress is going to investigate s sitting president but being .dem will not do this. Everything will be slipped under the table.
    Biden will be replace within three to six months by Harris which was the plan all along. She will install radical leftists like AOC in positions of power.
    If the elections can be held with any modicum of lawfulness, the GOP wilt take over the House and probably the Senate in 2022 but the damage will have been done. There will be so many new immigrants who will all vote Dem in the next Pres. Election, we will never have another GOP President. Churches and religious organizations will be penalized if they do not adhere to left thinking. Religiously sponsored adoption agencies, those providing help for unwed mothers, hospitals will close. Health care will be rationed and old people encouraged to off themselves. Christians and Jews will be persecuted but Muslims will thrive.

  • Joanne Schmidt

    12/17/2020 02:24 PM

    Senator-elect Turberville will object to electoral college tally on January 6, reports OAN.


    12/17/2020 02:12 PM

    When the cities commence to have food shortages you will see what it looked like for those who resided in 'Germany during the bombing raids and have to eat dead horses and other animals including their pets to just survive. Right now if you look as you go grocery shopping there are shortages in various daily requirements and with the naming of various people to the Biden Cabinet like in Transportation and Energy, Those cities will have crisis after crisis due to the delivery vehicles cannot afford to come the city or that they will not enter due to the Defund the Police movement has taken control of security.

  • james alan randolph

    12/17/2020 01:22 PM

    Dinesh D'Souza commented on ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH ... (paraphrase):
    "The school does not deserve to use the name - - ignorant of history WILLINGLY."

  • james randolph

    12/17/2020 01:20 PM

    [Rand Paul]: “fraud happened” and the only way it’ll be fixed is by in the future reinforcing the laws.”
    That's like getting stuck with COUNTERFEIT money, then the COUNTERFEITER declaring ...
    "OK, I will not pass any more phony money, sorry... but it's too late to prosecute me."

  • Linda McGowan

    12/17/2020 01:08 PM

    Praying for you and your mknistry and Pres. Trump and zFamily, entire Administration...every day.

    God Bless You Always!

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    12/17/2020 12:51 PM

    My Bible says the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished. There is guilt. You don’t have to be smart to know it. God is in charge and the ending has not been shown. What you reap, you sow. There will be lots of sowing. I have never experienced such evil against a President. I am praying for the Trumps who did so much and that evil will be brought down.

  • Renee Kendrick

    12/17/2020 12:39 PM

    MOB - Miserable Old Buzzards - such disrespect toward the first lady! They are so arrogant and narcissistic that they wouldn't know real love if it slapped them in the face. Ms. Melania is a very gracious first lady. She has been snubbed and shown much disregard as the nation's top lady. Some of the women in DC could take lessons from her on how to conduct themselves. But then again, vixens just don't understand graciousness or charity! God bless the Trump family. HE still has great purposes for each one of them.

  • Charles Simmons

    12/17/2020 12:18 PM

    Conclusion : USA is well poised to join the ranks of other American banana republics, where “states rights” remain both subservient to national dictates and wishfully aspirational of some foregone era.

  • nancy stremmel

    12/17/2020 12:05 PM

    Please forward to our First Lady, (Who is a Lady) that people do respect her and all she has given and put up with from dumies. She has more case then most people out there, God bless you.

  • William Schlumpf

    12/17/2020 11:53 AM

    Yes the democrat/lib media/beijinger narrative has changed from "no voter fraud" to " no evidence of widespread voter fraud." These people are really so stupid they tell us what they know without even realizing it. Meanwhile, shifty Schiff is predictably silent about fellow house intelligence member swalwell's "kompromat" with beijing fang. And I for one do not want to know any details about how shifty schiff is Kompromat-ized. I do not want to know. So let's see, a fake russkie colluskie narrative which attempted to remove a duly elected president from office, a virus which just so happened to "escape" from a research/bio warfare facility about the same time the 2019 international military war games were being held in that very same city and perfectly timed to coincide with the 2020 Presidential election; widespread election fraud including a coordinated farcical shutdown in multiple states of the vote count on election night, denial of vote count verification in multiple battleground states, and now claims of vote tabulation fraud via software manipulation. This conspiracy is so widespread certain participants will eventually break and I strongly suspect that the bamboozling of the American people in most if not all of these cases was orchestrated (along with many willing participants in the US govt) from a certain city behind the bamboo curtain which incidently is known for it's super crispy applewood roasted duck - just don't drink the water.

  • William Fuhrer

    12/17/2020 11:11 AM

    Well let's see who we have voting and leaders of parties. We have people who boastfully call themselves MARXIST and others who label themselves Socialists. Both who are described in a book MASTERS OF DECEIT. Should we be worried about ELECTION FRAUD? ALINSKY WAS NOT A VERY VIRTUOUS PERSON SO WHY WOULD HIS CLONES BE

  • Stephen Russell

    12/17/2020 11:07 AM

    Ammo for Election Fraud DHS:

    o Trashing ballots
    o Block observers from Count Centers
    o Big Tech block info on results
    o Machines switch votes.
    o Ballots have Biden name NO downballot picks
    o Stop count midway
    o Late ballots arrive 4A for count
    o handing out ballots from USPS: NV
    o HR 1 bill allowed this
    o Planned day 1
    & they expect US to agree with them after 4 years of BS day 1
    We WILL NOT Comply